How To Write Product Descriptions That Sell (Tips + Templates)

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Guess what?

The secret to skyrocketing your sales isn't just your fantastic product but actually... the words you use to describe it.

To be precise, it's all about the words. ✍️💡

Words that transport your audience into the magical world of your product.

Words that trigger their imagination tap into their desires and scream, “You need this product, and you need it now!”

That’s the magic of product descriptions!

Check this: 87% of consumers say that product descriptions are extremely important when making a buying decision.

20% of purchase failures result from missing or vague product information.

That’s how important a product description is.

If you are an ecommerce store, remember, “Optimizing your product descriptions is the lowest investment improvement you can make for the highest ROI.”

A product description is more than just a list of features and specifications. It's a powerful marketing tool to persuade your potential customers to hit the ‘buy now’ button. Moreover, it helps you stand out and persuade potential customers to buy from you.

Here comes the question: how do you write a product description that sells?

Don’t worry! This blog post covers product descriptions, their importance, and how to write product descriptions that can boost your eCommerce store sales. So, let’s get started.

Table Of Contents

What are product descriptions?

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression!” You might have heard it, right? Well, product descriptions help you to make that killer first impression!

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a well-crafted product description? Priceless!

Have you ever come across a product online, read its description, and felt an irresistible urge to hit that 'Add to Cart' button?

That’s the power of a compelling product description — it turns window shoppers into customers and customers into raving fans! 🙌

Product descriptions are not just a mere assembly of words and technical jargon. It’s an opportunity! An opportunity for you to beam your product's value straight into your potential buyers' hearts and the irresistible urge to hit that 'Buy Now' button.

In simple words, product descriptions are texts that describe the features, benefits, and value propositions of your products or services. It describes your product, what it does, and why it's worth buying.

A product description is usually displayed on your product pages, along with images, videos, ratings, reviews, and other information that helps visitors to make a purchase decision. A well-crafted product description answers the following questions:

  • What is the product? (name, category, type, etc.)
  • What are the main features and specifications of the product? (size, weight, color, type of material, etc.)
  • What are the benefits and advantages of using the product? (how it solves a problem, fulfills a need, or satisfies a desire)
  • How is the product different from other similar products in the market? (unique selling proposition and value proposition)
  • How can the customer use the product? (instructions, tips, suggestions, or examples)
  • Who is the product for? (target audience, buyer persona, or ideal customer)

5 advantages of having detailed product descriptions

1. Boosts conversion rates

The most important benefit of a well-crafted product description is its power to transform browsers into buyers. It captivates the readers and acts as a magnet for the 'Buy Now' button.

Example: If you're selling a smartwatch, a product description like, "Empower your lifestyle with 24/7 health tracking, customized workout advice, and instant notifications - all from your wrist. Stay connected, stay healthy," can create a vivid picture of the product benefits, turning mere browsers into confirmed buyers.

2. Enhance SEO rankings

Search engines like Google love unique, keyword-rich content. By using relevant (but not stuffed) keywords in your product description, you can climb the SEO rankings, capturing the hearts of more customers. Higher rankings mean more visibility, more traffic, and, ultimately, more sales!

Example: When a prospective buyer types in 'vegan leather shoes,' your product description for a product such as "Cruelty-free, comfort-driven vegan leather shoes to match your sustainable lifestyle" can potentially pop up as the first option on their search results!

3. Gain a competitive edge

A captivating product description is your secret weapon in the fierce digital battlefield. It showcases your unique selling proposition, offers value to the customers, and helps your product stand out from the rest. It's more than just a detail; it's your brand's voice!

Example: The 'Nike Air Jordan' isn't just a "men's shoe" - it's a "timeless classic combining comfort and style for sports enthusiasts." That's the power of a punchy product description - it positions your product to stand out! 🌟

4. Reduces return rates

A detailed product description leaves no room for uncertainty or unanswered questions. When customers know exactly what to expect from your product, they're less likely to be disappointed and seek a return. This reduces return rates and improves customer satisfaction.

Have a look at these 7 proven strategies to reduce cart abandonment. Also, explore 5 shopping bots that can help you transform the customer experience and reduce return rates.

Example: Say you're selling a party dress; mention details like the exact material, fit, and who it’s perfect for. This way, customers know exactly what they're getting, making "return" a word that's rarely heard!👗

5. Establishes trust and credibility

High-quality product descriptions that accurately depict your products give customers the confidence to buy from you. It demonstrates your business's commitment to transparency and customer service, which in turn builds trust and credibility.

Example: For instance, if you're selling organic skincare, highlight your paraben-free ingredients and cruelty-free manufacturing process. Customers will appreciate and trust your transparency. 🤝

8 Tips for crafting engaging and effective product descriptions

Imagine doubling your e-commerce sales with just the power of words! Seems like a far-fetched dream?

Don’t worry! Here are 8 tips for writing compelling product descriptions.

1. Speak the language of your audience

Getting your product descriptions right starts with understanding one crucial element - your audience.

