ChatGPT banned in Italy - Check out these alternatives to ChatGPT

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“Oh no! ChatGPT banned in Italy.” 🤯

If you’re an AI enthusiast, the voices in your head might have definitely gone like this, right?

Well, the recent ban on ChatGPT in Italy has left many wondering how to stay connected in a world increasingly relying on AI chatbots. In short, how to use ChatGPT in Italy?

And, if you’re one of them, don’t worry - you’re at the right place!

Italy has become the first Western nation to block ChatGPT, the advanced chatbot developed by OpenAI and backed by Microsoft - citing privacy concerns, potential exposure of minors to unsuitable content, and data breaches.

But don’t worry! There’s always room for other players, and so is the case here.

Time to say "Ciao" to ChatGPT and "Benvenuto" to an exciting new world of AI-powered chat marvels.

In this blog post, you can explore 5 amazing ChatGPT alternatives that are not only legal in Italy, but also capable of holding engaging and interactive conversations.

So, buckle up as we dive into your new go-to chatbot buddies for a seamless and captivating chat experience. Andiamo!

Table Of Contents

5 ChatGPT alternatives to try out in Italy

  • Chatsonic
  • Jasper Chat
  • Bing AI
  • Bard by Google
  • YouChat


Chatsonic by Writesonic is an AI chatbot that truly stands out with its extensive features, surpassing ChatGPT. Powered by the advanced GPT-4 technology, Chatsonic is designed for intelligent and smart conversations.

Chatsonic - ChatGPT banned in Italy

If you are looking for the best ChatGPT alternatives, look no further! Chatsonic is integrated with Google, which helps to deliver accurate and up-to-date information based on real-time topics.

Plus, it does much more! From generating original content and appealing images to handling voice commands and acting as your personal assistant, Chatsonic is a valuable tool you'll definitely want to add to your collection. See why Chatsonic is the best ChatGPT Italy alternative.

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Features of Chatsonic

Stay informed with real-time factual content

Gone are the days of scrambling for accurate and up-to-date information! Chatsonic, with its seamless Google integration, can help you craft relevant content enriched with the latest data. This exceptional AI chatbot can help you stay ahead regarding what's happening in the world, making it the perfect ChatGPT alternative!

Chatsonic - ChatGPT banned in Italy

Create amazing images with AI

Unlock your inner artist with Chatsonic's cutting-edge AI technology! In just a few seconds, you can come up with eye-catching digital art without getting lost in the technical details. Simply add the prompt and let Chatsonic, the most popular ChatGPT alternative, bring your visual dreams to life!

Chatsonic - ChatGPT banned in Italy

Voice commands made easy

Wave goodbye to tedious typing and embrace a more natural and seamless experience with Chatsonic! The advanced AI chatbot and NLP technology let you create content with voice commands. It's like having your very own Siri or Google Assistant—just give it a task and watch the magic happen!

Meet your personal AI assistant

Chatsonic takes personalization to new heights! Whether you need help with math, nailing an interview, making new connections, or sticking to your fitness goals, Chatsonic is your trusty AI companion, available 24/7. It instantly picks up on your mood and tailors its responses to make your conversations more engaging.

Chatsonic - ChatGPT banned in Italy

Conversations that keep you engaged

Reconnecting with Chatsonic's AI chatbot feels like catching up with a long-lost friend. It instantly picks up on your mood and tailors its responses to make your conversations more engaging. Plus, it remembers details from previous chats, so there's no need to repeat yourself. Say goodbye to dull conversations and give Chatsonic a try for a truly memorable chat experience!

Chatsonic - ChatGPT banned in Italy

Power up your apps with ChatSonic API

Integrate ChatSonic into your website or mobile app and enjoy the full potential of ChatGPT. Connect hassle-free with your existing applications using the Chatsonic API, joining the growing number of businesses already loving this conversational AI chatbot alternative!

Chatsonic mobile app: content at your fingertips

Transform your content creation process with the Chatsonic mobile app for Android (and coming soon to iOS!). Create the content on the go and enjoy ChatSonic's features anytime, anywhere.

Chatsonic - ChatGPT banned in Italy

Effortless content creation with the Chatsonic Chrome extension

Unlock the power of Chatsonic with their fantastic Chrome extension! Create content anywhere online at the press of a button (CMD+M). Install the ChatSonic Chrome extension today and simplify your life!

Chatsonic - ChatGPT banned in Italy
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Chatsonic Pricing

Get started with Chatsonic's free plan that offers you 10k premium words at no cost!

Need more? Upgrade to a budget-friendly premium plan, starting at a mere $16/month, where you get unlimited premium words, and let the creativity flow.

Chatsonic pricing - ChatGPT banned in Italy
Chatsonic pricing
Chatsonic vs. ChatGPT
The fact that ChatGPT is banned in Italy makes Chatsonic the next best alternative to ChatGPT Italy. But even if you’re not from Italy, here’s why you should choose Chatsonic over ChatGPT:

1. ChatGPT is trained on data till 2021 and generates outdated information, whereas Chatsonic, with the help of Google integration, generates real-time information.
2. Chatsonic can even generate images with the help of integration with Stanle diffusion and DALL-E.
3. Chatsonic has a mobile app that lets you generate content at your fingertips and offers a Chrome extension too.
4. Moreover, Chatsonic offers a few more features like voice recognition, persona mode, and more, which are not there in ChatGPT.

Now that you know how to use ChatGPT in Italy, it's time to sign up for Chatsonic.

