10 Best Jasper AI Alternatives for a Smarter 2024: Unlock the Power of GPT-4!

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Discover the ultimate AI writing powerhouse: Why Writesonic outshines Jasper and takes the crown!

In a world where AI writing tools are making waves, Jasper AI has long been the talk of the town, thanks to its early GPT-3.5 adoption and startup acquisitions.

But now, the tide has turned, and now Writesonic has outperformed Jasper in many ways. Boasting an array of unrivaled features, unbeatable pricing, and seamless integrations, Writesonic is set to revolutionize your content generation experience.

Salient points out why Writesonic is superior to Jasper:

  1. 2.5x economical: Writesonic's annual unlimited plan starts at $16/month, while Jasper's annual plan starts at $39/month.
  2. Availability of GPT-4 and GPT-4 (32k): Writsonic is the only tool that is offering Superior quality with GPT-4 and GPT-4 (32k), which are unique and costliest models.
  3. Writesonic has developed advanced SEO score meter capable of not only determining the Google SEO score of your content instantly but also providing tailored suggestions for keywords and other optimization strategies ensuring it ranks highly on Google within just a day of publishing.

4.  100+ features: Wriesonic offers more than 100 features, while Jasper offers nearly 50 features.

5. Amazing Article Writer 4.0 and 5.0: Writesonic's AI writers are remarkably unique, with the capability to instantaneously produce up to 3000-word, SEO-optimized, factual, and personalized articles.

6. Botsonic: Botsonic by Writesonic is an innovative no-code solution designed for creating custom ChatGPT AI chatbots. It allows website owners to elevate their visitor experience, enhance customer support, and improve sales conversions. This is a unique feature is Writesonic and not available with Jasper.

7. Chatsonic: Since its global debut, Chatsonic by Writesonic has emerged as the Best alternative to ChatGPT.

8. 5 Star reviews: Writesonic has more than 15k- 5-star reviews, while Jasper has only 5000 reviews.

Dive in and explore the incredible world of Writesonic as we guide you through its unique offerings and help you make the best decision for your content generation needs. Welcome to the future of AI writing!

Table Of Contents

Why go for Jasper alternatives?

Jasper is the most expensive AI writer on the market, requiring you to enter your credit card information even for free trials.

Despite offering many social media content generation features, it lacks features such as - automatic image insertion, bulk content generation, and an API. Additionally, it does not integrate with popular platforms like WordPress, Wix, Medium, and Zapier, which would allow users to publish content instantly.

Let's go through each of these issues in detail:

➡️ Expensive Plans:
There are many AI writers, but Jasper is one of the most expensive ones out there. Let's see why:

(i) Monthly plans: Jasper's basic plan starts at $49/month, while Writesonic's plan starts at $20/month. Thus, most people are not able to afford Jasper.

(ii) Annual plans: Jasper offers only a 20% discount on its annual plan, whereas Writesonic offers a 33% discount on its annual plan (four months free). It is, therefore, expensive to use Jasper.

➡️ Lacks many features:
Several important actions, such as instant generation of full-length articles (up to 3000 words), complete article rewrites, paragraph rewrites, batch content generation by taking input from 1000s of generations at a time, and social media features such as Twitter tweets and Linkedin post generation, aren't possible with Jasper. Its main competitor, Writesonic, offers all of these features.

➡️ Several integrations are missing:
Jasper does not integrate with WordPress, the world's biggest blogging platform. Moreover, Zapier integration is also not available on Jasper.

➡️ Sign-up issue:
When signing up for a new account, Jasper requires credit card details. Most users prefer not to enter their credit card details before testing the platform. For a majority, this is a big deterrent to using Jasper.

➡️ Jasper Chat, not up-to-date:
Just like ChatGPT, Jasper Chat is trained on data only up to 2021. So it cannot help with trending, current event topics. Jasper Chat is also a dialogue-based text model, just like ChatGPT, which doesn't help with text-to-image AI art or voice commands. Whereas, Chatsonic by Writesonic beats all of these limitations and acts as a full-show conversational AI chatbot.

Best 10 Jasper Alternatives for 2024

  1. Writesonic
  2. CopyAI
  3. Rytr
  4. Writer
  5. TextCortex
  6. Longshot AI
  7. Hypotenuse.AI
  8. Copysmith
  9. Anyword
  10. Snazzy AI

Let's have a look at the above Jasper alternatives in detail...

