10 Best AI Chatbots for 2024

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Ever encountered a chatbot stumbling over a unique customer query, leaving them hanging and dissatisfied with your customer service?

While most chatbots can handle moderately complex conversations like welcoming interactions and product discovery, their if/then logic can sometimes fall short in addressing unexpected questions.

Wondering if there's a game-changing solution on the horizon?

Introducing AI chatbots - get ready to redefine your business! 🚀

AI chatbots are revolutionizing AI customer service strategies, providing 24/7 support and managing data with unmatched efficiency. 🤖

However, with AI chatbots helping organizations meet their needs, staying up-to-date on the latest products in this ever-evolving landscape can be challenging.

So, whether you're an AI newcomer or a savvy veteran, here are the insights you need. 🌟

This blog post covers the top 10 best AI chatbots for 2024. So, get ready to explore the impressive features and see how they can help your business elevate the customer experience. 🌐

Let’s get started! 🎉

Table Of Contents

What are AI chatbots?

Imagine a program within a website or app that mimics human conversations using NLP (natural language processing) - that's an AI chatbot! 🤖

Chatbots are designed to cater to users' needs without the need for a human operator. They're commonly used to answer frequently asked questions and assist users in navigating websites or apps.

Now here’s the difference!

Taking advantage of machine learning and NLP, AI chatbots can grasp the purpose behind your customers' inquiries, consider each customer's entire conversation history during interactions, and respond to their questions in a relatable, human-like manner. 🌟

If you’re still using standard or rule-based chatbots and looking to switch to AI chatbots, keep reading! Here’s a list of the top 10 best AI chatbots for 2024 that you can try out.

10 Best AI Chatbots

  1. Chatsonic
  2. ChatGPT
  3. ChatSpot.ai by HubSpot
  4. Jasper Chat
  5. YouChat
  6. Bing Chat
  7. Replika
  8. Drift
  9. Botsify
  10. Intercom


Chatsonic is an AI-powered chatbot powered by GPT-4, which helps businesses automate customer service, sales, and other operations. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, the platform can engage in natural and intelligent conversations with humans, making it feel like chatting with an actual human being.

Chatsonic - Best AI chatbots

Chatsonic is one of the most powerful ChatGPT alternatives that leverage unique algorithms and NLP to understand and respond to complex queries and ultimately deliver an unparalleled conversational experience.

Moreover, the advanced AI tool understands the emotions of the customers and provides personalized support, unlike traditional chatbots.

Here are a few mind-blowing features offered by Chatsonic:

Generates real-time data

Looking to find out the current stock price of a particular company or discover your preferred sports team's upcoming schedule? Chatsonic has got you covered!

Powered by GPT-4, Chatsonic revolutionizes the way people interact. It personalizes the chat experience and lets users access real-time information quickly and intuitively. Thanks to Google integration, which helps customers easily find answers they need - from the latest news headlines to stock market forecasts – all in one place.

Stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends with Chatsonic! ✨

Chatsonic - Best AI chatbots

Understands voice commands

No more tiresome typing, get ready to embrace the power of voice commands with Chatsonic!

With the help of NLP, Chatsonic effortlessly understands and responds to your voice commands, just like Siri or Google Assistant. After all, why struggle to find perfect words and phrases to craft content when you can simply give voice commands and watch as it swiftly and accurately generates the content you desire?

Enhance your user experience with Chatsonic - an ultimate ChatGPT alternative that's ready to transform your productivity! 🚀

Create stunning images in no time!

Get ready to be amazed by ChatSonic's groundbreaking AI technology that brings your wildest imagination to life!

No more struggling with digital art - with just a single click, you can create a dazzling array of digital masterpieces ranging from abstract to photorealistic. 🌈

All you need to do is tell ChatSonic what you'd like to generate and let its two powerful AI models – DALL-E and Stable Diffusion – work their magic.

As a highly sought-after ChatGPT alternative, this AI chatbot is here to elevate your user experience by transforming your visions into captivating art pieces effortlessly.

