10 best Jasper.ai alternatives you didn’t know about in 2022

Looking for a Jasper.ai alternative? We have compiled a list of 10 alternatives to Jasper you can compare from.

10 best Jasper.ai alternatives you didn’t know about in 2022
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Whether you are creating ad copies, landing page copies, or writing blogs and ebooks, AI writing tools are all-rounders that present you with fresh and engaging content within minutes. Until a few years ago, we had a limited set of AI writers to manage with. But now we have a wide variety to select from, ranging from Writesonic, Jasper, Copy.ai and many more.

If you’re looking for efficient AI writing tools to automate your content writing at scale, here are the most suitable Jasper.ai alternatives (previously Jarvis.ai) worth considering.

Why consider Jasper.ai alternatives?

Here are some important reasons to look for alternatives to Jasper.ai

➡️ Junk content will cost you credits
The content generated by Jasper can sometimes be repetitive. The problem is that the repetitive content will also cost your credits from your account - for every word Jasper produces.

➡️ Requires way too much research
Jasper can be reasonably accurate. But it still requires you to do a lot of fact-checking.

➡️ Requires you to provide a proper outline
Jasper is known for creating long-form content, but it doesn't really give out good outlines for long-form content. So be ready to create your own outlines.

➡️ Plagiarism detection costs extra
Jasper works with Copyscape for plagiarism detection and it costs extra to use.

Best 10 Jasper.ai Alternatives for 2022

1. Writesonic - an affordable alternative to Jasper.ai

Writesonic is an AI writing platform that blends AI and creativity to help users take their content creation efforts to the next level.

From freelancers to global companies, Writesonic helps scale content production and output to freelancers, writers, SEO writers, agencies, marketing teams, and entrepreneurs.

This Jasper.ai alternative doesn't just create a random bunch of copies. It generates copy and content to inspire and impress your audience. It provides you with the right prompts and support in your writing journey.

No more writer’s block, if you’ve Writesonic in your arsenal.

  1. AI Article & Blog Writer
    👉🏻 Article writer 3.0 - Topic ideas, outline, introduction, and full article creation with a 1500-word post is what Article Writer 3.0 gives you. You just have to add the topic, and Writesonic will do the rest for you, making this fully customizable.
    👉🏻 Instant article writer - ​​You can create a 1500-word blog post in no time at all. Just enter your subject and receive an instant article to speed up your blog creation.
    👉🏻 Sonic editor (GPT-3) - generates unique content based on your inputs. Train the AI by entering 20+ words to see how well it can produce long-form quality content of any length.
    👉🏻 Article Rewriter - provides you with a new article by just clicking one button. All you need to do is add the URL of the article you want to rewrite, and you will have a new, plagiarism-free article in no time at all!
  2. Integrations
    👉🏻 WordPress Integration - Export to WordPress site in one click.
    👉🏻  Zapier - connect Writesonic with 4000+ apps without code.
    👉🏻  Semrush integration to help you with SEO focused suggestions.
  3. Landing page generator - Generate entire landing pages with code in 30 seconds. Writesonic helps businesses convert more leads and sales in seconds with our landing page generator.
  4. Better quality - The AI is trained on the 1000s of datas sets from the top brands and we have a specific process for training it.
  5. Automatic blog image generation - The platform finds the most semantically relevant images from the best stock image websites that match the user's topic.
  6. API - You can integrate Writesonic's API in your own system without using Writesonic’s web app.

Besides this, Writesonic has a new bulk upload feature which no other popular AI writing tool offers.




AI Article Writer

Long-form writing assistant

Yes, on all plans

Yes, but only on Boss Mode

Landing page generator

Automatic blog image generation

SEO Integration


Chrome extension

Plagiarism checker

Predictive scoring

One-click WordPress Export


Free plan, Paid plans start at $10/m

No free plan and paid plans start at $49/m

Some other Writesonic features you will appreciate:

  • Evaluates the emotional tone of words written
  • Ensures sentences are formatted properly
  • Recommends topics based on the content written
  • Generates sentences, paragraphs, or papers based on sample text or a topic
  • Generates a form based on information presented
  • Sums up texts of all sizes in a matter of seconds
  • High-quality product descriptions for eCommerce store/website
  • Produce unique Facebook ad copy from scratch
  • Use Quora detailed answer generator to generate answers as well as leads
  • Automate writing copy for your Google Ads

These features make Writesonic the best Jarvis.ai alternative in the market. Have a look of how they are priced.




$$ / month


$$ / month


Free Trial


6250 words




30,000 words


20,000 words



47,500 words


50,000 words

Here's a detailed view on Writesonic vs Jasper.ai.

