How to generate content in bulk and save 28 hours of work every week

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Are you an e-commerce store manager looking to generate 1000+ product descriptions? Or a FB ad manager looking to come up with 100+ Fb ad copy? Or a marketing agency looking to create content at scale? Writesonic has something for you!

Now, instead of generating content pieces one by one manually, you can generate them in bulk without compromising on the quality.

Wondering how?

Well, Writesonic’s bulk upload makes it possible. From product descriptions generator and tweets to Tiktok hooks and Fb Ad copy, it covers 60+ features you can generate bulk content for. Keep reading to know more!

Table of Contents

What is bulk content generation?

Let's say you want to come up with around 1000+ product description copy or 500+ Facebook ads copy. Sounds like such a time-consuming process, isn’t it? You suddenly think about the number of times you'll have to generate a copy to and fro.


Now with bulk upload – you can stop wasting time creating new files one by one and let Writesonic help you out.

By generating content in bulk you can simplify and streamline the entire process. You just have to upload an excel or CSV file and hitting the button, Writesonic will generate your copy for all the input fields in bulk. And here you are with 1000s of ready-made copy as per your descriptions in seconds. Crazy, right?

Why do you need bulk content generation?

☑️ Save time and work smarter with bulk upload.

Save time by uploading 100+ ads or 1000+ products in one go. Generate all of your content at a fraction of the cost, saving up to 28 hours a week. You’ll get more done for less money, and can focus on other aspects of your business—like growing your customer base.

☑️ Fill your content calendar with just a spreadsheet.

Sit back and let Writesonic take care of generating all of the copy for you. Never worry about getting caught without a new blog post, or article again! Simply create a spreadsheet with the content you need to publish, and Writesonic will generate it all for you. Even writing a product description for thousands of products can be easily done with Writesonic.  

☑️ Tap into growth-driven content at scale

With Writesonic, you can tap into the power of content marketing at scale, without having to create new files one by one. Upload your content in bulk and let our system generate it for you. Increase consistency and engagement with your audience.

How to generate content in bulk with Writesonic?

Step 1: Go to the dashboard and click on the bulk upload tab.

Step 2: Next, select the feature you want to work with.

Step 3: Choose a language. (Writesonic supports 25+ languages)

Step 4: Select the quality. (Economy, Average, Good, or Premium)

Step 5: Click on the download template button and fill in the details.

Step 6: Now, drag and drop the file, and hit the “Upload and Generate” button.

Step 7: Finally, you can download the file with generated results.

Now, use these bulk generations at your ease. You have the downloaded file with 1000s of content ideas in one place.

Here’s a recorded training session on how to generate content in bulk with Writesonic ⬇️

Tips to generate better content in bulk using Writesonic

  • When you hit the “download template” button, an excel file will get downloaded as each feature requires a specific set of inputs. To get a better idea of what exactly you need to provide, you can go to the specific feature and check the inputs required. Saves a lot of time!
  • Before you generate 1000s of copy, start with 2-3 copy to check what exactly AI is looking for. Once you are satisfied with the output, you can process the file with 1000s of rows.

How to generate copy at all for bulk content creation

Generating copy with Writesonic is incredibly simple and incredibly effective. With Writesonic's AI copywriting and AI writing tools, you can quickly generate quality copy for your website, blog, or any other project. You simply enter the topic, and Writesonic will generate the copy for you in just a few clicks.

It's intuitive and easy to use — and best of all, it's completely free! And because it's AI-powered, you know that your copy will be free of grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. Plus, Writesonic is constantly learning and evolving, so it can generate copy that is engaging, accurate, and relevant to your target audience. Whether you're a marketer, blogger, or business owner, Writesonic can help you save time and energy when it comes to generating copy. So why not give it a try for yourself today? You won't regret it! You can create content using

And so much more.. there are endless possibilities.

In a nutshell

Automation is the future of content marketing.

Let Writesonic’s AI bulk content generator do the heavy lifting for you and produce high-quality and unique content that can drive traffic and improve conversions.

Ready to fill your content calendar with great content in seconds? Create your own content, at scale, right away – sign-up with a free trial.

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Discover what writing with AI feels like. See for yourself with a free trial -- we assure you'll save 20+ hours every week.
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