11 Best AI writing assistants to create quality content in 2024

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Generating quality content that actually leaves an impact on the reader or even converts them into potential clients is not a simple task. However, as a content marketer or writer, are you able to keep up with the quality and quantity?

The question here is, can you use AI writing assistants to scale up the process of creating high-quality content?

The answer is yes. AI writing tools are getting better at creating content for everything, ranging from blogs, social media posts, and product descriptions to ad copy and landing pages.

If you are still over the fence about using an AI writing assistant to automate content writing for your business, this article is for you.

Table Of Contents

Let’s start by learning why you need an AI writing assistant in the first place.

AI writing software are programmed to combine the power of machine learning with artificial intelligence in the field of content generation. These AI content are based on AI content generator open source algorithms like GPT-4.

And these tools are usually developed to focus on different styles of content creation. Each content generator tool is specialized in a particular genre of writing, like fiction, non-fiction, or marketing copy, that focuses on converting your reader into a potential buyer.

Some of the benefits of using AI writing assistants are:

  • They can generate quality content in a short time.
  • AI writing assistant tools are a lifesaver when it comes to grammar, punctuation, and language syntax.
  • They can create content in multiple languages.
  • The best AI writing assistant can inspire your writing as it can come up with newer and trending topic ideas.
  • Also, the best AI writing assistants are self-learners. By using technologies like NLP, they are constantly analyzing human interactions, capturing patterns, and evolving to be better writers.

11 best AI writing assistant tools

Now that you want to know more about the best AI content writing tools, here are our best picks. Some of them are free AI writing assistants, while others have both premium and free versions available. Let us know which one of them suits your business needs and content strategy.

#1. Writesonic

Whether you are writing marketing copy selling your product and services, or creating a landing page for your website, Writesonic is one of the best AI writing assistants out there that can help you without much ado.

While you can create any type of content with its help, Writersonic’s forte is creating high-performing engaging content. The AI writing assistant makes your content generation process faster and smoother without having to switch over multiple websites for different needs.

Did we mention that Writesonic can generate articles of 2000+ words in less than a minute? Well, that is not all; here are a few more special features that we loved in this AI writing assistant.

Advanced AI

With Writesonic’s AI Article Writer 5.0, creating factually correct SEO-rich content has never been easier. And using the Docs-like editor - the Sonic editor these articles can be further edited and refined to suit your needs. Besides this, Writesonic has become more advanced, and it can help you with a well-researched 2500+ word article instantly.

Learn how to write a blog post in no time with Writesonic.

70+ Custom-built templates

Why waste time creating new content from scratch when Writesonic has more than 70 custom-built templates that are ready to use on the go? These tried and tested templates help you create any content you want for your brand or teams.

Brand Voice

Now maintaining your brand identity is super easy. Writesonic has a Brand Voice feature that lets you create and maintain your unique brand voice. You can use the same tone and voice to create content across blogs, social media, and other content channels.

Seamless integrations

With a single click, Writesonic exports the article directly to WordPress, and you can publish it right away. Also, if you connect Writesonic with Zapier, you can integrate with 4000+ apps without any code for easier workflows.

Furthermore, Writesonic’s API can be integrated with your own app systems directly without using the web app.

Bulk Upload feature

Writesonic is the best AI writer with the bulk upload feature. It can create 1000s of content pieces in bulk within a jiffy without having to perform repetitive actions. Try generating content in bulk now!

Impactful sales

Writesonic’s main forte is high-impact marketing copy from product descriptions, press releases, ad copy, emails, social media content, and website copy. Unlike other AI writing assistants, you can create a landing page within 30 seconds with code.

Auto image generation for articles

Save hours of manually searching for images to go with your articles anymore. Writesonic comes up with auto-generated images from the best stock image websites, so you can publish them instantaneously. Besides this, Writesonic introduced an AI image generator - Photosonic, which you can use within Writesonic or separately to help you create just any image you imagine and oomph up your marketing campaigns.

Cost-effective Pricing

Writesonic pricing plans are simple and created considering usability. If you just want to try its capabilities, you can start with the free trial that offers 10000 free words upon signing up. Looking for more? Check out the free AI writers that you can try in 2024.

Also, there are paid plans starting at just $19/month and offering unlimited words. It makes highly Writesonic affordable compared to other AI writing tools. For businesses, Writesonic also has an Enterprise plan.

Saurabh S, Small Business
It is the most user-friendly, seamless way to generate content for websites, blogs, marketing campaigns, and more. It's got a clean layout that is never overwhelming or confusing, like other AI writers that I have tried.

#2. Chatsonic - Like Chat GPT with superpowers

Are you looking for an advanced, powerful AI chatbot that can help you level up your content creation game? If so, then look no further than Chatsonic by Writesonic. This revolutionary conversational AI writing assistant is integrated with Google Search and uses natural language processing (NLP) for voice commands.

