5 Must-Have Conversational Commerce Tools for Business Success

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💬 Customer 1: "What a seamless shopping experience!" 🤩

💬 Customer 2: "I felt like I was shopping with a friend!" 😍

💬 Customer 3: "I'm definitely going back!" 🛍️

Just imagine those excited voices talking about YOUR online store.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, buckle up - it’s time to turn this dream into reality!

Welcome to the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, where wowing your customers and winning their loyalty means delivering top-notch, personalized, and engaging experiences.

Say hello to conversational commerce - the key to making your brand truly unforgettable! The conversational commerce tools are like an answer to all your customer engagement prayers.

It radiates your brand identity with its conversations.

Wondering if this is what customers really want?

Here’s the answer: As per reports, 86% of the customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience.

Let’s dive deep into the details regarding what conversational commerce is, how it works, its benefits, and most importantly, explore 5 best conversational commerce tools and their use cases.

Table Of Contents

What is conversational commerce?

Let’s say you’re browsing an online store looking for the perfect running shoes - and surprise, a chatbot pops up! 💬

And in seconds, the virtual assistant shows you the best options based on your preferences and even helps you get through checkout. 🛒

Well, what you just experienced is the magic of conversational commerce! ✨

Conversational commerce is a game-changing concept in the e-commerce industry - it's all about making shopping as easy as talking to a friend. It is when brands use AI-powered chatbots, voice assistants, and more to deliver a better customer shopping experience to simplify product discovery, customer support, and the buying process.

And guess what?

Over the last decade, the e-commerce industry has skyrocketed because of changing demands of consumers and advancements in technology.

And here’s proof: As per Statista, the ecommerce market share is estimated to grow by 50% over the next 3 years, reaching around 7.4 trillion dollars by 2025.

If you’re a business owner, this is your sign to take advantage of these conversational commerce tools and skyrocket your business.

Learn more about conversational AI and see how it can help you to autopilot your business. Also, have a look at the 7 best B2B AI tools that can help you automate your business growth.

But how does it actually work? Let’s check it out.

How does conversational commerce work?

Conversational commerce works seamlessly to guide customers through every stage of their buying journey, fostering brand loyalty and long-term relationships.

Here's a simple, 5-step process illustrating how it creates an unparalleled user experience:


The stage where potential customers become aware of your brand, products, or services through engaging chatbot interactions on various platforms.

Example: A user clicks your store's Facebook ad and is immediately introduced to your chatbot on Facebook Messenger, showcasing popular products and personalized recommendations.


At this stage, customers evaluate available options as the chatbot guides them through a tailored selection based on their preferences and needs.

Example: A customer seeks skin care products for sensitive skin, and the chatbot suggests a range of hypoallergenic options, explaining ingredients and benefits.


The chatbot provides all necessary information, reviews, and comparisons to help customers make informed decisions and confidently proceed with their purchases.

Example: A customer can't decide between two similar smartwatches. The chatbot shares side-by-side comparisons, customer reviews, and prices, leading to an informed choice.


Post-purchase, the chatbot maintains customer relationships by offering support, resolving issues, and suggesting relevant products or tips to encourage future purchases.

Example: After a coffee machine purchase, the chatbot checks customer satisfaction, addresses concerns, and offers personalized coffee recommendations or maintenance tips.


Satisfied customers, having experienced exceptional chatbot interactions, share their positive experiences with others, promote your brand, and expand your customer base.

Example: A customer shares on LinkedIn about your store’s exceptional chatbot, which made finding their perfect work attire easy, resulting in their connections exploring your store as well.

Benefits of conversational commerce

Conversational commerce offers many benefits, from enhancing customer experience and business growth using AI. Here are five compelling advantages of conversational commerce:

1. Personalized interactions 🎯

Who doesn't love being pampered? With conversational commerce, your customers get to enjoy personalized experiences tailored just for them - resulting in a unique and memorable shopping experience!

No more cookie-cutter interactions; these AI-driven tools will make your customers fall in love with your brand by understanding their individual preferences and needs.

Check how you can take personalized interactions to a whole new level by using multilingual chatbots.

