5 Best ChatGPT Alternatives For Writing In 2024

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Have you been amazed by the accelerated growth of ChatGPT in the last few months? Well, it has really proven its worth and become a game-changer!

The AI chatbot with superpowers can help you come up with pretty impressive stuff. From poems and essays to super cool content ideas and computer code, it can instantly come up with ready-to-publish content.

ChatGPT is the perfect sidekick for busy professionals - from developers and marketers to teachers and even doctors! But before diving into the awesome details of how to use conversational AI chatbots like ChatGPT, why not start with the basics? Let’s go!

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What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot created by Sam Altman - founder of OpenAI. The AI-powered model is built on GPT-3; a large language model fine-tuned using supervised and reinforcement learning. Using the power of AI, the AI chatbot generates human-like responses using text prompts.

Chatting with ChatGPT feels like having a conversation with a walking encyclopedia! It knows all about history, philosophy, culture, and more. Not only can it talk about these topics, but it can also write blog posts, help you with coding, and more.

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But everything has its pros and cons and so is the case with ChatGPT! So, get ready to see why you should go for ChatGPT alternatives. This blog post covers the top five ChatGPT alternatives for writing and how they can enhance your writing process.

Why opt for a ChatGPT alternative for writing?

ChatGPT is undoubtedly a real powerhouse for chats, providing amazing human-like conversations and responses - from coding to music to essays! It's pretty impressive to see how fluently it can handle even the toughest of queries.

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But at the same time, ChatGPT comes with certain limitations, making room for the possibility of more fitting alternatives for unique use cases. Let’s check them out:

Limited knowledge of recent events

ChatGPT is kinda stuck in 2021 and cannot give you the latest news on the block! So, if you're looking for content ideas that are up-to-date with current trends and topics, ChatGPT isn't the best choice.

It's like chatting with someone who is trained on data till 2021 – it cannot provide you with anything new. In short, if you're aiming for the freshest info, it's wise to look for alternative sources!

Lacks voice support

If voice-over text is your thing, then ChatGPT might not be your ideal choice.

Unfortunately, ChatGPT can't comprehend and carry out voice commands like Siri and Google Assistant can.

So, if you're looking to save time by giving orders through voice, explore other alternatives to ChatGPT.

Cannot generate visuals

ChatGPT is undoubtedly a great tool for generating text, but what about visuals?

Well, that's not its forte!

If you want to generate something eye-catching, you need to check out DALL-E from OpenAI or Midjourney. ChatGPT can only help provide text prompts that can be used in DALL-E and Midjourney, but that's a bit cumbersome.

So, why not search for an alternative to ChatGPT that lets you create images - and helps you save some time?

Server issues

Let’s say you need to complete a content creation task real quick! You go to ChatGPT with a glimmer of hope, only to see an error message that reads, “ChatGPT is at capacity right now!” So disappointing, right?

Apparently, too many users and a heavy server load are causing breakdowns from time to time. Looks like you can't rely on ChatGPT every time - gotta find another solution now!

Now that you know the drawbacks, let’s quickly jump to the top five must-try ChatGPT alternatives for writing.

The top five must-try ChatGPT alternatives for writing

Here are 5 mind-blowing ChatGPT alternatives for writing that you cannot miss out trying

  1. Chatsonic
  2. Jasper Chat
  3. DeepL Write
  4. OpenAI Playground
  5. Writesonic

Let's check out in detail.

#1. Chatsonic - best alternative to ChatGPT for writing

Touted as an alternative to ChatGPT but with superpowers, Chatsonic is a powerful chatbot designed to augment the writing process. As one of the most widely used conversational AI chatbots, Chatsonic uses real-time data, images, and voice search to create great content.

ChatSonic - Best ChatGPT Alternatives For Writing

Users love Chatsonic as a ChatGPT alternative because it integrates with Google Search to give the latest information on any topic. Being developed on top of the GPT-3.5 model, the possibilities of using Chatsonic become wider. People have switched from using  ChatGPT for business, digital marketing, etc to using ChatSonic.

