12 Must-Try AI Art Generators to Elevate Your Creativity

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Switch gears from being a passive art admirer to an active creator with the help of AI art generators.

Gone are the days when you needed a fine arts degree to create something visually stunning.

Welcome to the guide that will make your artistic journey much easier!

We're diving into the 12 best AI art generators today. This blog post has everything from features and pricing to what to look for in an AI art generator.

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How to use AI art generator?

Using an AI art generator is quite simple. Anyone who can describe the art they are looking for in English (or other languages for some tools) should be able to generate AI art.

Most AI art generators work in a similar way where you give an AI art prompt describing the image and wait for the output. You can refine these images by making changes to your text prompts.

To understand this better, let’s look at using the best AI art generator - Photosonic.

Photosonic is a part of Writesonic used to generate AI art in a few seconds. It gives prompt examples for ideation and also enhances prompts for better results.

Here is how to use Photosonic AI art generator in 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Login to writesonic account. If you are a new user, sign up and get 10,000 free words.

How to use ai art generator - step 1 - ai art generator
How to use ai art generator - step 1

Step 2: You will land on the Writesonic universal dashboard and choose ‘Photosonic’ from the left side of the screen.

How to use ai art generator - step 2 - ai art generator
How to use ai art generator - step 2

Step 3: Type in your AI art prompt - you can click on ‘try an example’ to understand how prompts look. Now click on ‘enhance prompt’ to generate relevant AI art.

How to use ai art generator - step 3 - ai art generator
How to use ai art generator - step 3

Step 4: Click on the ‘Generate’ button.

Ta-da! There you have an amazing potrait of Queen Elizabeth 🤩

How to use ai art generator - step 4 - ai art generator
How to use ai art generator - step 4

If you are curious to know what exactly happens in the background of these AI art generators that create such realistic images and art, then do not miss the next section.

How does AI art generator work?

how does ai art generator work - ai art generator
how does ai art generator work
  • Data Collection: The process starts by collecting a large dataset of images. It also includes captions, titles, and alt tags for training the machine learning model.
  • Model Training Using Neural Networks: A neural network like Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) recognizes patterns and correlations in images and text.
  • Pixel-Level Analysis: Now, the AI model interprets images by breaking them down into their basic components: pixel values for red, green, and blue (RGB). This pixel-level analysis allows the model to understand the image in a way that it can be processed.
  • Text Prompt Interpretation: When you provide a text prompt, say, "Sunflower Skyline," the AI sets out to decode it. It does this by identifying relevant variables like examples of sunflowers and skylines, as well as corresponding colors and shapes. Based on these variables, the model makes its initial guess at generating an image.
  • Latent Space: Upon receiving the text prompt, the AI identifies the dimensions in the latent space that relate to the words "Sunflower" and "Skyline." By locating these dimensions, the AI can pull together the characteristics that correspond to these terms. In the latent space, AI blends different features to form a preliminary image.
  • Diffusion and Refinement: The preliminary image from the latent space serves as a sort of "rough draft." The AI then refines this image through a process called diffusion. Here, it makes minor but iterative adjustments to improve the image, aligning it more closely with the original text prompt.
diffusion and refinement in AI images - Ai art generator
AI image

There are AI art generation models like Dall-E, Midjourney, stable diffusion, and more. Some art generators use these models to create their own tools, and some train them on their own data.

Different art styles you can generate with AI

As artificial intelligence continues to push the boundaries of creativity, it's crucial to understand the various art styles you can play with. If you are an artist seeking inspiration or just an enthusiast, this knowledge can help you explore digital art.

