How to write a company bio? 20 company bio examples for inspiration

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You know that crucial writing task you’ve been putting off for way too long? The one where you have to write a short bio about your company, its values, and its mission statement...

You may think, "Ugh — why is everyone asking me to do something I hate so much?!" Well… we all have our own pet peeves, but this one is pretty important.

Whether you’re starting a new business, applying for a loan, or saying hello to a customer for the first time, having a polished company bio can help bring your story to life. And that's why you need to look at the best bio examples for inspiration.

So what makes a company bio that good?

The answer depends on the kind of business you have, the tone you’re trying to set, and what you want to accomplish.

Sure, you need to keep it concise and spell out who your team is and what you do. But you also need to give context and make sure your bio reflects the day-to-day culture and values of your company.

In other words, writing a business bio isn’t just a writing task. It’s an exercise in thoughtful storytelling.

Your company bio will help define who you are as an organization and who you want to be. That being said, the stakes are high, and the pressure is on! But no need to worry; we’re here to help.

Writing a company bio can feel like more trouble than it’s worth, but it doesn’t have to. Keep reading to discover a complete guide to business bios with 20 company bio examples. And a secret trick to writing a bio for business in seconds!

Table of Contents

What is a company bio?

Companies are starting to ditch the usual boring press release and sizzle-stat press kit. Instead, they are creating more engaging bios that help potential customers understand why they should care about their company. These new, exciting bios are commonly referred to as a company bio or "About Us" page on websites.

A company bio is a brief, informative summary of your company's history, present profile, achievements, and mission. It gives potential customers or clients a quick overview of what your business is all about.

You can use your business bio on your website and in other marketing materials, such as brochures and business cards. A well-written company bio can not only help you attract new customers and partners but can also boost your search engine ranking. These kinds of bios are more on the professional side, so make sure to look for some professional bio examples first while writing a bio for your brand.

The content in your business bios can provide potential customers with an introduction to who your business is, what you sell and why you’re different. It can help answer essential questions customers have while forming an opinion (or purchasing decision!).

Additionally, it can build trust and credibility, create a compelling value proposition and help create a personal connection. These are all key elements in helping your business stand out and become successful.

company bios
Writesonic's About us page

Benefits of a company bio

Your brand message and story are powerful assets. After all, they are two of the top reasons customers choose to stick with your company.

Businesses rarely make decisions using cold, hard facts alone — a company’s story and message often influence a purchase decision as much as its products and services.

But don’t overlook the importance of a good company bio. Your bio is the “hook” that can turn a casual website visitor into a devoted customer — making sure it’s present and written in an engaging way, then, is critical. Here's why a business bio is helpful for your brand:

  1. First impression on the customers: This is one of the first things people will look at when they're trying to learn more about your business, and the first impression is the last impression. So engaging first impressions can boost your business.
  2. Build trust with the customers: A company bio is also a great opportunity to show off your personality and build trust with potential customers. by including proper reviews and testimonials, you can easily improve your credibility.
  3. Boost your SEO and revenue: Including all relevant keywords and information in your company's bio will help Google and other search engines understand what your company is all about. Your revenue will increase as more search results are displayed.
  4. Help in the alignment of same-value customers: In today's climate, consumers are savvier than ever before. They're interested in buying from brands that share the same values as them, whether it's a commitment to sustainability or a focus on social responsibility.
  5. Stand out of competition: Today, there is so much competition, but your company bio helps you to explain why your company is unique. It highlights your unique selling proposition.
company bios
Writesonic's company story as bio

The 5 things you need to include in a company bio

Company bios might seem like a no-brainer. But believe it or not, crafting a great company bio requires more than just throwing together a few sentences introducing your business.

In truth, it’s a valuable piece of copy that can play a major role in your brand’s narrative — and even boost your sales.

Creating an eye-catching and magnetic bio for a business is an art form. Here are the five elements to include in your copy:

1. Your unique story: What makes your company special? What's your backstory? Why did you start this business? Your potential customers will want to know, so make sure to include it in your bio.

2. Your team: Who are the people behind your company? Introduce your team and tell us a little bit about them. Customers like to know who they're doing business with, so this is an important part of your bio.

3. Your products and services: What do you offer? Be sure to include a brief description of your products and services, so potential customers know what you have to offer. You can also include some reviews and testimonials to improve your credibility.

4. Your brand values: What are your company's core values? What do you believe in? Be sure to include this in your bio so potential customers know what they can expect from doing business with you. This is your chance to go beyond a transactional relationship with your customers and speak to the meaningful impact you’re making in the world.