So, get ready to unleash your inner artist and leave your audience spellbound!

Chatsonic - Best AI chatbots

Personalized Chat Experience

The advanced AI chatbot - Chatsonic provides users with customized chat experiences according to their preferences. 🥳

Be it prepping you for an interview, giving you advice on relationships, helping you with career choices, or solving your maths problems, Chatsonic can help you with all.

Want to see what it is like to have a personal assistant at your fingertips? Try Chatsonic - an AI chatbot, and see how it can enhance your service and provide a personalized experience by leveraging algorithms.

Chatsonic - Best AI chatbots

Makes conversations more natural

Imagine engaging in a lively conversation with an old friend who's always ready to listen and chat – that's what it's like interacting with the ChatSonic AI chatbot!

This advanced AI chatbot is designed to recognize your tone of voice and adjust its responses accordingly, ensuring a more enjoyable and natural conversation that truly enhances your user experience.

Moreover, it remembers the details, so you don’t have to revisit the same topics. Take a spin and see how this AI chatbot, Chatsonic, can transform your chatting experience.

See for yourself why Chatsonic is not just another chatbot but a true conversational partner! 🌟

Chatsonic - Best AI chatbots

Provide multilingual support

Chatsonci is an advanced AI chatbot that can be trained to understand and converse in multiple languages.

So, if you are a business serving a diverse and global customer base, this AI chatbot can prove to be a valuable addition to your business. Its linguistic versatility helps to enhance communication, break down barriers, and foster better customer relationships across different cultures.

Ready to converse in a better way and provide multilingual support to your customers? Try Chatsonic! 🤩

Chat with Chatsonic - anytime and anywhere!

No more carrying your laptop everywhere you go. The incredible AI chatbot - Chatsonic offers a Chatsonic mobile app for Android that lets you have conversations on the go!

Moreover, the mobile app offers unparalleled access and lets you have a conversation with the AI chatbot from the comfort of your couch!

Try Chatsonic for a mobile app today and see the difference yourself. 🌟

Chatsonic - Best AI chatbots

Scalability and 24/7 availability

Chatsonic is an amazing AI chatbot that can handle a large volume of simultaneous conversations without compromising response quality, allowing businesses to scale their customer support effortlessly.

In addition to that, the AI chatbot is available 24/7, which ensures that users receive prompt assistance whenever they need it, regardless of time zones or peak hours.

This round-the-clock service not only improves customer satisfaction but also helps businesses stay ahead of their competition by providing timely and efficient support.

Ready to gain a competitive edge with Chatsonic? 😄

Chatsonic Pricing

Chatsonic offers 10,000 words for free. If you want to chat more, switch to a paid plan starting at just $12.67 per month. Check out more about the Chatsonic pricing plans.

All pricing options come with customer support, ensuring an excellent experience every time.

If you are looking to build an AI chatbot, you can try using Botsonic and explore 6 AI chatbot builders. Also have a look at 5 Chatbase alternatives.


ChatGPT is another latest AI chatbot by Open AI, designed to assist businesses in delivering seamless customer experience. Through this innovative chatbot technology, users benefit from automated conversations with natural and human-like responses.

ChatGPT - Best AI chatbots

Below are some of ChatGPT’s capabilities:

Comes up with interactive responses

ChatGPT’s interactive responses allow users to receive accurate and timely support. AI chatbot integrates NLP capabilities and machine learning algorithms to quickly generate tailored, personalized answers.

As a result, users get the information they need without contacting an agent or waiting for long periods. Furthermore, this frees the customer service teams to answer more complex queries.

In addition to that, check out ChatGPT for business, and see how it can help you ace autopilot your business.

Enhance marketing campaigns

AI chatbot - ChatGPT can help transform your marketing campaigns and captivate your audience with unforgettable storytelling.

When you implement ChatGPT for marketing, you can have the power to create memorable brand experiences that relate to your target audience on a deeper level.

Magical wand for students

ChatGPT for students is like a virtual study buddy that never sleeps – always ready to assist, guide, and encourage you through every step of your learning journey, no matter the time of day or night.

