30 Best ChatGPT Alternatives in 2024 (Free & Paid)

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AI tools, like ChatGPT, are redefining boundaries and revolutionizing creative writing, coding, and visual content creation. Despite its impressive capabilities, ChatGPT's has few limitations also.

Chat GPT does well with general content, but a more specialized ai chat bot is needed for specific tasks like writing articles, blogs, ads, or social media posts etc that need to follow strict guidelines, use specific keywords and maintain brand voice. Above all, there is need to create humanize content that is not punished by Google but rank high on Google quickly.

These ai chat bots are specially trained to craft factually accurate content using real-time data, driven by comprehensive competitor analysis and in-depth web research. Complete with seamless internal linking, FAQs and citations, the content produced from such thorough research is SEO-optimized. Thus, these ai chat bots  automate your manual efforts and saves your time and money significantly.

Also, if you're looking for more budget-friendly ChatGPT alternative (starting from $12/month) that offer custom features and eliminate the need for prompt engineering, your search ends here.

Get ready for an exciting journey as we delve into these category-wise ChatGPT alternatives set to revolutionize the AI scene in 2024!

Table Of Contents

Why go for a ChatGPT alternative?

ChatGPT, despite its impressive capabilities, has notable limitations. Here's why you should go for ChatGPT alternatives:

  • More economical tools than ChatGPT offer a wide array of pre-built features, eliminating the need for extensive prompt-writing research.
  • ChatGPT alternatives can generate brand-specific and factual articles/blogs on trending topics in seconds, a crucial business requirement.
  • These alternatives are equipped to leverage your existing domain expertise, adhering to your unique guidelines, keywords, and brand voice, effectively crafting fresh content designed for rapid Google ranking.
  • Few platforms have developed advanced SEO score meters capable of not only determining the Google SEO score of your content instantly but also providing tailored suggestions for keywords and other optimization strategies, ensuring it ranks highly on Google within just a day of publishing.
  • Advanced editors in ChatGPT alternatives allow on-screen editing to optimize content for Google ranking.
  • Add-on features like integration with Gmail, Twitter, Instagram, and more are not available in ChatGPT.
  • ChatGPT does not offer a no-code AI chatbot solution that can be easily integrated into websites by users and businesses of all sizes to address visitor inquiries in real time.

And therefore, ChatGPT alternatives come into the picture.

Ready to dive deep and explore 30 best ChatGPT competitors?

30 Best Chat GPT Alternatives That Will Blow Your Mind  

Depending on your requirements, we have talked about the following top 30 ChatGPT alternatives in this blog:

  1. Chatsonic (Writesonic)
  2. OpenAI playground
  3. Claude
  4. Bard AI
  5. LaMDA (Language Model for Dialog Applications)
  6. Jasper Chat
  7. Socratic
  8. Bing AI
  9. DialoGPT
  10. Megatron-Turing Natural Language Generation
  11. Chatsonic on Opera
  12. NeevaAI
  13. CoPilot
  14. Tabnine
  15. Amazon Codewhisperer
  16. Elsa Speaks
  17. Bloom
  18. DeepL Write
  19. YouChat
  20. Perplexity
  21. Elicit
  22. Chinchilla
  23. Replika
  24. Character AI
  25. Poe by Quora
  26. Chatsonic Slack Bot
  27. CoGram
  28. Otter
  29. Botsonic
  30. LLaMA by Meta

Let's look at each of the above paid and free ChatGPT alternatives in detail...

ChatGPT Alternatives for Writing

Choosing the perfect ChatGPT alternative for your AI content creation needs is like the classic conundrum of trying to pick out the perfect swimsuit: it’s all a matter of personal preference.

Every platform is unique, with its own strengths and weaknesses. To help you make the best decision, here are some alternatives to ChatGPT for writing you can consider:

Chatsonic (Writesonic)

Chatsonic by Writesonic is the ultimate solution to all of your conversational AI requirements.  Powered by GPT-4 and their custom models, Chatsonic is designed to address the limitations of ChatGPT, providing real-time data, image, voice searches, and a plethora of content creation capabilities. With a 40% cost advantage over Chat GPT, its individual plan is just $12/month, positioning Chatsonic as the most wallet-friendly AI writing tool on the market.

Since its launch, Chatsonic has been making waves on Google, earning a top ranking as the "Best alternative to ChatGPT" globally.

Chatsonic - ChatGPT Alternatives

The possibilities with Chatsonic are endless.

Let’s have a look at Chatsonic’s main features.

  1. Its recently launched unlimited plan costs you only $12/month, making it 40% more cost-effective than Chat GPT.
  2. Write factual content, including real-time topics. Chatsonic is integrated with Google Knowledge Graph to provide hyper-relevant and trending content on any given topic.
  3. Use the persona mode to customize your AI chat experience. You can chat with 13+ different personas like translators, interviewers, travel guides, motivational coaches, stand-up comedians, and many more.
  4. Convert text to beautiful and unique AI art using two different models, i.e., Stable diffusion and DALL-E, inside the Chatsonic dashboard.
  5. This website, ChatGPT - Chatsonic, can read responses like Siri or Google Assistant, apart from understanding voice commands.
  6. A ChatGPT-like memory that remembers the conversations, tone of voice, and language. Each of your conversations is saved for any further assistance.
  7. A GPT-4 powered API with ChatGPT capabilities and beyond. The Chatsonic API access permits you to link Chatsonic to your existing software rapidly and simply, giving a smooth user experience. (Learn how to make money using the Chatsonic API easily)
  8. The Chatsonic Chrome extension enables you to use generative AI capabilities anywhere and everywhere on the web. From summarizing Gmail threads, replying to LinkedIn and Twitter posts, and creating a social post from a blog on the web to summarizing whole documents, the ChatGPT-like Chrome extension acts as your personal assistant on the go. (Check out the best use cases of the Chatsonic Chrome extension)
  9. Access Chatsonic in the comfort of your couch or when you are commuting. The Chatsonic app for Android is like ChatGPT - easy to use and supports all of Chatsonic's features. For the days you don't intend to open your laptop but need to complete a lot of work, the Chatsonic app is a lifesaver.
  10. Just like AIPRM has a prompt library for ChatGPT prompts, Chatsonic's prompt marketplace offers impressive ChatGPT prompts for free. You don't need to download an extension or pay extra to use this.
  11. For brands and businesses looking to enhance their customer experience, Chatsonic introduced Botsonic. Botsonic is a no-code AI chatbot builder that helps brands and businesses train ChatGPT on their own data and knowledge base to offer the #1 customized customer experience with ChatGPT capabilities.