5. Your contact information: Make it easy for potential customers to get in touch with you by including your contact information in your bio. You can also create a call-to-action to increase your conversions.

How to write a company bio?

When writing a company bio, it's important to focus on the unique aspects of the company. What sets the company apart from others in the industry? What are the company's core values, and how do they guide everything the company does?

One way to make the company bio more interesting is to focus on a single point.

For example, instead of listing all the products the company sells, focus on one key product and how it has helped the company succeed. Or, instead of discussing the company's history, write about how the company has helped its employees and customers grow and succeed.

By concentrating on a single point, you can make the company bio more interesting and unique.

In case you have already written your company bio and just want o rephrase it to make it even better, check out these paraphrasing tools that can help you improve your business bio in seconds.

Here are a few tips to make your business bios stand out:

Know your Audience

Before you start writing your company bio, it's important to understand who will be reading it. Will it be potential customers? Investors? The media?

Once you know your audience, you can start to understand what they expect from you. What information are they looking for? What do they want to know about your company?

Once you have a good understanding of your readers, you can start to craft an interesting, tailor-made company bio for your target market to help you connect with them quicker and develop long-lasting relationships, making it more likely that they will choose you over a competitor.

For example, If you are writing a company bio for a potential customer, you will want to focus on your company's history, your product, and your service. On the other hand, if you are writing a company bio for a potential investor, you will want to focus on your company's financials, your business model, and your competitive landscape.

There's a lot to consider when getting to know your audience. To start, think about:

  1. Their basic demographic information like age and location.
  2. Then, consider their interests, their professional goals, and desires.
  3. What challenges are they facing?
  4. Also, analyze their buying habits and their preferred channels for receiving information.
  5. Plus, their level of engagement with your brand.

The more you know about your audience, the better you can target your marketing efforts to meet their needs.

Focus on what makes your company or product different

Differentiating yourself from the competition should always be a top priority when figuring out how to promote yourself.

But your message doesn't have to be complex or try to be something it's not. You should strive for authenticity, something that feels natural and in line with your mission or product.

Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. What do they expect from you that’s different from other businesses that offer similar goods or services?

Answering this will help you determine what makes you stand out and give you a strong foundation for crafting any type of marketing outreach, whether it's on social or digital.

Here are a few key points to keep in mind:

Why did you start this company: Highlight which pain points of the users or customers you identified to start your company and how your company or product is solving their specific problems.

When did you start your company: If your company was a pioneer in any particular field and did a lot of research and development work, and you are a leader in that field, then a number of years of experience will also be a key highlight feature.

Who started your company: If the founder of your company is a well-known personality, then highlighting him will also boost your uniqueness. Take advantage of your founder's personal brand.

How do your products or services differ from those of your competitors? Highlight which of your products or services are most wanted in the market and what unique values they are providing. Be sure to emphasize what makes your business or product unique. Is it a cutting-edge product or service? Are you consistently striving to provide superior customer service in your industry compared to competitors?

Customer praises for your past work: If you have good testimonials and reviews to showcase, don't shy away. Put it all out there! This helps build trust and credibility for your brand in the market.

Your team

Next, be sure to focus on your team. Who are the people behind your company, and what are their stories? This is what will humanize your company and make it relatable.  You can include details about them as:

“We are proud to have a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals who are passionate about what they do. Meet our team:

Our CEO, Mark, is a visionary leader with a passion for innovation. He has a proven track record of success in the tech industry, and he is committed to making our company the best it can be.

Our CTO, Sarah, is a world-renowned expert in her field. She has developed groundbreaking technology that is changing the way businesses operate.

Our Head of Marketing, Tina, is a creative force to be reckoned with. She has a deep understanding of the customer journey and knows how to craft powerful marketing campaigns that drive results.

Our Head of Sales, John, is a seasoned sales professional with a passion for helping businesses grow. He has a deep understanding of the market and knows how to close deals.

We are proud to have such a talented and dedicated team. We are confident that we can provide our customers with the best possible products and services. If you want to make a bigger impact, your future recruits can get a clearer idea of how much your employees love what they do if they showcase these employee testimonial samples through video.

Your company's mission

Finally, end with a statement that resonates with your audience. A mission statement is an important document that can help guide your business decisions. Not sure where to start? Here are a few tips:

First, think about what you want your business to be known for. What are your core values? What do you want to achieve? Answering these questions will help you create a mission statement that is authentic and unique to your business.

