Rytr vs Jasper: Which AI writing assistant is worth the coin in 2023?

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Rytr and Jasper are two popular AI writing assistants used by content marketers to generate more content in less time.

In this 'Rytr vs Jasper' article, we'll compare these two softwares and establish which one is worth spending money on and which one deserves to be buried six feet under.

Reviewing AI writing assistants like Rytr and Jasper has equipped us with valuable insights that have enabled us to create and continuously improve Writesonic - our award winning AI writing assistant.

Rytr vs Jasper: An 'at a glance look'

Both Rytr and Jasper are functional AI writing assistants with customers that swear by their ability to generate content within minutes.

The main difference between them is…

Rytr is more affordable and easier for individuals to use while Jasper produces better content, and is collaborative and cost-effective for teams.

What is Jasper?

Rytr vs Jasper
Jasper AI

Jasper is a GPT-3 based AI writing assistant co-founded by Chris Hull and Dave Rogenmoser.

A popular software in the AI writing world, it has a reputation for producing high-quality content in minutes.

How Jasper works

Using Jasper to ramp up your content output is pretty easy. All you have to do is log into Jasper's homepage and click 'get started'.

You'll be directed to create an account and choose one of the three available plans. Jasper doesn't offer a free plan so you can't try it out before spending your money on it.

Jasper AI sign-up

Once your payment is confirmed, you are set to start using Jasper.

With this AI assistant, you can create various content formats like product descriptions, blog posts, headlines, stories, etc.

Using Jasper to create content is easy. All you have to do is select one of the many available templates, feed the AI with the appropriate information, and receive your content in seconds.

Check out the 10 best alternatives to Jasper AI for a better and wider AI tool comparison.

What is Rytr?

Rytr vs Jasper AI

Rytr is another AI writing assistant that promises a faster way to generate content after you start 'Ryting'.

Also GPT-3 based, it boasts of being the most affordable tool in the AI writing industry.

How Rytr works

Getting started on Rytr follows a similar process. Clicking on 'Start Ryting' on the Rytr homepage leads you to open an account and join the Rytr family - free of charge.

This free plan allows you to generate up to 5000 characters in a month. Paid upgrades are available in two plans when you desire more features and better use of Rytr.

The Rytr dashboard is easy to navigate even if you are a beginner. You generate content within the blink of an eye (not literally of course) by supplying the Rytr AI with the necessary information and clicking on 'Rytr for me'.

Rytr vs Jasper
Rytr dashboard

Rytr can be used to generate content like video descriptions, testimonials, reviews, product descriptions, blog post outlines, etc – basically short-form copy.

Compare between 7 Rytr alternatives compared in detail to pick from, for the best AI writing tool for your brand.

Rytr vs Jasper: The Ultimate Comparison

Now that we have covered the basics of what these tools are and how they function, let's explore how these two AI writing softwares fare against each other based on important features an AI tool should have.

Content Output Quality

Content quality is of top priority in content marketing and any AI software that helps generate content should be vying for this.

Here's a short story produced using Jasper.

Jasper output source

This content piece is more or less done - with decent formatting, grammar, and spacing. With just a few edits, it'll be publishable.

On the other hand, for this short story plot (same description) generated using Rytr, you do need to do some decent editing before it can be deemed ready for publication.

Rytr output

This spells out one thing – Jasper's content quality is better and requires little human effort before it can be published compared to Rytr.

Writesonic’s AI is trained by content experts and english majors with more than 1000s of data sets of multiple niches to help you with the best content quality output. Try for free now!

Content Plagiarism

Next after content quality is the originality of the content. To generate content, AI writing assistants use technology to pull info from the database they have been fed with.

Therefore, if you want to be sure you are not being served copy-paste/plagiarized content, you must check for plagiarism.

Rytr has an inbuilt plagiarism checker. You can check the plagiarism level of any content you generate with the tool without needing a third-party software.

The accuracy of the Rytr plagiarism checker seems very high too - as evidenced by reviews on G2.

Rytr plagiarism checker - Rytr vs Jasper AI
Rytr plagiarism checker

Jasper on the other hand has no in-built plagiarism tool but integrates CopyScape, a cult-favorite web content plagiarism detection tool.