2. Frase

According to Frase, the customer journey starts with a question and not a keyword. This change in information search and usage requires businesses and marketers to adapt their content accordingly. This is what drives Frase's ideology and understanding of creating content. So the tool is shaped accordingly.

Frase is often considered an ideal tool for creating SEO-focused content and a preferred Jasper.ai alternative. It uses advanced AI to quickly create SEO-focused content that helps writers and marketers grasp traction to their websites.

Frase allows users to choose from dozens of AI tools to create content automatically. Users can also create their own custom templates tailored to their needs.

Frase features that will help you solve your content requirements:

  • Question research
  • Create content briefs
  • Curate relevant and useful SEO content
  • Unlimited question research queries
  • Unlimited concept maps
  • Integrations
  • Answer Engine: 100 answers per month lifetime
  • Beta access to Voice Search Optimization




SEO-focused content

Google NLP terms

Topic clusters

On-page optimization guidance

Topic only

No optimization

Content briefs

AI Writing

Use their own trained AI model that does not have the advanced capabilities of GPT-3

Uses GPT-3 for text completion

Writing methods and templates

General templates


Style Editor

Citation Finder

Reporting and statistics

3. Copy.ai

Copy.ai is a popular AI writing tool among blog writers, social media managers, and email marketers, known for its short-form content generation. This alternative to Jasper.ai is used for social media posts, email subject lines, and email marketing content.

Copy.ai is known for the following features:

  • Social media content templates
  • eCommerce copy
  • Blog post ideas
  • Bullet points for summarizing content
  • Sales copy
  • Product benefits
  • Email subject lines
  • Digital ad copy




Long-form content

Available in Boss Mode only

SEO integration

Supports Surfer SEO

In-app collaboration

Plagiarism checker

Available as an Add-on

Integration with third-party apps

Rich text control

Free trial

Offers a forever free trial

7-day free trial

Style Editor

Tone check

Sentence formatting

Check out a detailed comparison of Writesonic vs Copy.ai here.

4. TextCortex

TextCortex AI a Berlin-based AI Startup has devoted itself to helping writers and businesses gain more scalability by empowering them with AI-generated product descriptions, ads, blogs, and other long-form content.

You start with a thought and this Jarvis.ai alternative will help you shape it into a full-fledged written piece.

Here are some of the major features of TextCortex AI:

  • Product descriptions
  • Blog writing
  • Marketing copies
  • Story writing
  • Sales email copy
  • Support emails
  • Youtube description
  • Instagram captions




Long-form content

Tone check

SEO-optimized product descriptions

Long-form SEO articles

Outreach emails

Plagiarism checker

Access to previously generated content


Shopify Integration

Descriptions for Youtube and Instagram

5. Longshot AI

Longshot AI is a writing assistant, best known for creating long-form, SEO content. It helps writers and marketers to go from idea to research to generation to SEO in minutes. Writers and marketers can ensure that they receive unique, fresh, fact-checked, and SEO-friendly content.

It is powered by advanced AI technology with a deep understanding of context and semantics. This technology helps you create content that is far beyond the regular writing assistants, offering completely new capabilities, which is evident from the list of features offered by this Jasper.ai alternative - LongshotAI.

Features powering LongShot AI:

  • Content rephraser
  • FAQ generator
  • Headline generator
  • Blog ideas generator
  • Meta description generator
  • Text extender
  • Blog insights generator
  • Fact checker




Niche selection

14 unique niche categories

Research feature

Included in subscription


Project management

Team mode

Publish option

Export feature

Long rephraser

Fact check

Word limit

Unlimited credits

Limited credits

Free trial

Forever free plan

No free trial

6. AI Writer

AI-Writer makes use of state-of-the-art AI writing models to generate articles from just a headline. It delivers accurate, quality content with a verifiable list of sources. This Jasper.ai alternative is engineered with high SEO performance features that help you create SEO-focused content to reach the right audience.

AI-Writer is powered with the following features:

  • Research & writing
  • Text rewording
  • Verifiable citations
  • SEO-focused text editor
  • Sub-topic discoverer
  • Content kits




Full-length article generation

SEO-focused text editor

Text rewording

Verifiable citations

Sub-topic discoverer

Chrome Extension

Publish to WordPress

Surfer Integration

Free trial

Content kits

7. Copysmith

Copysmith is an AI copywriting platform built specifically for creating copies by writers and marketers and is widely used by eCommerce businesses, enterprises, agencies, and freelancers.