This tireless AI companion can help you tackle complex concepts, offer personalized explanations, and brainstorm ideas, ensuring that you always have the support and inspiration you need to excel in your academic endeavors.

ChatGPT Pricing

ChatGPT is free to use, but with millions of users, you'll sometimes have limited access and give an error message saying - “ChatGPT at capacity.”

This is why OpenAI, launched a premium subscription plan - ChatGPT Plus for just $20 per month. This ChatGPT Plus gives you faster response times and priority access to brand-new features and upgrades.

Chatsonic vs. ChatGPT

When comparing ChatGPT and ChatSonic, both AI chatbots bring remarkable capabilities to the table, but if you want to have conversations related to real-time topics, generate images, get a personalized chat experience, and give voice commands, then Chatsonic is worth investing in.

Moreover, if you are looking for support via mobile, Chatsonic wins, as there’s no official mobile app for ChatGPT. Have a look at the 10 best ChatGPT apps for mobile that you can try.

ChatSpot.ai by HubSpot

Next on the list of AI chatbots comes ChatSpot.ai by HubSpot - a robust tool designed to assist marketing, sales, and service professionals in staying productive and organized. It's an AI-powered chatbot that connects directly to HubSpot. This lets you take advantage of its chat-based commands to do everything you do in HubSpot – in a faster and better way.

ChatSpot.ai by HubSpot - Best AI chatbots
ChatSpot.ai by HubSpot

With NLP technology, ChatSpot.ai understands customer intent and provides real-time tailored responses so that you can engage with clients quickly. Plus, it supports natural and guided conversations to maximize engagement and efficiency.

Take a look at some of its primary features:

Streamline tasks

Be it creating custom reports, drafting emails, summarising Hubspot data, or more, ChatSpot.ai can help you to streamline your day-to-day tasks with AI-powered, chat-based commands.

Create new contacts

Say goodbye to the manual data entry and shake hands with the ChatSpot.ai by HubSpot. The powerful AI chatbot can help you to create contacts in seconds.

Automate email marketing

ChatSpot.ai can also assist customers in drafting and sending emails without the hassle of typing out each one. It recognizes client intent and automatically generates personalized emails that correctly reflect your message. So, no more manual efforts.

ChatSpot.ai Pricing

Access to the platform is free once it's in general release. So sign up for the waitlist to be one of the first to experience this impressive AI chatbot.

ChatSpot.ai vs. Chatsonic

ChatSpot is an incredible AI chatbot, but if you are looking for a smooth experience, it ain’t a tool you can rely on, as it is super buggy. Also, ChatSpot does not always understands the commands and is very time-consuming, unlike Chatsonic, which can generate a response in seconds. Moreover, Chatsonic remembers the conversation, whereas ChatSpot removes the conversation after reloading.

Jasper Chat

Jasper Chat by Jasper is an AI chatbot that helps to create high-quality, engaging content in an efficient manner. The AI chatbot uses sophisticated algorithms and NLP to come up with content quickly and effortlessly.

Jasper Chat - Best AI chatbots
Jasper Chat

Here are a few of its main features:

Trained on data till 2021

Jasper chat is built upon the GPT-3 technology, which is trained on data till 2021. And this is why Jasper Chat is capable of generating responses for queries up to 2021.

Creates Content in 29 Languages

This AI chatbot can generate content in 29 languages. With its state-of-the-art AI models, you can communicate with customers across the globe using their native language. This can help you to grow your business.

User-Friendly AI Interface

Jasper Chat comes with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, which helps to save time and enhance the user experience.

Jasper Chat Pricing

Jasper Chat is available in the Boss Mode and Business plans of Jasper. If you’re on the Starter plan, you’ll need to upgrade your subscription before you can use the chatbot. The Boss Mode plan starts at $49/month. Moreover, you need to contact Sales to request a custom price for the Business plan.

Jasper Chat vs. Chatsonic

Jasper chat cannot generate factual information, come up with real-time topics, create digital art, allow to choose personality, understand voice commands, and more, unlike Chatsonic! If you are looking to access all these features, Chatsonic can be your go-to tool.