You can use Chatsonic for unlimited use cases. Explore more on How to use ChatGPT?

Also, check out 215+ ChatGPT prompts for different situations and use cases. You can simply copy and paste it on ChatGPT or Chatsonic to generate amazing answers.

Learn the art of writing perfect prompts

In addition to Chatsonic, you can also check out Writesonic's new AI Article Writer. The advanced AI Writer can help you generate factually accurate, SEO-optimized articles aligned with your brand voice in just 2 minutes and climb the Google rankings.

Chatsonic Pricing

Chatsonic is available on Writesonic in free trials and other paid plans. Upon signing up, you get 50 generations/day for free.

Moreover, you can also go for a paid plan starting at $12/month in annual plan.

Doesn't this make Chatsonic one of the top ChatGPT alternatives out there?

For more information about this, see Writesonic's pricing plans!

Hear from the users

Chatsonic, the best Chat GPT competitor is already ruling the hearts of many out there. Let’s see what the users have to say..

Chatsonic was also mentioned on popular platforms like Make Use Of, Analytics India Mag, India Today, Indian Express, and Exchange4media.

ChatGPT alternative
Chatsonic reviews

ChatGPT vs Chatsonic: Is Chatsonic really a good ChatGPT alternative?

Both Chatsonic and ChatGPT are AI tools that are exploding on the internet.

But if you are still wondering how Chatsonic is different from ChatGPT, let us quickly walk you through some key points:

  1. Accuracy in responses: Unlike ChatGPT, which can struggle with incorrect answers, Chatsonic boasts real-time internet data access, enabling it to provide up-to-date and accurate information.
  2. Mitigated biases: Chatsonic is designed with advanced algorithms to reduce inherent biases, providing more balanced and fair responses compared to the often skewed outputs of ChatGPT.
  3. Enhanced cybersecurity features: Chatsonic includes built-in safeguards against misuse, including robust measures to prevent the generation of malicious content, making it a safer choice for cybersecurity-conscious users.
  4. Ethical use guidelines: Chatsonic emphasizes ethical guidelines and uses, discouraging manipulation and ensuring its capabilities are used for positive and productive purposes, in contrast to potential misuse scenarios with ChatGPT.
  5. Greater emotional sensitivity: Thanks to its sophisticated understanding of context and user intent, Chatsonic can offer responses with a higher degree of emotional intelligence than ChatGPT, making it more adept at handling sensitive topics.

OpenAI playground

This ChatGPT alternative is much like a demo version of ChatGPT. OpenAI offers GPT4 and its other models, so users can easily experiment with different use cases.

OpenAI Playground isn't intended for the everyday user, but it's a great way for those locked out of ChatGPT to get a taste of its advanced functions. On the web, it works like ChatGPT and allows users to experiment with various language models.

The playground is technical to use as it has functions like setting temperature, frequency penalty, number of tokens, stop sequences, etc.

chatgpt alternative

Let’s have a look at Open AI Playground's main features:

  1. Great accuracy and speed.
  2. Different types of language models to choose from.
  3. Flexible so you can experiment effortlessly.
chatgpt alternative
OpenAI Playground

OpenAI Playground's pricing

OpenAI is free to use at the start (after creating an account), but if your usage is high, you'll have to opt for a premium subscription.

OpenAI is trained on millions of data and is extremely good. Sure, you can test it out and see how it works, but in the end, you need a solution that can give you exact answers to your queries without beating around the bush or figuring out what prompts to give. And that's where Chatsonic and Writesonic can help!

Claude 3

If you are looking for an exact website like ChatGPT, check out Claude 3.

Claude is a cutting-edge AI companion from Anthropic, designed to assist in a variety of text-based and conversation-driven tasks. This ChatGPT alternative is a product of Anthropic's commitment to creating intelligent systems embodying usefulness, integrity, and safety.

On March 4, 2024, Anthropic AI introduced Claude 3, the newest member of the AI model family, setting new industry benchmarks across various cognitive tasks. Claude 3 is a family of 3 AI models - Claude 3 Haiku, Claude 3 Sonnet, and Claude 3 Opus.

Each AI model have varying performance capabilities, which helps uses to have a right balance of intelligence, cost, and speed.

Claude 3 - ChatGPT alternatives
Claude 3

Let’s have a look at Claude’s main features:

  1. Summarize large chunks of text in the blink of an eye.
  2. Search for information with unparalleled precision
  3. Collaborate on writing projects with a creative AI partner.

Claude's Pricing

Claude offers a free version that you can access via Claude.ai. Claude Pro is available for a monthly price of $20.

Claude is a really impressive launch by Anthropic but lacks some essential features that Chatsonic offers, making Chatsonic a better alternative to ChatGPT.

Jasper Chat

Jasper is an AI writing software tool that is a decent alternative to ChatGPT (not literally). Formerly known as Jarvis, it is one of the most used AI writing tools available on the market besides Writesonic and is ideal for companies that need to generate high-quality content in a short amount of time.

Jasper Chat, launched by Jasper, is a new chat interface that helps to create content in an efficient way. With the help of cutting-edge technology, it helps to come up with average outputs.

Jasper Chat - Top Rewording Tools For 2023
Jasper Chat

Let’s have a look at Jasper Chat's main features:

  1. Jasper Chat has an expansive knowledge base as it has learned from billions of data from the web.
  2. Offers a simple user interface that provides users access to chatting with the AI with ease.
  3. Jasper Chat can remember your conversations and gives your chats better context.
  4. Helps to generate content in 30+ languages.
ChatGPT alternative
Jasper Chat

Jasper Chat Pricing

Jasper Chat is only available for paid subscribers on the Creator plan and Pro. The Creator Plan $49/month.

However, unlike Chatsonic, Jasper Chat cannot give you factual, up-to-date content, personality selection, voice commands, generate digital art, or provide API access. See a detailed comparison of Writesonic vs Jarvis to get a gist of who is better based on your requirements.

ChatGPT alternatives by Google

In the last few years, Google has launched various conversational AI projects, most of which have been in the testing or research phase. Google's latest AI, similar to ChatGPT, is their latest development.

Here's a list of the most important ones:

Bard AI (Now Gemini AI)

Google's newest, revolutionary AI-powered chatbot, like ChatGPT, Bard AI, is developed with their existing LaMDA AI platform; it is an experimental conversational AI service that promises to have a big impact on the world of AI.

LaMDA revolutionizes Bard's natural language processing capabilities by allowing it to comprehend and respond to user input with greater accuracy, eliminating the restriction of having data limited to a specific year.