You can use Chatsonic to generate numerous copy, including blog outlines, social media posts, email templates and subject lines, product descriptions, etc.

Have a look at 160+ ChatGPT prompts that you can simply copy and paste to generate amazing responses. You can also check 110+ best ChatGPT examples to see how people make the most of this AI chatbot.

The key features of Chatsonic as a ChatGPT alternative are:

1. Source factual and real-time information

Chatsonic is the best ChatGPT alternative if you’re looking for an efficient way to generate content with the latest news, facts, and figures. To provide real-time updates, Chatsonic’s AI chatbot integrates with Google search.

By using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning, Chatsonic delivers accurate answers to questions about current news and trends with a detailed summary and insights.

ChatSonic - Best ChatGPT Alternatives For Writing
ChatSonic even gives out references used to source the information.

2. Understands voice commands

Thanks to NLP - ChatSonic can understand voice commands.

All you need to do is give a voice command, and it generates whatever you need. Moreover, it can also respond to voice commands like Siri or Google Assistant, which can ultimately help you to save more time and make the overall experience more enjoyable.

3. Act as your personal assistant

Think of Chatsonic as your virtual assistant who gives you the information you need right at your fingertips.

Whether you want help with math, preparing for a job interview, or information about anything under the roof, Chatsonic revolutionizes content creation.

At a time when we’re all aiming for higher productivity, Chatsonic helps users write faster and makes the process enjoyable.

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4. Transform ideas into distinct digital art

Currently, all websites like Chat GPT have a common limitation: they don't generate stunning AI art that supports the content.

That’s where Chatsonic emerges as a differentiator. You can quickly and easily create stunning digital AI art as ChatSonic has integrated Stable Diffusion and DALL-E to create custom AI images with a single click.

ChatSonic - Best ChatGPT Alternatives For Writing

Even better, you can ask Chatsonic to help you with text prompts for your digital marketing and social media campaigns.

Check out ChatGPT prompts for social media to maximize your engagement.

5. Chatsonic API integrates into existing applications

Unlock the full potential of Chatsonic by integrating this alternative to ChatGPT into your existing applications. This way, you can get the latest information without switching tabs.

Chatsonic’s API can be integrated with your website and mobile apps to build robust customer service and communication abilities.

Want to understand how you can use the ChatGPT API in your own systems read 30+ use cases -  ChatGPT API use cases.

6. Twitter bot

Another differentiating feature of Chatsonic that separates it from other ChatGPT competitors is that you can generate up-to-date chat responses within Twitter. Just mention ChatSonic AI’s Twitter handle and ask a question; you’ll get a response instantly!

7. Chrome extension

Whether you are posting a tweet or conducting Google research, Chatsonic’s Chrome extension will automatically generate answers for you upon using the Google search.

To have Chatsonic handy, pin the Chatsonic Chrome extension to your list of extensions on the browser tab. 

8. Chatsonic Mobile app

ChatSonic offers a mobile app that helps to create content on the go! You can easily download the Chatsonic app for android, which allows you to get content suggestions from anywhere on the internet without having to open your laptop.

Chatsonic Pricing

The free ChatGPT alternative for writing - Chatsonic, offers a free plan where you can get access to 25 credits. Chatsonic paid plan starts at $12/month - unlimited generations.

Chatsonic pricing

Comparison: Chatsonic vs ChatGPT




Factual information

Real-time, as recent as 2024. 

Up to 2021. 

AI-generated art embedded into the conversation 

API and Chrome plugin 

Understand voice commands 

Save, edit, and download conversations 

#2. Jasper Chat

Jasper Chat - Best ChatGPT Alternatives For Writing
Jasper Chat

The ChatGPT alternative for writing - Jasper Chat leverages cutting-edge technology to give good outputs as compared to other GPT tools. What separates Jasper Chat from ChatGPT is that it is primarily built for business use cases such as writing and sales. ChatGPT alternative for writing - Jasper Chat can tailor the voice, language, and tonality to specific use cases.