Jasper alternative - Copysmith is an ideal AI-augmented brainstorming partner to help businesses 10X their content marketing game.

These are the features that make Copysmith the ideal copywriter platform:

  • Bulk product descriptions
  • Bulk content generation
  • Teams & Collaboration
  • Campaign builder




Bulk product descriptions

Bulk content generation

Teams and collaboration

Campaign builder


Chrome extension


Plagiarism checker

Free trial

Rich text control

8. Rytr

From blogs to emails to ad copies, Rytr - one of the alternative to Jasper.ai automatically generates catchy, original, and high-converting copies in various tones and languages in a matter of seconds.

This Jasper alternative works with one mission - to help businesses, agencies and writers save time and money while writing high-performing copies.

Rytr is known for the following set of features:

  • Blog idea and outline
  • Blog section writing
  • Brand name
  • Business idea pitch
  • Business ideas
  • Call to action
  • Copywriting framework




Long-form copy

Grammar check

Integrates with Grammarly

No integration with grammar checking tools

AI Technology



Writing templates



SEO Integration

Integrates with SEMRush

Integrates with Surfer SEO

Paragraph generator

Plagiarism checker

Browser extension

Team mode or collaboration features

Free trial

Free forever plan.

Writesonic proves out to be a better alternative to Rytr. Check out a detailed comparison of Writesonic vs Rytr here.

9. Anyword

Anyword a Jasper.ai alternative is an AI writer that generates and optimizes your copy to help you get more conversions and sales. It is supported by a powerful predictive analytics system that tells you what works before you publish it.

This natural language generation platform helps writers and marketers tailor their messages to their ideal audience.

The model is trained on millions of marketing messages, coupled with your historical data to help you create expert-level messages across channels and formats.

Anyword powers the world’s top publishers and brands, including The New York Times, PetCareRx, NBA, Red Bull, Ted Baker, and others.

Anyword is powered with amazing features like:

  • Ad copy
  • Landing/Product pages
  • Blog posts
  • Emails
  • Product descriptions
  • SMS
  • Website targeted messages




Sentence formatting

Sentence rephraser

Grammar check

Plagiarism check

Style editor

Tone checker

Website targeted messages


Ad copy

Free trial

10. Snazzy AI (Smart Copy by Unbounce)

Snazzy AI is built for the teams that want to scale that content. It gives content teams, startups, enterprises, and agencies great content ideas for social media ads, landing pages and more.

Snazzy AI has some of the best templates for the following:

  • Landing pages
  • Headlines and descriptions
  • Features & benefits
  • Meta descriptions
  • Article headlines, listicle ideas, blog ideas
  • Ad copies for Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Amazon
  • Sales outreach emails
  • Product descriptions


Snazzy AI


Long-form content

Style editor


Plagiarism checker

Amazon listings

Google ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, and Amazon ads

Podcasting ideas, video ideas, and YouTube channel description

New product ideas

Browser extension 

Free trial

So, which alternative to Jasper.ai should you go with?

Ensuring your content is fresh, precise, and error-free is now easier than ever, thanks to all the AI writing softwares at our disposal.

If you are looking for a versatile tool to replace Jasper.ai (formerly Jarvis.ai), you can easily rely on Writesonic to be your perfect companion in creating relevant and engaging content. The best part it has come out as the most affordable one compared to Jasper. The wide range of features it offers is also free to try unlike Jasper.ai.

Allow Writesonic’s AI capabilities to do the heavy lifting for your content requirements. Sign-up for a free trial now!


Q1. What are the best Jasper.ai alternatives?
Some of the Jasper.ai alternatives worth exploring are
1) Writesonic
2) Copy.ai
3) Rytr
4) Frase
5) Longshot AI

Q2. What should you go for - Writesonic vs Jasper.ai
Between the two top rated AI writers Writesonic and Jasper, individuals and businesses prefer Writesonic. The reasons being that it takes only 15 seconds to come up with 1,500+ word articles. The pricing starts from $10/month, enabling freelancers, startups and enterprises to use the tool and it integrates with platforms like SEMrush, WordPress, Chrome and more.

Q3. Which is the best AI writing tool?
Writesonic is one of the best AI-writing tool that helps you write SEO-optimized long-form content (~ 1,500 words) in as less as 15 seconds for a price of $10/month

Q4. Can I try Writesonic for free?
Writesonic offers a free trial for 6,250 words.

Q5. How much does Writesonic cost?
Writesonic charges $10/month for 30,000 words of short-form content and $13/month for 47,500 words of long-form content.