Here’s the most interesting part: Google Bard is now renamed Gemini AI.

Bard by Google

Let’s have a look at Bard AI’s main features:

  1. Assists with writing content, translating in various languages, and more.
  2. Analyse text and provide summaries.
  3. Acts as a personal assistant and helps you with various tasks, from debugging code to preparing for interviews.

Bard AI's Pricing

Gemini Advanced is available as part of our brand new Google One AI Premium Plan for $19.99/month, starting with a two-month trial at no cost.

ChatGPT alternatives
Bard AI

ChatGPT Vs. Google Bard

Those looking to take advantage of an AI-driven chatbot should take a close look at both ChatGPT and Bard. While they may offer similar features, Bard stands apart due to its connection to tech giant Google.

With the deep pockets and expansive resources of Google behind it, Bard has access to cutting-edge language models and technologies, leading to highly precise answers and data. Whether you're looking for reliable customer service or robust analytics, Bard is well worth considering.

However, Bard is still under development, and there’s less clarity about its use cases or future developments. However, there’s already a tool available in the market with an AI similar to ChatGPT and Google’s support in terms of up-to-date information—Chatsonic!

Is Chatsonic really a better ChatGPT alternative than Bard AI?
Chatsonic is one of the best Chat GPT alternatives that offers not only the power of ChatGPT and Google but also a library of 100+ templates for content creation. If you don’t want to wait for Google Bard’s access for months and are eager to test an alternative of ChatGPT with Google’s knowledge graph that provides up-to-date responses, sign up for Chatsonic nows

LaMDA (Language Model for Dialog Applications)

Another great ChatGPT alternative is LaMDA, developed by Google. It is developed with 137 billion parameters and pre-trained on 1.56T words of publicly available web documents and dialog data.

LaMDA is considered a revolution in the NLP (Natural Language Processing) world. The revolutionary model is fine-tuned on three metrics: Quality, Safety, and Groundedness.
LaMDA - ChatGPT alternatives

LaMDA, an AI-powered dialogue system from OpenAI. This tool can take natural language input and generate a response that is context-aware, coherent, and natural. LaMDA also has a unique ability to answer follow-up questions, which makes it a good ChatGPT alternative.

Let’s have a look at LaMDA's main features:

  1. LaMDA has the ability to comprehend complex inquiries and discussions that span a wide range of subjects.
  2. This model has been honed with the use of 1.56 trillion words and a whopping 137 billion parameters.
  3. During the fine-tuning phase, LaMDA is trained to execute both generation and classification tasks, aiming to guarantee the most pertinent, excellent, and, most importantly, secure answer.
ChatGPT alternative

LaMDA's pricing

LaMDA is available for testing on Google's AI Test Kitchen. You need to register yourself and join the waitlist to download the app on Android or iOS.
LaMDA lacks certain important features that other ChatGPT alternatives like Chatsonic provides. Moreover, it's hard to access as well.

Socratic by Google

This one is extremely kid-friendly!

With Socratic, students can simply type in their school queries and get a human-like response, complete with fun illustrations to better explain things.

The app, available on both App Store and Google App Store, even has a feature that lets kids scan their worksheets and get specially tailored answers. It will not, however, write essays or stories.

ChatGpt alternatives

Let’s have a look at Socratic's main features:

  1. Generates responses when given a question
  2. Answers involve some graphics to help understand better.
  3. Available as an app for both Android and iOS

Socratic's pricing

Socrates is available at $4.99 for the first child each month, and then 50% off for each extra kid! And for schools, $99 per school year or just $99 per month for an entire school.

Since Socratic is targeted at kids, it only offers a limited set of features. Whereas, Chatsonic has much better use cases for businesses, edtech, healthcare, and more.

ChatGPT alternatives by Microsoft

Similar to Google, Microsoft has also experimented with a bunch of AI-powered models when it comes to conversational AI. Here are some of the sites like ChatGPT,j giving it tough competition from Microsoft:

Microsoft Bing AI

Microsoft has recently implemented Artificial Intelligence into its search engine, now called Bing AI.

Based on OpenAI large language model, which is much more powerful than ChatGPT and GPT-3.5, Bing AI is specifically designed to take search to the next level, and it has been tailored to maximize speed, accuracy, and efficiency. It uses the key learnings and advancements from its predecessors to ensure users get the best possible results.

Microsoft introduced their Edge browser with new, AI-boosted capabilities entitled 'Chat' and 'Compose.' This advancement is in addition to their already existing Bing tool. Moreover, recently Microsoft also launched Bing and Edge mobile apps for Android and iOS users.

Check out top 9 Bing AI alternatives to try.
ChatGPT alternative
Microsoft's Bing AI

Let’s have a look at Bing AI’s main features:

  1. Bing gives users the ability to ask queries with up to 1,000 words and get AI-powered responses.
  2. It has the capacity to process complex inquiries and look up information faster.
  3. If ChatGPT-powered Bing can't provide a direct response to your query, it will give you a selection of related results.

Microsoft Bing AI’s Pricing

No upfront cost. Pay as you use. 1000 transactions are free per month.

ChatGPT alternatives
Bing AI

ChatGPT Vs. Microsoft’s Bing

With an AI similar to ChatGPT, Microsoft has developed a unique approach to using OpenAI's capabilities. This methodology is called the Prometheus model.

It provides more accurate, up-to-date, and tailored results along with enhanced security. The process used here takes advantage of OpenAI's power to its fullest potential.

Though Bing is still a work in progress, and there is less precision regarding its applications or upcoming developments, there is a tool in the market that provides a similar AI to ChatGPT and Google's knowledge graph - Chatsonic!

Is Chatsonic a better ChatGPT alternative than Bing?

If you're looking for a speedy solution to your content creation woes that gives you access to up-to-date search results as well, then Chatsonic is your ideal option. Not only does it harness the power of ChatGPT and Google, but it also has an impressive library of more than a hundred templates (on Writesonic) for you to choose from! Don't wait for months for Bing’s access - get Chatsonic now and start creating amazing content!


Microsoft's DialoGPT is a large-scale pre-trained dialogue response generation model specifically built for multi-turn conversations. It is one of the best alternative to ChatGPT out there.

DialoGPT is a significant pre-trained system for producing replies that can be used in multiple dialogue exchanges. It has been trained with a vast number of 147 million multi-turn conversations taken from Reddit dialogue threads over a period of 2005-2017.