Jasper Chat

Jasper Chat by Jasper is another mind-blowing ChatGPT alternative but, price wise, most expensive. Powered by natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, Jasper Chat is based on GPT-3 and goes beyond the competition to help you generate innovative ideas and craft unforgettable ad copy.

 Jasper Chat - ChatGPT banned in Italy
Jasper Chat

Features of Jasper Chat

  • Built on the impressive GPT-3, Jasper Chat is like having an AI chatbot that can help you with content creation. However, just like ChatGPT, even Jasper Chat helps you to create content based on topics till Summer 2021.
  • Jasper Chat speaks 29 languages! Breaking down communication barriers has never been easier.
  • Plus, its user-friendly interface makes it a joy to use.

Jasper Chat Pricing

You can access Jasper Chat in both Boss and Business mode plans. The boss mode starts at $49/month, and for a business plan, you can contact the support team. Thus,  Jasper Chat is the most expensive plan and upto 5 times costlier than ChatSonic. Hence, most users are now shifting to ChatSonic (Writesonic).

Chatsonic vs. Jasper Chat
Jasper Chat is built on GPT-3, which is only trained on data up to 2021 - this often results in outdated information. However, Chatsonic is an AI chatbot that comes up with human-like responses in a truly conversational manner.
Moreover, it’s like having your own personal assistant that actually "gets" you - which makes it a perfect ChatGPT alternative in Italy.

Bing AI

Get ready to experience the cutting-edge Bing Chat from Microsoft, a brilliant AI chatbot crafted using OpenAI's GPT-4 - and a perfect ChatGPT alternative.

This futuristic chat companion harnesses the power of GPT-4 language models to spark captivating conversations with users. Thanks to its deep learning capabilities, Bing Chat understands natural language and produces real-time responses.

Bing AI - ChatGPT banned in Italy
Bing AI 

Features of Bing AI

  • Bing Chat stands out from the crowd by generating source citations for any content it creates.
  • The advanced AI chatbot helps to generate reliable and accurate information.
  • Need a helping hand with your creative projects? Bing Chat has you covered! From poetry to short stories, this AI chatbot can quickly whip up unique content.
Have a look at 9 Bing AI alternatives that you can try out.

Bing Chat Pricing

Currently, Bing Chat is absolutely free and allows up to 150 conversations per day. Enjoy up to 15 chats in a single session, making Bing Chat your ideal personal or virtual assistant.

Chatsonic vs. Bing Chat
Think of Bing Chat as Microsoft's answer to ChatGPT. If lightning-fast and accurate responses are your priority, Chatsonic could be a better choice for you. However, both chatbots offer valuable features and benefits, so try them out and see which one suits your needs best!

Bard by Google

Google dropped a bombshell in the tech world with its powerful alternative to ChatGPT: Bard! And it's causing quite the stir!

Bard is fueled by ChatGPT and built on an innovative platform LaMDA. This breakthrough conversational AI service is set to transform the way we harness language processing tech, shattering boundaries with its unparalleled ability to understand user input accurately.


Google recently launched a Bard Experiment Update page where you can find more about the new features.

Features of Bard

  • A mind-blowing blend of creativity, intellect, and power.
  • Google boasts that Bard doesn't just write texts—it'll also tackle all your burning questions.
  • Time constraints? Pssh, not for Bard. It's got the full force of Google behind it!

Bard Pricing

Google Bard is a free model. However, you need to be a trusted tester to get access. Google will soon provide public access.

Chatsonic vs. Bard
Bard is still a work in progress, and we don't exactly know its ultimate purpose or what the future holds for it. But no worries! There's this fantastic tool already out there that boasts AI comparable to ChatGPT and the reliability of Google's data updates... ChatSonic! It can help you stay ahead of the game with speedy, top-notch updates. Isn’t it the smarter way to stay informed?


Looking for a ChatGPT alternative in Italy that can deliver lightning-fast, spot-on answers to your questions? Look no further – YouChat's got you covered!

YouChat - ChatGPT banned in Italy

Powered by AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP), this nifty tool sources its data from the search engine, ensuring up-to-date and accurate results every time.

But wait, there's more! YouChat's user-friendly interface makes it a breeze to use. Plus, it's compatible with both iOS and Android devices, so you can effortlessly get those precise answers at your fingertips in a snap!

Features of YouChat

In addition to delivering accurate information, YouChat also offers valuable citations and online references, making it an excellent resource hub.

Furthermore, its intuitive interface and remarkable features such as video calling render it an outstanding option for users!

YouChat Pricing

YouChat is completely free to use. Don't miss out on taking advantage of this amazing ChatGPT alternative.

Chatsonic vs. YouChat
While YouChat is an impressive tool, ChatSonic stands out as a one-of-a-kind solution with a distinct purpose. As an AI writing assistant, ChatSonic helps writers produce top-notch content in a fraction of the time, making it an essential tool for content creators, bloggers, and organizations alike.

Get your hands on the best ChatGPT alternative - Chatsonic!

The ban on ChatGPT in Italy has opened up a new realm of possibilities for AI chatbot enthusiasts. With exceptional alternatives like Chatsonic, Jasper Chat, Bing AI, Bard by Google, and YouChat, you'll never be short of engaging and interactive chat experiences.

Each of these chatbots offers unique features and capabilities, making them ideal replacements for ChatGPT.

So, as Italy bids "Arrivederci" to ChatGPT, you can confidently embrace these fantastic alternatives and stay connected in the ever-evolving world of AI chatbots.

Buon divertimento!

Pragati Gupta

Pragati Gupta is a Content Marketer @Writesonic, specializing in AI, SEO, and strategic B2B writing. Leveraging the power of Generative AI, she produces high-impact content that drives superior ROI.

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