AI Writer for HR: Benefits and How It Helps In Promoting Your Business

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Let's be honest: everyone can write, but not everyone is a writer. Thanks to AI writing tools, anyone can now produce quality content in minutes. From articles to marketing copy and social media posts, all can be done with AI. So it's no surprise that thousands of businesses use this technology to grow their business and define their brand.

For many years, businesses have relied on AI to generate financial reports and data insights–but that's not all. Now, your HR teams can also use AI to quickly draft professional emails and marketing copies that are especially useful for introducing your company. As a result, you can maintain your company's online presence without time-consuming research and writing. This allows your teams to focus their time on more important tasks.

What is an AI Writer?

An AI Writer is an artificial intelligence software that runs on natural language processing and predicts text based on its supplied information. It can generate marketing copies, blog ideas and posts, landing pages, slogans, and brand names. It can even develop texts that are SEO-optimized.

AI Writers use different models, and the most popular is OpenAI's GPT-3 model (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3). The AI uses its dataset to predict the next best word in a statement. This system uses 10% of the content from the internet starting in 2019 as its source of data.

Because of its benefits, an AI Writer is being widely used from sales to management operations in different organizations. Utilizing it to update your company’s online presence will open new doors for new talents to reach out and join your team. Writesonic, for example, can write press releases and company bios, among other things.

Benefits of adopting AI Writer for HR tasks

HR can use AI technology to create text for employee testimonials, promotion of company culture, and job openings. This is what's called AI Writer for HR. So, what's the benefit of using AI Writer for HR tasks?

Advantages for HR managers

Like other AI technology implementations in other domains within a company workflow, using an AI Writer can save HR managers a lot of time creating text. This is not just related to the actual time spent on typing the words but also includes the time to do some research and examples.

Instead of browsing through several websites, you can create well-written texts based on your purposes and preferences with just a few clicks.

Advantages for companies

A company that cares about its employees is a company that keeps its teams in the loop. Employees will feel like a part of the family if they are informed about any updates that concern the company. This will, eventually, affect the staff's work satisfaction and productivity.

Some of the announcements that can be created with AI Writer are:

  • Timely internal updates, e.g., change in the company structure and hiring a new CFO
  • Company-wide communication, e.g., migration to a new software
  • (Virtual) training and development classes, e.g., register for a language class, webinars, and workshops
  • Upcoming social events, e.g., Christmas party, company's anniversary celebration, and a weekend trip
  • external communication, e.g., announcements of acquisitions and success stories

The produced texts are then published on your company's internal communication channel, company website, and social media accounts.

If done correctly, this employer branding technique can positively influence the brand value and, eventually, reach more customers and increase sales. We have an extensive guide on how to promote your company through social media channels to help you get started - check these social media hacks to boost engagement.

Examples of AI Writer for HR Examples

Many AI writers are available online, and some specialize in a specific need, such as paraphrasing, marketing, or summarizing. Because these services can be costly, you should ideally choose an all-in-one platform.

If you decide to use an AI Writer like Writesonic that acts as a paraphrasing tool, text summarizer or any ad copy generator you want it to act as to promote your company's online presence, it can assist you by producing short-form and long-form copy, acting as a practical personal assistant for any content you intend to create. AI writing tools can help you promote your company online by delivering the following results:

For the Company's Website

  • Career page. Most company websites have a career section that showcases the job openings and working experience. Using AI to write for these sections can help spread your company values quicker and give you more time to take care of the visual or video content of the page.
  • Press releases or blog posts. Suppose there is a significant update regarding your company, such as a new partnership, groundbreaking features, and international expansions. You can then use an AI writer to make an official statement to help keep everybody inside and outside your company informed.
  • Company and personal bios. Every company introduces itself to the readers through an 'about' page or another specific page section. Some companies also have pages for their employees' introductions. An AI writer can help by writing short biographies for such.
  • Product names. This feature is most efficient for a business with a massive inventory of products. The AI writer can think of some catchy names with specific keywords based on an algorithm.
  • Readability checker. If there's a text either in a long or short format, you'll want to ensure that it's engaging, clear, and readable so that any reader can go through the content smoothly. AI writers help by checking the readability score of your content.

For Social Media Platforms

  • YouTube video copy. Some companies expand their reach by making videos on YouTube. These videos need scripts. The AI writing assistants can do the writing for you so you can focus on filming and editing the creative content.
  • Growth ideas. If you've got growth plans, an AI writer can help by providing marketing copies in different tones and languages for broader audiences. It can get things done in just minutes, probably even faster than if you do the job manually.
  • Content paraphraser and expander. Paraphrasing is another feature an AI Writer can do. It can help you avoid plagiarism, improve the content, or experiment with the word selections to see what achieves your desired result.
  • Article summaries. Reading too many words in a short period could overwhelm anyone. That's why the 'summary' part is one of the vital sections in an article. To avoid giving too much information in the summary section, use AI Writer. The technology will summarize texts into concise and digestible content. Just input the article source, and it'll do the work for you.


If you want to create engaging materials for your customers or employees quickly and efficiently, AI-powered quality content writing tools and software may be worth a look. It's an excellent way to save time, money, and effort while expanding your business.

AI writers can help you create blog posts, social media ad copy, and even video scripts, making it easier for businesses to develop their brand voice.

Boost your company's brand value and maintain an online presence with Writesonic. Writesonic offers all of these services on a single platform. It can also provide digital ads and e-commerce copies on your company's website and Amazon pages. Additional features include ads for Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn and an option to have it write sales emails to stay in touch with your customer database. Allow the AI to do the writing for you.


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Raisa Yogiaman is a content marketer at Zavvy - an employee enablement platform that combines employee experience with smart workflow automation. Her passion for HR and marketing can be found on Zavvy's blogs.

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