Art Style Description
8-bit Inspired by vintage video games featuring pixelated graphics.
16-bit A step up from 8-bit, boasting more colors and crisper resolution.
Afro Pop It radiates African art's vibrant essence with its bright colors and bold patterns.
Surrealism Dive into dreamlike visuals and unusual combinations of objects.
Tattoo Drawing from traditional tattoo art, it showcases bold lines and distinct shapes.
Tribal Tattoo A twist on traditional tattoo art, emphasizing abstract patterns.
Ukiyo-e A nod to traditional Japanese art, depicting woodblock prints of landscapes and more.
Watercolor Evokes feelings with its soft hues and translucent vibe.
Halftone Uses dots or lines to craft illusions of shading or texture.
Pop Art Bursting with colors, it brings forth images from the pop culture cosmos.
Ink Drawing Dominated by bold lines and stark contrasts.
Charcoal Navigate through the world of soft, smudged lines and profound depth.
Film Noir Engulfed in high contrasts, dramatic lights, and an aura of mystery.
Chromolithographic Immerse in visuals with striking colors and depth.
Lithograph Known for its bold strokes and textured appearance.
Woodcut Graphic, stylized look.
Illuminated Manuscript Revel in intricate details, luminous colors, and the shimmer of gold leaf.
To generate AI art in a particular art style, just add the style name in the prompt.

Here is the AI art generated with the prompt a music band playing - afro pop style

Art generated in Afro pop style on midjourney - AI art generator
Art generated in Afro pop style on midjourney

12 best AI art generators

After exploring the diversity of art styles, it is time to create them with artificial intelligence. AI art generators give you more options for creativity by combining your ideas with calculated choices.

Here are the 12 best AI art generators that can create art in your desired art style.

  1. Photosonic
  2. Bing Image Creator
  3. Jasper art
  4. Dall. E 3
  5. Deep Dream
  6. NightCafe
  7. Midjourney
  8. Dream AI
  9. Starry AI
  10. Wonder AI
  11. Pixel AI
  12. Novel AI
  13. Imagine AI
  14. Craiyon AI
  15. Deep AI

Now, let’s take a closer look at each AI art generator.

1. Photosonic

Best for: High-quality, watermark-free art

Photosonic - Ai art generator

Photosonic is your creative partner, whether you're rushing to meet a project deadline or just experimenting with art for fun. It is created by Writesonic, the all-in-one content creation tool. Photosonic can go from realistic images to abstract art and even 3D renderings. The more you use it, the better it gets.

  • Diverse range of art styles: You can get your hands on everything from photorealistic pieces to abstract wonders. So, go ahead and explore them all.
  • Multi-platform usability: With Photosonic, you can create art that fits on all social media platforms, blogs, or even landing pages.
  • User-friendly:  Photosonic is easy to navigate, and you don't need a PhD in art to figure it out.
  • Unique AI-generated portraits: You can create a portrait of an imaginary person purely with your imagination and Photosonic. It can be a perfect choice for novelists and game designers.
  • Enhance text prompts: The process is very simple - Type in your prompt, hit 'generate,' and watch the magic happen. And moreover, if you are unsure about the prompt, you can always click on ‘Enhance prompt’ to get the best results.
  • Create AI art on Chatsonic: Once you sign up for Photosonic, you’ll, by default, have access to all of the other tools of Writesonic, like Chatsonic, Article Writer, and more.  You can also create AI art while you are having a conversation with Chatsonic.

Why should you consider Photosonic?

Photosonic is versatile as it can adapt to a wide range of art styles that can adapt to the projects you are working on. As it is a part of Writesonic, you're unlocking a treasure of 80+ powerful tools when you subscribe to Photosonic -  audio creation, chatbot conversations, social media content, and article writing.

Photosonic Pricing: The subscription plans start at $19/ month. Before starting a paid plan, Writesonic gives you 10,000 free words to explore every tool (including Photosonic).

If you are only interested in Photosonic, you can create ~500 images with these free words. Isn’t that a great deal?

2. Bing image creator

Best for: Free AI art

Whether you're looking to create wallpapers, social media content, or illustrations, Bing Image Creator is fully equipped to do it all. It is powered by the latest version of the DALL-E model (DALL-E 3) from OpenAI, partnering with Microsoft, promising greater detail in your generated images.

  • User-Prompted Creativity: Type in what you want, and Bing Image Creator will translate your words into art. It allows you to specify the scene, activities, and even the style of art you want.
  • In-Chat Experience: Bing Image Creator is integrated into the Bing chat.
  • Follow-up Adjustments: After the initial image is created, you can ask for changes.
bing image creator - ai art generator
bing image creator
  • Boosts for More: Initially, you get 100 'boosts,' which are recharged weekly. Each boost allows you to create an image, and you can always pay for more if you run out.

