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Botsonic's GPT Bot Builder:
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Create GPT Bots with No Coding

Create GPT Bots with No Coding

Create your custom GPTs even without any coding knowledge. All you have to do is sign up and tell the GPT Bot Builder what kind of GPT you want to create — that’s it!

Train GPT on Any Data Source

Train GPT on Any Data Source

You don’t have to limit the amount of information you want to feed your GPT. With Botsonic’s GPT BotBuilder, you can add data sources like PDF, Doc, Docx, CSV, or Excel files, website and YouTube video links, sitemaps, FAQs, and more.

Automate Your Tasks

Automate Your Tasks

Let GPTs handle repetitive tasks for you by automating them. You can go ahead and focus on meaningful work and streamline your workflow with the custom GPTs created using Botsonic’s GPT Bot Builder.

Customize Your Bots

Customize Your Bots

Make the GPT Bot your own by customizing it to your preference. Personalize your GPT bot to your liking. Easily change the logo, colors, and names, or add your company's identity with Botsonic.

Deploy with One Click

Deploy with One Click

Our Bot Builder is easy to set up with just one click, so you can quickly deploy and enjoy a hassle-free experience with Botsonic.

Connect Your GPTs to Any App

Connect Your GPTs to Any App

Effortlessly integrate your GPTs into your websites and apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Slack, and much more. Rather than directing users to ChatGPT, bring your GPT directly to them.

Share Your GPTs With Anyone

Share Your GPTs With Anyone

Unlike other GPTs, Botsonic allows you to share your custom GPT Bots with anyone by using a public link without requiring premium subscriptions. Track interactions through a dedicated Inbox and leverage analytics to improve your Bot's performance – all for free!

Tailor GPTs for Enterprise

Tailor GPTs for Enterprise

You can utilize GPT Bots for various internal processes within your organization. These bots can be tailored to specific departments and use cases, such as generating brand-aligned marketing materials, streamlining the employee onboarding and training process, and more.

One GPT Bot Builder:
Endless Use Cases

woman lifting

Fitness Coach Bot

Your Virtual Training Partner

Get personalized workout routines, nutrition advice, and motivational support to achieve your fitness goals.


Culinary Companion Bot

Explore Culinary Creativity

Discover recipes, plan meals, and learn cooking techniques with your AI culinary guide.

studio microphone

Language Learner Bot

Master New Languages

Practice conversation, vocabulary, and grammar in your language of choice with an interactive AI tutor.

Want to create your own GPT just like these?

Why should you choose
Botsonic's GPT Builder over ChatGPT?

  • Features
  • GPT creation
    Create GPT Bots with ease using Botsonic's interface.
    Create a GPT on OpenAI’s ChatGPT
  • Customizations
    Customize logos, GPT names, colors, starter questions,and more.
    Add logos, GPT name, starter questions, instructions
  • Data sources
    Add PDFs, Docs, website links, FAQs, etc., as data sources
    Add relevant files under “Knowledge.”
  • User form
    Collect user details effortlessly with a user form.
    No option to add a user form
  • Subscription
    Create a GPT Bot for free
    Cannot create a GPT without ChatGPT Plus
  • Integration
    Seamlessly integrate GPT Bots across various platforms.
    Cannot integrate the GPT into your website easily
  • Analytics
    Gain insights for data-driven improvements
    No insights or analytics
  • Interface
    Independent GPT interface that provides chatbot-like experience
    The GPT is part of the ChatGPT’s interface
  • Share
    Easily share your GPT Bot for widespread usage
    Only ChatGPT Plus users can use the GPT

Endless Possibilities with No Coding Required!

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ISO 27001

Botsonic is working towards achieving ISO 270001 certification. This will further ensure the secure handling of our user’s data.



We safeguard your data through secure processing and provide mechanisms for exercising GDPR rights.


HIPAA (Coming soon)

Adhering to HIPAA, Botsonic upholds the highest degree of trust and confidence in handling customer's data, reinforcing our commitment towards effective and secure data management systems.

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