40+ ChatGPT prompts for marketing in 2024

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Are you struggling to navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of marketing? The task can seem overwhelming, from crafting a strategy to creating unique designs, content, and campaigns.

The solution?

A personal assistant that can assist you at every step of the marketing process. And what could be better than a well-trained conversational AI chatbot like ChatGPT?

ChatGPT by OpenAI is a powerful language model developed. It generates human-like text and can be fine-tuned for specific tasks such as language translation, text summarization, question answering, idea generation, and more.

But it comes with certain limitations. To start with, ChatGPT’s knowledge is only updated till 2021, and it knows nothing about events after 2021. If you are using ChatGPT for marketing, it might recommend outdated strategies or trends. Being just a language model, ChatGPT cannot generate images for your content and other campaigns. One of the biggest limitations ChatGPT users are facing in the past few weeks is that ChatGPT is down or at capacity.

To overcome its limitations, OpenAI has come up with a premium version called ChatGPT Plus.
ChatGPT at capacity error - ChatGPT prompts
ChatGPT at capacity error

You already have enough to handle. Imagine the added stress when ChatGPT abandons you in time of need.

Introducing Chatsonic - an advanced version of ChatGPT, which is always available, up and running.

  • Chatsonic's real-time integration with Google data allows it to generate factual, updated, relevant content, making it a valuable asset for your chatbot marketing strategy.
  • Chatsonic, with its Stable Diffusion + Dall-E technology, can create unique AI images for all marketing content and campaigns.
  • You can use Chatsonic’s voice commands to save time instead of typing.
  • Sort your Twitter content strategy with the Chatsonic Twitter bot @ChatsonicAI to write engaging tweets and threads.
  • Improve your team’s productivity by integrating Chatsonic into your everyday tools like Google Docs with the Chatsonic API. Get more ideas by referring to our ChatSonic - like ChatGPT API use-cases.
  • The Chatsonic Chrome Extension enables the usage of Chatsonic on various platforms across the web without opening the Chatsonic application. Check out other ChatGPT chrome extensions to choose wisely.
  • Get answers to all your questions on the go with the Chatsonic App, don't hold back from asking.

For more details, check out Chatsonic vs ChatGPT.

40+ Chatsonic ChatGPT Prompts for Marketing

Here are 40+ prompts to help you in various aspects of marketing and ace the marketing game with ChatGPT or ChatSonic.

You'll find a list of ChatGPT prompts for each marketing category like

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Video Marketing Scripts
  4. Ads (Performance Marketing)
  5. Marketing Strategy
  6. Marketing Metrics
  7. SEO (Content Marketing)

You can write email sequences, cold emails, and newsletters and launch your email campaign in minutes with the help of tools like ChatGPT and ChatSonic. Moreover, you can generate stunning AI images for your content in no time. Be it Instagram, LinkedIn, or any other social media platform, go viral with the help of ChatGPT or ChatSonic.

Create video content at scale and give an additional boost to the ongoing video marketing boom. Generate ideas, video scripts, and podcast episode content in minutes.

You can rock both the worlds of paid ad campaigns and organic SEO content marketing campaigns with ChatGPT or Chatsonic.

Let's dive in -

ChatGPT for email marketing

1. ChatGPT prompt for subject lines:

ChatSonic Prompt: Write marketing copy to make my email marketing more engaging. The product I am promoting is called X (e.g., company, service or organization). What subject lines would you suggest for a sequence of Y emails?

Tip: Set the context before asking for subject lines to get more accurate results

Improve the ChatSonic results by asking follow-up questions.

2. ChatGPT prompt for a cold personalized outbound email

ChatSonic Prompt: Write a cold outbound email to a prospective customer for our product X (e.g., company, product, service, or organization)

Tip: Describe the type of product you are selling and who your ideal customers might be for customized output.

➡️ Further asking ChatSonic (an ultimate ChatGPT alternative) to write a personalized email

ChatSonic Prompt: Can you tailor the email for Y (target industries or audience)?

Tip: Ask ChatGPT to generate other similar customer personas and industries. This will help you come up with a diverse range of potential customers to target with your cold email outreach.

