11 best AI content generators for busy entrepreneurs, writers, and marketers

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With over 2 billion blog posts written so far in 2022 alone, no one can dispute the fact that “content is the king”. Be it email or social media marketing, digital marketing revolves around content and your content strategy.

From product descriptions to blog articles, newsletters, web copies and Instagram captions, the demand for engaging and unique content is skyrocketing. But are you equipped to keep up with this huge task?

From Writesonic, Jasper, LongShot, and Rytr, there are several AI content generator tools in the market to help you with your content requirements. Intrigued? Keep reading to know more about AI content generators.

Why do you need an AI content generator?

The AI content generators are software that use artificial intelligence and machine learning processes to learn and create articles and content. Most AI content is written using AI content generator open source algorithms like GPT3 by OpenAI.

In short, these AI content writing tools will write your emails, articles, captions, blog posts, tweets, and any other content format with better grammar and syntax and write them faster too.

Why are they being widely popular?

#1. Generating high-quality content in less time

With the increase in the quantity of content generated each day, it is crucial that each piece of content that you put out there has to be only high quality but also has to be published on time.

AI writing assistants not only produce better content, but they also produce them in much less time.

#2. Keeping the creative juices flowing

AI content generators help to come up with newer and trending topic ideas for you to create content. Say goodbye to your writer’s block.

#3. Creating a better impact on the readers

AI-generated content is not only high-quality but also helps in leaving a better impact on your readers. They can even help you with the structuring of your article flow so that you can leave a lasting mark on your readers’ minds.

#4. Improving the language

Content generator tools are a lifesaver as they help you identify and correct your errors and ensure that your article is readable and error-free.

#5. Continuous improvement

Most AI content 10 best AI content generators for busy entrepreneurs, writers, and marketers

Now that we discussed what AI content generators are and why they are crucial for your content strategy, let us see some of the best ai generators available in the market.

Best AI content generators for busy entrepreneurs, writers, and marketers

#1. Writesonic

One of the best AI content generator tools that are available currently, Writesonic offers to write a wide range of copy from ad copy, and landing pages to product descriptions - all in a matter of a few minutes.

Writesonic focuses on providing high-performing copies that are effective and compelling for your readers. The software has 60+ writing tools that can get your creative juice flowing, as well as help you finish your content writing process faster.

No more soul-sucking writer’s block to stop your work. When we say fast content generation, Writesonic is not kidding. The software can generate articles of 2000+ words in less than a minute.

Better quality AI

Writesonic’s AI Article Writer, you can not only produce articles of about 1500+ words in less than a minute with the AI article generator but these can be further edited using the Sonic Editor feature. Learn how to write amazing blogs end-to-end to scale organic traffic.

Further with paragraph generators you can add more content to your blog to add more information and keywords to rank on the SERPs

70+ pre-built templates

With over 70 custom-built templates, Writesonic has ready-to-use solutions for every content requirement you might face.


Writesonic integrates with WordPress and you can export the article to the WordPress site in one click. In addition, with a Writesonic + Zapier connection, you can connect the Writesonic software with more than 4000 apps without any code. You can further optimize your blogs for the SERPs with the Surfer integration.

You can also integrate Writesonic API into your own app system without using the web app.

Bulk Upload feature

From product descriptions to social media and ad copies, you can use Writesonic’s bulk upload feature to generate content in bulk.

Marketing focused

Writesonic has several features that make copywriting a breeze. You can create several types of marketing content from press releases, emails, product descriptions, social media content, ad copy, and website copy - without breaking a sweat. You can create a landing page within 30 seconds with copy and code using the landing page generator!

Automatic blog image and AI image generation

With Writesonic, you don’t have to manually search and scour the internet for images to go with your articles anymore.

The articles produced by the software come up with auto-generated images from the best stock image websites, so you can publish them to your CRM platform almost instantly.

Or, you can use Photosonic, a Writesonic product with which you can generate just any image you imagine to add that unique touch to your marketing campaigns.


Writesonic offers a free trial, and then the prices start at $10 for short-form users and $13 per month for long-form users.

Writesonic differentiates the quality of words used in the content as:

  • Premium
  • Good
  • Average
  • Economy

The price changes based on the quality of the word you are using. The higher the quality the higher the price. You can also use a mix of the word quality at any time.

generators use open source algorithms which are constantly evolving and getting better day by day. This means over time the quality and results of the AI content generator tools would get better too.

Vlad, CEO, Blue Bee WEB
The content topic accuracy is just mind-blowing. The AI just knows what people search on the internet. One of the most helpful tools for us was the content title generator. It's so easy now to start with proper SEO-ready titles. I also was surprised by so much affordable pricing.

#2. Chatsonic - Like Chat GPT with superpowers

Chatsonic - AI writing tool

Chatsonic, which is similar to ChatGPT is built on GPT-3 technology. It can respond in real-time to any question and participate in human-like conversations on any topic.

