Do People Still Read Blogs?

The blogging landscape has changed over the years. Let's check out, do people still read blogs?

Do People Still Read Blogs?
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Blogging is one of the most amazing and popular forms of self-publishing. From parenting and politics to business and lifestyle, blogs can cover any topic. They are seen as an important way for businesses to reach new customers and build their brand awareness.

We live in the era of Instagram videos, live streams, and other forms of multimedia content that can obviously make people wonder if blogs are still relevant. The visual content is flooding the social media feed, and it is majorly because of the availability of smartphones that this form of content has caught on like wildfire.

No doubt visual content is appealing, but what about the text form content? Well, there are a few people who argue that blogs are on their way out and that they are no longer necessary in today’s fast-paced digital world. Of course, there are pros and cons to this debate. But what do you think? Do people still read blogs? Let’s deep dive into the details.

Is blogging dead?

There is no doubt that people are consuming digital content in different ways than they were ten years ago. However, this does not mean that blogging is dead.

With the introduction of social media and various other mobile applications like WhatsApp and A2P SMS, the blogging landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. Blogs now serve as more of a complement to these platforms and offer readers something different.

It’s true that most people don’t make it all the way through blog posts anymore-only 20% do-but they are still helpful for businesses who want to get their brand out there without paying for ads. As long as you keep your blog relevant and interesting, there's no reason why it should go away any time soon!

Still doubtful? Check out these blogging statistics:

  • Around 77% of internet users read blog posts regularly.
  • Approximately 70 million new blog posts are published on WordPress each month.
  • 61% of Americans spend three times more time reading a blog post content than an email.

These statistics clearly show that if your business is not blogging, you’re missing out on the lucrative opportunities that can actually autopilot your business. So, let’s see how blogging is important for your business.

How blogging is important for businesses

Blogging is one of the quickest, most inexpensive ways to grow your business. It is an excellent opportunity for businesses to showcase their products, services, and expertise. Blogging is also a great way to promote your business online on platforms like Google and Facebook. Here are some of the benefits blogging offers to a business.

  • Increasing customer engagement

Blogging can help to increase customer engagement. The more you post, the more engaged customers will be with your brand.

  • Increase brand awareness

Blogging is one of the easy and best ways for brands to reach new customers, and it can build their brand awareness. In addition, it gives you a chance to connect with your audience on a personal level and to share with them your knowledge and expertise.

  • Increasing traffic to the website

Blogging also has the opportunity to generate leads for your business. It gives you an opportunity to attract people who are interested in your product or service and then, convert leads into paying customers.

  • Building trust with customers

Blogging is a great way to build trust with customers. The informative blog posts that you share help in establishing the business as a leader in the industry. Building trust helps in creating a bond and strengthening the relationship with customers.

  • Generating more leads

As a blog owner, you'll have the opportunity to share information about your products, services, and expertise with potential customers. This helps in gaining credibility and which in turn increases the leads and conversion.

  • Connecting with the influencers

Blogging allows you to connect with influencers and build new relationships with them.

  • Bringing new followers and expanding your audience

Blogging is an amazing way to increase your reach on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

  • Increases website traffic and improves SEO ranking

Blogging helps in increasing traffic to your website as well as improving SEO ranking. It helps your website to rank higher on Google search results.

  • Gives you more control over your brand message

Finally, blogging gives you more control over how you want to convey your message online. This is helpful if you need to make any updates or changes in regards to how you're presenting yourself online or how you want people to view your brand.

Is blogging still relevant in the era of social media?

The world of blogging has changed drastically over the past decade. As social media becomes more popular, blogs have been pushed to the fringes. But is this really a bad thing? Blogs are still an essential part of our lives as they offer a voice for writers and bloggers to share their thoughts and experiences. They’re also a way to find new content that might not be on your social media feed at any given time. Let’s take a look at how blogging will remain relevant in the era of social media.

With the growth of social media and mobile devices, it might seem like blogging has lost its place. But don’t worry; blogs are still important. Blogs are a way for writers to share their thoughts, while social media is more a way to share links or pictures. Bloggers can have a unique voice that they communicate through their blog, which might not be found on social media feeds.

For example, if you're a blogger who is heavily involved in the animal rights movement and an article comes out about animal abuse, rather than just sharing the article on your feed with your followers, you could instead write about it on your blog and post it for anyone to read.

Social media offers no opportunity for commentary, whereas blogs offer just that. Social media is also mainly focused on images and news articles - there's typically not much room for lengthy posts. In contrast with blogging, you can get into much greater detail about any topic that interests you.

Reasons why blogging is still relevant in the era of social media

Blogging was once a pillar of the internet, but it has been overshadowed by social media. Though people say that blogging is dead and that there is no point in blogging when you can have an online presence with a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account, here are some reasons why blogging is still relevant:

  • Blogs provide a level of depth and authenticity that social media can't. Bloggers are able to express themselves without having to worry about the character limit or being judged for what they write. This provides an opportunity for bloggers to be more authentic in their posts and connect with their readers on a deeper level.
  • Social media accounts can be deleted or abandoned at any time, whereas blogs live on forever. One day your Facebook account could disappear from the face of the earth, and you'll lose all your followers and content, but your blog will still be there for anyone to visit, even years after it was first published.
  • Blogs provide more space for original content than one photo from Instagram or tweet from Twitter does. A blog post allows for more content than a single tweet or photo does, which means you can use more words to relay your message in detail than you could with limited characters.
  • Blogs are a great way to push your business goals and promote your products and services. You may definitely not want to spend money on expensive ads when you have a powerful tool like blogging at your fingertips! It is a great way to educate or share information with potential customers while also promoting products and services.

