How Restaurant Supply Store Transformed their Content Engine by 10X Using Writesonic’s AI Tools

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Meet Restaurant Supply Store: The online destination for commercial kitchen

Restaurant Supply Store is an online go-to-destination that provides commercial kitchen equipment and food service supplies. They offer a user-friendly website that makes it easy for customers to find the necessary equipment for their culinary endeavors.

Additionally, their food service professionals are seasoned professionals in restaurant kitchens and equipment sales and thus provide the best service in the industry. Their websites have comprehensive educational pages to help customers make informed decisions. They ensure customers have an easy online purchase experience and are informative enough to make wise investments.

“We still have around the same staff, but now they are significantly more efficient. So we took our existing staff and gave them Writesonic and other tools everybody is much more efficient. Our output is 10x compared to when we were manually doing it.”

- Jesse Cheng, Manager of E-commerce Company (RestaurantSupply)

The Hurdle: Content Generation Process that is Slow and Unending

This leading e-commerce business in the restaurant supply industry faced the challenge of creating over 300 to 400 thousand product descriptions, blog posts, and more. The existing tools weren’t efficient enough, making the process quite cumbersome. Furthermore, creating engaging, SEO-optimized, and factual content for their blogs and other website content was a colossal task for the team of 4-5 writers. This was a problem they had to address well, as efficiency and quality were crucial for them to remain competitive in the market.

Enter Writesonic: The AI that Makes a Difference

Restaurant Supply Store turned to Writesonic to revolutionize their content creation process. Writesonic’s rich features and API capabilities offered them a way to enhance productivity and results.

“In the past, we used to create product descriptions with different tools, but when we used Writesonic and compared it with similar AI writing tools, we found that Writesonic worked the best, and we made the switch to your product” - Jesse Cheng, Manager of E-commerce Company (RestaurantSupply)

Writesonic: The Content Game Changer

  • Efficiency Boost: Writesonic allowed Restaurant Supply Store to maintain the same team size while achieving a tenfold increase in results. This represented a remarkable jump in productivity and efficiency.
  • Quality Improvement: Jesse Cheng noted that Writesonic’s tool made their article creation process “10x better than before”, highlighting the significant improvement in content quality.
  • Significant API Usage: The team used Writesonic’s API to generate a staggering 15 million words, a testament to the high scalability and potential of Writesonic’s solutions.
  • Enhanced SEO: With Writesonic, the team created SEO-optimized content more efficiently, helping to improve the visibility of their vast product listing online.
  • Time and Cost Savings: By automating their content creation process with Writesonic, the team was able to save significant amounts of time and resources.

Beyond Writing: The Next Steps

Restaurant Supply Store commended Writesonic on the tools they’ve explored so far. Beyond the writing tools, they are also excited to partner with Writesonic for more advanced features with Botsonic, elevated levels of automation and collaboration to come with Article Writer 5.0, and much more. We are eager to continue this relationship with the company and are excited for the future.

In conclusion: Automate Your Content The Right Way with Writesonic

Restaurant Supply Store’s experience showcases the transformative impact of AI-powered writing tools like Writesonic in enhancing efficiency, productivity, and quality in content generation. Their case is a testament to Writesonic’s potential to revolutionize content management processes in the e-commerce sector.

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