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Comprehensive Data Protection

Comprehensive Data Protection

Writesonic safeguards customer data with robust encryption, strict access controls, and regular assessments. We adhere to strict guidelines set by the AICPA Trust Services Principles and implement a proactive security approach. This combination safeguards customer data against any unauthorized access or exposure.

Security by Design

Security by Design

With dedicated security teams and continuous enhancements, Writesonic is built with security at its core. Regular penetration tests and secure cloud hosting across AWS, GCP, and Azure demonstrate our commitment to maintaining a highly secure content creation environment.

User-Centric Privacy

User-Centric Privacy

Writesonic commits to user privacy with transparent data policies and rigorous adherence to data protection laws. Our DPA and privacy policy highlight the control users possess over their data. They ensure users' rights are protected and compliance with GDPR along with other privacy regulations is maintained.

Enterprise-grade Security Features

Security at Writesonic

Adherence to Security Principles and Best Practices

Writesonic ensures continuous monitoring and enhancement of security controls, referencing industry best practices and conformity with established security principles like the AICPA Trust Services Principles.

Regular Independent Security Assessments

Writesonic engages reputable third parties to conduct independent assessments, including SOC 2 reports, to validate the effectiveness of security measures and maintain transparency with stakeholders about security compliance.

Comprehensive Penetration Testing

Writesonic performs annual network and application penetration tests through an independent security firm. Resolve issues promptly and keep leadership informed on the status of the security landscape.

Access Control Measures

Writesonic implements least privilege and role-based access controls, review user access semi-annually, and ensure that Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is required for accessing sensitive infrastructure and systems.

Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Writesonic utilizes robust cloud hosting providers like AWS, GCP, and Microsoft Azure to store and manage data, ensuring that all instances are hardened and employ serverless architectures for high service availability.

Data Encryption Protocols

Writesonic encrypts all customer data in transit and at rest using strong encryption methods such as TLS 1.2+ with AES256 for data in transit, and AES256 for data at rest, while safely managing encryption keys with limited access.

Endpoint Security

Writesonic provides employees with managed workstations equipped with disk encryption and anti-malware protection, and enforces policies for automatic updates and idle lockout.

Centralized Log Management

Writesonic applies centralized logging for all production systems to detect and respond to potential compromises. Ensuring that security incident responses are tracked to resolution by a robust incident response plan.

Network Protection Strategies

Writesonic utilizes firewalls configured to deny unsolicited incoming traffic, perform annual reviews, and leverage additional security layers like IDS, WAF, and CDN to protect against advanced threats.

Employee Security Awareness and Compliance

Writesonic mandates comprehensive security awareness training for all employees upon hire and annually thereafter. Enforces policies that include the completion of background checks and the signing of confidentiality agreements.

Secure Development Lifecycle

Writesonic embraces a secure software development lifecycle (SDLC), including code review and automated testing. Regularly update and maintain code management processes to swiftly address vulnerabilities and apply necessary enhancements.

Controlled Third-Party Data Handling

Writesonic carefully evaluates third-party service providers to ensure that they adhere to security requirements that match the company’s standards to protect processed data.

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