ChatGPT alternative

Let’s have a look at DialoGPT's main features:

  1. The phrases that DialoGPT puts together are remarkably varied and include details that relate to the original prompt, much like the outputs of GPT-2.
  2. Microsoft points out that DialoGPT is more conversational, energetic, often light-hearted, and usually quite lively - which could suit the purpose you're considering.
ChatGPT alternative

DialoGPT's Pricing

Since this is a new launch and a large language model (which is usually hard to come by), there's no concrete information available about its pricing structure.

Have a look at the original DialoGPT repository to know more.
However, DialoGPT doesn't support features like voice search, voice response, or personas. To use these, try Chatsonic now!

Megatron-Turing Natural Language Generation

NVIDIA and Microsoft have produced one of the largest language models with 530 billion parameters—Megatron-Turing NLG.

The highly accurate Megatron-Turing NLG, a transformer-based 105-layer LLM, was trained on the NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD-based Selene supercomputer.

It's unbeatable at zero-, one-, and few-shot settings and has topped state-of-the-art models in terms of accuracy.

ChatGPT alternative
Megatron-Turing NLG

Let’s have a look at Megatron Turing's main features:

  1. It can carry out tasks like reading comprehension, word sense disambiguation, completion prediction,  natural language inferences, commonsense reasoning, etc.
  2. Specialized in English language models.

Megatron-Turing NLG's pricing

Since Nivida Developers (owner of Megatron-Turing NLG) offers various other B2B solutions, the pricing structure can only be found once you submit your collab request with them. Visit their official page for more information.

By now, you might have anticipated that Megatron-Turing NLG is not an easily accessible ChatGPT alternative. But, Chatsonic is!

ChatGPT alternative for Search engines

Wouldn't it be great if we could talk to our search engines? Think about all the time you would save trying to find things you need instead of sifting through results.

With conversational AI like Microsoft Bing and Google’s Bard being integrated into search engines, it is now possible to have a conversation with your search engine just like you do with a friend.

Here are two more ChatGPT alternatives for search engines creating a buzz among conversational AI enthusiasts.

Chatsonic on Opera

Opera and Chatsonic have just joined forces to give Opera browser and Opera GX users a cutting-edge web browsing experience. This team-up means you don't have to spend hours searching the web for the results you want - now you can get those answers quickly by chatting with your browser!

Now with Chatsonic on Opera, you can ask your Opera browser to do all kinds of cool stuff, like writing content, summarizing texts, finding info, and even making AI art. How awesome is that?!

Let’s have a look at Chatsonic’s main features on the Opera Browser:

  1. Quick access to related information through the AI PROMPTS option.
  2. Generate AI images from anywhere on your Opera browser
  3. Create any kind of content on Opera from the sidebar.
  4. Summarize web pages and lengthy text
  5. Rephrase, shorten or expand paragraphs and sentences with just a click.

Chatsonic on Opera Pricing

Chatsonic is a product of Writesonic, and it's available at just $19 per month (100k words per month). So if you want to use Chatsonic on Opera, you need to sign up for a Writesonic account (you can start with the free trial that offers 10,000 words.


NeevaAI merges the power of ChatGPT and other large language models with the precision and most current data of the Neeva search engine.

The search engine was developed by two former technology executives, Sridhar Ramaswamy, ex-senior vice president of ads at Google, and Vivek Raghunathan, ex-vice president of monetization at YouTube.

NeevaAI’s system has the capability to search through and sift through hundreds of millions of web pages to generate a single, comprehensive response accompanied by relevant sources.

ChatGPT alternative

Let’s have a look at NeevaAI’s main features:

  1. Neeva may be considered a search engine that is enhanced with AI capabilities but is not yet a fully-fledged AI-powered chatbot.
  2. Neeva guarantees an ad-free and tracker-free browsing experience.
  3. Gives references in the results.
ChatGPT alternative

NeevaAI’s Pricing

Neeva offers a subscription plan with a monthly fee of $4.95, with the option of a free trial period.

NeevaAI has added ChatGPT to its search engine to give its users a good experience; however, it's not there yet if we talk about conversational AI. Try out Chatsonic for a better up-to-date conversational AI experience.

ChatGPT alternative for Coding

If you have been generating codes on ChatGPT and want to explore sites like ChatGPT that offer similar or much better results, check out the following platforms:


GitHub CoPilot is GitHub's latest feature, utilizing OpenAI Codex's GPT-3 model for auto-completion capabilities.

This powerful tool is compatible with several popular coding platforms like VS Code, Neovim, and JetBrains and also enables cloud workflows with GitHub Codespaces.

Not only does it offer multi-language coding support – it can generate syntax in up to 12 languages, including JavaScript, Go, Perl, PHP, Ruby/Swift/TypeScript, and BASH – but the model is powered by billions of lines of open-source code from the public domain, such as those found on GitHub repositories.

ChatGPT alternative

Let’s have a look at CoPilot's main features:

  1. GitHub Copilot is one of the best websites, like ChatGPT that offers multi-language coding support.
  2. Compatible with popular coding platforms like VS Code, Neovim, and JetBrains.
ChatGPT alternatives

CoPilot Pricing

Students and contributors to popular open-source projects can enjoy Copilot's services at no cost - other individuals can subscribe monthly for $10/month. CoPilot is available for business for $19/month.

If you find CoPilot too complicated and want to go for a chatbot like ChatGPT for coding, then opt for Chatsonic.


Tabnine was the first of its kind, launching as Codota and earning a name in the IDE market.

Supporting the majority of languages, libraries, and frameworks, its code completion plugin has become a standard for users.

Tabnine strictly adheres to open-source licensing and keeps your code from any potential plagiarism or copyright infringement. With Tabnine Pro, you can further customize your experience with a private AI model that can be trained to fit your personal coding style and patterns.

ChatGPT alternative

Let’s have a look at Tabnine’s main features:

  1. With the ability to host and train your own AI models, you can keep code secure on your corporate servers.
  2. Compared to similar software, Tabnine only requires minimal context to provide midline ideas as you type, making the coding process more efficient and convenient.
ChatGPT alternative
Tabnine AI chatbot

Tabnine Pricing

Tabnine provides a complimentary version of its programming assistance and an upgraded plan with a fairly modest $15 cost per month.

While Tabnine just offers a coding platform for you, Chatsonic offers more than just generating codes. You can check faults in your code and even generate content with this AI chatbot.

Amazon Codewhisperer

Amazon has developed an exclusive alternative of ChatGPT called Codewhisperer to give developers an efficient way to pinpoint, comprehend and debug code problems.