Why should you consider Bing image creator?

Bing Image Creator offers an all-in-one solution for text and visual content generation. But it can sometimes lack the finesse that human artists can bring into intricate details like finger positioning or eye alignment.

ai art by bing image creator - ai art generator
ai art by bing image creator

Bing image creator pricing: It's free! The tool provides a free version, and the 'boosts' allows you to create multiple images.

3. Jasper art

Best for: Multi-Medium, artist-style mimicry

Jasper Art is a multi-talented artist in your pocket, creating realistic images from your text descriptions. Whether it's acrylic, charcoal, or watercolor, Jasper covers it all.

Jasper art - ai art generator
Jasper art
  • Concept Combinations: Jasper mixes and matches concepts, attributes, and styles for unique images.
  • Style Imitation: It can imitate the styles of renowned artists, offering a versatile art palette.
  • Broad Spectrum: From sketches to 3D animations, Jasper makes your art vision come true.
  • Simple Interface: Keep your description under 400 characters, and Jasper does the rest.

Why should you consider Jasper art?

Jasper Art delivers high-quality, original images quickly, making it ideal for time-pressed professionals. However, note that all images are creative commons, and even detailed prompts cannot make them unique.

Jasper art pricing: Jasper comes with a 7-day free trial, which may not be enough to explore the features and functionalities. Advanced features are limited in this trial. The paid plans start at $49/ month, which can be expensive compared to other AI art generators.

4. Dall-E 3

Best for: Precision and detail

Meet DALL·E 3, a text-to-image AI that's all about getting it just right. Built upon the foundation of DALL·E 2 and ChatGPT, this tool goes above and beyond in generating images that strictly align with your text. It's the equivalent of having a digital artist who reads your mind.

AI art created in Dall.E 3 - Ai art generator
AI art created in Dall.E 3
  • Prompt Engineering Eliminated: DALL·E 3 is designed to understand your text and produce images without requiring intricate prompt engineering.
  • Crisp Imagery: Compared to its predecessor, this model delivers images that are not only more visually appealing but also richer in detail.
  • Aspect Ratio Flexibility: Whether landscape or portrait, DALL·E 3 has got you covered.
  • Ownership: Any images you create are yours to use in any way you like, from selling to merchandising.

Why should you consider Dall-E 3?

DALL·E 3 offers precision like no other, generating images that closely adhere to your text. While still in beta, the quality is already impressive.

Dall-E 3 pricing: It is currently available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers, which costs $20/ month.

Dall-E 3 vs Midjourney: Check out the comparison to find the winner.

5. Deep Dream

Best for: community-based AI art generation

Deep Dream - AI art generator
Deep Dream

Deep Dream Generator is a comprehensive platform for generating a wide array of AI-based art.

Alongside its powerful AI capabilities, it offers social media features that allow users to share their creations and connect with other artists. This tool is perfect for those who not only want to make art but also want a built-in community to share it with.

AI art created by Deep Dream - AI art generator
AI art created by Deep Dream
  • Multi-Mode Generation: Choose from Text 2 Dream for textual inputs, Deep Style for modifying a base image, or Deep Dream for abstract art.
  • Social Butterfly: Create your profile, publish your creations, and engage with other artists. Yup, it's a social network just for AI art.
  • User-Friendly: A selection of tools and filters make sure you don't need to be an AI wizard to create something cool.

Why should you consider Deep Dream?

Deep Dream Generator offers a unique blend of art creation and social interaction. It's a great platform if you're looking to both create and share your AI art. One drawback might be the steep learning curve for prompt crafting.

Deep Dream pricing: It operates on an energy point system. When you sign up, you get 25 energy points. Each image generation costs 5 energy points. To get more, the paid plans start at $19/ month. It comes with rechargeable energy points, making it cost-effective for frequent users.

6. NightCafe

Best for: Community-driven AI art creation

NightCafe’s mission is to democratize the art creation process through AI, making it accessible and satisfying for everyone.