Writesonic: Most affordable Jasper alternative

Writesonic is the best and most affordable AI writing tool among blog writers, social media managers, and email marketers. Powered by GPT-4, this perfect Jasper.ai alternative is best used for long-form content, especially for Article/Blog writing, emails, social media posts, and much more.

Besides this, Chatsonic by Writesonic is known as the "Best alternative to ChatGPT" since the launch of ChatGPT, as it is integrated with Google search and gives results on the latest topics. It also adds many other astonishing features above ChatGPT.

Writesonic is 2X more cost-effective than Jasper/Jarvis. Users don't need a credit card to use, making Writesonic more user-friendly and easy to access. Automatic image insertion, bulk generation, API access, and personalized and factual content are just a few of the additional features that make Writesonic superior to Jasper.

Writesonic offers easy integrations with WordPress and Zapier. The feature lets you publish your content directly to a CMS platform like WordPress with one click.

And you can definitely not miss out on the newly launched Botsonic by Writeonic. It’s an advanced no-code AI chatbot builder that helps to build customized chatbots. In addition, Writesonic has more than 3 times as many 5-star reviews on popular peer-to-peer review websites like G-2, Capterra, TrustPilot, etc. No doubt why Writesonic is one of the best Jasper alternatives.

Detailed comparisons of both these popular tools, Jasper and Writesonic, are as follows:

  1. AI Article & Blog Writer
    With Article Writer 5.0, you can create full-fledged factual and personalized articles that are also SEO-optimized with keywords. It's as simple as adding the topic, and Writesonic takes care of the rest.
  2. Chatsonic - ChatGPT-like conversational AI chatbot assistant
    Writesonic's Chatsonic is an AI-driven assistant similar to ChatGPT but with additional features.
    - It can compose articles about current events and trending topics with real-time data
    - Create digital artwork (text-to-image model) and AI art based on text input
    - Generate content with a voice command and get replies back in Siri / Google Assistant way – no more manual typing is needed.
    You can examine the countless potentials of this dialogue-based content delivery AI assistant, which will help you with any query instantly and in real time.
  3. Botsonic - Botsonic by Writesonic is a no-code custom AI ChatGPT chatbot builder that helps to build customized chatbots trained on your own data - and that too with no technical knowledge.
  4. Photosonic - Turn your text into realistic digital images and art with Writesonic’s new AI art generator.
  5. Brand voice - Writesonic can help you to create a brand voice, which can ultimately help you to create content aligning with your brand tone and other brand identity elements.
  6. Paraphrasing tool - Rewrite the content quickly and effectively using the Writesonic paraphrasing tool. Also, check out the top 8 paraphrasing tools that can help you scale the AI content creation process.
  7. Landing page generator - Generate entire landing pages with code in 30 seconds. Writesonic helps businesses convert more leads and sales in seconds with the landing page generator.
  8. Option to choose quality - Writesonic's AI is trained on billions of data points, including content from the top brands, and the data team has a specific process for training it. Moreover, you have full control over the quality. Writesonic gives you the option to choose from GPT-3, GPT-4, and GPT-4 32k.
  9. Automatic blog image generation - Based on the user's topic, the platform finds the most semantically relevant images from the best Shutterstock alternatives.
  10. Make your own AI - Looking for a specific type of content that Writesonic doesn’t currently provide? You can train your AI using the “Make your own AI” feature.
  11. API - Writesonic’s AI writing features can be integrated into your own application without using Writesonic's web interface.
  12. Bulk upload feature - Writesonic has another unique feature that no other AI writing tool provides: bulk uploading, which lets you generate content in bulk.
  13. AI content detector - Writesonic offers an AI content detector that can help you detect AI-generated content and ensure originality and credibility in your content. You can also check out the 7 best AI detectors that you can try in 2024.






Monthly Plan

The Creator Plan starts at $49 and offers unlimited words

The Unlimited Plan starts at $20 and offers unlimited premium words

Writesonic is 2X more affordable than Jasper.

Annual Plan

Annual plans offer 20% off

Annual plans offer 33% off - which means 4 months free.

Quality selection

No Option

Four quality options

GPT-3.5, GPT-4, GPT-4 32k.

Option to switch quality to generate 10X more content.