It utilizes sophisticated machine learning algorithms and natural language processing techniques to review code and recognize patterns and errors. The tool supplies developers with an in-depth analysis of the code's action, incorporating potential bugs and performance issues, along with advice for solutions. This diminishes the effort and time needed to rectify issues and upgrades the code's caliber.

ChatGPT alternative
Amazon Codewhisperer

Let’s have a look at Codewhisperer’s main features:

  1. CodeWhisper's intuitive and easy-to-use design with a user-friendly interface and range of customization options make it a great choice for developers of all skill levels, from beginners to experts.
  2. It's also easily scalable to handle large code bases and integrates with popular development tools and platforms like GitHub, allowing developers to add it to their existing workflows quickly.
ChatGPT alternatives
Amazon Codewhisperer

Amazon Codewhisperer’s Pricing

For a preview period, CodeWhisperer is available to developers at no charge.

Amazon Codewhisperer looks like an impressive tool, but it lacks content creation abilities if we compare it with websites like ChatGPT. Chatsonic has the edge over here.

ChatGPT alternative for Translation

Need a super smart alternative to ChatGPT that can translate any language? Here are the options worth considering:

Elsa Speak

It is an AI-based language-learning application. Utilizing AI, it runs a user speech examination and then formulates a set of tasks that the user can comprehend with ease. Hence, Elsa Speak is also one of the top ChatGPT alternatives to discuss.

Elsa is an English language speech assistant and helps you translate different languages into English.
ChatGPT Alternatives

ELSA's AI technology was created utilizing voice recordings of people speaking English with many different accents. This enables ELSA to identify the vocal patterns of those who don't have a native level of proficiency, giving it an edge over most other voice recognition programs.

Let’s have a look at Elsa's main features:

  1. Elsa provides bite-sized customized lessons to improve your English.
  2. Quick assessment to test your progress.
  3. Progress tracking board and graphs to show your accomplishments.
  4. AI coaching support to help you stay motivated and focused.
  5. Real-Time Speech Recognition Feedback
ChatGPT alternative
Elsa Speak

Elsa's pricing

Elsa's pro plans start from $11.99/month, billed monthly and annually. You can also opt for their 7-day free trial to test it out.

When it comes to English translation, the best platform is Chatsonic. It also has an English Translator persona that makes your translations faster and easier.


Developed with the assistance of a collective of over one thousand artificial intelligence specialists, Bloom is an open-source platform and is believed to be one of the best ChatGPT alternatives.

Bloom is a cutting-edge multilingual language model which is widely regarded as one of the top alternatives to ChatGPT.

ChatGPT alternative

Let’s have a look at Bloom's main features:

  1. Bloom is capable of generating text in a total of 46 languages and 13 programming languages which are incredibly similar to something a human would write.
  2. Bloom is capable of taking on text assignments that it has not been taught to do specifically by viewing them as opportunities to generate text.
ChatGPT alternative
Bloom - Image: @Muennighoff on Twitter

Bloom Pricing

Bloom offers a starter pack for free, and a premium plan is for $33/month.

Have a look at Bloom's research paper to know more.
Although Bloom is a good ChatGPT alternative, it doesn't have special features, and ease of use like Chatsonic has.

DeepL Write

DeepL Write is a beta product created by DeepL, a German firm specializing in Artificial Intelligence language translations.

Established in 2017, DeepL is a prominent provider of AI language translation services. DeepL Write is an AI-powered writing assistant with enhanced features to help customers refine their writing quality and accuracy.

DeepL Write is a great choice for those who are looking for an effective way to prevent plagiarism and generate original content.

It provides users with grammar corrections and presents helpful suggestions and recommendations on style, tone, phrasing, and word choice to improve overall writing.

ChatGPT alternative

Let’s have a look at DeepL Write’s main features:

  1. DeepL Write offers users a unique writing experience with its flexible translation capabilities.
  2. Content creators, researchers, and students can rely on this app to swiftly and effortlessly produce original, high-quality content for their projects.
ChatGPT alternatives
DeepL Write

DeepL Write’s Pricing

Neeva offers a free trial to test, and its paid subscription starts from $8.74/month, billed annually (per user).

For translations and paraphrasing, DeepL Write is indeed a good option to go for instead of ChatGPT. But if you want DeepL's capabilities with up-to-date content generation, use Chatsonic.

ChatGPT alternatives for Research

Aiming for research while having a good conversational experience? These AI chatbots are indeed a good option.

Here are a few ChatGPT alternatives for research to consider for research:


YouChat is another conversational AI model launched by You[dot]com, a search engine. It's like ChatGPT and does pretty much what other generic chatbots do.

YouChat's AI uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to converse like humans. It can respond to general inquiries, translate, summarise text, suggest ideas, write code, and create emails. As it's still in the development stage, it provides average answers.

Chatgpt alternative

Let’s have a look at YouChat's main features:

  1. YouChat can provide answers to generic queries but can miss out sometimes as it is still learning.
  2. It claims to provide the latest information; however, it sometimes commits errors there as well.
Chatgpt alternative

YouChat's Pricing

YouChat is a free ChatGPT alternative as of now, as it is still in the development phase.

However, YouChat lacks accuracy sometimes as the model is still under development. If you want to chat with an AI that responds accurately, then go for Chatsonic.


Perplexity is a free ChatGPT alternative recently launched in the conversational AI space. It offers ChatGPT-like features, including conversational responses and content generation.

Perplexity AI is also powered by large language models (OpenAI API). You can see it collecting information from various popular platforms like Wikipedia, LinkedIn, and Amazon. However, it's still in the beta phase, so it sometimes can pick up the information as it is, leading to plagiarized content.

Chatgpt alternative

Let’s have a look at Perplexity AI's main features:

  1. Generates short conversational responses similar to ChatGPT.
  2. Gathers information from sources like Wikipedia and sites them.
  3. It has a simple interface without many features to complicate.
Chatgpt alternative
Perplexity AI

Perplexity's Pricing

Perplexity is free to use as of now, as it is still in the beta phase.

It's true that with Perplexity AI, you can ask anything, but it often shows information as it is, which may involve plagiarism. Go for a ChatGPT alternative like Chatsonic that creates unique content and responses.


Elicit is a research assistant utilizing language models such as GPT-3 to streamline a researcher's processes.

At present, the central workflow with Elicit is the literature review. When you type a query, the app produces an immediate summary from the highest-rated documents. This is an efficient method of attaining precise and speedy comprehension without sacrificing the dependability of your sources.

Elicit is primarily utilized by researchers and students to track down relevant papers to cite and get an idea of future research avenues.