The key features of Jasper Chat as a ChatGPT alternative for writing are:

1. Knowledge base but up to 2021

The ChatGPT alternative Jasper Chat has learned from articles, video transcripts, and content published on the internet until 2021. The conversational AI chatbot can provide information only up to 2021, just like ChatGPT. The tool fails to give accurate answers for users looking for real-time information. So, to generate real-time information, you can look for other ChatGPT alternatives like ChatSonic.

Jasper Chat - Best ChatGPT Alternatives For Writing
Jasper Chat

2. Generates content in 29 language

Jasper can understand 29 languages, so you can chat in your native language, and the AI chatbot Jasper Chat will respond back in your language.

3. Jasper chat for technical SEO

For marketers, Jasper Chat is a great alternative to ChatGPT for writing as it can help in the SEO tasks such as:

  • Generating Schema markups
  • FAQs
  • Light SERP search using Jasper’s Google integration
  • Classifying keywords based on search intent

But when it comes to generating images to support your content, neither Jasper Chat nor ChatGPT can help! That’s where ChatSonic can help you.

Jasper Chat Pricing

Jasper Chat is included in Boss mode, starting at $49/month, and Business plan (customizable).

Comparison: Jasper Chat vs ChatSonic

  • Jasper Chat cannot pull real-time content as recently as 2024, whereas Chatsonic provides updated data due to its Google integration.
  • Jasper Chat lacks the capability to create AI art within the AI chatbot as compared to Chatsonic, which provides stunning AI-generated images.
  • Jasper Chat is only available in the paid plans, while Chatsonic’s AI chatbot is also included in the free trial version offering 100 free generations every month.

#3. DeepL Write

AI writing tool DeepL Write is specifically useful for writers, academicians, and journalists looking to turbocharge their creativity in terms of sentence, word, and rephrasing suggestions.

DeepL Write - Best ChatGPT Alternatives For Writing
DeepL Write

Multinational teams use this ChatGPT alternative for writing to draft concise emails, reports, and presentations for international clients.

DeepL has made its name for popular AI-based translation tools. At its crux, in addition to fixing basic grammatical and punctuation errors, Deep L Write focuses on generating choices of style, tone, phrasing, and diction for British English and German users.

The key features of DeepL Write as a ChatGPT alternative for writing are:

1. Text paraphrasing

One of the main advantages of using DeepL Write is its ability to paraphrase text accurately. When you enter the text, the advanced linguistic processing algorithms analyze the input text and generate a paraphrased version while retaining the style and meaning of the original text.

2. Targets a specific use case: translators

DeepL Write’s advanced features are designed to scale translation needs while simplifying the workflows. Unlike other ChatGPT competitors, this AI writing companion caters to the specific needs of translators, just like ChatSonic.

3. Set the right tone

You can adjust the tone of your translation from formal to informal, and the AI writing assistant automatically updates the pronouns and words used in your translation based on the context.

DeepL Write - Best ChatGPT Alternatives For Writing
DeepL Write 

4. Create your own glossary

You can customize your translation (ranging from a paragraph to entire documents) with the right words and phrases. Create multiple glossaries on the tool or upload your own glossary, set rules, and save time for more value-added activities.

DeepL Write - Best ChatGPT Alternatives For Writing
DeepL Write 

5. Wide-ranging pricing plans

The basic free plan allows limited text translation. The paid plans range from $8.74 to $28.74 and $57.49 per user.

Comparison: DeepL Write vs. ChatSonic

DeepL write comes with limited availability as it is unavailable in all countries, but ChatSonic is widely available.

  • While the tool is ideal for translation and paraphrasing, it lacks features such as AI art generation and generative AI, which ChatSonic, the ultimate alternative to ChatGPT for writing, offers.

#4. OpenAI Playground

Though ChatGPT is a tool developed by Open AI itself, they can be considered as a ChatGPT alternative for writing because of the wide use cases you can use Open AI Playground with when it comes to writing.