Jasper plagiarism checker - Rytr vs Jasper
Jasper plagiarism checker

Rytr's plagiarism checker works pretty well but since CopyScape is an independent, plagiarism-checking focused tool, you can rely more on its plagiarism reports.

Writesonic assures a plagiarism-free generation for over 80+ templates it offers. Explore all the Writesonic templates.

Ease of Usage

How do these 2 AI softwares compare based on usage?

Let's start with how easy it is to use them for short-form content like a meta description.

Short-form content
Creating short-form content on both tools follows a fairly similar process.

You pick a use case, provide the AI with the necessary information and generate your content with a click.

Long-form content
Generating long-form content with both tools is similar too - and a bit more tedious.

Rytr is not an ideal choice for long-form as it doesn’t come up with a full-fledged article in one go. First, you have to flesh out your blog outline using your tool of choice.

Then, you go ahead to generate content for the subsections and subheadings of the outline. Both softwares can't generate an article in one go.

Both tools have similar layouts and it's easy to explore features and find your way around even if you are a new user.

To make it easier for users to use, Rytr provides a chrome extension(Rytr extension) enabling you to use the software outside of its own website/editor.

Onboarding Process

Jasper has an academy with numerous free courses to enable you to understand how to use the software better. Also, a special Bootcamp program exists within the academy to enable new Jasper users to write better content with it.

Rytr, on the other hand, provides a knowledge database for you to educate yourself on its best uses. It also has a YouTube channel which unfortunately is not very active.

To cap it, both software provides users with information to help scale their expertise with using it but Jasper wins here by going an extra length with the certification program and active YouTube channel.

Writesonic is rated the as the easiest AI assistant one has used with little no learning curve while onboarding by users on G2 and Capterra. Check it out.

AI Chatbot

Jasper Chat by Jasper is a new chat interface that helps to create content effectively. The AI model, just like ChatGPT, is fine-tuned to make the content creation process easier.

However, no such AI chatbot is offered by Rytr.

And every chatbot is good until you try the most powerful and incredible - ChatSonic by Writesonic.

ChatSonic is the most advanced AI chatbot transforming the AI chatbot industry. It is different from ChatGPT in a way that it can generate factual information, which ChatGPT cannot since the model is trained on data till 2021. ChatSonic can also generate images and understand voice commands that ChatGPT cannot do.

Moreover, ChatSonic is better than other ChatGPT alternatives like Jasper Chat in a way that Jasper chat can only answer queries up to the summer of 2021 and has a confusing interface. However, ChatSonic is integrated with Google and can create content including real-time topics and has a user-friendly interface.

Additionally, ChatSonic also remembers conversations, gives the option to edit and save them for later, and can be easily integrated into existing systems using ChatSonic API.

Now you know who’s the winner!


Both tools have in-built editors that don't have that much of a difference in my opinion.

The editors provide edit suggestions in a Google-Docs-like fashion. You can apply italics, bold, bullet points, etc

Apart from Jasper having a more visually appealing design, both editors work great to enable you to make corrections to your generated content before exporting it out.

Writesonic’s doc-style Sonic Editor (GPT-3) with minimum input requirements, writes the best quality long form-content for you automatically. See the sonic editor in action, now!


From the financial perspective, Rytr is a more affordable tool with a basic plan that starts at $9.

Rytr pricing - Rytr vs Jasper
Rytr pricing

If you are someone who plans to use Rytr every day, the unlimited plan is your best bet because it offers you unlimited characters. Rytr offers a free lifetime plan that has a monthly character limit of 5000.

Jasper has no free plan which is a bummer. However, it does offer a 5-day free trial to write 10,000 words. If you decide the software isn't at par with your expectations, they offer a 5-day money-back guarantee for each of the plans but that becomes a hassle sometimes!

Jasper AI pricing - Rytr vs Jasper
Jasper AI pricing

At a starter price of $40/month, Jasper AI is a bit on the expensive side. Especially since there are still word limits on the two basic plans. Even with the boss mode plan, you still have a limit of 100,000 words per month.

You have to request for a custom plan and price if you have bulk content production needs that'll exceed 100,000 words per month.

