How Biosynth Cranks up 5,000+ Scientific product Descriptions Weekly in Writesonic's AI lab

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Meet Biosyth: A trusted partner for the pharmaceutical, life science, and diagnostic sectors

Biosynth stands at the forefront of the life sciences industry, excelling in reagents, custom synthesis, and manufacturing. Boasting an extensive repertoire of over half a million products, Biosynth serves as a definitive source for a wide range of chemical and biochemical requirements. With a remarkable global footprint, cutting-edge facilities, and a team of dedicated experts, Biosynth has cemented its reputation as a trusted and essential collaborator in the pharmaceutical, life science, and diagnostic sectors.

"Writesonic's AI content generator has become an integral part of Biosynth's marketing toolkit. The platform has empowered us to scale our scientific product descriptions to nearly 5,000 a week.” - Adrian Hery Barranco, Marketing Officer at Biosynth

The Struggle: Uniting Science and Language

Imagine crafting 5,000 scientific product descriptions weekly, requiring the knowledge of scientists, chemists, and marketing experts. That's Biosynth's formidable challenge. Each product's complexity demanded cross-departmental collaboration, uniting chemists, scientists, and marketing teams to create powerful copy.

“Two folks working tirelessly just to deliver 250 product descriptions weekly… It was clear – manual writing wasn't scaling up.”

-Adrian Hery Barranco, Marketing Officer at Biosynth

1. Science + Words = One Tough Cookie:Biosynth, known for crafting custom chemical products, faced the challenge of combining scientific accuracy with compelling copy. This involved collaboration between Chemists, Scientists, and the marketing team to effectively synthesize, describe, and market the products.

2. Two Marketers, One Herculean Task:With a small marketing team, Biosynth struggled to research, interview scientists, and gather information from various sources while managing other responsibilities. This resulted in a weekly output of only 250 descriptions.

3. The Outsourcing Cost Nightmare:Outsourcing product descriptions to an agency would have been expensive – estimating a cost of $75k for 250 products. Scaling up to 5,000 product descriptions would have incurred significant costs.

4. Feeling the Burn:With multiple responsibilities and no professional copywriter on the team, Biosynth's marketing department felt the pressure of manual writing.

5. Bridging the Gap:Recognizing the limitations of manual writing, Biosynth needed to find a way to accelerate content creation and bridge the gap between supply and demand.

Meet Writesonic: The AI Tool Which is the Bridge to Efficiency

Facing mounting responsibilities and needing a dedicated copywriter, Biosynth turned to an AI-powered content generation tool. The challenge was to infuse technical descriptions with a scientist's touch. Enter Writesonic, a game-changer in content creation.

Writesonic AI Writer Joins the Biosynth Squad to Craft Compelling Scientific Content

Biosynth's unique challenge lies in harmonizing scientific accuracy with compelling marketing language. This required collaborative efforts between Chemists, Scientists, and the marketing team to create accurate and persuasive product descriptions.

AI Empowerment: Biosynth turned to Writesonic's advanced AI content generator in response to the science-language challenge. This tool enabled them to merge scientific accuracy with compelling language seamlessly.

Tailored AI Writing: Rather than opting for generic AI solutions, Biosynth utilized Writesonic's customized AI writer. This AI was fine-tuned to craft precise technical descriptions that resonated with readers as if scientists authored them.

AI Training: Biosynth's marketing team invested time in training the AI models to align with the company's specific content requirements, ensuring that the AI-generated content was technically accurate and on-brand.

Streamlined Productivity: With Writesonic's AI, Biosynth transformed its content creation process. By inputting keywords, preferred tone, and desired length, Biosynth effortlessly generated accurate and engaging content.

Expanding AI's Reach: Beyond the marketing team, the AI-generated content extended to the sales team. This facilitated rapid content generation for various purposes, improving overall organizational efficiency.

Writesonic Flipped Content Creation from "Ugh" to "Wow" for Biosynth

"Once Writesonic joined the party, even our sales team hopped on the AI writer train. New product catalog? No problem! We toss keywords, let the AI work its magic, and boom! Quick review, and we're ready to hit 'publish' in minutes." - Adrian Hery Barranco, Marketing Officer at Biosynth

Biosynth and Writesonic - The collaborative future to empower scientific communities

Key Wins Achieved with Writesonic:

  • SEO Optimization and Keywords: Writesonic's AI ensured that product descriptions were rich in relevant keywords, enhancing online visibility.
  • Automation and Time Savings: Content creation became automated, saving valuable time and resources.
  • Reduced Review Cycles: AI-generated content required fewer extensive reviews, increasing productivity.
  • Efficient Publishing: Integration with CMS systems allowed for swift content publication.

Maximizing AI Potential:

  • Writesonic's AI-enabled Biosynth generates substantial descriptions monthly, boosting productivity.
  • The platform's user-friendly interface made it accessible to various team members, eliminating the need for extensive training.
  • Minor challenges, like AI differentiating between chemical and commercial drug names, were swiftly managed through content review.

Not just the marketing team, anyone in the organization can use this tool. It has a user-friendly interface, and the tool generates content within minutes. There's hardly any learning curve, even for first-time users.”

- Adrian Hery Barranco, Marketing Officer at Biosynth

Ready to maximize your content creation just like Biosynth?

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