Next, keep it short and sweet. A mission statement should be concise and easy to remember. It's not a place to list everything you want to do or achieve.

Finally, make sure it's realistic. Your mission statement should be achievable. It should also be inspiring and motivating, so don't hesitate to get creative!

Now that you know a few tips for creating a mission statement, it's time to get started. Just remember to be authentic, concise, and realistic, and you'll be well on your way to creating a statement that reflects your business and what you hope to achieve.

After all, you want your audience to remember your company bio - not fall asleep reading it!

Whether you're starting from scratch or revamping your existing company bio, Writesonic can help.

The best places to display your company bio

Since your company bio is a major element of the storytelling involved in your branding process—not to mention a common point of reference for current and future customers, you need to make sure that it's easily accessible online.

But there are other places on the web where you can display your bio in addition to your website - having your bio on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and beyond gives you more opportunities to connect with customers, job seekers, and partners.

Your company bio should also be available on public review sites like Yelp and Google Reviews, not just on your own website.

Creating a positive first impression of your enterprise is critical, so make sure customers have access to your company bio whether they visit your website or any other web property.

Especially on social media, it’s important to get to the point quickly and make sure your message stands out amongst the clutter. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind while writing company bios for different online platforms:

Business bio on Twitter

A company bio on Twitter is like a handshake: it's the first impression potential customers have of you and your brand. A well-crafted company bio on Twitter establishes credibility and trust. You can highlight your unique selling points, features, customer reviews, and ratings.

Another benefit? Twitter is an incredibly powerful tool for marketers, allowing them to expand their reach, build an engaged community, and increase their brand's visibility. Having a robust company bio on your Twitter profile is key to making sure each post captures the attention of potential customers.

So, while a company bio on Twitter may seem like a small detail, it's actually an incredibly important piece of the puzzle. It speaks to the heart of your customer and has the power to inspire action.

Company Bio Generator for Twitter
Writesonic's Company Bio Generator for Twitter

That's why it's so important to take the time to craft an informative and charming company bio that stands apart from the competition. Here are some tips to help you create one:

• Your style should be consistent with your company's brand and image.

• Use emojis and hashtags to spruce up the presentation.

• Don't write long, rambling sentences or cram them with too many hashtags. It's wiser to focus on a few keywords that explain what your company is about.

• Mention the main location of the company and any awards or recognitions you have won.

• Try to be creative and fun! Sometimes, this is best done with a joke or an uncommon phrase. For example, if you are a marketing firm, you could say something like, "We specialize in launching rockets 🚀 to success!"

• Use your bio to establish your company’s expertise. Whether you’re a startup or an industry leader, establish your authority by discussing what sets you apart from the competition.

At the end of the day, people remember companies that tell a good story. Rather than simply listing facts, use your Twitter bio to capture the emotion behind your company. After that, you have to write and schedule tweets catered to your audience. When done correctly, your company will be the talk of the town.

Hold on, now that your company bio on Twitter is up to date. How about creating on-brand tweets and threads to post on Twitter?! Use the Twitter Tweet Generator to fasten up your process now.

Business bio on Instagram

An Instagram bio is more than just 150 characters words. It’s the window into your business’s or brand’s soul. You want potential customers and partners to see you for who you really are, so don’t be afraid to be creative and show off your culture and values.

Working on your company’s Instagram bio doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, it can be a fun way to show off your culture and make your business stand out from the pack. Plus, if you play your cards right, you might even make a few sales along the way.

company bio generator
Writesonic's Company Bio Generator for Instagram

If you need to write a good company bio for Instagram, here are some tips:

• Keep it snappy. A bio is not a place to wax poetic about your capabilities. Be punchy, funny, and clever.

• Make it visually appealing. People respond to images more than words. Use emoticons to amuse your followers and show off your spirit and values.

• Spill the beans. Let people in on what your business is all about. Share your story, mission, perspectives, successes, and wins.

• Focus on what makes your company unique. This could include your company's mission, values, awards, or even customer testimonials.

• Be sure to include keywords related to your industry so that potential customers can quickly and easily find your page.

• Finally, make sure to include a link to your website. This way, potential customers can learn more about your company or make a purchase without leaving the app.

And remember, different companies need different bios. What works for one may not work for another. Think about who your audience is and tailor your bios accordingly.

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Business bio on LinkedIn

Ah, the famous LinkedIn Profile. A resume that's designed to revive interest in your career and create new opportunities. Get it wrong, and you end up with a profile that looks like a boring list.

This platform offers you a chance to write more in your company bio section than other social media platforms. With a 2000-character limit, you can freely experiment.