So, with regards to pricing, Rytr wins because it's cheaper and its unlimited character options($29) trumps Jasper's starter plan($40).

No AI tool can compete with Writesonic’s pricing with the set of features it offers. Writesonic offers 80+ templates for you to generate content from with a minimal pricing structure beginning with $10 for 30k words. Besides this, Writesonic offers a free trial, no credit card required. Test it out now!

Team collaboration

Jasper AI allows up to 5 users on all of its plans. It also has features that make collaboration between team members easy (e.g team video calls). You and your team can use Jasper to write, edit, and partner on writing projects.

Rytr allows only one user per plan so this can get expensive if you have a team of creators. It also lacks team collaboration features since it's not designed for team use.

With Writesonic you can add upto 10 users to collaborate with for an extensive team collaboration. Or invite n number of users to your Writesonic dashboard using the Writesonic’s open API.

Social Proof

Both tools are definitely loved by users.

Jasper brags of a G2 review of 4.8/5 stars and Rytr follows closely at 4.7/5 stars. Their reviews on Trustpilot are similar too.

4.9/5 stars for Rytr

And 4.8/5 stats for Jasper.

People show abundance of love to Writesonic too!

Grammar Check

Rytr has an in-built AI content writing assistant that helps simplify your writing and make it mistake-free.

Jasper has no in-built Grammar checker but integrates with Grammarly, a typing and Grammar assistant software.

SEO Consideration

Writing content for SEO and wondering if your AI makes provision for that? Worry no more. Both tools do.

Jasper integrates with surfer SEO and Rytr integrates with Semrush.

Both Surfer SEO and Semrush are super-dope content optimization tools that ensure your generated content is well optimized to rank on Google.

Templates + Idea Suggestions

Both Rytr and Jasper provide templates and use cases to guide your content creation efforts.

Jasper provides more templates though(50+) compared to Rytr that has 30+ templates. In addition, Jasper's templates are more advanced and are more well equipped for complex writing tasks.

Both also offer idea suggestions to help you scrape off writer's block and get started with content creation immediately.

Comparatively, Writesonic offers more than what Jasper and Rytr offer to scrape off the writer’s block. With 80+ templates to generate different types of content, you also have examples of each to help you with better ideas. Explore Writesonic for free, now!


Jasper has 24 input and 26 output languages. It also offers translations of content between languages. This means you can type in French and publish your content in English.

Rytr allows you to type in 30 languages but has no input/output option and thus no translation.

Writesonic supports 24+ languages other than English. Check if it supports your input language, and if not – just request one!

Customer support

Jasper has an active Facebook community where you can connect to fellow Jasper users, learn how to use the software better, and solve Jasper-related woes. You can also get in contact with the Jasper customer service team through live chat, email, and SM platforms.

Customer service on Rytr is satisfactory too. There's live chat and email - as well as a not-so-active Facebook community.

While Writesonic has it all! An enthusiastic customer support team with a turn around time of 2-4 hours, email & chat.
An active Writesonic facebook community with 4k+ professionals chit-chatting content and Writesonic. And, social media platforms, ofcourse!

Features that make Rytr stand out

👉🏻 Generate multiple variants of content with the same topic/title
You can do this by selecting the number of variants you want while feeding the AI with information.

Rytr Variants - Rytr vs Jasper
Rytr Variants

After clicking 'Rytr for me', you are provided with the content format in the appropriate number of variants you have chosen.

Like this –

Rytr output - Rytr vs Jasper
Rytr output

👉🏻 $29 for unlimited characters
You can legit produce as many pieces of content as you want with just $29.

Rytr cons

  1. Average content quality
  2. The free version offers 5000 characters per month which is very little.
  3. Templates are basic/not advanced.
  4. Sometimes produces repetitive content. If you and your competitor input the same information into the AI, you run the risk of publishing the same content.

Features that make Jasper AI stand out

👉🏻 Jasper AI Voice Dictation
You can feed Jasper AI with information using your voice and get your content generated - without lifting a finger.

This feature is available on both Mac and Windows-based PC - but only on the boss mode plan.