It is like ChatGPT but with 4x superpowers!

But why choose Chatsonic over ChatGPT?

Here’s a glimpse of the wonders Chatsonic can do to your content.

  • Chatsonic is integrated with Google search, which helps to generate factual information, including real-time topics.
  • Chatsonic can help you generate mesmerizing AI art and images from two different models - Stable Diffusion and DALL-E.
  • It uses NLP to understand voice commands and reply just like Siri/ Google Assistant.
  • It allows you to interact with a personalized avatar, as per your requirements and preferences, by switching to the persona mode.
  • Chatsonic remembers the conversation, so it’s never boring. Only interesting and engaging.
  • It also gives an option to edit, share, and download the conversations, so you can access them whenever you want.
  • The Chatsonic API helps to link to the existing software and improve the overall experience without any back and forth.

ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, has gained significant attention in recent times. However, before opting to use it, it is worth considering ChatGPT alternatives that may offer superior performance, such as Chatsonic.

#3. Kafkai

Kafkai is one of the first AI writing assistants that has been in the SEO and content industry for more than a decade. It focuses on long-form writing and SEO-rich content generation.

If you integrate it with WordPress, you can directly post from Kafkai without having to copy and paste the entire article.


  • Kafkai integrates with WordPress and Zapier, which opens up the possibility of connecting with more apps seamlessly.
  • Kafkai can generate content for 39 different niches, including pets, dating, and games
Overall very good service and good original articles at a reasonable price.️️️


  • Kafkai’s AI is not as advanced as the other AI writing assistants available in the price range.
  • It lacks the rewrite feature, which is essential for repurposing your existing content.

#4. Article Forge

Article Forge is a versatile AI writing assistant that specializes in rewriting articles. The AI assistant lets you have complete control over the length of the article and structural flow (heading, subheadings, and more). And the best part is that it can add video and images to the content as well.

Along with WordPress integration, Article Forge also offers API access, which means you can integrate it with your own app.


  • Article Forge can add video and images to the content automatically.
  • The interface is easy to use and there is no learning curve needed.
Elton K.
Article Forge has set up an automatic article generation with proposed keywords. It's good for brainstorming initial ideas. Basically, the problem lies with keyword selection for the articles in which the article does not have many relations. For instance, if I type in the keyword making money online, the article won't have many relations with making money online totally (more likely that I may come across a topic such as internet era trend that makes people rich.


  • The content needs to be checked for grammar and punctuation with a separate tool like Grammarly.
  • AI-generated content is always a hit or miss. It can be irrelevant to the keywords as well.
Trusted Article Forge User
Their system is glitchy. I connected my WordPress website to their app so that I could post blogs directly to my e-learning platform. When I did that, my platform started identifying the blog posts as courses. Every time I post a blog post, it sends out email notifications to my students announcing that a new course has been added.

#5. Grammarly Business

Talking about the best AI writing assistants, we can't skip Grammarly Business on our list. From business owners and marketers to writers, Grammarly helps everyone with its impeccable insights on grammatical errors, tone, and voice. With the advanced writing suggestions from Grammarly, you can proofread and edit your write-ups much faster.

Not only that, but the platform has recently launched its new generative AI feature, GrammarlyGO. The tool can write, ideate, and edit your content pieces on demand.  Also, you can use the feature for rewriting or paraphrasing your content.


  • Offers great accuracy over basic grammar checks.
  • Comes with advanced writing insights to set the voice and tone of your writing.
  • Let you check plagiarism on the same interface.
  • Easily integrates and works with CMS platforms, emails, and other word processors.
Muhammad U.
"As a user of Grammarly, I have found that there are some cons to using this tool. The free version of the software is quite limited in terms of features and functionality. This can be frustrating for those who are looking for more advanced grammar and writing assistance."


  • The free version has very limited usability.
  • You might get too dependent on the tool as you keep using it.
  • The premium version is expensive.

#6. Peppertype

Peppertype is the go-to AI writing assistant for many content writers and marketing agencies. The clean and simple interface is a welcome change and easier on the eyes.

If there's something you need to write, emails, post titles, Facebook posts, blog post ideas, or any other content choices, Peppertype has a tool dedicated to it. It also provides templates that can help you create content almost instantly.


  • The content rewriter tool is a lifesaver and works very well.
  • From YouTube descriptions to blog posts, Peppertype can generate content in a few minutes based on your input.
Anupriya Yadav
Some of the features still need some work but otherwise, the tool is great and helps create content efficiently.


  • Peppertype lacks the ability to control the length of the content output.
  • The software needs more integrations like WordPress and Zapier and so there are other Peppertype alternatives that one can explore.
The created text was somewhat close but still slightly off-topic every time. - Himanshu, Trustpilot

#7. Copy.AI

Copy.AI is a full-service AI writing assistant that can help you in all type of content generation. Whether you need to generate ideas and topics or you want to write a product value proposition, Copy.ai can deliver it in minutes.