Here’s another AI chatbot - YouChat, created by You.com.

It's a comprehensive AI tool that lets you find answers to specific questions quickly and accurately. Using AI and NLP technology, this AI chatbot helps you to extract information from the You.com search engine and can answer questions related to anything from maths to coding.

YouChat - Best AI chatbots

Here are some of YouChat’s features:

Text Summarization

YouChat quickly summarizes lengthy messages, turning them into concise, engaging content. With conventional search engines, you must manually go through various websites to obtain the desired answer. However, YouChat does it all for you in a fraction of the time.

Allows Settings of Preferred Sources

Users can customize YouChat to search for answers from specific sources, such as news sites or blogs. In addition, the platform prioritizes those sources when analyzing and summarizing the text. This way, you'll have greater control over the content delivered to you and its accuracy.

YouChat Pricing

YouChat is currently available for free!

YouChat vs Chatsonic

YouChat is still in the development phase and lacks accuracy sometimes. So if you are looking to come up with accurate and relevant responses to enhance the user experience, Chatsonic can be a better option.

Bing Chat

The new Bing Chat from Microsoft is an AI chatbot built on OpenAI’s GPT-4

that utilizes the latest GPT-4 language models to generate unique and engaging conversations with users. In addition, Bing Chat can comprehend natural language and generate real-time responses with its deep learning capabilities.

Bing Chat - Best AI chatbots
Bing Chat

Some of Bing Chat’s features are:

Provides Source Citations

Unlike other chatbots, Bing Chat can generate source citations for any content it creates. This gives better confidence that the data provided to you is reliable and accurate. Moreover, it consolidates information from various sources, giving you a more comprehensive understanding of the topic.

Helps with Creative Projects

Furthermore, you can also use the AI chatbot to help you with creative projects. From poems to short stories, the platform can quickly produce unique content. It can generate ideas or plan any trip, making it the perfect tool for busy entrepreneurs.

Bing Chat Pricing

Right now, Bing Chat is free of charge but limits conversations to 150 per day. You can have up to 15 chats in one session, making it an ideal personal or virtual assistant.

Bing Chat vs. Chatsonic

Bing Chat is just like the Microsoft version of ChatGPT. However, if you want speedy and accurate responses, Chatsonic can prove to be a better option.


Unlike the other software, Replika is an AI chatbot and a friendship application developed to provide users with a digital best friend. Replika works with natural language understanding and can have meaningful conversations like humans. Conversing and socializing with an artificial companion is a means to provide emotional support to the user.

Replika - Best AI chatbots

Here are a few of Replika’s features:


The platform is available 24/7 and always provides company when needed. To initiate a conversation, all you have to do is send a chat, and your AI friend will pick up the conversation.

Ability to develop your AI bot’s personality

As a chatbot, the more you interact with your friend, the more it'll learn about you and your preferences. Over time, it can develop its unique personality reflecting yours. You can also customize and teach your AI bot new skills.

Replika’s Pricing

Replika offers four relationship statuses – Friend, Romantic, Mentor, and See How It Goes. The pricing of Replika depends on which option you choose. For example, the friend status is free, while the other three options are only available upon subscribing to Replika Pro. The Replika Pro subscription costs $7.99 per month or $49.99 per year, which includes voice calls and 150+ other activities.

Replika vs Chatsonic

Of course, Replika is a judgment-free AI chatbot that can offer emotional support, but Chatsonic can do it too. Moreover, Chatsonic offers various other features that Replika does not. So, if you are looking for an all-rounder, try Chatsonic!


Drift is a robust cloud-based software that aids businesses in increasing their customer engagement and sales. Leveraging real-time conversations, the solution offers an effortless way for companies to interact with consumers in today's digital world.

Drift - Best AI chatbots

Below are some of Drift’s features:

Customer Data Extraction

As an AI solution, Drift has customer data extraction capability that collects client information from third-party sources and other programs so you can reinforce your contact profiles. For example, it can extract details such as name, occupation, company name, and even industry. This allows you to understand your customer base better and make more targeted campaigns.

