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ChatGPT by OpenAI has taken the AI community by storm since its launch in November last year. It lives up to the buzz with its outstanding ability to generate human-like text based on the inputs received.

ChatGPT has blown the world away with its impressive performance in multiple language tasks like answering questions, writing articles, and even writing code. With ChatGPT, users have discovered a multitude of possibilities to simplify and optimize their day-to-day operations, build software, write emails, plan parties, and make money.

ChatGPT birthday party ideas - ChatGPT Plus vs Chatsonic
ChatGPT birthday party ideas

Check out how to use ChatGPT with 110 ChatGPT examples.

Sadly, ChatGPT is not perfect and comes with limitations.

  • As ChatGPT was trained on a massive database with information only up till 2021, there is nothing to be surprised about if it gives outdated and incorrect answers now and then.
  • It may give biased answers on a few topics, as the database on which ChatGPT was trained can be biased.
ChatGPT biased answers - ChatGPT Plus vs Chatsonic
ChatGPT biased answers
  • ChatGPT has crossed 1 million users in just five days. But all the popularity was overwhelming the servers resulting in ChatGPT being down or at capacity most of the time.

Table of contents

What is ChatGPT Plus?

To overcome some of these limitations, OpenAI has come up with a premium version of ChatGPT called ChatGPT Plus. It is intended for users who require more advanced and high-quality language processing capabilities and is offered as a paid service with premium features and support.

ChatGPT Plus - ChatGPT Plus vs ChatSonic
ChatGPT Plus

In their recent announcement about ChatGPT Plus, Open AI mentioned that Plus subscribers would receive the following benefits.

  • General access to ChatGPT, even during peak times
  • Faster response rates
  • GPT-4 is coming soon and subscribers would get priority access to it in addition to new features and improvements.

But it is not easy to get access to ChatGPT Plus even if you are willing to pay the subscription fee of $20/ month. You can start by filling up the waitlist form and wait for Open AI to invite you.

ChatGPT Plus is now available for users in the United States. Open AI will start inviting users from other countries very soon.

Is it ChatGPT Pro or ChatGPT Plus?

ChatGPT Pro is the initial premium subscription pilot started by OpenAI, which was priced at $42/ month. A developer Zahid Khawaja who works on AI projects, received access to ChatGPT Pro a couple of weeks ago and shared a video of ChatGPT Pro on his Twitter page.

OpenAI has updated the pricing to $20/month and rebranded it as ChatGPT Plus. The two versions are the same, the only difference being the name change from "pro" to "plus."

How is it different from ChatGPT?

It appears that the only limitation addressed by ChatGPT is the issue of "ChatGPT down or at capacity” with no changes to other features like giving real-time answers.

However, as a ChatGPT Plus member, you'll get first dibs on any new features or improvements even though there is no news about any new features.

Considering the heavy user base on ChatGPT free version, you're paying a premium for a smoother experience with ChatGPT's basic features and hoping for new and improved features.

What is ChatSonic?

Even though Open AI made efforts to come up with a better version of ChatGPT - ChatGPT Plus, it still has some limitations when it comes to content creation. Like not being able to generate real-time answers and AI images.

ChatSonic - ChatGPT Plus vs ChatSonic

Introducing ChatSonic by Writesonic - an enhanced version of ChatGPT and ChatGPT Plus. ChatSonic is an absolute powerhouse for generating factual content, AI images, and even talking like Siri.

ChatSonic users have used the tool to optimize their SEO strategy, improve their job search, make money, and get financial advice.

Here is a sneak peek of the impressive ChatSonic features that can make a difference in your work.

  • No matter what, ChatSonic prioritizes generating real-time, factual, and updated information for all its users.
  • ChatSonic can generate mind-boggling AI images and visual arts in seconds using technologies like Dall-E and Stable Diffusion.
  • You can start talking (literally!) to ChatSonic. It can understand voice commands and respond in voice, just like Siri/ Google Assistant.
  • Are you confused between choosing math and science? You can chat with ChatSonic’s 15+ personalized avatars, like Personal Trainer, Math Teacher, Career Counselor, etc., for specialized queries.
  • Create consistent content on Twitter with ChatSonic Twitter bot - @ChatSonicAI. You can also go viral with your tweets by using the ChatSonic Chrome extension.
  • Create new applications or connect to existing ones with ChatSonic API to enhance the functionality.
  • ChatSonic chrome extension can be your helping hand by quickly summarizing text for your search queries and saving you time.
  • You can now access ChatSonic anywhere with our new ChatGPT App for android.
Chatsonic pricing - ChatGPT Plus vs. Chatsonic
Chatsonic pricing

Take a look at a detailed comparison of ChatSonic vs ChatGPT to get a better understanding of both tools.

ChatGPT Plus vs ChatSonic: A detailed comparison

ChatGPT may be yesterday's news, but ChatGPT Plus is the talk of the town. OpenAI has put in the effort and has finally addressed the issue of ChatGPT being at capacity. We've made an effort to compare ChatGPT Plus and ChatSonic in detail.

What better way to compare these outstanding tools than putting their generating answers next to each other?

