7 Best ClickUp AI Alternatives to Improve Productivity

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1000+ new AI tools were released in March 2023 alone.

Mind-boggling, right?

It's like we're witnessing a meteor shower of AI tools, each promising to revolutionize our work.

The credit for this hype of AI definitely goes to ChatGPT. It is not like we did not have AI tools before that. There were many, one of which is Writesonic, launched in 2021.

Right now, every other tool and software has some or the other AI-powered features. It is because the use cases of AI are endless. This makes it difficult to choose the right AI tool for you.

One such tool is ClickUp, a one-stop software for all project management needs. From tasks and whiteboards to chats and docs, you name it.

To enhance the experience of its users, ClickUp has recently introduced AI-powered features to its suite. An extension of their core subscription and not a standalone product, it is named  'ClickUp AI

Are you curious about what ClickUp AI offers and why you should consider ClickUp AI alternatives?

We did the heavy lifting for you by researching about ClickUp AI and the best 7 ClickUp AI alternatives you can consider.

Keep reading to find the best ClickUp AI alternative that works for you!

Table Of Contents

What is ClickUp AI?

ClickUp is a project management and productivity software that helps teams and individuals to manage projects better. You can add tasks, docs, lists, and more to track everything you are working on.

That sounds neat! What does ClickUp AI do to make it even better for users?

ClickUp AI can get your work done faster with AI-powered features tailored to your needs. It supports multiple use cases like customer support, sales, marketing, and product management.

ClickUp AI - ClickUp AI alternatives
ClickUp AI 

To understand these use cases better, let’s first get a clear idea about the AI features of ClickUp.

ClickUp AI features

These features are built to save time and enhance collaboration and boost overall team productivity.

ClickUp AI features - ClickUp AI alternatives
ClickUp AI features
  • Summarization: You no longer have to worry about going through lengthy comment threads, meeting notes, or documents. The summarization feature of ClickUp AI distills the crux of the information, allowing users to grasp the main points in seconds quickly.
  • Generating action items: Identifying and extracting action items from documents or task comments can be tedious. ClickUp AI simplifies this by automatically identifying these crucial points, making it much easier for teams to track and complete tasks.
  • Role-Based AI: One size doesn't fit all, and ClickUp understood this well. The AI feature is role-based, offering prompts and suggestions tailored to specific roles within an organization. This ensures that users find the generative AI tools relevant and conducive to their unique needs. For example, a sales professional is suggested with cold email prompts, replying to prospects prompts, etc.
  • Writing Assistance: Writing can be much easier with ClickUp's AI-powered writing assistant. Whether it's suggesting ideas, correcting grammar and spelling, or enhancing your overall writing effectiveness, this feature is like your personal copy editor, helping you craft better content.
  • Organizing content: ClickUp AI doesn't just help create content but also organizes it. It automatically summarizes content, generates perfectly formatted subtitles, and structures your content, making navigating and understanding information a breeze.
  • Brainstorming: It assists in brainstorming a range of ideas, including marketing taglines, campaign strategies, feature naming, and more.

By integrating these AI features into their platform, ClickUp aims to provide users with a suite of intelligent and efficient tools that optimize work processes, making project management smoother and more efficient.

ClickUp AI pricing

As mentioned in this blog, ClickUp AI is not a standalone software but an add-on feature on top of your ClickUp subscription.

You can add ClickUp AI to any plan of your existing subscription for just $5/ month.

Here is a glimpse of the ClickUp subscription plan you can choose from.

ClickUp AI pricing - ClickUp AI alternatives
ClickUp AI pricing 

Why go for a ClickUp AI alternative?

While ClickUp AI is indeed a robust suite of productivity-enhancing tools, it might not be the perfect fit for everyone.

The search for a ClickUp AI alternative can arise due to various factors, such as cost considerations, compatibility issues, feature-set limitations, and ease of use.

So, let's break down these reasons:

  • Cost Considerations: ClickUp AI is a premium feature that needs to be added to the existing ClickUp subscription at an additional cost. This cost may be expensive for some users, and they may lean towards a more affordable or cost-effective alternative.
  • Compatibility Issues: As ClickUp AI is a part of the ClickUp platform, it cannot be compatible with other tools or software users have in their existing workflow.
  • Limited Access for External Guests: ClickUp AI is only accessible for members and internal guests. This can limit collaboration with external stakeholders.
  • Role-Based AI Limitations: While the role-based AI is an innovative feature, it may not fully cover all users' unique needs or preferences, especially those seeking more customization or flexibility.
  • Limited Availability: ClickUp AI features are confined only to task descriptions and comments, Docs, the toolbar, Notepad, and Chat view. This can restrict users who are looking to use AI everywhere on ClickUp.
  • Ease of Use: With so many features on the ClickUp dashboard, some users might find ClickUp AI challenging to navigate, resulting in a steep learning curve.

