Discover 9 AI image generators that will blow your mind in 2023

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Images are powerful communication tools.

They bring ideas and emotions to life by breaking language barriers.

With the explosion of AI generated images, creating stunning images and illustrations has taken the game a notch higher. Now, at the click of a button, AI transforms text into creative artwork.

What is an AI image generator?

This latest visual technology lets anyone create images that are not shot with a camera. In other words, the AI image generator online creates technically flawless paintings that were not painted by anyone, but are computer generated from textual descriptions.

An entirely new genre of imagery, AI art generators are gaining popularity not just in the media industry but are being extensively used by marketers, graphic artists, copywriters, UX/UI designers, animators, and content marketers.

Let’s take a look at the top 9 AI image generators being widely used.

Top 9 AI image generators you didn't know about in 2023

#1. Photosonic by Writesonic

AI image generator - Photosonic

Notably, one of the best free AI generators, Photosonic by Writesonic has already generated more than 1 million images for free. This web-based AI image generator tool lets you create images of just anything you can imagine, within seconds for free, from any text description, using the latest text-to-image AI model.

What makes this tool a favorite among marketers, graphic designers, and motion artists is that the model is based on latent diffusion, a process that transforms random noise image into a coherent image that matches the text.

The best part, you can control the quality, diversity, and style of the image generated by adjusting the description and hitting the “Generate” button.

Important Features

  • Generate high-quality and realistic images using the AI art generator. Photosonic’s powerful neural network is trained on millions of photos.
  • Built on Stable Diffusion’s API.
  • Generates 10 images for free every day.
  • The important feature: You can use it while on Writesonic: Which means users can generate content and images together at the same time.
  • Generate images in 3 sizes: square, horizontal, and vertical.
  • Generate images for a wide range of use cases including blog posts, social media images, vectors, marketing campaigns, and sales presentations.
  • You get auto face restoration unlike other AI image generators with a premium plan.
  • You can choose to download a HD quality image.
  • Get watermark-free images
  • Known to be the best Shutterstock alternative as AI images are now replacing stock photos.
  • Upload an image for background removal and generate interesting ones using Photosonic’s AI


Using the best AI image generator, Photosonic allows you to create upto 30 stunning images for free from any text description. Each user gets 15 image generation credits for free. Further if you wish to go premium, you get - 100 credits for 10/month and and unlimited credits for 25/month

The best part of using Photosonic is it is a Writesonic product which is an AI writing tool. You can use Photosonic and Writesonic together to create copy and visual in one dashboard.

#2. ChatSonic

ChatSonic by Writesonic is a powerful conversational AI chatbot that is transforming the chatbot industry. Not only it helps in text generation but also in image generation. The incredible AI tool uses two different models, i.e., Stable Diffusion and DALL-E, to generate mesmerising images in no time.

AI Image Generator - ChatSonic

Additionally, it has various other mind-blowing features that make it better than other ChatGPT alternatives.

Check out the entire comparison - ChatSonic vs ChatGPT.

Important features:

  • ChatSonic is integrated with Google search, allowing it to generate factual information including real-time topics.
  • It helps you to generate unique and interesting images using the two best models - Stable Diffusion and DALL-E.
  • Allows you to interact with the personalised avatar, remember conversations, allow you to edit, share, and download conversations, and more.
  • And the best part, you can easily integrate it into the existing software with the ChatSonic API.

Try ChatSonic for free today.

#3. Dall - E

AI image generator - Dall-E

In the stiff competition of the best AI image generators, Dall-E arguably tops the list and is also the most popular AI text-to-image generator. The Elon Musk co-founded research lab OpenAI has created this tool that creates almost magic-like images with its easy-to-use interface.