3. ChatGPT prompt for  Newsletter

When using ChatSonic (like ChatGPT, but advanced) to produce a Newsletter, it is most effective to provide an outline and then ask for it to fill in the particulars. And when you know how to write a newsletter and have an outline ready, the whole process of creating engaging newsletter content for your readers becomes a breeze.

ChatSonic Prompt: Create an outline for a weekly newsletter for Y (target audience). The outline should have X parts, an intro, a main point, and a conclusion with a call to action.

Tip: If you want to clarify your main points so you know what content to include in each newsletter. Use this prompt next for X month’s worth of newsletter ideas.

ChatSonic Prompt: List 12 main points that are [most important] to marketers acquiring new customers.

Want to make the most out of ChatGPT for email marketing? Have a look at ChatGPT prompts for email marketing.

ChatGPT for Social Media Marketing

4. ChatGPT prompt for Social Media Campaign planning

ChatSonic Prompt: Craft a one-month social media campaign calendar for our X product with the goal to Y and mention the relevant channels to focus.

Tip: Describe the product and goals of the campaign to get accurate, personalized results

5.  ChatGPT prompt for Ad Strategy

ChatSonic Prompt: Write an AIDA for <insert product or service>

Tip: Try Writesonic's AIDA model to increase your CTRs in no time. Also, have a look at what is AIDA model and how it can help you with copywriting.

6. ChatGPT prompts for Instagram marketing

ChatGPT use case for Instagram: Use ChatSonic for your Instagram captions

ChatSonic Prompt: Write a short Instagram caption for a photo of our new X (e.q., company, product, or service)

Want your reel to go viral? Ask ChatSonic for viral reel ideas.

ChatSonic Prompt: Generate Y viral Instagram Reel ideas about X (e.q., company, product, or service)

ChatSonic can help you write cold DMs to help you sign big influencer campaigns.

ChatSonic Prompt: Write a cold DM to an influencer asking to collaborate with them based on their bio - (Enter their bio).

Tip: Elaborate on the influencer you are targeting

7. ChatGPT prompts for Twitter marketing

ChatSonic can help you write Twitter threads that could go viral

ChatSonic Prompt: Write a Twitter thread of 5 tweets talking about <topic>.

Promote or talk about a new article / new feature on Twitter -

ChatSonic Prompt: Write 5 tweets that create interest to the audience on the topic <topic>.

Tip: ChatSonic lets you set the required tone

ChatSonic Prompt: Generate a <tone> tweet about <topic of choice> with AI art

8. ChatGPT prompts for LinkedIn marketing

Want to promote your business on LinkedIn?  Use ChatSonic to write a Promotional LinkedIn post.

ChatSonic Prompt: Create a promotional LinkedIn post about the X (e.g., company, product or service).

Want to share your thoughts on LinkedIn? You can use ChatSonic to share your thoughts on LinkedIn.

ChatSonic Prompt: Write a LinkedIn post about X (Topic of your choice).

9. ChatGPT prompts for Facebook marketing

Get a perfect ad copy for your business using ChatSonic

ChatSonic Prompt: <talk about your product with its USP>. Write 3 Facebook ad copy options.

Tip: Describe your business and the goals of the ads to help ChatSonic understand you better. Keep exploring, ChatSonic can do a lot more for your business.

Increase your customer interaction with your company by generating Facebook polls using ChatSonic

ChatSonic Prompt: Generate question ideas for a Facebook poll/quiz about X(e.g., company, product, or service)

10. ChatGPT prompt for viral hooks

In Twitter threads, your hook generates 90% of the virality; in TikToks, your first 3-5 seconds determine the number of views.

But how can ChatSonic be used to strengthen your hooks?

Here is how it works:

  1. Find the top 5-7 hook forms in your niche,
  2. Copy them, and put them into ChatSonic.
  3. Ask ChatSonic to generate additional refined hooks for you to test.

ChatSonic Prompt:

Can you take these <number of hooks> viral hook formulas and give me another 3 options:

<Viral hook formula 1>

<Viral hook formula 2>…..

ChatGPT for Video Scripts (Video Marketing)

11. ChatGPT prompt for Podcast

Hosting a podcast anytime soon? Use ChatSonic to generate a Podcast Script

ChatSonic Prompt: Write a script for a podcast episode discussing  <topic of your choice>

12. ChatGPT prompt for a product launch on a podcast

Are you hosting a product launch? Use ChatSonic to write a script for your product launch.