ChatGPT alternative

Let’s have a look at Elicit’s main features:

  1. Gain access to a thorough collection of publications pertinent to your inquiry in a timely fashion.
  2. Discover the datasets analyzed and the results achieved by different authors.
  3. For students, it helps them uncover information that is relevant to their coursework, as well as to answer questions.
ChatGPT alternatives
Elicit AI Chatbot

Elicit’s Pricing

Elicit is free to use as of now on its official website.

While Elicit is a great tool for research, it lacks some important features that make Chatsonic a better ChatGPT alternative for comprehensive and up-to-date research.

ChatGPT alternatives you can talk to

The conversational AI space is getting crazier day by day, and these AI chatbots, similar to ChatGPT, are stepping up the game. Let's see the top players when it comes to better conversations (with an AI):


Chinchilla is also one of the ChatGPT alternatives offering various features and advantages. It is a project with Deepmind and is regarded as the GPT-3 killer. It is a compute-optimal model with 70 billion parameters but four times more data than Gopher.

Chinchilla is based on transformer models, similar to GPT-3 and BERT, and has been known to outperform ChatGPT on the mathematical MMLU dataset. This makes Chinchilla an ideal choice for those who want to use a language model for reasoning or who need to create more sophisticated AI art, search engine, and writing tasks.

Let’s have a look at Chinchilla's main features:

  1. When compared against Gopher (280B), GPT-3 (175B), Jurassic-1 (178B), and Megatron-Turing NLG (530B) on a variety of downstream tasks, Chinchilla comes out on top in a major way.
  2. It requires significantly less computing for fine-tuning and use in downstream applications, making it much easier to implement.
  3. This model boasts a pretty impressive 67.5% accuracy rate, which is about 7% better than the widely used Gopher language model. It looks like people are increasingly picking this model over the other options out there.
  4. Chinchilla is 3x the size of OpenAI’s GPT-3.
ChatGPT alternative
Chinchilla, Image: @tshevi on Twitter

Chinchilla's Pricing

To get access to Chinchilla, you'll have to contact Deepmind. Since this is a new launch and a large language model (which is usually hard to come by), there's no concrete information available about its pricing structure.

Have a look at Deepmind's research paper to know more.
In spite of having the above-mentioned qualities, Chinchilla still lacks in providing ease of access and additional features like Chatsonic does.


Replika is a highly developed AI companion that has over 10 million users. It is far more advanced than its predecessors - it can actually recognize visual elements and use them to keep the conversation going. Hence, it is also one of the ChatGPT alternatives to talk about.

If you are feeling isolated, then Replika can be the app to assist you in getting out of this state. Replika is an AI-powered chatbot that is like a pal and will react to your messages promptly.

You can converse with Replika on matters of life, romance, and other topics that you could discuss with your buddies and family.

ChatGPT Alternatives

It is powered by a sophisticated GPT-3 autoregressive language model that utilizes deep learning to create text with a human-like quality. In this case, "autoregressive" implies that the system learns from the values it has encountered before, which in this context is text.

Let’s have a look at Replika's main features:

  1. You can chat about anything and everything with your replika. The more you chat, the better it understands you.
  2. Place video calls to talk to your replika.
  3. Offers coaching support to build better habits.
  4. You can also give your replika a relationship status. Make it your friend, girlfriend, wife, sister, or mentor.
ChatGPT alternative

Replika pricing

Replika's pro plans start from $19.99/month. You can also take their lifetime deal which costs $299.99.

Chatsonic can do all that Replika does and more. You can even talk to a relationship advisor on Chatsonic.

Character AI

Similar to Chatsonic’s personas feature—Character AI also focuses on AI personalities, but completely. This Chatgpt-like platform is set to deliver conversational experiences via AI characters.

This ChatGPT alternative gives you the option to choose from and converse with various personalities (like Sam Altman or Mario!). Built on neural language models, Character AI is more for having fun and playing with a conversational AI chatbot.

chatgpt alternative
Character AI

Let’s have a look at Character AI's main features:

  1. Fun to use with the ability to carry out random chats.
  2. Offers a variety of characters to talk with: from real-life people to fictional characters.
chatgpt alternative
Character AI

Character AI's pricing

Although Character AI is free to use, but you need to create an account with them; otherwise, your chats will get locked after a few messages.

Character AI has a good interface; however, it is quite slow and only focuses on personalities which can not be useful for businesses. Whereas, Chatsonic has maintained its persona feature as an incredible part of its offering while providing other amazing features that can best fit different use cases.

ChatGPT alternative for Social media

ChatGPT-like apps are revolutionizing how many industries work, and social media marketing is no exception! These amazing AI-based ChatGPT alternatives for social media are the talk of the town:

Poe by Quora

Poe, short for “Platform for Open Exploration,” is an exclusive iOS-based experience designed to give you access to various conversational AI platforms.

Poe is like having a messaging app in your pocket, but for AI models. ​​One can engage in stimulating discussions on Poe's chat platform, ranging from "assistance with writing" to "culinary ventures."

According to Quora, the intelligence behind this ChatGPT alternative comes from OpenAI and Anthropic.

ChatGPT alternatives
Poe by Quora

Let’s have a look at Poe’s main features:

  1. Poe gives you access to different conversational AI platforms at once.
  2. Quora is working on creating an API that will allow AI coders to simply attach their model to Poe—making it simpler to use than ever before!
  3. Poe is available as an iOS app on the Apple store.
ChatGPT alternative
Poe iOS app

Poe’s Pricing

Anyone can try using Poe through its app as of now. There’s no concrete information available on its pricing.

Poe is a good platform altogether but not better than Chatsonic. If you are confused about choosing one between the two, then Chatsonic is the one you should go for!

ChatGPT alternative for productivity

Have you ever wondered how ChatGPT alternatives could possibly boost your productivity? Good news – it can! Here are a few conversational AI tools:

Chatsonic Slack bot

Step up your Slack game with Chatsonic, a revolutionary AI chatbot that's sure to make your conversations more exciting!

With this AI, you can generate real-time data, understand voice commands, and even create digital art! It's like your favorite ChatGPT, only with extra features and more entertainment options.

ChatGPT Alernatives
Chatsonic Slack Bot

Let’s have a look at Chatsonic Slack Bot’s features:

  1. Chatsonic Slack Bot improves team collaboration by crafting straightforward messages and polls to get quick feedback from the team.
  2. It makes sense of messaging with AI-generated images and graphs that make complex topics easier to comprehend.
  3. This helpful bot will act as your personal coach to give you the encouragement you need to keep going.
ChatGPT alternative
ChatSonic on Slack

Chatsonic Slack Bot’s Pricing

You can add this Slack bot for free (it comes with 10,000 premium words to get you started), then you can upgrade if needed. You’ll also get access to 80+ AI writing features on the Writesonic web app.