Here are a few important points to keep in mind while writing a business bio for LinkedIn:

• Your bio should tell a story. Your education, job history, and professional certifications provide the backdrop, but your story is much more than facts. Sure, include your experience and expertise, but focus on how it all ties in with the next job or project you want to pursue.

company bios generator
Writesonic's Company Bio Generator for LinkedIn

• Make sure you include a few unique elements. This is where you share the quirky aspects of yourself and your personality. Be sure to make your headline memorable, meaningful, and fun.

• Balance the tone of your bio between professional (take it seriously) and lighthearted (you can still have fun).

• Showcase your strengths and accomplishments while also presenting yourself as someone others would genuinely want to work with.

When in doubt, consider asking a colleague or a friend to look over your profile. Having someone else take a look might be just the freshening up you need.

Remember, this cyber-resume is your chance to present yourself and make that ideal connection confidently. It's an impressive document, so give it its due attention.

Good LinkedIn posts bring your audience to your profile and, ultimately, to your company bio. Automate your content generation process with LinkedIn Post Generator to create engaging LinkedIn posts.

Business Bio on the website

Writing a good company bio could make all the difference between gaining the trust of website visitors and getting lost in cyberspace. A good company bio should have four essential elements: personality, facts, story, and language.

When writing your company bio, inject personality. Ask yourself what makes your company unique and shine that through in your bio. Is it a family-run business? Do you have an uplifting story of success? Have you achieved an award? Mention it in the bio.

company bio generator
Writesonic's Company Bio Generator for website

Don't forget to mention the facts either; include the year your company was founded, what sector you work in, and what you specialize in. Your viewpoint and business ethos should also be made clear.

Your story should be something that resonates with people enough for them to remember your company and make them want to work with you. A good story should be kept short, informative, and impactful to the reader.

Moreover, pay attention to the language you use. It is a reflection of your business, so use words that make your company sound professional, reliable, and trustworthy. Start with a strong lead in a sentence, break it into points, and end with a call to action.

If you follow these tips when writing a company bio, you will be sure to win over the trust of visitors and be remembered.

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20 Company Bio Examples

Company Bios on Twitter Examples

  1. Talk about delivering a message clearly, and you can see Hello Fresh acing that too! Their Twitter bio states what they do directly and in a catchy way.
Company Bio Examples

2. Alaska Airlines have now reached tweeting altitude...With this fun copy, their Twitter company bio never fails to catch anyone's attention.

Company Bio Examples

3. Harry Potter franchise not talking about 9 3/4 out of 10? Impossible! If you need to see an example that shouts, "less is more!!!" this is it.

company bio examples

4. We all know what Merriam-Webster stands for. And their business bio on Twitter completely supports their brand identity. You can clearly understand what they do.

Company Bio examples

Company Bios on LinkedIn Examples

  1. How to utilize the entire 200-word character limit on LinkedIn while talking about meaningful things? AppleOne's LinkedIn summary section is the perfect company bio example to follow for this. They started with an introduction, listing all their values that give a human touch.
Company bio examples

2. Empathy with fun? Or, let's say, a casual attitude...goodr's LinkedIn summary gives casual and carefree vibes in just three paragraphs. Very on-brand and impressive for sure!

Company bio examples

3. When you think about Walt Disney, you think about creativity. But what about its corporate side? This, right here, is how you emphasize your company values depending on the platform.

company bio examples

4. how can we forget about CTAs? All great business bio examples conclude with a CTA and links to other social media profiles or websites. So here you go.

company bio examples

Company Bios on Instagram Examples

  1. Filled with emojis and to-the-point, High Arc media says it all in a few words that create a long-lasting expression. And doesn't those $3000 generate curiosity?
company bio examples

2. With a cute logo, color theme, and beautiful highlights, Tasty Tie's Instagram account speaks clearly about what their product is (and who's their ultimate consumer).

company bio

3. Let's not forget the importance of mentioning details like company presence. Pura Vida's company bio on Instagram starts with their company values, and social work and ends with a link in the bio.

company bio examples

4. Squarespace adds their hashtag in their Instagram bio to make their profile easy to discover. From compressing their bio to one line to adding a link in the bio. this one is a fascinating example of keeping it simple.

company bios

Company Bios on Website Examples

1. Mailchimp's bio section on their About us page starts with a quick introduction to their business, followed by their founder's story that gives it a human touch. This is one of the best professional bio examples out there.
company bio examples
2. Being a brand for travelers, Lonely Planet takes you through a beautiful journey on their website's about us page too. Their company bio also includes a section where they display their values. A wonderful way to talk about more than just their offerings.
company bio examples
3. Bulldog skincare has a very on-brand and attention-grabbing hero section on its about us page. This not only creates engages the user but also creates a pleasing brand recall.