From Facebook ads to sales copy, the writing assistant has ready-to-use templates and most of them are easy and effective to customize and use right away – but mostly short-form.


  • Copy.ai has custom- templates that are effective and easy to use.
  • The software is great for brainstorming and idea generation.
Joanne Blake
The CopyAI has helped me get quick messages out to my social media however, the copy isn't always straightforward and tends to go off the mark, so a lot of rewrites and corrections.


  • There is no help or tutorials available on the official website.
  • The price for premium products is on the expensive side compared to the features available on the other AI writing assistants.
I have found that the generated text is plagiarised in 45% of cases. It is a significant waste of your client's time and a loss of your reputation.

#8. INK

INK is a full-service content generation tool that solves many problems with one single solution. This AI writing assistant has a suite of services from AI writer, search engine optimizer, copy assistant, and content planner in one.


  • Ink acts as a content planner and helps turn keyword lists into actionable plans.
  • The free version provides 5,000 words per month and access to all premium features.
Johnny Santos
It is a lifesaver. Just by incorporating product characteristics into my new e-shop, I wrote engaging and attractive product descriptions.


  • The topic recommendations sometimes are way off and can be difficult to integrate into the content.
  • The login process can be, at times, buggy, and we had to use a different browser to log in.
Kitty Cordero
I am having a lot of trouble with getting more content ideas and I use this tool a lot, but sometimes it goes off topic and just gets irritating.️

#9. GoCopy

GoCopy is a one-in-all solution for producing blog posts, digital marketing, and e-commerce articles. This AI writing assistant has several proven marketing copy templates that will skyrocket your sales efforts. The software also has an excellent rewriting tool that helps repurpose old content.


  • GoCopy provides some extensive keyboard shortcuts that can increase the speed and efficiency of content generation.
  • It can instantly generate a list of ideas by just typing in a topic. Say goodbye to writer’s block.
Alka Afrozen,
I used GoCopy to write a landing page and an ebook. The landing page I wrote took 2 minutes. The book took 30 minutes. I highly recommend GoCopy as a time-saving writing tool.


  • Gocopy doesn’t provide access to API for further integration into your own app.
  • The steep price doesn’t match the features.
Dovile K.A
Its price is way too high for the features they offer, there are many better alternatives like Writesonic for way less.

#10. Zoho Zia

Zoho is a well-known brand when it comes to office suite and CRM capabilities. Now the Zoho writer app is powered by an AI writing assistant.

ZohoZia is an AI-powered assistant that is trained to improve your writing. It is trained with the Flesch-Kincaid index to maintain the readability of your content.


  • Zoho Zia comes with an inbuilt grammar tool that works effectively.
  • Zoho is an all-in-one suite that will cover all your business needs. Zia can be a good addition as an AI writing platform for teams that are already using Zoho.
Hector Jose L.
I really like this software because it helps me understand how my business works, I can analyze in depth everything that is produced, earned, invested, and more.


  • AI software is not flawless. The content and topic can be irrelevant at times.
  • The full suite can be overkill for people who want to just use it as a content generator.
Yaniv R
It's nice to have a way to easily answer questions. if it did work. However, it is very not intuitive. When you type help (which is quite the basic requirement for any AI bot), it answers with "Sorry, I didn't understand that”

#11. Frase.io

Frase aims to combine the power of AI writing assistant tools and SEO tools in a neat package. It can help you ideate, brainstorm ideas, generate SEO-rich content, and rewrite or shorten them.

Frase.io provides marketing copy templates that follow the principles of classic marketing tools like AIDA.


  • Frase.io is a perfect tool to research your competition and their keywords.
  • It also has several integrations readily available, like WordPress, Hubspot CRM, and Google Search Console.
Erica G,
The SERP analysis, the outline and the AI Writer are the three things that made Frase a game-changer in my content creation.


  • There is no free plan to try Frase.io out before purchasing it.
  • The pricing is a bit on the higher side. Even the paid basic plan has a 30 document limitation per month.
They say you can remove the branding in all their support documents and have responded in social media comments it's possible if you are a paid client but if you are a paid client it's actually not true.
Further reading: Read our comprehensive list of 25 free AI content generators.

Wrapping up

As the lines between human-written and machine-generated content are blurring, it comes down to the capability of the AI writing assistant.

While some of them do a good job, there is a glaring difference between the quality of output generated by the others. Therefore, the selection of the best writing assistant software like Writesonic can be the critical differentiator between you and your competitor. Try Writesonic for free and empower your teams with faster content production.

Manvi Agarwal

Manvi, content lead at Writesonic, is a true visionary when crafting content. Her product-led approach, infused with interactive user-oriented strategy and SEO tactics, delivers maximum ROI

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