2. Scalability and efficiency ⚙️

Get ready to be amazed! Did you know conversational commerce allows your business to manage many customer conversations simultaneously? That's right!

Chatbots and virtual assistants help skyrocket your efficiency without breaking the bank on resources, which means more happy customers as your business grows!

Chatbots and voice technology are expected to bring around $290 billion by 2025. This means improved efficiency, reduced costs, and improved ability to scale operations.

3. Boosting customer retention and loyalty 💖

Who isn't on the hunt for those loyal customers who keep coming back for more? Conversational commerce tools are the secret sauce for keeping your shoppers satisfied and ready to spread the word.

By providing prompt assistance, personalized recommendations, and easy access to support, conversational commerce tools contribute to a superior customer experience.

Before you know it, your customers will be your biggest advocates!

4. Reducing cart abandonment 🛒

Ever had customers who left their shopping carts hanging? The average cart abandonment rate is 69.99%. But don’t worry - conversational commerce is here to rescue you!

By swooping in at the right moment with helpful assistance or incentives, you can see fewer abandoned carts, and customers will be encouraged to confidently complete their purchases.

By offering support, reminding customers about items in their cart, or presenting additional incentives, you increase the likelihood of finalizing purchases. Have a look at 7 proven strategies to reduce cart abandonment.

5. Continuous learning and improvement 🧠

Ready for the icing on the cake?

Utilizing advanced AI algorithms, conversational commerce tools continuously learn and adapt based on customer interactions, feedback, and market trends.

The more they're in action, the better your bots become at offering outstanding customer experiences - who wouldn't want that?

By incorporating conversational commerce into your overall strategy, you can leverage these benefits to create extraordinary customer experiences, optimize resources, and drive business growth in an ever-evolving digital landscape. 🚀⭐

5 best conversational commerce tools that you should consider

1. Botsonic

The first on the list is Botsonic - a no-code custom AI ChatGPT chatbot builder!

Botsonic - Best Conversational Commerce Tools

Imagine offering top-notch automated customer support, boosting website engagement, and effortlessly capturing leads - all through the magic of Botsonic. It makes conversational commerce accessible and efficient for businesses of all sizes! 🤖✨

Botsonic is a game-changing no-code custom AI ChatGPT chatbot builder that helps to build hyper-intelligent and conversational AI chatbots that can help you enhance the customer experience.

It harnesses the power of GPT-4 and NLP to develop custom AI chatbots for your e-commerce store.

The icing on the cake? Adding Botsonic to your website is as simple as inserting an embeddable code! 🔗

Have a look at 5 best ecommerce chatbots and see how they can help you autopilot your sales.

Check out a few super cool features of Botsonic:

  • Cutting-edge AI power 🧠

Botsonic isn't your average chatbot builder - it's fueled by the extraordinary GPT-4 technology! By training your chatbot with your own data, you can witness spectacular results: speedy, efficient bots to enhance your customer experience.

  • Hassle-free integration 🔗

Linking Botsonic to your website or app has never been easier, as it seamlessly integrates with the help of embeddable scripts or API keys offered by the platform.

  • Personalized branding 🌈

Maintain your brand's unique identity with Botsonic's versatile customization options. Tailor your chatbot's name, colors, tagline, logo, and even contact information to create a consistent, polished look.

  • Simple-to-use interface 🖱️

Design your custom AI chatbot without breaking a sweat, thanks to Botsonic's user-friendly, drag-and-drop functionality.

Looking to build your own AI chatbot? Check out more about how to build an AI chatbot like ChatGPT using Botsonic and also how to train ChatGPT on your own data.

So why wait? Transform your conversational commerce strategy and launch into new realms of customer satisfaction with the unmatched power of Botsonic. 💥🌟

2. Drift

Introducing Drift: Your Conversational Commerce Ace 🌟

Suitable For: Large or enterprise-level stores, especially for businesses with over 1000 employees focused on B2B sales.