  1. Real-time and updated information

You want to stay updated with the latest happenings and use the AI language model to help you.

Let's ask ChatGPT first.

ChatGPT limitations - ChatGPT Plus vs ChatSonic
ChatGPT limitations

The answer sounds weird, right? As it says in the answer, ChatGPT can only access information on current events till 2021. But ChatGPT still did its best to answer the question by suggesting resources.

But that is not enough to answer the question.

Let’s try ChatSonic now.

ChatSonic real-time responses - ChatGPT Plus vs ChatSonic
ChatSonic real-time responses

ChatSonic has included the top world news in the answer and references to each of them. If you find anything interesting and want to know more about it, it is easier to click on the reference pages and read more.

With ChatSonic's references, you never have to go back and check whether the answer generated is correct.

Apart from general queries, generating real-time and updated information plays a major role in industries like finance and healthcare. Outdated information about the investment market can cloud the decision-making process.

2. AI Image generation

If you are in advertising, product design, video game development, and digital content creation, AI Image generation can help you skip the expensive designer fee and stock image subscriptions.

AI image generation has the potential to create images that are more realistic, diverse, and unique than what can be created manually, which opens up new opportunities for creativity and innovation.

Let’s say you are writing a blog post on ‘The ultimate weight loss guide for new moms.

Check out how you can use ChatGPT to write a blog post in minutes.

Instead of using stock images, you can use unique AI images to make them look stand out.

ChatSonic AI image generation - ChatGPT Plus vs ChatSonic
ChatSonic AI image generation

ChatSonic uses technologies like Dall-E and Stable Diffusion to create images like these that do not exist anywhere else on the internet.

But ChatGPT Plus is a language model that can generate text outputs only and does not support image generation. Even though it will be a lot of work, you can get creative and generate image prompts with ChatGPT Plus. You can use these prompts on Midjourney to generate relevant images.

Learn how to write ChatGPT prompts to get relevant responses.

ChatGPT midjourney prompts - ChatGPT Plus vs ChatSonic
ChatGPT midjourney prompts

After using the ChatGPT generated prompt ‘Envision yourself inspiring other new moms with your weight loss journey and healthy lifestyle’ in Midjourney, here are our AI images.

Midjourney AI images - ChatGPT Plus vs ChatSonic
Midjourney AI images

3. Chrome Extension

A chrome extension can be very handy when using a conversational AI tool like ChatGPT Plus. Instead of always going back to the AI to search for queries and copy-pasting them on your document, a chrome extension can directly fetch answers on any desktop application.

With ChatSonic’s chrome extension, you can

  • Get answers to your Google Search queries right away.
ChatSonic chrome extension - ChatGPT Plus vs ChatSonic
ChatSonic chrome extension

Click on ‘search,’ and you will have the answer in a blink.

  • Write an email instantly without switching between apps.
ChatSonic chrome extension - ChatGPT Plus vs ChatSonic
ChatSonic chrome extension
  • Paraphrase interesting quotes and information in your own words without switching apps.
  • Write viral tweets and replies in seconds.
  • Reply to customer feedback on live chat or social media instantly.

Explore more use cases of ChatSonic chrome extension.

We will not annoy you and spend your credits every time with a pop-up. You can choose when you want the ChatSonic widget to trigger and give you answers.

On the other hand, ChatGPT Plus by Open AI does not have any chrome extension. But other companies and individuals have built chrome extensions using the ChatGPT database for different scenarios like TweetGPT (for writing tweets).

4. Mobile App

In the world of working from anywhere, people literally live on the go. You may be on a workcation and want to send some emails quickly from your mobile. You rely heavily on ChatGPT to write emails and now have to use the desktop version on your mobile.

You can skip all this hassle with ChatSonic’s Mobile App. It is easy to install, user-friendly, saves time, and boosts productivity.

ChatSonic App - ChatGPT Plus vs ChatSonic
ChatSonic App

It comes with every feature of the desktop version - generating factual information, unique AI images, chatting with personalized avatars, and voice commands.

Currently, the ChatSonic mobile app is only available on Android and is soon to launch on iOS. Be the first ones to get access to the ChatSonic iOS app - Join the iOS waitlist now.

There is no news of launching the ChatGPT mobile app from Open AI.

5. API

Has ChatGPT become an integral part of your work software?

Then integrating ChatGPT with your work software like Zapier, SEMrush, etc can do wonders for your team’s productivity.

Look into how you can use ChatGPT in your business.

The only way to do this is with the recently launched ChatGPT API. However, you can also use ChatSonic - an alternative to ChatGPT with superpowers. It comes with an API that can be easily integrated into your business systems by following the API documentation.

ChatSonic API - ChatGPT Plus vs ChatSonic
ChatSonic API

Not just integrating with the existing tools, you can also use ChatSonic API to create your own tools. Here are a few API use cases you can refer to for inspiration.

6. Voice commands

Call it lazy or convenient, but who doesn’t enjoy a seamless conversation with Siri/ Google Assistant to navigate the phone?

ChatGPT has made life easy by answering every question you have. How awesome would it be if it can just listen to your questions and speak out the answers?

Amazing, right?