The purpose of reading blogs

Reading blogs is not just a hobby; it’s an investment. The internet is full of information and stories that are waiting for you to discover them. Bloggers are the new journalists. Blogging is now a way to push the boundaries of creativity, promote one’s ideas, and share their unique perspective.

You might be reading this blog because you have just been told to read more blogs, or maybe you are already following blogs but need some interesting new ones to read. Regardless, let’s jump to the reasons why you should be reading more blog posts.

Why you should spend more time reading blogs

You should start reading blogs if you want to read about different perspectives. Reading blogs is a way to expand your knowledge and understanding of the world around you. You might be reading this blog because you want to know more about someone else's perspective, or maybe you want to learn something new that might only be written in blogs.

Regardless, when you are starting out it can be hard to find interesting blogs that are worth your time. One way around this is to follow the links on other blog posts and see which ones resonate with you the most.

It's also a good idea to follow some popular bloggers so that they can share information with their readership as well as recommend other great reads for you.

Blogs are just a part of our daily life now and should be something we take advantage of every day. You don't have to spend too much time reading them either--you can read shorter articles in 10-15 minutes or longer articles in an hour or two. They're perfect for people who have busy lives like students, business owners, or stay-at-home parents!

How to get more readers on blogs?

Here are a few ways to get readers interested in your blog:

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your blog posts are well-written and informative. You need to invest time and effort in your blog and make it worth the reading.

You need to invest time in SEO as well so that you'll be more likely to show up on search engine results pages. The more people who see your site, the more likely they'll be to stay for a while.

Additionally, social media is an excellent place for bloggers to find a readership. As mentioned before, there are many people who use social media for their news rather than traditional media sources like newspapers or magazines. It's important for bloggers to have accounts on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so that they can share their posts with their followers and potential new readers.

Lastly, aim for traffic by trying out different strategies such as guest blogging or commenting on other blogs that cover similar topics as yours. Don't forget: quality is key!

Tips for writing a blog post that will reach more people

Writing blog posts that are popular and reach a lot of people can be challenging. If you want your blog to be more successful, you need to know how to write blog posts that will resonate with your audience. Now you might be wondering how much time does it take to write a perfect blog post? Of course, understanding the time required can help you to benchmark your efforts regarding blogging. Check out a detailed guide on “How long does it take to write a blog post?

Here are some ways in which you can become a better blogger, as well as some tips on how you can write a post that will reach more people.

Know your audience

The first step to writing blog posts that will reach more people is knowing who your audience is. Remember that these are the people you want to engage with and convert into customers. If you don't know who they are, how can you find them? You need to know what attracts them, what they're interested in, and what their needs are.

You'll also need to know where they hang out on the internet. Once you have this information, it will be easier for you to create content that will resonate with them - which will increase your chances of reaching more people.

There's a lot of research involved with knowing your audience. You'll need to read through feedback from current followers, talk to customers one-on-one, conduct surveys and polls, or even just listen carefully in social media conversations. It takes time, but it's worth it!

Give them what they want

In order to write blog posts that will reach more people, you need to know what your audience wants. What are they looking for? What are the different things they want to learn about?

If you don't know what your audience is interested in, how can you give them what they want? You need to do your research and find out. Once you know what they want, you can create blog posts that will resonate with them and meet their needs.

Be consistent

Consistency is the key! One of the most important things you need to do in order to write blog posts that will reach more people is to be consistent. If you post at least two times a week, your blog will have a better chance of success.

Keep it interesting

One of the most important parts when writing blog posts is to keep them interesting. Your readers are likely getting tired of reading the same old blog post topics, so you need to make some changes.

Make changes in your content by adding in new ideas and unique perspectives that will take your blog post from being boring to being informative, engaging, and memorable.

Let it flow

One of the most common mistakes people make when they are writing blog posts is that they don't let it flow. They think that they need to write out each sentence separately, use fancy and complicated words, and be stiff. This is a mistake! Make it easy to read.

If you have a point or something exciting to share with your audience, then you should share it in the most interesting way possible without trying to sound like you're bragging or know everything about the topic. Instead, use simple language while still using words that will capture attention.

Check out a few blogging tools that can help you to improve your writing and increase traffic. Apart from content, how you format your blog post matters a lot. You need to create a perfect blog format that can not just impress humans but also search engines.

Blogging in the marketing plan

There’s no denying the importance of blogs in today’s marketing world. Blogs provide you with an opportunity to target a specific audience, offer valuable content and generate leads. With the right blog strategy, your blog can be an essential part of your marketing plan.

A strong blog can provide your customers with helpful information, keep them engaged, and lead them to your products or services. With the right strategy, blogging can be a powerful tool for your business.

So how do you know if blogging is the right marketing strategy for you? If you are looking for a way to differentiate your business and attract new customers or want to increase the value of your products and services, blogging is a great solution.


The bottom line is: Blogging is not dead, it's still alive and kicking. The most important reason to continue is because it can help grow your business and make money!

Blogging has been around for a long time, and it's not going anywhere. The internet may be changing, but blogging is not dead. It is a great way to build an audience and share what you know. If you're looking for ways to make money online, blogging may be the answer. Blogging can help you to promote your product or service and grow your business. Remember this: blogging isn't dead, and it's not going away any time soon.

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