👉🏻 Boss Mode Plan
The boss mode plan is where Jasper comes alive. Most of the features that make Jasper an outstanding tool are absent in the starter plan.

To truly harness the power of the Jasper AI, you gotta get on the boss mode plan.

Jasper AI Cons

  1. Jasper AI is pretty expensive compared to any other AI writing tools out there.
  2. Can't guarantee SEO-optimized, long-form, plagiarism-free content in starter plan.
  3. The payment system(credit-based pricing) allows no remitting of unused credits to the next month.
  4. Sometimes produces repetitive content. If you and your competitor input the same information into the AI, you run the risk of publishing the same content.

Rytr vs Jarvis: Which software is best for me?

Your AI writing assistant of choice depends on your specific content creation needs.

Are you seeking a tool that will take the heavy lifting of quality content production off you and your team, then Jasper is a great AI writing assistant that is worth investing in! If you are also explore Copy AI, compare Copy AI vs Jasper here.

In addition to doing the above, it enables you and your team(up to 5 people) to use a single plan and communicate effectively over writing tasks.

It is a fairly okay software that,

  • provides decent content with need for little edits
  • Provides a supportive community and fast customer support.


If you are just an individual that intends to use an AI tool to scale content production and you don't mind the extra effort to make the content output publishable, Rytr is your jam. If you are also looking to compare Rytr with Copy AI, here's a deep dive into Copy AI vs Rytr.

With it, you get -  

  • Unlimited character at $29/month
  • Ability to optimize your content beyond just inserting keywords.

So, whichever of these two categories you belong to, you can get a tool that might not be perfect but gets your job done. Or you can choose an even better software that provides the above features in addition to other awesome ones.

The best AI tool that competes with Rytr and Jasper

AI tools are capable of providing features beyond just pumping out content - if they are integrated with other great content production related softwares. This will make no-code connections with important tools easy for you.

This is an area where Writesonic is exceptional.

Writesonic, another GPT-3 based AI tool, is integrated with Zapier with which you can connect over 4000+ apps for easier workflow automations. Besides Zapier, Writesonic integrates with Semrush for SEO outputs and Wordpress for one click publications.

Writesonic also has other outstanding features like producing full-fledged articles in seconds (instead of the sectional approach of Jasper and Rytr) as well as creating ready-to-use landing pages with code in 30 seconds.

Writesonic just launched Photosonic that is an AI art generator to help marketers, creators, artists unleash their creativity for free - no wait list!

Photosonic AI Art Generator | Create Unique Images with AI
Transform your imagination into stunning digital art with Photosonic - the AI art generator. With its creative suggestions, this Writesonic’s AI image generator can help unleash your inner artist and share your creations with the world.
Photosonic - AI Art generator

Why Writesonic is the ideal alternative to Jarvis and Rytr

Wondering what Writesonic is all about?

This AI writing assistant proves to be the most affordable Jasper alternative and the best Rytr alternative because of its many awesome features. Writesonic can -  

  • Help you generate an instant article of ~1500 words in 30 seconds by just adding your topic.
  • Generate unique content based on your inputs using the doc-like editor Sonic editor (GPT-3). You can test the AI by entering 20+ words to see how well it can produce quality long-form content of any length.
  • Writesonic creates content of top-tier quality because the AI is trained on 1000s of data sets from top brands through a specific training process.
  • Writesonic can generate entire landing pages with code in 30 seconds.
  • Writesonic can help you find the most semantically relevant images from the stock image websites that match the user's topic with the Automatic blog image generation
  • Writesonic users can integrate Writesonic's API into their own system without using Writesonic's web app.

In addition to these, Writesonic -  

  1. Is the most affordable AI writer with pricing starting at $10/month
  2. Has an enviable customer support system via 24/7 live chat, support email, Facebook community, YouTube channel, etc.
  3. Allows you custom prices based on the exact number of words you use - no hidden charges.

Combine all these features and you are on your way to choosing an AI tool that provides you with quality content in little time - while giving you maximum returns for your money.

Manvi Agarwal

Manvi, content lead at Writesonic, is a true visionary when crafting content. Her product-led approach, infused with interactive user-oriented strategy and SEO tactics, delivers maximum ROI

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