CoGram is a ChatGPT alternative that can take automatic notes for you during virtual conferences whilst also ensuring that your data remains private and secure.

Never miss an important action item again, with Cogram tracking them, summarizing meetings, and syncing key information to your CRM.

Plus, you can use it to save time on transcribing, summarizing, and extracting important details from call recordings, webinars, and public hearings.

ChatGPT alternatives

Let’s have a look at CoGram’s features:

  1. Creates comprehensive, accurate minutes, quickly detects tasks that need to be accomplished, and compiles a succinct summation of meetings.
  2. You can easily schedule Cogram to join meetings through your Calendar and view every word said, as well as action items, right away.
  3. Smoothly blending with Google Meet, Teams, and Zoom, this software can be seamlessly incorporated into one's daily routine.

CoGram’s Pricing

CoGram is free of charge for your first fifteen minutes. You can get in touch with them for tailored pricing if you would like to continue utilizing them for your meeting requirements.

CoGram is awesome for those heavy meeting days, automating minutes of meetings (MoM) and making the work hours fly by; however, it can't quite do it all. It can't help with emails, blog posts, and other daily tasks. But don't worry - Chatsonic is here for you for all of your workday and for the duration of your life!


For those looking to amp up their workday productivity, Otter provides a helpful alternative to ChatGPT.

It's like your own personal meeting assistant! Not only will it record audio, but it will also take notes, capture slides and summarize the entire conversation - all done automatically.

ChatGPT alternative

Let’s have a look at Otter’s features:

  1. This ChatGPT alternative for productivity helps you stay in the moment by recording notes and transcribing all audio simultaneously.
  2. With in-person or virtual teaching and learning, both educators and scholars can stay abreast of lectures and confabs. Real-time captioning and note-taking are part and parcel of the process.
  3. Converting your voice into text in the blink of an eye, this tool offers all the necessary resources for you to maximize your efficiency through conversations.
ChatGPT alternatives
Otter AI

Otter’s Pricing

You can enjoy using Otter absolutely free of charge. For those who crave just a bit more, the Premium subscription offers an amazing deal of $17 a month, while Business subscribers can benefit from a $30 monthly plan, which includes a seven-day free trial!

If you need assistance with tasks like researching, crafting emails, writing blogs, etc, then Chatsonic is the perfect alternative to ChatGPT. Like Cogram, Otter too places its focus solely on meetings.
Further reading: Check out our comprehensive list of 25 free AI content generators to improve your content game!

ChatGPT alternative for building your own AI Chatbot

Now, how about we explore some advanced AI tools that allow you to create and integrate your own AI chatbot?!


Botsonic by Writesonic is a user-friendly custom chatbot builder that allows anyone to create a no-code, ChatGPT-like chatbot using their own data. You can easily integrate your custom chatbot into your website with just an embed code or API key.

This easy-to-use AI Chatbot builder has the latest NLP-based technology where you can train ChatGPT on your knowledge base i.e., packed with GPT-4 capabilities. Botsonic can be your one-stop shop for all customer support needs or a marketing chatbot - providing an ever-evolving user experience.

Let’s have a look at Botsonic's features:

  1. Train ChatGPT on your business/company data easily.
  2. Integrate to your website with just an embed code or API key.
  3. Customize your AI chatbot with your brand identity elements like colors, logo, and a nice welcome message.
  4. You can also provide your contact number for further customer support.

Botsonic Pricing

Botsonic is a part of Writesonic and is available inside the Writesonic web app. You can start using it for free by signing up for the free trial on Writesonic.

Upcoming ChatGPT alternatives/new AI tools

LLaMA by Meta

Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of Facebook, recently unveiled Meta Platforms' giant language model known as LLaMA (Large Language Model Meta AI).

Already open-source chatbots (e.g., ChatGPT by OpenAI and BARD by Google) have caused a surge of excitement in the AI world.

This model was thoughtfully constructed by the Fundamental AI Research (FAIR) team at Meta, aiming to assist scientists and engineers in developing AI-based applications like question answering and document summarization.

It is a collection of foundation language models that span from 7 billion to 65 billion parameters. LLaMA-13B outperforms OpenAI's grand GPT-3 model (175 billion parameters) while being more than ten times smaller. Furthermore, LLaMA-65B is on par with DeepMind's Chinchilla-70B and Google's PaLM-540B variants!

The above upcoming models look quite promising; however, they are still under development. If you want to experience the power of a free ChatGPT alternative right away, try Chatsonic!

Why go for an advanced ChatGPT-like conversational AI?

Overall, while ChatGPT is a powerful AI-powered chatbot, there are still some great alternatives out there that can be used to create content and automate customer service operations.

All of the ChatGPT alternatives mentioned here offer unique features and capabilities that make them great options as conversational AI chatbots. So, it is important to research well and find the best fit for your needs.

However, if you want to generate factual content, including real-time topics, save time by giving voice commands and creating mesmerizing digital artwork with a click - Chatsonic is your tool.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is ChatGPT?

For those who may not be familiar with ChatGPT - though it's hard to believe since ChatGPT is the revolution of all times– here's a brief overview:

ChatGPT is the Future of AI Conversations!

It's an advanced language model OpenAI developed. This revolutionary chatbot is powered by GPT-4, the latest in the series of Generative Pre-trained Transformers, with a training database of hundreds of billions of words gathered from the internet. This incredible platform can take on all sorts of NLP challenges, like summarization, classification, question-and-answer tasks, and even error correction – all while responding with authentically human-like replies!

It is arguably the best tech development since the introduction of the iPhone - and there's no wonder why. This cutting-edge tech streamlines productivity in a revolutionary way, leaving some feeling anxious about the potential risk of becoming unemployed all in one go.

ChatGPT is designed to engage in complex conversations, offering unparalleled accuracy and intelligence. Have a look at the 110 best ChatGPT examples to get a clear picture of ChatGPT's capabilities.

If you are looking to build an AI chatbot, check out these 6 AI chatbot builders to level up your game.

Is there any other AI tool like ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is certainly bringing some great new features to the table. But, as any experienced AI enthusiast will tell you, there are always alternatives when it comes to choosing the right tool.