Important Features

  • It creates visually appealing and very realistic images because of its groundbreaking technology. They are even liked by creators with an artistic sense.
  • This AI art generator provides users with great control over the style and attributes as well as the lens and aperture for the images being created.
  • As it uses the OpenAI-owned GPT-3, the most advanced machine learning algorithm, it understands text prompts and even sentences better.
  • Instead of text and sentence prompts, when provided with a picture, it generates additional images while matching the subject and aesthetics of the fed image.
  • A revolutionary feature of Dall-E is that it can do specific actions on an image like adding a ‘baby elephant bathing’ or sharpening an object in the image.
  • Its ‘outpairing’ feature extends an image beyond its borders by changing the aspect ratio or using shadows, reflections and texture to add a background.


Dall-E is in beta and has a waitlist. There are 50 free credits for each Dall-E account and 15 credits are added each month. You get additional 115 credits for $15. Each credit gets you four images for one prompt.

#4. MidJourney

AI image generator - Midjourney

MidJourney makes it super easy to create evocative and captivating images with its AI text-to-image generation capability. Interestingly, one of the images created by the software led its user to win a fine art competition!

It’s operated by a Discord server and Discord bot commands that generate artistic style, high-quality, and mesmerizing images. MidJourney even generates pictures of celebrities as its users are fond of visualizing their favorite actors in certain situations or roles.

While this AI image generator online has several advantages, its Discord server requires a prompt to be placed which becomes tricky sometimes. Since MidJourney’s interface also requires many user-generated queries for image generation, this can be frustrating for the user.

Important Features

  • MidJourney AI art generator produces images that resemble artwork because it is not designed to create realistic-looking images.
  • After signing-up and sending the message on the bot channel about the image type you want, the software bot sends you four images in 60 seconds.
  • The MidJourney server abides by three rules when creating images: not to be a jerk, never to make inappropriate content, and have respect for everyone.
  • Once you are past the learning curve, you can rely on the software to create thought-provoking and stunning images.


You get the first 25 images free. After that, there’s a basic plan of 200 images per month for $10. Standard membership of $30 per month gives you unlimited use. For corporate use of the images generated there’s a special enterprise membership of $600 for a year.

#5. Stable Diffusion

AI image generator - Stable Diffusion
Stable Diffusion

If you want to generate photorealistic art that mimics human creativity, then try out Stable Diffusion. The software is developed by StabilityAI with the collaboration of EleutherAI and LAION.

This AI image generator uses text descriptions and is set to empower billions of users worldwide with its groundbreaking speed and image quality. What users love is that they can build upon and improve the open source.

Important Features

  • Unlike most other software currently available, Stable Diffusion is available on open source that is trained and is also available to the public under the Creative ML OpenRAIL-M license. This is because they are geared towards democratizing AI capabilities.
  • The robust software converts the text prompt into 512X512 images in seconds.
  • Through image modification capability, it offers image-to-image style transfer and creates a new image by transforming an existing one.
  • The software also uses GFP-GAN modeling that allows a blurred face image to be upscaled and restored.
  • The technique it uses to generate images is called latent diffusion models (LDMs) which adds ‘noise’ to the image data, gradually de-pixellates it, and finally recovers the image.


On signing up, users are given 200 free credits that they can use on the platform. Then, the cost for 100 generations is £1 ($1.18). If you pay £100 (~$118), you get 10,000 generations.

#6. Hotpot AI

AI image generator - Hotpot AI
Hotpot AI

This is yet another powerful AI generator running on the latest technology that creates realistic images from text instructions in seconds. Hotpot AI is a cloud-based NFT creation tool that has a modern, easy-to-use interface, ideal for even a layman in image creation. is on a mission to make professional graphics and images easily accessible and more affordable to people who can’t afford them, especially in developing nations.

Important Features

  • This free AI image generator can colorise images by using artificial intelligence.
  • Changing backgrounds and restoring old, worn-out images is also possible with Hotpot AI’s editing options.
  • You can batch-generate multiple images at once.
  • The users of can create, customize and share their NFTs, design templates, fonts, effects, backgrounds, and more.
  • Its AI Art model feature produces different painting styles like oil and watercolor as well as modern and abstract images to an extent of simulating the artworks of Van Gogh and Picasso.


