20+ Top SEO GPTs to Help You Rank Better in 2024

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It just feels like yesterday when OpenAI launched ChatGPT. The capabilities and use cases of ChatGPT were so overwhelming!

Everyone was so excited about using the conversational chatbot, sometimes the OpenAI servers gave up 🥴

But, this is all history. The latest thing about ChatGPT is the GPTs.

GPTs are custom versions of ChatGPT that can be built for specific tasks or subjects, from learning a language to assisting with technical support. It can be as simple or complex as required.

Now, you may ask, ChatGPT also does all this. What is so special about ‘GPT’?

Being specific!

ChatGPT is known to churn out generic responses, but with a custom GPT, you can get specific responses. It can help you with meal planning, interior design ideas, writing codes, making travel plans, etc. The list can go on and on.

Being the content writer I am, I was keen on how it can help me with SEO. To my surprise, there are already GPTs built for SEO use cases by amazing people.

In this blog post, let’s explore the best available SEO GPTs.

20+ GPTs for SEO

As SEO is a big volume of concepts, it can be difficult to narrow it down to a few custom SEO GPTs. So, I categorized these GPTs into 6 groups.

  • Technical SEO
  • Learn SEO
  • SEO and Content Review
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Creation
  • SEO Analytics

Under each group, we have a set of unique GPTs. So, without any further ado, let’s start exploring each group.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO ensures your website meets the technical requirements of modern search engines for improved ranking. It fine-tunes the website's speed, security, and mobile responsiveness. Other key tasks include setting up clear redirections and fixing any broken links. Moreover, it involves crafting an XML sitemap for smooth navigation and applying structured data for search engines to better grasp the content's meaning.

These efforts are crucial for making the site easily interpretable by search engines, which can have a significant impact on its search visibility.

Now, let's look at the custom SEO GPTs that focus on streamlining the technical aspects of SEO.

  1. Web performance engineer

Best for: Optimizing website performance

The Web Performance Engineer GPT excels in enhancing your website’s performance.

It takes page speed insights reports and gives personalized optimization strategies. It helps you through every step to speed up your site, with interactive troubleshooting and clear instructions for tasks like optimizing CSS delivery.

2. Schema Advisor - Amanda Jordan

Best for: Structured data implementation and better search engine communication

Schema is a code that helps search engines understand and display website content better. The 'additionalType' property within this code allows for more detail beyond standard schema categories, pinpointing the exact nature of the content or business.

Manually selecting and applying these classifications demands a deep understanding, which can be challenging.

The Schema Advisor GPT eases this process by offering expert advice on using 'additionalType' accurately.

It generates precise schema recommendations for URLs, creates custom JSON-LD schemas, and also adds schemas directly from page content.

Learn SEO

Learning SEO is a continuous journey due to the ever-evolving nature of search engines and user behaviors.The real challenge is not just understanding the basics like keywords and backlinks but also keeping pace with search engine updates. The GPTs in this section aim to simplify this learning curve. They offer up-to-date, actionable knowledge to guide beginners and pros alike, ensuring your SEO skills remain sharp and effective.

3. Is it a ranking factor

Best for: Understanding Google's Ranking Factors

Is it a Ranking Factor GPT delivers expert insights into the aspects of Google's search algorithm that could affect your website's ranking.

It addresses common queries about the influence of page speed, the role of backlinks, the evaluation of content quality, and the impact of user experience on rankings. By providing the latest updates and informed opinions, this GPT helps clarify the often-generic information surrounding ranking factors, offering a clearer understanding of what could help or hinder your site's search performance.

4. Julian Goldie GPT

Best for: Backlink Strategy and SEO Knowledge

The Julian Goldie GPT specializes in quality backlink building and SEO insights, drawing from the expertise of Julian Goldie himself.

This GPT delivers specific strategies for creating and managing backlinks effectively. It provides precise, expert-level guidance if you need to pinpoint the best sites for backlinks or deepen your SEO understanding. Ideal for anyone seeking quick, authoritative information, this GPT bypasses the need to sift through blogs and videos, offering direct expert advice on SEO and backlink queries.


Best for: Personalized SEO Learning

SEO GPT simplifies learning any SEO concept, no matter the complexity, into detailed, straightforward steps.

It guides you through optimizing paginated content, correctly implementing hreflang, and avoiding Google penalties. This GPT acts as an ever-present mentor, ready to address your doubts and provide tailored assistance. It's equipped to handle specific scenarios with practical advice, making mastering SEO's theoretical and practical aspects much more approachable.

Below are other GPTs that can help you master SEO in every aspect, from theoretical to practical.