Ratings on Review platforms


1046- 5 star ratings

1595-  5 star ratings

While Writesonic has 10,000 five-star ratings, Jasper has only 3000 five-star ratings


900- 5 star ratings

1630- 5 star ratings


1270- 5 star ratings

3000- 5 star ratings



4000- 5 star ratings

Features (templates)



Writesonic has more features



No option

Feature given

Publish your content directly to popular CMS platforms like WordPress, Wix, Medium, etc., in one click


No option

Feature given

Provide keywords to make your content SEO optimized that rank on Google.


Feature given

Feature given


Credit card required

No credit card required

Very user friendly as no need to enter a credit card for free trial

Some other Writesonic features you will appreciate:

  • Evaluates the emotional tone of words written
  • Ensures sentences are formatted properly
  • Recommends topics based on the content written
  • Generates sentences, paragraphs, or papers based on sample text or a topic
  • Generates a form based on information presented
  • Sums up texts of all sizes in a matter of seconds
  • High-quality product descriptions for eCommerce store/website
  • Produce unique Facebook ad copy from scratch using the Facebook ad copy generator.
  • Use Quora answer generator to generate answers as well as leads
  • Automate writing copy for your Google Ads with the Google Ad generator

These features make Writesonic the best Jarvis.ai alternative in the market. Have a look at how they are priced.








Free trial


10,000 words



Unlimited Plan


Unlimited words


Unlimited words

Here's a detailed view of Writesonic vs. Jarvis AI. Also, check out the top 7 free AI writers that you can try in 2024. For more information about this, see Writesonic's pricing plans!

Marketers, creators, artists, and brands unleash your imagination and create stunning images using this AI art generator - Photosonic, powered by Writesonic.


Copy.ai is another popular AI writing tool after Writesonic among blog writers, social media managers, and email marketers. The platform is known for its short-form content generation. You can use this Jasper alternative for creating engaging social media posts, email subject lines, and email marketing copies.

For a detailed comparison, you can check our CopyAI vs Jasper blog.
Jasper alternative

Copy.ai is known for the following features:

  • Social media content templates
  • eCommerce copy
  • Blog post ideas
  • Bullet points for summarizing content
  • Sales copy
  • Product benefits
  • Email subject lines
  • Digital ad copy




Long-form content

Available in Boss Mode only

SEO integration

Supports Surfer SEO

In-app collaboration

Plagiarism checker

Available as an Add-on

Integration with third-party apps

Rich text control

Free trial

Offers a forever free trial

7-day free trial

Style Editor

Tone check

Sentence formatting

If you want a Jasper alternative that excels not only in short-from content generation but can do wonders with long-form content, then Writesonic might be your best choice.
Check out a detailed comparison of Writesonic vs Copy.ai here. Or if you'd like to explore some more AI writing assistants like Copy.ai, here's detailed research on the copy ai alternatives.


From blogs to emails to ad copies, Rytr is one of the most versatile alternatives to Jasper AI. The feature that gave Rytr one of the top positions in our list of Jasper alternatives is its superfast turnaround time with the content. You can use Rytr to automatically generate catchy, original, and high-converting copies in various tones and languages in a matter of seconds.

This Jasper alternative works with one mission - to help businesses, agencies, and writers save time and money while writing high-performing copies.

Jarvis alternative

Rytr is known for the following set of features:

  • Blog idea and outline
  • Blog section writing
  • Brand name
  • Business idea pitch
  • Business ideas
  • Call to action
  • Copywriting framework

Check out a detailed research blog on Rytr vs Jarvis that will help you go for the best AI writer for your writing needs.




Long-form copy

Grammar check

Integrates with Grammarly

No integration with grammar checking tools

AI Technology



Writing templates



SEO Integration

Integrates with SEMRush

Integrates with Surfer SEO

Paragraph generator

Plagiarism checker

Browser extension

Team mode or collaboration features

Free trial

Free forever plan.

Writesonic proves to be a better alternative to Rytr. Check out a detailed comparison of Writesonic vs Rytr here.


Writer.com takes a secure and customized approach to AI-driven content creation. It offers a full-stack platform designed to accelerate growth across cross-functional teams. With its unique blend of language models, natural language processing, and machine learning, the platform sets itself apart as one of the most capable Jasper AI competitors.