NightCafe - AI art generator
  • Unique Features: NightCafe boasts multiple AI generator modes, print-on-demand options, and a variety of styles. It even has an 'advanced mode' for more creative control.
  • Output Quality: The app is highly rated for its output, standing at 4.7/5.
  • User Experience: This is a user-friendly platform with a vibrant community where you can share and discuss AI art.

Why should you consider NightCafe?

NightCafe is a one-stop shop for AI art creation, with high user ratings for output quality and ease of use. Its standout feature is the strong community aspect that enhances the creative process. However, be aware of copyright rules when using pre-existing images.

NightCafe Pricing: NightCafe does have a limited trial period. And the paid plan starts at $4.79 per month.

7. Midjourney

Best for: Customizable art styles

Midjourney is a text-to-image AI tool that operates within Discord. From ornate paintings to digital 3D mockups, Midjourney delivers high-quality, customizable images right in your chat app.

Midjourney - AI art generator
  • Easy to Use with customizations: After inputting your prompt, you get four image options to select from, making the selection process simple. You can also edit and customize these images with a few clicks.
  • Variety of Art Styles: Choose from various art mediums, styles, and historical artists to get the visual representation you desire.
  • Independent Research Lab: Beyond an AI art generator, Midjourney aims to expand human imagination through its ongoing research.

Check out the comprehensive guide on how to use Midjourney to create AI images.

Why should you consider Midjourney?

If you're looking for an art generator that offers a wide range of customizable art styles and integrates with Discord, Midjourney is your go-to.

Midjourney pricing: Midjourney is no longer free except on special occasions when they announce the free trial for a few days. The paid plan starts at $10/ month, which is affordable and worth it for the quality of art it generates.

Midjourney Pricing: It used to have a free trial to generate 25 images. But they stopped it as of now. The paid plan starts at $10 per month.

8. Dreamstudio

Best for: Educational and marketing graphics

DreamStudio is a web-based AI art generator powered by Stable Diffusion's text-to-image technology.

It offers a range of generative design tools and is particularly well-suited for educational and marketing applications. You get an array of features that provide both utility and customization.

Dreamstudio - AI art generator
  • Generative Design Tools: DreamStudio AI has an extensive style library, free credits, negative prompts, upload image and advanced settings for creating highly detailed images.
  • Multiple Use-Cases: Whether it's for creating visuals for textbooks or social media marketing, DreamStudio AI is versatile.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Though terms like "Seed," "CFG," and "Steps" might initially stump you, the platform offers a comprehensive guide to navigate through its options.

Why should you consider Dreamstudio?

DreamStudio stands out for its affordability and suitability for educational and marketing purposes. If you find the interface jargon a bit confusing, you might want to check out Photosonic for a more straightforward experience.

Dreamstudio pricing: It gives 25 free credits. After that, you can purchase a minimum of 1000 credits for $10.

9. Starry AI

Best for: Mobile AI art generation

Starry AI - AI art generator
Starry AI 

Starry AI is an app designed to put the power of AI art generation right in your pocket. Available on browser, iOS, and Android, the app uses two distinct AI models, Altair and Orion, to churn out unique and compelling artwork.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Dual AI Models: Altair specializes in abstract art, and Orion leans towards reality-bending creations. The choice between the two can drastically alter the end result.
  • User Customization: You can tweak settings and styles to get the art that fits your vision.
  • Community Support: Beyond the app, Starry AI offers a Discord community for additional support and inspiration.

Why should you consider Starry AI?

Starry AI is your go-to for generating high-quality AI art on the move and is user-friendly. The drawback? Free users can only use Portrait mode, but if you need more, Photosonic might fill that gap for you.

Starry AI pricing: Starry AI offers a free version that allows you to generate up to 5 artworks daily without watermarks. The paid subscription starts at $11.99/ month.

10. Wonder AI

Best for: Personalized AI portraits

Wonder AI - AI art generator
Wonder AI

Wonder AI is a full-on digital art studio. It is designed as an entry-level option, it's especially useful for those dipping their toes into the world of AI-powered art.