SEO Mentor - offers guidance strictly in line with Google's best practices.
SEO Tutor - provides custom advice to enhance your site's Google rankings ethically.
SEORanKing - delivers expert SEO strategies to elevate your search rankings.
Sherlock SEO Assistant - evidence-backed SEO insights and tactics.
The LearningSEO.io SEO Teacher - uses trusted resources to educate you on SEO fundamentals and beyond.

SEO and content review

SEO and content review examines your website's content to ensure it aligns with search engine standards and user expectations. This essential process evaluates keywords, content quality, and relevance, aligning your pages with SEO best practices and engagement objectives. It directly influences your search rankings and user experience, affecting your site's visibility and conversion rates. Proper review makes content discoverable by search engines and valuable to readers, meeting both algorithmic and human requirements.

Below are a few SEO GPTs that ease the process of SEO and content review.

6. SEOGPT by Writesonic

Best for: Comprehensive SEO Analysis

SeoGPT by Writesonic is a versatile GPT that enhances your SEO strategy by identifying trending keywords, analyzing competitors, and discovering long-tail keywords for content optimization.

It provides SEO data, including keywords and content structure, for specific topics and can even utilize this data to generate well-structured articles. Additionally, it offers an SEO score feature for articles, providing a custom link for a detailed analysis in the Sonic Editor, making it a powerful tool for refining your content to SEO perfection.

7. Content Helpfulness and Quality SEO Analyzer

Best for: Content Effectiveness Assessment

Content Helpfulness and Quality SEO Analyzer evaluates your web content's usefulness, relevance, and quality against your competitors, following Google's guidelines.

Simply add your site's content URL for a comprehensive assessment to understand how your content stacks up in the eyes of both search engines and potential visitors.

Below are more similar GPTs to analyze content.

High-Quality Review Analyzer
Search Quality Rater GPT
Quality Raters SEO Guide
Search Quality Evaluator GPT

8. SEO E-E-A-T Assistant

Best for: Improving Content Trustworthiness

SEO E-E-A-T Assistant provides focused advice to improve your content's Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, crucial elements that Google values. It offers quick SEO tips for articles, concise advice for content, and bullet-point suggestions to elevate the E-E-A-T quality of your blog posts.

Another GPT that helps you with Google’s E-E-A-T is SearchQualityGPT.

It evaluates how your content aligns with the EEAT criteria and provides detailed suggestions for enhancement.

9. SEO

Best for: On-Page SEO Analysis

SEO GPT delivers an on-page SEO analysis for any given URL and keyword. It checks your site's load time, metadata, keyword density, and tag use, providing insights for optimization.

Just input your site's URL and target keyword for a detailed evaluation and actionable recommendations to enhance your content's SEO efficiency.

Similar GPtTs for on page SEO analysis include,

Jarvis the SEO Expert
SEO Super Analyzer

10. ChatSEO

Best for: Creating SEO-optimized content strategy and writing

ChatSEO actively guides you through drafting and enhancing your content and provides coaching to sharpen your SEO skills.

It helps improve your website's SEO, conducts keyword research for your topics, keeps you informed on the latest SEO trends, and advises on making content more engaging for your audience. ChatSEO goes a step further by also drafting original content from scratch, ensuring optimization and reader engagement are top priority.

Keyword research

Keyword research is used to identify terms and phrases that people use in search engines. This is crucial for increasing visibility and drawing organic traffic. When you know what your audience is searching for, you can tailor your content to meet their needs, matching their search intent and enhancing your search engine rankings.

11. Keyword Research GPT by Writesonic

Best for: Targeted Keyword Discovery

Writesonic's Keyword Research GPT helps you find trending and long-tail keywords, and even competitor insights for your content topics.

Just tell it what you're looking to explore, and it delivers a list of keywords that can help you stand out.

Writesonic is known for pushing the envelope in SEO and content creation tools, making it easier for writers and marketers to get their content to the right audience. This GPT is another step in Writesonic’s journey to streamline content optimization.

12. Keyword Catalyst

Best for: SEO Keyword Trends and Analysis

Keyword Catalyst specializes in uncovering keyword trends and conducting deep research to optimize your SEO.

Whether you're looking into the tech industry, launching a new health product, running a travel blog, or optimizing a site for financial services, it provides tailored keyword suggestions. This GPT taps into the latest data, ensuring your content aligns with current searches and industry trends.

Content Creation

Content creation involves producing engaging material like blog posts, videos, and graphics that speak directly to your audience. It's essential for grabbing attention, building your brand's authority, and encouraging visitor interaction. Good content drives traffic, fosters loyalty, and supports your business objectives by connecting with people and their needs.