ChatSonic Prompt: Write a script for a virtual product launch event that will keep the audience engaged.

Tip: Describe the product launch in detail and get ready to get surprised
Chatsonic pricing - ChatGPT prompts for marketing
Chatsonic pricing

13. ChatGPT prompt for Youtube

Generate catchy video titles and descriptions for your YouTube channel using ChatSonic

ChatSonic Prompt: Write a list of 10 catchy and descriptive YouTube video titles for <Topic of your choice>

ChatGPT for Ads (Performance Marketing)

14. ChatGPT prompt for Ad campaign planning

ChatSonic prompt: Create an advertising campaign for X (product, company or service) targeting Y (target audience). Choose a target audience, develop key messages and slogans, select the media channels for promotion, and decide on any additional activities needed to reach your goals.

15. ChatGPT prompt for Google ads / Facebook ads headlines

ChatSonic prompt: Write 10 google ad headlines from <Website URL or reference page URL)

16. ChatGPT prompt for Google ads / Facebook ads description

ChatSonic prompt: Write X google ads description for <URL>

17. ChatGPT prompt for ad creatives

ChatSonic prompt: Generate an image for <required channel> for a <your product or service>. This image should be <your required style of the image> high-quality picture with the goal to <your goal for the campaign>

You can also ask ChatSonic to help you with a text prompt for your AI image generations. 

18. ChatGPT prompt for Ad Translation

ChatSonic prompt: Translate into <required language> for the following sentences

<Sentences required for translation>

ChatGPT for Marketing Strategy

19. ChatGPT prompt to understand your customer

Think like a customer; ChatSonic ( the best ChatGPT alternative) can learn to embody a consumer group and voice their needs. Use it to accurately gauge key pain points and common outlooks.

ChatSonic Prompt: You are an X (e.g., persona or target audience). List common challenges that you face. {follow up question of your choice}

20. ChatGPT prompt to generate product ideas and concepts

ChatSonic Prompt: Create a list of X potential product ideas for a X (e., company, product or service)

21. ChatGPT prompts to Conduct market research and competitor analysis

Learn about key market segments in your industry using ChatSonic

ChatSonic Prompt: What are the key market segments in the X industry, and which one represents the biggest opportunity for our Y (e.g., company, group, team, or organization)?

Understand the key success factors of your competitors in your industry

ChatSonic Prompt: What are the key success factors for X (e.g., companies, organizations, groups) operating in the Y market, and how can our Z (e.g., company, group, team, or organization) achieve them?

22. ChatGPT prompts for your Ideal Customer Profile and Target Audience

Do you want to understand your customer persona and user profile? Generate them now with ChatSonic

ChatSonic Prompt:  Create a customer persona for our target market for the X product.

You can also reduce your research time by understanding your customer’s pain points using ChatSonic.

23. ChatGPT Prompt to understand the pain points of your Target Audience

ChatSonic Prompt: What are the pain points and challenges faced by our target customers for the X product?

Compare your product with your competitors with ChatSonic.

24. ChatGPT Prompt for Competitor Comparison Table

ChatSonic Prompt: Write a product comparison chart between our X product and its main competitors.

25. ChatGPT prompts for Product Use Cases

Are you curious about different ways to use your product? ChatSonic can help you figure out the possible ways to use your product.

ChatSonic Prompt: Generate a list of common use cases for our X product and how it can be used in different industries.

Create product roadmaps and timelines to organize your activities with the help of ChatSonic, the best ChatGPT alternative.

26. ChatGPT Prompt for generating a Gantt Chart

ChatSonic Prompt: Create a Gantt chart outlining the key tasks and timelines for the development of your X feature.

Planning a launch of your new product? ChatSonic can be your planning companion to keep you on track

27. ChatGPT prompt for a Product Launch Timeline

ChatSonic Prompt: Develop a timeline for the launch of our new X product, including key tasks and deadlines

28. ChatGPT prompts to develop a go-to-market strategy

ChatSonic Prompt: What are the most effective marketing channels for our X product?

Market segmentation is key to any business's success. ChatSonic can help you understand your target market and help you segment your market further.

29. ChatGPT Prompt for Market Segmentation

ChatSonic Prompt: How can we target and segment our market for our X product?