Figure out who they are, what they desire, and how your product can slip seamlessly into their lives. Are they tech-savvy youngsters, luxurious fashionistas, or eco-conscious warriors? Are they high-tech start-ups, luxury brand retailers, or eco-conscious enterprises?

Once you have these insights, you can tailor-make your product descriptions to resonate with them exclusively.

Example #1: If you're selling a high-end watch, your audience might appreciate the sophistication and status it brings: "Exude elegance with our luxury timepiece, an emblem of your refined taste.”

Example #2: For a Youthful, Fashion-forward Audience: "Step out in style with our vibrant, Instagram-ready summer dresses that are all the rage this season!"

Pro tip: You can use tools like surveys, feedback forms, reviews, or customer interviews to learn more about your audience and their preferences.

2. Shift the spotlight: Turn features into benefits

Listing technical specifications without context can come across as bland to some users. Present these details in a way that shows the direct benefit to your customer

Remember, businesses don't just purchase a product; they acquire advancements for their own enterprise. So, turn your product features into irresistible benefits.

Example #1: "Our noise-canceling headphones don't just block out external noise; they transport you into a world where it’s just you and your music."

Example #2: For instance, "Our perfume comes with unique notes of vanilla and blackcurrant" can be turned into, "Our exotic perfume, with rich accents of vanilla and blackcurrant, subtly weaves a seductive aura around you."

Pro tip: Try Writesonic’s Feature to Benefit feature to instantly turn your features into irresistible benefits.

3. Use a consistent tone

Maintaining a consistent tone throughout your product description shapes your brand personality. Whether you’re quirky, formal, chill, or something else, stick with it. Let your tone reflect it.

Your tone is your brand's voice. Consistency here helps breed familiarity and trust with your audience. Check out this guide on types of tone in writing.

Example #1: If your brand is quirky and fun-loving, a product description like "Our dynamic, bubblegum-pink headsets are for those unafraid to make heads turn with their sound and style!" should do the trick.

Example #2: A craft beer brand might use a casual, fun tone: "Get ready to rock your taste buds with our hop-tastic beer!"

Pro tip: Try Writesonic’s brand voice feature to generate content that aligns with your brand voice. Learn more about brand voice and explore various brand voice examples.

4. Use power words

Power words are your secret sauce to stir emotions and push for actions. They boost engagement and conversions like nothing else. Words like 'Amazing,’ 'Reliable', and 'Incredible' give an energy boost to your product descriptions.

Think of power words as the seasoning in your product description dish. They amplify the emotional impact, provoking an instant reaction.

Example #1: Turn a dull "Our coffee is high-quality" into a captivating "Experience our Luxurious hand-picked Arabica coffee that perfectly kickstarts your day with a rich, smooth blend."

Example #2: "Experience luxurious comfort with our plush, ergonomically designed office chairs."

Pro tip: Not sure which power words to use? Ask Chatsonic - the best ChatGPT alternative in the market.

5. Make it super easy to scan

In today's fast-paced digital world, decision-makers scan more than they read.

Breaking up your product description into quick, scannable, bite-sized pieces helps keep the attention of the speed-reading, multi-tasking online shoppers. Use bullet points, headers, and keep paragraphs short and sweet.

Example #1:

Enterprise-Grade Security

Seamless API Integration

Real-time Data Analytics

24/7 Dedicated Support

Example #2:

100% Organic Cotton

Ethically Sourced

Super Soft & Comfortable Fit

Machine Washable

Pro tip: Break up text into smaller sentences and succinct paragraphs. Utilize white space, bullet points, different fonts, and colors to guide the reader’s eye down the page. In the high-speed realm of B2B, a streamlined, skimmable product description can be a game-changer in decision-making.

6. Leverage the power of storytelling

Facts tell, but stories sell. Weave a narrative around your product that draws potential B2B buyers into the world your product manifests. Storytelling can help you produce emotionally engaging product descriptions.

Use storytelling to paint vivid scenarios demonstrating the impact of your product or service on businesses like theirs.

Example #1: "Every sip of our single-origin Colombian coffee tells a story - of lush green hills, dedicated farmers, and an unwavering commitment to quality."

Example #2: "Experience our 'Global Medley' Market Research Package, meticulously curated from 100 various industries globally, letting you harness the power of data diversity."

Pro tip: Use Writesonic’s Story generator to create a hook, conflict, resolution, and call-to-action to craft stories that can engage your audience and skyrocket your sales.

7. Optimize with keywords

Include relevant SEO keywords in your product description. It helps search engines understand your product and rank you higher. This facilitates higher visibility in the B2B space, steering your potential business clients right onto your path.

Remember, the higher you are on SERPs, the more eyeballs catch you! So, don’t forget to optimize your product descriptions with the relevant keywords.

Example #1: "Get overnight relief from dry skin with our Aloe Vera-infused night cream."

Example #2: "Relish the rich flavor and health benefits of our Certified Organic, Cold-Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil."

Pro tip: Identify and use the right keywords potential customers will use to find a product like yours. Consider using Chatsonic for keyword research. Moreover, you can also check out the best ChatGPT prompts for SEO and ChatGPT prompts for marketing.