13. SEO Blog Expert

SEO Blog Expert crafts SEO-friendly content for various blog types and lengths. It offers tips for integrating SEO into short business blogs, structures medium-length educational articles for optimal SEO, selects effective keywords for lengthy lifestyle pieces, and generates catchy titles for brief entertainment posts.

This GPT ensures your blogs are reader-engaging and primed for search engine success.

Other tools that work similar to SEO Blog Expert are:

Magic Writer

14. CuratorGPT

Best for: Trending Content Curation

CuratorGPT zeroes in on the pulse of current events, delivering real-time lists of trending content across various categories.

Need to know the latest AI tools or viral news? Looking for top-rated products or the week's political headlines? This GPT gathers the freshest, most relevant items, ensuring you have the up-to-date content that audiences seek.

15. Copywriter GPT

Best for: Viral Ad Copywriting

Copywriter GPT is your go-to for creating ad copy that's designed to catch attention and engage audiences.

It provides advertisement ideas, improves headlines, guides you in brand selection for high-end products, and suggests marketing strategies for tech product ads. This GPT is a resource for anyone looking to enhance their ad copy, from social media to landing pages.

16. Viral Hooks Generator

Best for: Crafting Scroll-Stopping Hooks

Viral Hooks Generator is the GPT that specializes in writing hooks for short-form content that are designed to stop scrolls and capture attention.

Whether you're curious about what makes a hook go viral, need to transform your script into something catchy, or want a compelling hook for your content idea, this GPT provides the punchy opening lines that make viewers want to stick around for more.

17. SEO Crafter

Best for: Seo-enriched Product Descriptions

SEO Crafter is dedicated to enhancing e-commerce content with SEO-rich details.

It generates product descriptions, refines titles, suggests relevant keywords, and offers SEO tips tailored to your products, such as for beauty items. This GPT ensures your product details aren't just informative and optimized for search engines, driving visibility and sales.

18. StyleMaster

Best for: Maintaining brand tone and voice

Stylemaster takes the style and tone of a sample article you provide and then crafts new content to match that style on any topic you specify.

It analyzes and replicates the language of your example, ensuring consistency across your content. Whether you're looking to maintain a particular brand voice or love the flow of a certain writer, Stylemaster adapts to your needs for seamless style integration.

Once you add an article, it will analyze the writing style and give you ChatGPT prompts to maintain the style in your future content.

19. Article Assistant

Best for: Comprehensive Article Writing and Research

Article Assistant is your resource for writing and researching in-depth articles across various topics.

It can draft a professional piece on the latest tech innovations, craft informative content on environmental conservation, detail current health and wellness trends, or explore recent financial shifts. This GPT combines the skills of a seasoned article writer with the meticulousness of a researcher, making it invaluable for creating authoritative and engaging content.

SEO analytics

SEO analytics is the process of collecting and analyzing data to understand the performance of your website in search engine results. It involves tracking rankings, measuring traffic, analyzing backlinks, and monitoring the behavior of visitors to inform decisions and strategies. This data is essential for spotting trends, understanding the impact of your SEO efforts, and identifying improvement areas. With solid analytics, you can make informed decisions that drive traffic and improve your site's search engine presence.

20. GSC Keyword Ranking Changes Scatter Plot

Best for: Visual SEO Performance Tracking

GSC Keyword Ranking Changes Scatter Plot translates comparison data from Google Search Console into a clear scatter plot, illustrating the shifts in keyword rankings before and after updates.

This tool provides a visual representation by uploading a CSV of keyword data, making it easier to analyze and understand ranking changes over time.

21. GA4 Commander

Best for: Google Analytics 4 Mastery

GA4 Commander offers expert guidance on navigating Google Analytics 4, from setting up properties to segmenting audiences.

It explains the nuances between GA4 and Universal Analytics and walks you through tracking conversions, ensuring you're equipped to use GA4's advanced features effectively.

Want to learn how to build such SEO GPTs on your own? Read our blog about creating custom GPTs using GPT builder!


Exploring SEO GPTs gives you a suite of purpose-built tools for boosting your website's performance. From refining your site's technical groundwork to mastering keyword research, crafting compelling content, and dissecting data with precision analytics, these tools are designed to make complex SEO tasks straightforward. To move forward, choose the aspects of your SEO plan that could benefit from a boost. Try out these GPTs to enhance your approach, improve your content’s reach, and capture the insights that will guide your strategy to success.

Aishwarya Gindham

A content writer at WriteSonic who loves to write long-form content with details and examples. The agenda is to help the reader find a solution to their problem.

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