Visitor Activity Tracking

In addition, the software has an AI-powered visitor activity tracking system. This function allows you to track user activity on your website to identify prospects and target them with relevant offers. You’ll also have access to detailed metrics that give you insights into user behavior and preferences.

Drift Pricing

Drift is available in three pricing plans, Premium ($2500/month), Advanced, and Enterprise (Custom). All of the plans come with an AI chatbot that helps you increase customer engagement. However, the Advanced and Enterprise plans include the latest features to create customized chatbot experiences.

Drift vs. Chatsonic

Chatsonic can provide you with more features compared to Drift. In addition to that, Drift is quite buggy, which hinders the experience of customers. And, when it comes to speed and accuracy, Chatsonic wins!


Botsify - Best AI chatbots

Botsify is a powerful AI chatbot platform enabling businesses to easily create and manage chatbots. Its’ user-friendly interface and a broad range of features make it easy for companies of any size to leverage chatbots to enhance customer experience.

Listed here are a few of Botsify’s essential features:

Omni Channel Platforms

One salient feature of Botsify is providing a seamless experience across multiple channels such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram. This allows organizations to engage clients in their preferred applications and quickly respond to customers' queries. It also integrates with the best customer service software platforms, allowing for automatic data synchronization.

Automated Chatbots

Additionally, Botsify’s automated chatbots can answer customer queries 24/7. Powered by AI and NLP technology, this enables chatbots to understand natural language and provide precise responses. This capability can aid businesses in expanding their pipeline, increasing engagement, and driving more sales.

Botsify Pricing

Botsify offers a 14-day free trial so you can test out their software before committing to it. After the trial period, users can opt for either their Basic plan at $49 per month or their Professional plan at $149 per month. Both choices have an unlimited number of stories and include basic support. They also offer a Custom plan for enterprises with more advanced needs.

Botsify vs. Chatsonic

Botsify may occasionally provide inaccurate responses, whereas Chatsonic, which uses Google integration to ensure factual information is provided.


Here’s another revolutionary platform - Intercom, a communications solution that helps organizations better understand and connect with their customers. Companies can communicate through Intercom in real-time through messenger bots, live chat, and email.

Intercom - Best AI chatbots

Some of Intercom’s key features are:

Customizable Bots without Code

Intercom allows you to create a custom bot that meets the requirements of your organization. Then, immediately build conversations, configure flows and rules, and precisely trigger automated responses. With its AI chatbot at your disposal, you achieve higher efficiency by having reliable business operations support.

Advanced Enrichment and Targeting

In addition, you can proactively reach out to suitable leads using the platform's custom bots. Advanced targeting and enrichment algorithms let you engage only the prospects that fit your criteria. Unlock new opportunities and maximize returns on investment with conversations tailored to each lead's preferences, saving time and effort.

Intercom Pricing

The Starter plan suits small companies, starting at $74 per month. In addition, this plan provides full support and onboarding capabilities along with customer engagement functionalities. Meanwhile, startups can take advantage of Early Stage pricing of $65 per month for up to one year, helping you get ahead without breaking the bank.

Intercom vs. Chatsonic

Intercom is super expensive as compared to Chatsonic. Moreover, they do not have good customer support like Chatsonic.

Are you tired of poor customer support? Then, you must try using some Intercom alternatives.

Boost Your Customer Service with AI Chatbots

In a nutshell, AI chatbots are the future of customer service. And as technology advances, they'll become more advanced, user-friendly, and efficient.

AI chatbots provide on-demand convenience and tailored service to customers and streamline day-to-day operations in a world that increasingly values automation and efficiency.

Looking to build your own AI chatbot? Check out our list of these top 9 no-code AI chatbot builders .

All things considered, there's no doubt that the potential of AI chatbots is worth exploring. There's no better moment than now to take advantage of their power. So, if you are a business, looking to stay ahead of the game, you should definitely consider investing in Chatsonic.

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