30. ChatGPT prompt for Brand identity and messaging.

ChatSonic Prompt: How can we create a strong brand identity and messaging for our X product?

ChatGPT for Marketing Metrics

31. ChatGPT prompts go-to-market success metrics

Want to analyze the success of your go-to-market strategy? ChatSonic will be your analysis partner, helping you prioritize key metrics to evaluate the success.

ChatSonic Prompt: What are the key metrics we should track to measure the success of our X product’s go-to-market strategy?

Understanding your product’s performance is the key to a company’s success. Use ChatSonic to evaluate the right metrics to understand your product’s performance

32. ChatGPT prompt to understand product performance metrics

ChatSonic Prompt: What are the key metrics we should track to measure the performance of our X product?

33. ChatGPT prompt for calculating ROI

Want to calculate your ROI for your marketing activity? ChatSonic has got you covered.

ChatSonic prompt: The Worcester Organic Farm company plans a Radio advertising campaign (its first marketing activity) in 2014 for £40,000. It is anticipated that incremental sales generated as a consequence of the campaign will provide an expected Contribution Margin of £200,000. Calculate the Return on Marketing Investment. Solve it in a step-by-step process.

You can calculate any marketing metrics by providing the exact numbers with ChatSonic.

34. ChatGPT prompt to calculate the CAC

ChatSonic prompts: You’ve spent $100 on a marketing campaign, and as a result you’ve received 5 new customers. What is the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)? Please provide step by step process.

Check out more ChatGPT prompts for marketing metrics to ace your overall marketing game.

ChatSonic for SEO

35. ChatGPT prompt to perform a basic On-Page SEO Analysis

ChatSonic Prompt: Conduct an On-page SEO audit of the following webpage <URL>.

36. ChatGPT prompt to build keyword lists

ChatSonic Prompt: Write down 10 relevant keyword ideas for the term <topic>.

37. ChatGPT prompt to brainstorm content topics

ChatSonic Prompt: List 10 content ideas on the topic <topic> that would have higher chances of ranking on the first page of Google.

38. ChatGPT prompt to generate meta descriptions

ChatSonic Prompt: Generate a meta description of a maximum of <155 characters>, for a webpage about<topic of your choice>

39. ChatGPT prompt for your landing page copy

ChatSonic Prompt: I'm looking to sell an X (e.g product). What should my above-the-fold copy for my landing page be?

Tip: Elaborate your product description for more accuracy. Besides this, Writesonic offers a landing page generator - that generates a full-fledged landing page with benefits, value, CTA, and headlines. Moreover, it is generated in code so that you can copy-paste it directly into your CMS.

40. ChatGPT prompt for a content distribution plan

ChatSonic Prompt: Write a content distribution plan for <URL>

Not just content distribution, you can write long-form blogs with the amazing duo of Writesonic and ChatSonic in less than a minute.

41. ChatGPT prompt to perform sentiment analysis

ChatSonic Prompt: Help me perform sentiment analysis for the following content <content>

42. ChatGPT prompt for content research

ChatSonic Prompt:  Recommend X popular blogs about {Topic of choice} that cover {Keywords} and add their respective URLs

To understand how ChatGPT look-a-like ChatSonic can help you improve your SEO in-depth - check out 37+ ChatGPT prompts for SEO.

In addition to that, you can also check out 150 ChatGPT prompts to save time and level up your content creation process.

Let ChatSonic be your marketing mentor

ChatSonic is useful for marketers looking to improve customer engagement and generate leads. Following the prompts and tips outlined in this guide, you can use the GPT technology to increase your marketing ROI. Learn more about how you can use ChatGPT for marketing.

Additionally, you can also improve your marketing skills to look for a better job and earn extra money using this extraordinary chat revolution ChatGPT. Also, have a look at Chatsonic AI prompt marketplace and 6 AI prompt marketplaces to find ready-to-use prompts, create your own prompts, and win rewards.

ChatGPT can help improve customer service, create effective chatbots, generate leads and manage finances. It's a valuable addition to any marketer's toolkit to stay ahead of the competition.

Manvi Agarwal

Manvi, content lead at Writesonic, is a true visionary when crafting content. Her product-led approach, infused with interactive user-oriented strategy and SEO tactics, delivers maximum ROI

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