Here's what sets it apart:

  • User Training: You can upload your photos and prompt the AI, essentially training it to generate art that's uniquely you.
  • Preset Styles: Whether you're into Anime, Cubism, or want to see yourself as a Disney Princess, the app has a range of preset styles to play with.
  • Safety Measures: While it's generally safe to use, steer clear of unauthorized versions to protect your data and device.

Why should you consider Wonder AI?

Wonder AI is beginner-friendly and highly personalized, which makes it great for individuals exploring digital art for the first time.

Wonder AI Pricing: It does not have a free version or a free trial. The plans start at 19€ for 200 portraits.

11. Pixel AI

Best for: Integrated Smartphone AI art

Pixel AI is a comprehensive suite of AI features baked right into Google Pixel phones. Designed to enhance everyday life, it focuses on camera improvements, voice recognition, and task management.

Pixel AI - AI art generator
Pixel AI
  • Magic Eraser: This feature can be your digital clean-up crew, helping you remove unwanted objects from photos effortlessly.
  • Real Tone: In an era where representation matters, Real Tone ensures accurate and beautiful skin tones in photos.
  • Assistant with Bard: It's not just voice-activated; you can interact with this assistant using text, voice, or images.

Why should you consider Pixel AI?

Pixel AI can not only generate AI art but also help you edit them effortlessly. The only downside is you’ll need a Google Pixel phone to take full advantage of these capabilities.

Pixel AI pricing: Pixel AI is a built-in feature set with Google Pixel phones, so there's no separate pricing.

12. Novel AI

Best for: Creating AI art for graphic novels

NovelAI is your creative writing partner in crime. It specializes in aiding you to craft intricate stories with its own AI models trained on classics. Whether you're into authorship, storytelling, or just letting your imagination run wild, NovelAI's got your back.

Novel AI - AI art generator
Novel AI
  • Prompt Basics and Tags: Unlike other tools, NovelAI allows you to input a prompt and additional tags to give the AI a better understanding of what you're looking for.
  • Image-to-Image Features: Generated an image but not 100% satisfied? You can upload your own or tweak existing ones right on NovelAI's canvas.
  • Steps for Refinement: You control the number of iterations the AI uses to refine the image, giving you more say in the final output.

Why should you consider Novel AI?

NovelAI excels in customization and precision, letting you steer the creative process. One hiccup might be its subscription-based model, so if you're looking for a one-off use, Photosonic could be an alternative.

Novel AI pricing: There is a free trial, but it does not include image generation. To access AI art in Novel AI, you must subscribe to one of the paid plans, starting from $10/ month.

How to choose the best AI art generator?

Navigating the 2023 AI art generator landscape means exploring tools that once felt like sci-fi. When diving into the selection process to choose the best AI art generator, here are some pointers to keep in mind:

  • Features and Integration: Prioritize tools that offer diverse features, from customizable templates to software integrations that gel with your current business operations.
  • Ease of Use: An intuitive user interface is key. A straightforward platform can help your team hit the ground running.
  • Pricing and Cost: Gauge the value against your budget. Sometimes, a slightly higher price might offer significantly more benefits. Look for tools that have free trials.
  • Artistic Styles: A variety ensures you're never short of creative options.

Wrapping up, if you're searching for a top-tier option, Photosonic ticks all these boxes and more.


1. What is an AI art generator?

An AI art generator is a tool powered by artificial intelligence algorithms that creates digital art. You feed it a prompt or make a selection, and it generates a unique visual piece based on that.

2. What is the best AI art generator?

The best AI art generator is PhotoSonic. It stands out for its affordability, high-quality output, and watermark-free art. It's got an intuitive interface and a wide range of customization options that make it super user-friendly.

4. How to make your own AI art generator?

Creating your own AI art generator involves a few steps. First, you'll need to understand machine learning algorithms and programming languages like Python. Then, you'd collect a dataset of art to train your model. Finally, you'd build a user interface to interact with the AI.

5. What is AI art prompt generator?

An AI art prompt generator is a tool that suggests ideas or themes for creating art. It generates prompts to inspire artists or even other AI programs to create visual works based on those themes. It's a cool way to spark creativity when you're facing that dreaded artist's block.

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