But unfortunately, voice command is not a feature of ChatGPT or ChatGPT Plus.

The good news is ChatSonic does support voice commands. You can command the tool anything, and it will voice out the answers, just like Iron Man’s Jarvis.

ChatSonic voice commands

7. Personalized avatars

Do you want to impress your partner with a memorable gift this valentine’s day? What’s more memorable than a love poem?

Don’t worry! You do not have to write it yourself. Use ChatSonic and switch the personalized avatar from General AI to Poet. You have now unlocked the world of beautiful poems.

Love poem by ChatSonic's personalized avatar - ChatGPT Plus vs ChatSonic
Love poem by ChatSonic's personalized avatar

Likewise, you can switch to 15+ personalized avatars to get customized expert advice on your queries.

Sadly, ChatGPT Plus does not have such a feature in its premium subscription.

8. Accessibility

Let’s be honest! Humans are not patient and hate waiting. Everything is supposed to happen fast. Impatience and discomfort are reasons for the invention of advanced technology.

But ChatGPT has made everyone wait so long. First, you waited for ChatGPT to work when it was down or at capacity. Now, you have to wait to access ChatGPT Plus so that you never have to wait again.

Why do you want to wait so much when ChatSonic - like ChatGPT, is available to access right now?

ChatGPT Plus vs ChatSonic: Pricing

ChatGPT initially priced its premium subscription plan at $42/ month (ChatGPT Pro) and later lowered its pricing to $20/ month (ChatGPT Plus).

With a ChatGPT Plus subscription, you’ll have

  • Access to ChatGPT, even at peak times
  • Faster response time
  • Priority access to new features and improvements
ChatGPT Plus pricing - ChatGPT Plus vs ChatSonic
ChatGPT Plus pricing

On the other hand, when you sign up for Chatsonic, you have up to 50 generations for free.

You can upgrade to the Individual plan for just $16.67/month, where you get unlimited generations with up to 50 credits per month.

Chatsonic Pricing - ChatGPT Plus vs ChatSonic
Chatsonic Pricing

ChatSonic has a word deduction mechanism that is primarily based on 2 factors to optimize the usage of your word credits.

  1. Memory: With memory on, ChatSonic will remember the previous conversations. You can switch it on when you ask ChatSonic a series of related questions. And switch it off when not necessary.
  2. Google data: Similarly, Google data will help you fetch real-time information. You can switch on Google data when searching for current events, live data, etc.
ChatSonic- ChatGPT Plus vs ChatSonic

The word deduction works differently for the ChatSonic mobile app and web version.

For mobile app:

  • 3x with both memory and Google data switched on
  • 2x with only one switched on
  • 1x with both switched off

For web version and business API:

  • 1x with both memory and Google data switched on
  • 1/2x only one switched on
  • 1/4x with both switched off

You can avail 33% discount on all ChatSonic annual subscription plans.


We hope the blog post gave you a clear understanding of both the tools, ChatGPT Plus and ChatSonic.

OpenAI has come up with ChatGPT Plus to overcome the common limitation of ChatGPT being down or at capacity. But still has other limitations like generating real-time information and AI images.

While ChatGPT Plus is still in the making, ChatSonic is ready to use with advanced features like real-time integration with Google data, AI image generation, voice commands, and many more.


  1. Is ChatGPT free?

Yes, ChatGPT’s free version will be available for everyone even though there is a premium version, ChatGPT Plus. All existing features of ChatGPT will still be in the free version.

2. What is ChatGPT Plus?

ChatGPT Plus is the premium version of ChatGPT by Open AI. ChatGPT Plus users can access ChatGPT even when it is down, generate faster responses, and have priority access to new features. OpenAI charges a monthly subscription fee of $20/ month.

But it is not so easy to get a ChatGPT Plus subscription as you have to get on the waitlist by filling out a form, and ChatGPT will invite users to try ChatGPT Plus. It is now available for US users, and OpenAI will soon start inviting users from other countries.

3. Which AI is better than ChatGPT?

ChatSonic by Writesonic is the enhanced version of ChatGPT. It can generate real-time and updated information, generate AI images, speak to users, and write viral tweets with its Twitter bot. It has a Chrome extension to save time and boost productivity for its users. ChatSonic Mobile App is user-friendly and easy to use anywhere. You can also create your tools with the ChatSonic API.

4. How much does ChatSonic cost?

You can start using ChatSonic for free. It provides up to 50 generations for free every day. Beyond that, you can subscribe to a plan starting from $16.67/ month, which gives you up to 50 credits.

5. What is the difference between ChatGPT Pro and ChatGPT Plus?

They are the same. OpenAI initially called the pilot subscription ChatGPT Pro which costs $42/ month. Later on 1st February 2023, they renamed it ChatGPT Plus, which now costs $20/ month. You do not have any annual subscription discounts with ChatGPT.

6. How to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus?

It is not easy to get the ChatGPT Plus subscription. You must fill out a waitlist form to be considered for an invitation to ChatGPT Plus. Right now, only the users in the US have access to ChatGPT Plus. OpenAI will be rolling out invitations to users in other countries per the waitlist order.

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