However, OpenAI playground may be a bit tricky to understand due to its functions like temperature setting, frequency penalty, token count, and more.

Let’s see the difference between ChatGPT and OpenAI Playground.

ChatGPT is a conversational AI chatbot that allows you to interact in real-time with GPT-3.5 over a chat interface. Give it a prompt, and it will generate text based on your provided information.

OpenAI Playground, on the other hand, allows you to interact with other OpenAI models in a more interactive and flexible way. You can change the settings to customize the model's behavior, such as output type, model size, and more.

OpenAI playground - Best ChatGPT Alternatives For Writing
OpenAI playground

The key features of Open AI Playground as a Chat GPT alternative for writing are:

1. Customizable

Overall, Open AI is much more customizable; you can even select the language model you’d prefer to use before asking questions. This ChatGPT alternative for writing is suited for advanced users who want to experiment with different settings to customize the behavior of OpenAI models.

As per OpenAI, Davinci-003 often answers questions with longer output and higher quality.

OpenAI playground - Best ChatGPT Alternatives For Writing
OpenAI playground

2. More flexible

When using OpenAI Playground, it is found that it is not as hesitant as ChatGPT when it comes to controversial topics. In all probability, you might get some unexpected answers. Similar to ChatGPT, Open AI Playground also struggles with queries related to events from or after 2021.

#5. Writesonic

Writesonic is an exceptional ChatGPT alternative for writing with more than 80+ amazing tools to help your business reach its content goals. Whether you’re writing an article of 2000+ words, a social media post, a product description, or high-converting landing pages, Writesonic creates engaging copies that drive sales and traffic.

Plus, you don't have to add any instruction - they are built with customizations for each writing request.

Writesonic - Best ChatGPT Alternatives For Writing

The key features of Writesonic as a ChatGPT alternative for writing are:

1. AI Article and Blog Writer

Writesonic’s AI writer can generate 2000+ word long-form SEO-optimized articles so that you would spend less time writing articles and focus on growing your business. While AI chatbots like Chat GPT are more for short-form copy, content generator tools like Writesonic generate complete articles from start to finish.

2. Landing Page Generator

Writesonic's website copy generator, a.k.a landing page generator, creates a full-fledged landing page with a header, CTAs, feature section, and customized vectors attached to those features. The best part is that copy is generated in code, so you can paste it directly into your CMS for easy publishing.

3. Surfer SEO and SEMrush integration

Writesonic users have the edge over other alternatives of Chat GPT with the SEO keyword suggestions feature of Surfer SEO and SEMrush. You can find keywords bringing more traffic, the keyword density to rank on SERPs, and even filter them based on location, device, and search engine.

4. Create content in bulk

A unique feature of Writesonic is that it lets you create compelling content in bulk. You only need to input data, and thousands of pieces will be generated in minutes. Furthermore, with the WordPress integration, you can even upload them in bulk, saving you hours of grunt work.

5. Multiple pricing plans

As a free alternative to Chat GPT, Writesonic has both free and paid plans. First-time users can opt for the free trial version to test the features, while businesses looking to leverage all capabilities of AI, like ChatGPT, can go for the paid versions.

Comparison: Writesonic vs ChatGPT

Although Chat GPT offers detailed answers to your questions, it cannot write an entire article. You would still need to spend time writing an introduction and summary and tweaking the main body.

On the other hand, as one of the best AI writing tools, Writesonic gives you complete publish-ready articles of 2,000+ words along with grammar, SEO, plagiarism, and readability checks.

Your search for a ChatGPT alternative for writing ends at Chatsonic

Whether you are looking for an AI tool with a simplified interface, natural language processing, integrated AI art, or deeper learning capabilities, your search ends at Chatsonic: one of the best ChatGPT alternatives for writing.

Great writing piece is the result of great research. So, don't forget to check out ChatGPT alternatives for research and see how they can help you.

Sign up for free and get started with Chatsonic.

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