Writer.com uses its own family of open and transparent LLMs called Palmyra to ensure performance, visibility, and control.

Writer - best Jasper Alternative

Writer.com goes beyond content creation, offering features to ensure your work aligns with brand, legal, and regulatory guidelines.  With a dedicated customer success team, the company offers ongoing support, training, and guidance to maximize the benefits of AI in your content strategy.

Writer is known for the following set of features:

  • Secure, self-hosted models that prioritize data privacy
  • Tailored content creation to suit various business needs
  • Insightful analysis for research right where you work
  • Compliance tools to align with brand, legal, and regulatory guidelines
  • Seamless integrations with existing tools like Chrome, Word, and Figma




SEO-focused content

Proprietary Language Models (LLMs)

Compliance Tools

On-page optimization guidance

Topic only

No optimization

Content briefs

AI Writing

Use their own trained AI model

Uses GPT-3 for text completion

Writing methods and templates

20+ templates


Open-Source Models

Citation Finder

Reporting and statistics

Although Writer looks like a good Jasper AI alternative, Writesonic offers better features and is much easier to use than Writer.


TextCortex AI, a Berlin-based AI startup, has devoted itself to helping writers and businesses gain more scalability by empowering them with AI-generated product descriptions, ads, blogs, and other long-form content.

You start with a thought, and this Jarvis AI alternative will help you shape it into a full-fledged written piece.

Jasper Alternatives

Here are some of the major features of TextCortex AI:

  • Product descriptions
  • Blog writing
  • Marketing copies
  • Story writing
  • Sales email copy
  • Support emails
  • Youtube description
  • Instagram captions




Long-form content

Tone check

SEO-optimized product descriptions

Long-form SEO articles

Outreach emails

Plagiarism checker

Access to previously generated content


Shopify Integration

Descriptions for Youtube and Instagram

Why limit yourself to a bunch of AI writing features on TextCortex? Explore 100+ AI writing templates on Writesonic to create different kinds of content in seconds.

Longshot AI

Longshot AI is a writing assistant best known for creating long-form, SEO content. It helps writers and marketers to go from idea to research to generation to SEO in minutes. Writers and marketers can ensure that they receive unique, fresh, fact-checked, and SEO-friendly content.

It is powered by advanced AI technology with a deep understanding of context and semantics. This technology helps you create content that is far beyond the regular writing assistants, offering completely new capabilities, which is evident from the list of features offered by this Jasper AI alternative - LongshotAI.

Jarvis alternatives
Longshot AI

Features powering LongShot AI:

  • Content rephraser
  • FAQ Generator
  • Headline generator
  • Blog ideas generator
  • Meta description generator
  • Text extender
  • Blog insights generator
  • Fact checker




Niche selection

14 unique niche categories

Research feature

Included in subscription


Project management

Team mode

Publish option

Export feature

Long rephraser

Fact check

Word limit

Unlimited credits

Limited credits

Free trial

Forever free plan

No free trial

Longshot AI offers various AI writing features but lacks AI art generation. Photosonic by Writesonic can help you there. In fact, Writesonic's Article writing features also support blog banners.


Hypotenuse.AI is one of the best alternatives to Jasper AI. From paid ads and social media copies to writing SEO-optimized and factually correct blogs, the platform excels at creating tailored content for your brand in 25+ languages. And the best part? You can get all this content written in your specific brand voice and tone.

Hypotenuse.AI - best Jasper AI Alternative

Hypotenuse.AI is powered with the following features:

  • Bulk product description writing
  • 19+ pre-made templates
  • Image generation
  • SEO-focused blog posts
  • Content re-writer and summarizer




Full-length article generation

Built-in plagiarism checker

Text rewording

Verifiable citations

Bulk product description generation

Chrome Extension

Publish to WordPress

Surfer Integration

Free trial

Content kits

Want to generate ads, social media copy, emails, or even AI art? Choose Writesonic instead of AI Writer! 


Copysmith is an AI copywriting platform built specifically for creating copies by writers and marketers and is widely used by eCommerce businesses, enterprises, agencies, and freelancers.

Jasper.ai alternative - Copysmith is an ideal AI-augmented brainstorming partner to help businesses 10X their content marketing game.