In fact, when you go further down, you can notice they have CTAs every now and then. This business bio example is an excellent inspiration for how to write a company bio that converts.

Business bio examples
4. What's the best business bio example that shows the team section the best way? That's right! MIXD has an eye-catching company bio on its website and massively talks about its teammates.
company bio examples

How Writesonic helps you write a professional company bio

At Writesonic, we specialize in creating custom company bios that are tailored to our client's needs. We take into account the company's unique story and goals, and we craft a bio that accurately reflects who they are and what they do.

We know how to highlight your key strengths and differentiate you from your competitors. We also understand the importance of using the right keywords and phrases for SEO purposes so that the bio can be easily found by potential customers or clients.

Remember to focus on single points and avoid overwhelming your reader with too much information. Keep it concise and to the point, and you'll be sure to create a company bio that your audience will love.

There are various AI writing tools out there, but the best among them is right here. Here's how you can create a company bio sample for your business in seconds with Writesonic's company bio generator:

Step 1 - Select Company Bios V2 from the Writesonic library

When you log in to your Writesonic account, the first screen you see is your dashboard.

If you don’t have a Writesonic account yet, create one now to claim your 25 free credits.

On your dashboard, search for “Company Bios V2” and click on the tab; you can also browse through the features by scrolling up and down to find this AI writing feature.

company bios

Step 2 - Enter your input

Type in your company's name and information, and choose a tone of voice.

Company bio generator

Step 3 - Now select the platform

Writesonic offers you the option to select from 4 platforms. The content for each platform will be generated differently based on the platform's standard.

company bio generator

Step 4 - Hit Generate

Finally, click on generate to create 3 company bios. Regenerate if you need more options.

company bio generator

Frequently Answer Questions

What is the difference between a company bio and a professional bio?

When it comes to marketing yourself or your business, a company bio and a professional bio are two of the most important tools you have at your disposal. But what exactly is the difference between the two?

A company bio is a brief description of your business that can be used on your website, in marketing materials, or on social media. It should be concise and to the point, highlighting what makes your company unique.

A professional bio, on the other hand, is a longer, more detailed account of your professional history and achievements. It can be used on your website, on job applications, or in networking situations. Unlike a company bio, which is all about the business, a professional bio is all about you.

What is the difference between a company bio and a personal bio?

A company bio is a brief description of a company, usually found on the company's website. It gives an overview of the company's history, products, or services. A personal bio, on the other hand, is a brief description of a person, usually found on that person's website or social media profile. It gives an overview of the person's life, work, or interests. Both types of bios can be used for SEO purposes. A company bio can help improve the search engine ranking of a company's website, while a personal bio can help improve the search engine ranking of a person's website or social media profile. Have a look at some personal bio examples to get an idea.

How company bio may help in boosting your SEO and increase your sales and revenue?

The use of keywords in your company bio can help boost your SEO and increase your sales and revenue. By including keywords in your bio, you can make sure your site is optimized for Google and other search engines. Moreover, a company bio can help you reach out to new customers and build brand awareness.

This can result in more people finding your site and more customers. You can let people know what your company does by including information about it in your bio. Finally, a company bio is an excellent way to build a professional website and can help you attract new customers and build a loyal following. You can create a site that looks exactly the way you want by including information about your company and your products and services.

You can use a company bio to build the perfect website for your business, no matter how big or small it is.

How latest AI writing tools are able to generate your company bio in seconds and which is the best AI tool in this regard?

If check out the latest AI writing tools if you want to generate a company bio fast and easily. These tools are designed to help you create a professional and well-written bio in seconds, and they're perfect for businesses of all sizes. There are a few different AI writing tools available, but Writesonic is the best AI writing tool for this. It not only creates a professional and well-written bio, but it also optimizes your bio for SEO. As a result, your bio will appear more often in search engine results, which means more clients and customers will find you. If you're looking for an easy and quick way to create a company bio, then Writesonic is the tool you'll need.

A Writesonic is unique in that it has separate features for different types of bios, such as

  • Company bio for Twitter
  • Company bio for Instagram
  • Company bio for LinkedIn
  • Company bio for a company website

Because permitted characters length for different social media platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, are different, it is best to use different company bio generator tools

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