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Write AI articles that are factual and hyper-personalized in your brand voice, in under 5 minutes.

Tailors articles to fit your unique brand style


Searches Google for accurate information


SEO-optimized with your keywords and 2000+ words in one-go

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Meet - AI Article Writer

A breakthrough AI article writer that can be trained on your documents and brand guidelines, powered by GPT-4-32K. Unleashing - effortless, SEO-optimized content creation.

Trusted by 1,000,000+ marketing teams, agencies, and freelancers. 10,000+ 5-star ratings.


Upgraded article writing that personalizes content for you.

Write content that is factually correct

Write content that is factually correct

Creating credible, engaging content is a breeze with the article generator. Our advanced AI with GPT-4 powers digs into top-ranking Google Search results to build a comprehensive and factual blog for you.

Write factual blogs for free
Generate blogs that are written for your brand

Generate blogs that are written for your brand

The power of your brand lies in your voice, and we understand that! With Writesonic’s AI article writer you can upload documents, PDFs and add links to your previously written blogs; and phoof — you have a hyper-personalized blog that is seo-optimized, engaging and following your brand voice and tone.

Write in your brand voice for free
Stay away from plagiarism

Stay away from plagiarism

Don’t worry about plagiarism anymore! Writesonic’s AI article generator generates plagiarism-free content. We always want to ensure that your work is original and hence we run a plagiarism checker constantly on the background.

Write original content now
Ranking your blog on Google has never been easier

Ranking your blog on Google has never been easier

Go ahead and just conquer the SEO battle — all from one AI article writer by


  1. Add your own list keywords to train AI before hand.
  2. In built SEO integrations like Semrush to generate SEO-optimized content even if not provided with additional keywords.
  3. Surfer SEO integration to further optimize your AI generated article using Sonic Editor.
SEO-optimize your blogs for free
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This is perfect for students, professionals, and anyone who needs to produce high-quality documents. One of the best things about Writesonic is that it is very user-friendly. The software is easy to navigate and the features are clearly laid out.

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