Pricing: Premium starting at $2500/month

Drift - Best Conversational Commerce Tools

When looking for top-notch conversational commerce tools, Drift definitely deserves a spot on your list. Drift's mission is simple: to replace boring old forms with lively conversations! 🗣️💬

Drift combines chatbots, automated lead-gen sequences, and call-scheduling tools in one CRM to help businesses facilitate seamless team collaboration at scale. 💼

With Drift, you can create chatbots with the power to qualify and nurture leads directly. These bots steer potential customers toward conversions or smoothly transition them to a sales agents.

What's more impressive? Drift provides exceptional onboarding and ongoing training for teams, ramping up comprehensiveness at the enterprise level.🏆✅

As incredible as Drift may be, let's not overlook an equally impressive option - Botsonic. While Drift may get buggy sometimes and affect the customer experience, Botsonic provides a seamless experience. So, if you’re looking for a comprehensive and adaptable solution to amp up their conversational commerce game - Botsonic is perfect for you.

3. Intercom

Next comes Intercom - a conversational gem in your toolkit!

Suitable For: Helps sales, marketing, and support team at scale.

Pricing: Starter plan starting at $74/month

Intercom - Best Conversational Commerce Tools

When it comes to conversational commerce tools, Intercom has a remarkable reputation.

Known for its suite of chat, messaging, management, and customer data tools, this platform allows businesses to master customer conversations and easily provide ongoing engagement and support.

Moreover, it personalizes the customer conversation making it more engaging and improving the customer experience. 📈

Intercom is pretty good, but when it comes to the pricing model - it’s flawed, and also, their add-on services are overpriced. Moreover, their customer support isn’t that good. So, if you need a custom AI ChatGPT chatbot builder that can help you build hyper-intelligent chatbots at comparatively less cost, Botsonic is the one for you.

4. LiveChat

Another on the list is LiveChat: A Powerful Conversational Commerce Tool 🌟

Suitable for: Large e-commerce brands, even at the enterprise level.

Pricing: The starter plan starts at $20/month (month to month basis)

LiveChat - Best Conversational Commerce Tools

LiveChat is a robust conversational commerce tool that aims to deliver a personalized experience and boost sales. The software is generally well-designed and easy to use.

Key integrations with Shopify and WooCommerce, along with robust analytics, reporting tools, and a sales tracker, make LiveChat a valuable addition to your e-commerce business.

However, let's not forget about Botsonic! 💪✨

While LiveChat is a brilliant choice for larger e-commerce brands, Botsonic stands out with its adaptability and versatile features, catering to a broader range of businesses. Whether you have a small store or a large enterprise, Botsonic offers comprehensive and customizable solutions to boost your conversational commerce. 😃🛍️

5. LivePerson

Finally, meet LivePerson: A tailor-made conversational commerce solution!

Suitable for: Caters to enterprise-level e-commerce brands - who want tailored solutions.

Pricing: Custom pricing

LivePerson - Best Conversational Commerce Tools

If you're seeking an AI-powered chat automation solution that caters to enterprise-level e-commerce brands, LivePerson might be the one!

The tool uses AI technology to deliver sophisticated solutions. It has specific features and tools for online retail, and also platform allows automation at scale - which helps to reduce cart abandonment, improve customer satisfaction, and in turn boost the overall sales.

Though LivePerson is good, Botsonic offers a more powerful AI - thanks to ChatGPT. Botsonic shines by providing versatile conversational commerce features suitable for every niche in the market. So, for those seeking a comprehensive and adaptable solution, Botsonic is a strong alternative. 💪🎯

3 amazing examples of brands leveraging conversational commerce

1. Starbucks ☕

Imagine you're running late to work - but hot coffee and fresh pastry are absolutely non-negotiable. Starbucks now enables you to preorder that drink without waiting in line.

With a simple message or voice command to their chatbot, you can kiss goodbye to those frustrating queues! All thanks to their amazing chatbot, "My Starbucks Barista"!

This AI-enabled bot allows you to order and pay for your favorite beverages and treats. Just send a text or speak about your order, and the app will find the nearest store for pickup. Talk about convenience and efficiency, right?

Much love, Starbucks! ❤️

2. Dominos 🍕

Love at first slice! 🍕❤️

Dom, Domino's chatbot on Facebook Messenger, has stolen the hearts of pizza lovers everywhere. The AI chatbot has elevated their ordering process to new heights.

