Botsonic vs Chatbase

Explore a Chatbase alternative that will blow your mind—Botsonic is a no-code custom AI chatbot builder that anyone can use to integrate a smart AI chatbot into their website in minutes.

Build your custom AI Chatbot

Starts at $0. No credit card required.


Why go for a Chatbase alternative?

  • Limited Customization Options

    Chatbase provides an extremely basic AI chatbot builder that may not offer the level of customization many businesses need.

  • Complicated user interface `

    Some users may find the Chatbase interface hard to navigate. This can be especially true for those without prior experience in building chatbots.

  • Charges 20x more to use GPT-4

    Chatbase uses GPT-3.5 as the default AI model, and if you want to use a high-quality AI model like GPT-4, you’ll have to pay 20x more credits.


Provides free trial

You can start using Botsonic from $0 (the free trial which gives 10,000 words). Plus, you don’t need a credit card while signing up.

chat base

Free trial not available

Chatbase doesn’t offer any free trials so if you want to just test out the platform, you’ll have to purchase one of their paid plan.

  • Free Access
  • Hyper-personalization
  • User-friendly dashboard

Pricing comparison



Unlimited/ Standard

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Free - up to 100 messages/month with 1 chatbot (No credit card required)
$49/month with 2000 messages and 3 user seats
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Free for 1 chatbot
$99/month - 5 chatbots
Create your free AI chatbot

No credit card required.

Upload knowledge base through docs or links

Upload knowledge base through docs or links

Train ChatGPT on your data by uploading your help docs, tutorials, and more on Botsonic. You can also copy-paste your website links and our AI will scrape information from your web page or domain in seconds.

Make custom AI chatbot truly yours

Make custom AI chatbot truly yours

Upload your brand logo, give your chatbot widget a tagline, add your brand colors, upload your logo, and a chatbot picture, and key in your personalized welcome message to set up a super-customized AI chatbot.

Integrate with your website using embeddable code

Integrate with your website using embeddable code

Botsonic generates a unique embeddable code and an API key for you once you create and set up your AI chatbot. You can copy-paste this embeddable code into your website’s code, and boom, you’re all set.

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Go for an AI chatbot builder that comes with an easy setup & starts at $0

See for yourself how simple it is to set up and get started with a smart AI chatbot on your website in minutes.

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