8. Show off the social proof

The power of peer validation in the B2B space cannot be underestimated.

Weaving in testimonials, case studies or endorsements from satisfied business partners in your product descriptions can dispel doubts and motivate potential B2B clients to commit.

Testimonials, endorsements, case studies - your satisfied B2B clients are your best advocates!

Example #1: "Don't just rely on our claims; our 'Business Pro' Software Suite has received stellar reviews from over 100 businesses reporting improved efficiency and revenue growth."

Example #2: "Join our expanding network of over 1,000 satisfied business partners who have excelled by leveraging our superior logistics solution."

Pro tip: Use real reviews and testimonials from your partners. Highlight any press coverage, awards, or endorsements you've received. This enhances trust and credibility. Remember, nothing sells a product better to a business than the proof of its success with other businesses!

Remember, killer product descriptions demand careful crafting and polishing.

With these strategies, you're well on your way to creating product descriptions that sell products and build a brand story!

How to write product descriptions using AI - Writesonic?

Crafting top-notch product descriptions that woo B2B clients might seem like a Herculean task.

But don’t worry!

Writesonic, your AI-powered companion, is here to assist. Using advanced machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP), Writesonic simplifies and elevates the art of product description writing.

Here’s how you can use Product Description Generator to create irresistibly engaging product descriptions:

Step 1: Log in to your Writesonic account and go to the dashboard.

How to write product descriptions using AI - Writesonic? - How To Write Product Descriptions
How to write product descriptions using AI - Writesonic?

Step 2: Go to General Writing and select the product description generator. This will redirect you to the product description generator page.

How to write product descriptions using AI - Writesonic? - How To Write Product Descriptions
How to write product descriptions using AI - Writesonic?

Step 3: Enter all the details like product name, characteristics, tone of voice, keywords, language, and quality type.

How to write product descriptions using AI - Writesonic? - How To Write Product Descriptions
How to write product descriptions using AI - Writesonic?

Step 4: Finally, hit ‘Generate.’ And voila! There you go - 3 well-crafted product descriptions.

How to write product descriptions using AI - Writesonic? - How To Write Product Descriptions
How to write product descriptions using AI - Writesonic?

Ready to generate captivating product descriptions and boost your revenue using the free AI writer?

Try Writesonic product description for free!

Check out the top 8 AI writing tools that can help you level up your content game and skyrocket your sales.

Pro tip: If you’re an online store looking to generate product descriptions in bulk, try the ‘Bulk Generate’ feature. Learn more about how to generate content in bulk.

Moreover, if you’re looking for a product description template customized to your business needs, get in touch with our support team. Writesonic can help you create a customized product description generator for your business that can help you generate product descriptions aligning with your brand with a click.

If you are a B2B owner, check out these 7 B2B AI tools to grow your business in 2023.

A simple product description template

Use this detailed product description template as your guideline to craft compelling descriptions that keep your clients engaged and curious. It comprises four significant elements: headline, subheadline, key features, and call-to-action. You can personalize it to your brand's tone and style.

Headline: A catchy and descriptive title that summarizes your product or service and captures your visitors' attention.

Pro tip: Introduce your product with a catchy headline that includes your product name and main benefit or USP.

Subheadline: A short and snappy sentence that expands on your headline and introduces your product or service and its main benefit or value proposition.

Pro tip: Write a short paragraph that summarizes what your product is, what it does, and why it's worth buying. Use ‘power words’ and keywords to capture your readers' attention and interest.

Body text: A paragraph or a list of bullet points that describe the features, benefits, and outcomes of your product or service and how they can help your customers solve their problems, fulfill their needs, or improve their lives.

Pro tip: Write a bullet point list highlighting your product’s main features and benefits. Use the feature + benefit + because the formula explains how your product delivers value to your customers.

Call-to-action: A clear and compelling statement that invites your visitors to take action and tells them what to do next, such as buy, add to cart, subscribe, sign up, or learn more. Check for some amazing call-to-action examples here.

Pro tip: Write a call-to-action that urges your customers to buy your product or take the next step. Use a sense of urgency, scarcity, or exclusivity to motivate your customers to act fast.

🗣️ Optional: Add some social proof, such as testimonials, reviews, ratings, or case studies, to show your customers that other people have bought and liked your product.

Writing product descriptions is no longer a tedious task; generate one now!

Time to 10x your conversion rates with Writesonic

Harnessing the power of persuasive product descriptions can significantly influence your sales and customer engagement. From understanding your audience and highlighting benefits to maintaining a consistent tone and using power words, every aspect plays a pivotal role in compelling the potential customer to hit that 'buy now' button.

And with marketing AI tools like Writesonic, you can turn this seemingly daunting task into a breeze. So, let your words work their magic, amp up your product charm, and watch your sales soar! Writesonic - your partner in writing product descriptions that truly sell! 🚀

Time to turn those browsers into buyers and 'add to cart' into 'buy now'. Happy Selling!💰

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