Chatsonic - Like ChatGPT For Chrome (Now With GPT-4)

Chatsonic is like ChatGPT but built with GPT-4 superpowers addressing the limitations of ChatGPT. Get real-time answers on current events, trending topics, and more with this exclusive ChatGPT-like chrome extension.

Write Wherever You Are. Chatsonic powered by GPT-4 works everywhere online.


Why Chatsonic Chrome Extension?

Chatsonic is a conversational AI chatbot like ChatGPT but with real-time data, understands voice commands, is upgraded with GPT-4, and acts as an AI art generator.

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AI will do anything you want it to -
Use CMD icon + M to access the Chatsonic extension anywhere on the web.

Displaying Answers To Your Google Search Queries Right Away.

Displaying Answers To Your Google Search Queries Right Away.

The Chatsonic chrome extension is exceptional for people constantly searching the web for answers to their queries. It helps you get the information you need right away, without having to search through websites manually. The Chatsonic extension displays answers to your queries on the right-hand side, right in your Google search results.

You don't have to click on any links to get the answers. Chatsonic chrome extension (GPT-4 powered) will take care of that for you. It pulls data from the most reliable sources to ensure you get the best information.

The Chatsonic chrome extension is also very secure. Google's encryption algorithms protect all the data it pulls, so you can be sure your search queries are safe. You don't have to worry about anyone seeing what you're searching for. The extension also doesn't track or store your search history, so your privacy is always protected.

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Write Anywhere With AI - On The Go.

Write Anywhere With AI - On The Go.

✅ Found an interesting quote and want to reshare it in your own words? Paraphrase with the Chatsonic extension for chrome right there without switching apps.

✅ Editing your social media bios to make them interesting? Ask Chatsonic to do that for you right away

✅ Sharing a social media post but don’t have an interesting image to add to it? Ask Chatsonic to generate one! Chatsonic generates AI images as well.

✅ Received bad customer feedback on social or live chat? Ask Chatsonic for a polite reply to calm your customers.

and more. Endless possibilities you can think of. When we said Chatsonic is built with superpowers - we meant it.

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Add ChatGPT-Like Powers to Your Gmail Account

Add ChatGPT-Like Powers to Your Gmail Account

Trying to organize your emails in Gmail? Scratching your heads on creating an engaging email or an email response? Chatsonic has your back! This ChatGPT extension for chrome will revolutionize the way you write emails.

  1. Chatsonic's innovative extension for Chrome can help you craft fresh emails from your Gmail with minimal effort and maximum quality.
  2. The summary capability of this ChatGPT extension - Chatsonic is great for getting a summary of what has been discussed in long email threads. You can quickly generate a one-sentence or outline summary of the whole email thread. Chatsonic will summarize your email discussion in two ways:a) High-Level Summary - provides a sentence on what has been talked aboutb) Outline - delivers a timeline of the full email thread.
  3. Chatsonic's ChatGPT Chrome extension makes it straightforward by allowing you to generate spot-on answers as per three different tones, which you can personalize even further.
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Spend More Time Networking Than Creating LinkedIn Posts

Spend More Time Networking Than Creating LinkedIn Posts

Chatsonic Chrome extension helps you with automating your LinkedIn post creation!

  1. The Chatsonic Chrome extension allows you to compose new LinkedIn posts on LinkedIn. It saves you time and effort by generating fresh content in seconds.
  2. You can also generate ice-breakers to start a new conversation or write a personalized invite.
  3. This ChatGPT extension for chrome is empowered to help you engage by automatically generating a relevant comment in the comment box.
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Say Yes To Effortless Twitter Posting With GPT-4 Capabilities

Say Yes To Effortless Twitter Posting With GPT-4 Capabilities

If you're an avid Twitter user, you'll be delighted to know that the Chatsonic Chrome extension can take your Twitter experience to the next level.

The ChatGPT-like extension for Chrome - Chatsonic has native integration with Twitter.

  1. You can create unique tweets right from the Twitter dashboard automatically without spending hours thinking about what to post. Take inspiration from Chatsonic!
  2. Reply to tweets instantly, generating an engaging reply using the Chatsonic chrome extension. This way, you can keep constantly engaging with your audience without hassle.
  3. Get the gist of long Twitter threads by summarizing them. The best part you don’t even have to open the thread, just use Chatsonic and save hours.
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Chatsonic Answers Based On Your Convenience

Chatsonic Answers Based On Your Convenience

You choose when you want the Chatsonic widget to trigger and give you answers upon Google search. We don’t want you to spend your credits mindlessly!

We give you 3 options of when you want Chatsonic to help you with answers and queries on Google.

  1. Always - for each query
  2. Only when your query ends with a question mark
  3. Manual

Select one based on your convenience and enjoy ChatGPT-like powers but on steroids on your command.

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Crafting Words with Ease.

Making Writing an Enjoyable Experience

Add Chatsonic (like ChatGPT) to chrome and see the magic of GPT-4. Research and writing can also be fun.

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