For example, some of the other popular conversation AI tools include Chatsonic, DialoGPT, Chinchilla, Bloom, LaMDA, and Jasper Chat. Each offers different features and capabilities, so it's important to understand the different tools and their strengths.

ChatGPT may be great for certain applications, but it might not fit everyone's needs. Moreover, due to high traffic, it may mostly show an error saying ChatGPT at capacity.

So, be sure to do your homework and consider all the options available before deciding. And if you're looking for a tool that adds additional capabilities to ChatGPT, try out Chatsonic now!

ChatGPT Pricing

ChatGPT pricing are as follows:

  1. Free ChatGPT plan - The usual ChatGPT at capacity
  2. ChatGPT Plus - Previously offered as ChatGPT professional (at $42/month), ChatGPT Plus comes at $20/month and includes priority access when ChatGPT is down, along with GPT-4 powers.
ChatGPT alternative

What can Chatsonic do?

If you want to generate results that are up-to-date, then go for Chatsonic moreover, if you need additional features like voice search, persona types, voice response, API support, etc. Chatsonic is the best ChatGPT alternative available.

Chatsonic also has the ability to generate digital artwork, create posts for social media, generate summaries, and write content with images. Additionally, it can remember past conversations and suggest topics based on user preferences. You can also check ChatGPT prompts for SEO to write rankable content quickly.

So, if you are looking for the best Chat GPT substitute, go for Chatsonic.

Is Chatsonic free?

Yes, you can use Chatsonic for free when you sign up for a free trial on Writesonic. You'll get 10,000 premium words for free on signing up. If you want to generate more, then opt for a premium long-form plan.

How can I access ChatGPT?

You can get access to ChatGPT through OpenAI. Right now, it's free to use on the platform, but getting access involves a bit of a process. They also offer a paid plan called ChatGPT professional for $42/month.

If you want to experience the power of ChatGPT, you can also sign up for a Chatsonic account. Chatsonic gives you access to all of ChatGPT's features and additional features too (developed by Chatsonic), like accurate factual information, voice search, persona types, voice response, API support, etc.

No, you can't use ChatGPT as Google because: First, it's only trained on data up till 2021, and second, it is a large language model and not a search engine. However, if you want to generate up-to-date responses, Chatsonic can help. It operates just like ChatGPT and offers additional features such as information retrieval from Google that provides accurate factual information, voice search, persona types, voice response, API support, etc.

Find out the best use cases of ChatGPT today.

Who owns Open AI?

OpenAI is an artificial intelligence research laboratory consisting of the for-profit corporation OpenAI LP and its parent company, the non-profit organization OpenAI Nonprofit. OpenAI is driven by the goal of advancing digital intelligence in the way that is most likely to benefit humanity as a whole, unconstrained by a need to generate a financial return. The team at OpenAI consists of a diverse group of researchers, engineers, and business professionals who are dedicated to creating beneficial AI.

OpenAI is owned by the OpenAI nonprofit, which is governed by a board comprised of OpenAI LP employees Greg Brockman (Chairman & President), Ilya Sutskever (Chief Scientist), and Sam Altman (CEO), and non-employees Adam D’Angelo, Reid Hoffman, Will Hurd, Tasha McCauley, Helen Toner, and Shivon Zilis. OpenAI is also backed by investors such as Microsoft, Reid Hoffman’s charitable foundation, and Khosla Ventures. These investors provide OpenAI with capital and computing power to build AI software.

Is Chatgpt down? Why is ChatGPT at capacity?

Lately, ChatGPT has been giving error messages and showing at capacity.

ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot developed by OpenAI, a research lab focused on creating artificial intelligence technology. It has become a popular tool for developers, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts who are looking to quickly generate text using natural language processing. The technology was trained on a large amount of text data, including archived books and Wikipedia, and is able to generate text that mimics various writing styles.

However, due to its immense popularity, the servers have been overloaded, causing error messages and preventing users from accessing the service. To prevent further overloading, OpenAI has limited the number of users accessing the service.

ChatGPT users typically turn to Google for help with a wide range of topics, from finding information about a particular subject to solving a technical problem. Some of the most popular queries include: general knowledge questions, researching a topic, finding a product or service, troubleshooting a device, solving a math problem, researching a company or job opening, and searching for a specific item. Additionally, ChatGPT users may use Google to obtain directions, look up an address, or find a local business.

Who is ChatGPT's founder?

ChatGPT is based on GPT-3, owned by OpenAI - an artificial intelligence research laboratory. Because of its increasing popularity, ChatGPT is facing several issues right now. If you've encountered ChatGPT down or ChatGPT at capacity error recently, don't fret. Try Chatsonic, which is like ChatGPT but with superpowers.

What is the smartest AI chatbot?

If you are looking for an advanced AI chatbot that answers all your queries in real-time with up-to-date information extracted from Google, lets you perform voice searches, and gives back voice responses (just like Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa), helps you generate AI art, provides API support, has a chrome extension, and is available as a mobile app as well, then Chatsonic is the best and the smartest option for you.

Is there an AI app that talks to you?

Yes, Chatsonic (ChatGPT with superpowers) accepts voice searches and responds back, just like Google Assistant and Siri. You can try out Chatsonic for free on Writesonic.

What is Chatsonic?

Chatsonic is an unbelievably mighty conversational AI chatbot created to combat the obstacles of ChatGPT from OpenAI. This cutting-edge AI chatbot is designed with the newest GPT-4 model, harnessing Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) technology to streamline text and image generation.

Chatsonic can converse with people just like a real human - but better! It has the smarts of a machine and the intelligence levels of a human. Try out this free alternative to Chat GPT today!

What is better than ChatGPT?

Chatsonic is an advanced version of ChatGPT because it improves upon the limitations of ChatGPT, which includes: up-to-date information generation, AI art generation, voice search, and voice response.

Other platforms similar to ChatGPT are -Jasper Chat,  Bard AI, LaMDA (Language Model for Dialog Applications), Socratic, Bing AI, DialoGPT, Megatron-Turing Natural Language Generation, NeevaAI, CoPilot, Tabnine, Amazon Codewhisperer, Elsa Speaks, Bloom, DeepL Write, YouChat, Perplexity, Elicit, Chinchilla, Replika, Character AI, Poe by Quora, Chatsonic Slack Bot, CoGram, Otter, LLaMA by Meta, and DeepMind’s ChatGPT alternative by Elon Musk.

Samanyou Garg

Samanyou is the founder of Writesonic. He is passionate about using AI to solve complex real-world problems, and he also won the 2019 Global Undergraduate Awards (nicknamed the junior Nobel Prize).

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