Even though ChatSonic is similar to ChatGPT it is 4x better. See what advantages does ChatSonic have over ChatGPT?

Check out a preview of the changes Chatsonic can make to your content.

  • With Chatsonic, you can be sure that the information you receive is accurate and up-to-date. This is made possible through its integration with Google search, which allows for the generation of unique content and AI-generated artwork.
  • ChatSonic has integrated with two AI models, stable diffusion and DALL-E, which makes it possible to produce AI images that fit your content, rather than using stock images.
  • Chatsonic's persona mode enables you to produce content that connects with your target audience. By choosing a specific persona, Chatsonic adjusts and generates content that aligns with that persona.
Chatsonic persona mode - AI writing tool
Chatsonic persona mode
  • Chatsonic's ability to recall information from past conversations allows for a seamless and natural conversation flow, regardless of how much time has passed since the last chat.
  • One of the standout features of Chatsonic is that it can be controlled using just your voice, like Siri and Google Assistant. With this feature, you can interact with Chatsonic without needing to type.
  • Chatsonic simplifies things by providing the capability to share, edit, or download your conversations, negating the need for another document.
  • Effortlessly enhance your current software with ChatSonic API access, which allows for seamless integration, creating a better content creation experience.

It's easy to be swayed by the hype of ChatGPT by OpenAI, but it's important to also consider other ChatGPT alternatives like Chatsonic that may be a better fit.

#3. Quillbot

Quillbot is a free AI content generator that works as a paraphrasing tool and is perfect if you want to rewrite or simplify (or make it more formal) your content.

You can directly type into Quillbot editor or paste your content into it. You can further specify how you want to change the style of the content. And tada, you get your output right away.

Quillbot is also powered with tools like plagiarism checker and summarizer, to make your content generation faster and better.


  • The summarizer feature does a good job of sifting through the body of text and capturing the key points easily.
  • You can use Quillbot as an online tool via your web browser or with a Chrome extension. Word and Google doc integrations are also available.
Legendary Knight
This site is fantastic if you need to write a paper. It rephrases your sentences for you and suggests better synonyms for the words you use.


  • Quillbot lacks the advanced capabilities of GPT-3, which are available in most other AI content generators.
  • The plagiarism checker doesn’t always work. You still have to check the content with another plagiarism check tool.
The result was varying for the same text when I did two scans!!! Also, the result of similarity percentage was different from the authorized Journal that I submit my paper to

#4. Copymatic

Copymatic is an AI content generator that can create content for your brand using the GPT-3, a Natural Language Generation model. As an AI content generator, this software can help you write better content faster with over 50+ tools and features.


  • It is not just for sales copy, Copymatic can help you write long-form articles like SEO-rich blog posts, answers to Quora questions as well as short forms in no time.
  • Copymatic can write sales copy using AIDA, PAS, and features to benefit frameworks.
If you don’t want to hire someone for your writing work, Copymatic is the way to go.


  • The content can be generic and is mostly repetitive.
  • Sensitivity from this content generator tool doesn’t work as promised.
Md Sohan Haidear
You will need to rewrite a lot of the parts if you want to write blogs. You can get some ideas for copies. But the variations are not wildly different from each other.

#5. Smartcopy by Unbounce

Unbounce's Smart Copy, offers a whole array of AI tools that help you get more conversions using their “conversion intelligence”.

One of the best features of Smart Copy is it also remixes your existing content to create a new topic.


  • Smart copy unlike the other AI content generators doesn’t try to do it all. They focus exclusively on copywriting, which converts. That means no creative articles or witty blog posts.
  • We also liked the ability to create profiles to match your brand’s style and voice and products or services.
Karen Poon
I use the remix feature daily in my email and proposal. This product has saved me so much time for my small business.


  • Free versions have only one profile. And unlimited profiles are only offered in the paid plan. It is hard to test it out before paying for the premium.
  • It has a steep learning curve and is not easy to use initially.
Lito James
Even with all the features, it is common for businesses to find themselves stuck with Unbounce as it doesn’t match their requirement. The best way to solve the problem is to look at Unbounce alternatives - like Writesonic, Jasper and Copy

#6. AI Writer

If you are looking for a minimalist content generator tool then AI Writer will work for you. AI writer is easy to use and affordable without any bells and whistles.


  • It is perfect for writing short-form articles, especially for bloggers and content writers.
  • The articles are SEO-friendly and written with search results in mind.
Kevin M
AI Writer, with very little input, can spin content. The content is not good, but it spins fast and relatively cogent content.