Dom not only guides you through ordering your favorite cheesy goodness but entertains you with pizza trivia and laugh-out-loud jokes all the way!

By simplifying the ordering process and adding a touch of humor, legendary pizza institution Domino's has both streamlined the user experience and humanized its brand.

Cheesy puns and delightful pizzas - that's a winning combo right there! 😄

3. Sephora 💅

Sephora's dual chatbot wonders on Facebook Messenger are ready to make you feel like the beauty queen (or king) you are! 💁‍♀️

Need to book a fabulous makeover session for that big event? The Sephora Reservation Assistant saves the day in just a few clicks by booking beauty appointments.

Can't decide which shade of lipstick perfectly matches your vibe? Sephora Virtual Artist has your back! It offers users tutorials and allows them to virtually try on products in real-time.

These chatbots enhance UI/UX by personalizing recommendations, simplifying product discovery, and mimicking in-store treatment in the digital realm.

All thanks to the glamourous guidance of conversational commerce. ✨

Conversational commerce tools in action: Top 5 use-cases

1. Personal shopping assistance

Chatbots can act as virtual shopping assistants, helping customers find the perfect product tailored to their needs and preferences.

Example: John is searching for a stylish, eco-friendly backpack for his daily commute. The chatbot asks relevant questions to understand his needs and offers personalized suggestions, making John super satisfied with his new practical and fashionable find.

Conversational commerce tool for personal shopping assistance - Best Conversational Commerce Tools
Conversational commerce tool for personal shopping assistance

2. Customer support and order tracking

Conversational commerce tools can provide real-time support, answering shipment or product-related questions.

Example: Emma just ordered a book from your online store and wants to know when it'll arrive. The chatbot provides her with a tracking number and an estimated delivery date, giving Emma peace of mind.

Conversational commerce tool for customer support and order tracking - Best Conversational Commerce Tools
Conversational commerce tool for customer support and order tracking

3. Personalized restocking recommendations

Chatbots can recognize frequent or consistent customer purchases and offer timely reminders for restocking items.

Example: Mike was running out of protein bars right on schedule when he got a handy restocking reminder from your chatbot. With a simple "yes," Mike has his favorite protein bars reordered just in time.

Conversational commerce tool for personalized restocking recommendations - Best Conversational Commerce Tools
Conversational commerce tool for personalized restocking recommendations

4. Gift suggestions

Conversational commerce tools can offer creative gift ideas to customers for special occasions, making shopping easier and customer-focused.

Example: Lily needs help finding a unique anniversary gift for her spouse. Based on the information, the chatbot asks Lily about their interests and suggests a thoughtful custom-made gift that Lily knows her spouse will adore.

Conversational commerce tool for gift suggestions - Best Conversational Commerce Tools
Conversational commerce tool for gift suggestions

5. Travel assistance

Chatbots can assist customers in finding flights, accommodations, and activities tailored to their preferences during trip planning.

Example: Alex is planning a weekend getaway with their friends. The chatbot recommends a destination, sources flights, books accommodations, and curates a list of fun activities, all based on Alex's preferences and requirements.

Explore the 4 best travel chatbots that you can try out in 2023.
Conversational commerce tool for travel assistance - Best Conversational Commerce Tools
Conversational commerce tool for travel assistance

Time to level up your ecommerce efforts with Botsonic

There you have it, fellow e-commerce enthusiasts - countless ways it can transform your customer interactions and boost sales like never before. Personalized, engaging, and efficient, these brilliant tools are a game-changer you don't want to miss out on. 🎉

Remember, success lies in curating extraordinary customer experiences - and now's the perfect time to explore the power of conversational commerce.

With a secret weapon like Botsonic, you can easily create hyper-intelligent chatbots tailored to catapult your e-commerce strategy into new realms of success! 🚀😃

Ready to charm your customers and make your brand unforgettable?

Take the first step now – give Botsonic a try for the ultimate conversational commerce experience, and conquer the e-commerce world, one engaging interaction at a time! 🌟🏆

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