Jarvis alternatives

These are the features that make Copysmith the ideal copywriter platform:

  • Bulk product descriptions
  • Bulk content generation
  • Teams & Collaboration
  • Campaign builder




Bulk product descriptions

Bulk content generation

Teams and collaboration

Campaign builder


Chrome extension


Plagiarism checker

Free trial

Rich text control

Copysmith generates content that lacks quality; however, with Writesonic, you won't have to struggle with quality anymore.


Anyword, a Jasper.ai alternative, is an AI writer that generates and optimizes your copy to help you get more conversions and sales. It is supported by a powerful predictive analytics system that tells you what works before you publish it.

This natural language generation platform helps writers and marketers tailor their messages to their ideal audience.

The model is trained on millions of marketing messages, coupled with your historical data to help you create expert-level messages across channels and formats.

Jasper alternative

Anyword powers the world’s top publishers and brands, including The New York Times, PetCareRx, NBA, Red Bull, Ted Baker, and others.

Anyword is powered with amazing features like:

  • Ad copy
  • Landing/Product pages
  • Blog posts
  • Emails
  • Product descriptions
  • SMS
  • Website targeted messages




Sentence formatting

Sentence rephraser

Grammar check

Plagiarism check

Style editor

Tone checker

Website targeted messages


Ad copy

Free trial

If you have ever used Anyword, you know it offers features that are only best for writing marketing copy. If you want a tool that can write any kind of content with the highest quality, then go for Writesonic.

Snazzy AI (Smart Copy by Unbounce)

Snazzy AI is built for teams that want to scale that content. It gives content teams, startups, enterprises, and agencies great content ideas for social media ads, landing pages, and more.

Jasper alternative
Snazzy AI (Smart Copy by Unbounce)

Snazzy AI has some of the best templates for the following:

  • Landing pages
  • Headlines and descriptions
  • Features & benefits
  • Meta descriptions
  • Article headlines, listicle ideas, blog ideas
  • Ad copies for Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Amazon
  • Sales outreach emails
  • Product descriptions


Snazzy AI


Long-form content

Style editor


Plagiarism checker

Amazon listings

Google ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, and Amazon ads

Podcasting ideas, video ideas, and YouTube channel description

New product ideas

Browser extension 

Free trial

Looking for a Jasper alternative that can write long-form content like blogs of 2,500+ words in seconds? Try Writesonic for free now! 

So, which Jasper.ai alternative should you go with?

Ensuring your content is fresh, precise, and error-free is now easier than ever, thanks to all the AI writing software at our disposal. If you are looking for more options, you can also check out our list of unlimited AI writer tools.

If you are looking for a versatile tool to replace Jasper (formerly Jarvis.ai), you can easily rely on Writesonic to be your perfect companion in creating relevant and engaging content. The best part is that it has become the most affordable compared to Jasper. Unlike Jasper AI, the wide range of features Writesonic offers is also free to try.

Allow Writesonic’s AI capabilities to do the heavy lifting for your content requirements.


Q1. What are the best Jasper.ai alternatives?
Some of the Jasper.ai alternatives worth exploring are:

  1. Writesonic
  2. Chatsonic
  3. CopyAI
  4. Rytr
  5. Writer
  6. TextCortex
  7. LongshotAI
  8. Hypotenuse.ai
  9. Copysmith
  10. Anyword
  11. Snazzy AI

Q2. What should you go for - Writesonic vs. Jasper.ai
Between the two top-rated AI writers, Writesonic and Jasper, individuals and businesses prefer Writesonic. The reason is that it takes only 15 seconds to come up with 2500+ word articles. The pricing starts from $16/month, enabling freelancers, startups, and enterprises to use the tool, and it integrates with platforms like SEMrush, WordPress, Chrome, and more.

Q3. Which is the best AI writing tool?
Writesonic is one of the best AI-writing tools that help you write SEO-optimized long-form content (10,000 words in free trial) in as less as 15 seconds for a price of $16/month (unlimited words)

Q4. Can I try Writesonic for free?
Writesonic offers a free trial for 10,000 words.

Q5. How much does Writesonic cost?
Writesonic charges $16/month for unlimited words. You can also grab its free trial for $0, which offers 10,000 words for free.

Samanyou Garg

Samanyou is the founder of Writesonic. He is passionate about using AI to solve complex real-world problems, and he also won the 2019 Global Undergraduate Awards (nicknamed the junior Nobel Prize).

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