  • It might be a little hard to use for long-form articles since there are hardly any custom features that the other AI content generators offer.
  • It may be too simple for others as there are no writing templates or libraries available.
Anusonia J
The User Interface could use brighter colors. Too clean interface gives it a very old look. Although the tool works perfectly

#7. HyperWrite

Claimed as the most advanced AI content generator, HyperWrite can be used as a free AI content generator. It focuses on non-fiction content generation.


  • HyperWrite is a great tool to come up with creative ideas and a tool for inspiration for writers. It also acts as a tool to clean up your writing.
  • The auto sentence completions and paragraph generations produce results that are cohesive, fluid, and the most human-sounding among the other AI-generated content.
Raj T
The autosuggestion is like a magic wand and it works really well.


  • HyperWrite may sometimes generate inaccurate content for some languages.
  • The Free version doesn’t offer much to try the various features of the tool.
Unfortunately, HypeWrite’s long-form feature provides content that is factually incorrect. Moreover, it doesn’t contain the voice-over or podcast feature.

#8. Rytr

If you are looking for an affordable and simple AI content generator, Rytr can be your choice. All you have to do is pick a case and the language for a topic, Rytr can create content in minutes. But there plenty of Rytr alternatives to explore as well.


  • Rytr has more than 30 tools that can help you come up with content for everything from landing pages to Google ads.
  • Yes, you can generate content in 30 languages using Rytr as well.
Mr. C
It generates explicit content using the key terms I provide. It's easy to use and fill out your information. I highly recommend using the generator for emails, job descriptions, and tone DROP BOX to match your audience.


  • Unfortunately, there are times when the content can miss the marks and seem generic.
  • There is no option to generate a long-form article of 1000+ words.
Mohammad A
The writing quality needs a lot; I mean a lot of improvements.

Save yourself the trouble and get a tool with which you don’t need to compromise on quality as well as quantity at affordable prices. Check a detailed comparison on Writesonic vs Rytr for a better understanding.

#9. LongShot

LongShot AI is known to generate long-form content writing that is SEO-rich and search engine focused.

This content generator has more than 30 tools that can help you fact check, rephrase your sentences and even help to do your keyword research. It also supports eight languages currently.


  • LongShot AI has the ability to write authentic content, thanks to its in-built fact-checking tool.
  • The AI can create personalized content for over 15 specific niches.
Wills T
Longshot with its AI power, can generate authentic long form content and one can also go from research to generation to SEO within no time.


  • No integration with Grammarly to check the language.
  • Still, unfortunately, the AI produces some irrelevant content at times.
Gaia B
The cons of using longshot AI for content writing are that it can be difficult to create a consistent tone and style, and the machine learning algorithm may not produce accurate or useful content which is very important for an AI tool.

#10. Simplified

Simplified is a one-stop solution for all your marketing efforts - from designing to sharing on social media, the AI content genera`tor can quickly write and rewrite content effortlessly and also auto-generate images to go with your content.


  • Simplified AI content generator tool can help in designing content and collaborating with teams on the go.
  • Auto generation of images that can be used with the copy created.
Waqas S
Clients can't tell the difference between a copy produced by a human and one produced by AI because I use this tool to generate my copies for the agency where I work.


  • While it can be a bit difficult to use initially, especially if you just want to write long-form content.
  • The free version provides only 1000 words per month and this is not enough to check out all the functionalities.
Raj T
You need to check for plagiarism in the content that is generated by the AI as I have found that this tool does not provide 100% unique content.

#11. Jasper

Jasper, which used to be called Jarvis earlier, is one of the best AI content generators available that claims to help you write faster SEO-friendly articles.

Created with search engines in mind, Jasper has a myriad of templates to start with ranging from Facebook headlines to email subject lines. If you want 5X faster content generation, the tool has a boss mode. But Jasper doesn’t do it all and does lack at some areas. You can check out some Jasper alternatives here.


  • You can check for plagiarism and it integrates with Grammarly to check your grammar and punctuation as well.
  • And Jasper can write content in 25+ languages currently.
Steve S
Give Jasper clear, coherent prompts and commands, and he will dazzle you with his creative output. In other words, Jasper is not your robot writing slave.


  • The steep learning curve can put off many people.
  • The price is on the higher side, especially when you pay per word.
William M
It generates content from its knowledge of having sifted through 10% of the internet, so it does lack data for up-to-date trends.

Writesonic proves out to be a better alternative to Jasper. Check how Writesonic compares to Jasper in detail here.

The best AI content generator is ..

With a plethora of AI content generators available in the market currently, the real challenge comes in identifying the best one suited for you. While each tool has its own pros and cons, and each tool focuses on a different type of content, there are a few tools like Writesonic that can do it all. The best part, Writesonic offers 2500 free premium words every month. Claim it for free now.

Manvi Agarwal

Manvi, content lead at Writesonic, is a true visionary when crafting content. Her product-led approach, infused with interactive user-oriented strategy and SEO tactics, delivers maximum ROI

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