Hotpot charges people who can afford, and helps those who cannot. That’s why they have the Hotpot Happiness Guarantee for every purchase. They charge $1 per graphic.

#7. Dream by Wombo

AI image generator -Wombo Dream

The AI image generator online WOMBO Dream app uses artificial intelligence to create high-quality artwork in seconds. This app is created by WOMBO, a Canada-based artificial intelligence company that works in the AI-led entertainment field. The Dream by Wombo app is the outcome of this company’s goal of creating AI-powered tools for entertainment.

To create a painting, all you have to do is enter a text prompt, choose an art style, and Wombo will transform your text idea into an AI-generated painting.

Important Features

  • To create the artwork, Dream uses a CLIP-guided approach. A part of the research lab OpenAI, CLIP is an open source neural network that’s trained on the image-caption pairing available on the internet.
  • To create images, the Dream model uses randomly generated mathematical vectors and after several iterations, it creates images from which a final one is selected.
  • Due to the randomness of the vectors, each artwork is unique.
  • Wombo Dream offers multilingual support and is likely to add social features such as a ‘like’ for users who share their creations.
  • Dream has a web and a mobile version.


Dream is a free AI image generator that has no daily limitations.

#8. Craiyon (DALL-E Mini)

AI image generator - Craiyon

Craiyon is another noteworthy AI image generator that is completely free to use. Although it was called DALL-E mini earlier, this is not an Open AI generator, except for using a vast amount of information that Open AI has made accessible to the public.

To get started, you need to enter a text prompt on its website and within two minutes, its interactive web demo will generate the images for you. As the Craiyon software is not censored, it generates images by any prompt and in any style of your liking.

Important Features

  • Craiyon software uses Google PU Research Cloud (RTC) for image-generation capability.
  • Although this AI image generator online has several advantages, Craiyon isn’t able to match the quality of the images with that of its competitors like Dall-E. Though sometimes it generates realistic images, on other occasions the imagery can look weird.


Craiyon is completely free for non-commercial purposes to anyone who wishes to access the AI image generation capabilities through its website.

#9. Night Cafe

AI image generator - Night Cafe
Night Cafe

AI art generator free app Night Cafe was launched in 2019. By using AI with a neural style transfer method to visualize images with an intriguing look, this AI image generator allows users to generate diversified artworks.

Users across the globe are using this simple image editing tool to transform otherwise normal looking photos into distinct images by the use of artificial intelligence. This app not only allows you to formulate AI generated artwork but also gives you a full copyright claim of your own creation, whether you make it public or not.

Important Features

  • The Artistic algorithm smartly produces beautiful textures and scenery based on a text-to-image AI art algorithm. The only minor drawback is that the images don’t always “obey the laws of physics.” This means, for example, it is common to see buildings floating in the sky.
  • Night Cafe free AI art generator has several styles and style masks to create artwork as per the keywords you’ve entered and you can download the images with no watermarks.


Ranges from $9.99 per month to $79.99 per month depending on the use ranging from AI hobbyist, AI enthusiast, AI artist to AI professional.

AI images offer a new level of creativity and realism for design and visual work

The market for AI generated images is bound to grow as technology advances. Most of these AI image generators have opened up a range of applications and ushered in creativity like a breadth of fresh air.

If you’re looking to leverage AI generated images for various purposes including creative projects, visualizing ideas, exploring different concepts, or simply having fun with AI, sign up for Photosonic by Writesonic: the best AI image generator for free.

This AI image generator online allows you to create images of landscapes, scenes, objects, and everything in between. In addition, you can use Photosonic to enhance or modify existing images.

Manvi Agarwal

Manvi leads content at Writesonic with a product-led content approach. She employs an interactive user-oriented strategy that falls into the category of data-informed as opposed to data-driven.

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