As you've seen what ClickUp AI offers and where it falls short, we assume you are convinced to explore the ClickUp AI alternatives and choose the one to fit your needs.

7 Clickup AI alternatives

We will discuss the 7 best ClickUp AI alternatives in this section.

  1. Writesonic
  2. Notion AI
  3. Peppertype AI
  4. Wrike
  5. Ayanza
  6. Trello
  7. Asana

Now let’s dig deep into each of these ClickUp AI alternatives to understand their features, use cases and pricing. Keep reading till the end not to miss the interesting parts 😉

1. Writesonic

Writesonic, is an AI content creation and customer interaction tool for brands and businesses to write blogs, social media posts, emails, ad copy, website copy, and more in their own brand voice to maintain the brand identity consistently.

You can strategize, plan, and execute your content without any hiccups with this ClickUp AI alternative - Writesonic. Some of its capabilities are keyword recommendations, optimization, high-quality personalized content creation, AI-powered customer interaction and more.

While Writesonic is not a direct alternative to ClickUp, it is a potential alternative to its AI component, ClickUp AI.

Writesonic - ClickUp AI alternatives

Plus, Writesonic also excels in general writing. It can expand ideas, list pros and cons, switch from passive to active voice, and rewrite or summarize content with ease. Check out the 7 best B2B AI tools that can help you skyrocket your business growth.

Writesonic features:

  • Article Writer 5.0: Unlike other AI writing tools, Writesonic’s Article Writer 5.0 can write hyperpersonalized, SEO-optimized and factual content. All you need to do is add upto 20 blogs of the same topic, focus keywords, and desired tone of the content. The AI analyzes top article strategies and generated content that can improve your SEO rankings.
Writesonic article writer 5.0 - ClickUp AI alternatives
Writesonic article writer 5.0 
  • Brand Voice: Using AI tools becomes pointless if they only produce generic content. However, Brand Voice fills this gap in AI content creation by tailoring content to align with a company's brand voice. You just need to provide some of your brand content samples, and Writesonic will mirror your brand voice in every piece of content it generates.
  • Paraphrasing Tool: If you are looking to update or repurpose your content, then Writesonic’s paraphrasing tool is the best.
  • Text Extender: Do you have a single line of text and aren't sure how to expand it into a full paragraph? With Writesonic’s text extender, you can swiftly transform a short 100-word piece into a comprehensive 1000-word write-up filled with engaging and relevant content.
  • Text Summarizer: Without making any changes to the tone of the original text, Writesonic’s text summarizer can summarize blog posts, documents, meeting notes and any other lengthy content.
  • Chatsonic: A ChatGPT-like conversational AI ****which can generate answers to any question under the sun in real-time. It can generate AI art, use personality avatars to get expert opinion, and supports voice commands.
  • Botsonic: A no-code AI chatbot builder that can build your own AI knowledge base chatbot with the capabilities of GPT-4 technology.

Below is a table comparing the features of Writesonic and ClickUp AI for better understanding.

FeatureWritesonicClickUp AI
Article Writerwrites hyper-personalized blogs under 5 minuteswrites generic blog posts
Paraphraser✅ Available✅ Available
Text Summarizer✅ Available✅ Available
Brainstorm ideas✅ Available✅ Available
Chrome Extension✅ Available❌ Not available
Prompt Marketplace✅ Available❌ Not available
Brand Voicecan adapt to the brand voice of a business❌ Not available
AI chatbotChatsonic with GPT-4 technology❌ Not available
AI chatbot builderBotsonic - builds customized AI chatbots for business❌ Not available

Writesonic Pricing:

You can start using Writesonic for absolutely free  and generate upto 50 content per day. For unlimited generations, you can upgrade to paid plans. The pricing starts at $16.67/ month if subscribed annually.

2. Notion AI

Notion AI is a part of the Notion platform that comes with AI features to improve productivity and streamline workflows.

Notion AI - ClickUp AI alternatives
Notion AI

This ClickUp AI alternative lets you engage with your text, giving you follow-up prompts until your writing is satisfactory. Besides this, it offers a variety of features. It can summarize long documents, pull out important details from lengthy meeting notes, enhance your writing, and much more.

Simply hit the spacebar to get started with Notion AI. Depending on where you're using it, the AI suggests suitable actions.

Notion AI features:

The features of Notion AI are divided into five parts.

  • Continue writing: You started writing something but cannot complete it. You are struggling to find the right words or unable continue the writing flow. ‘Continue writing’ feature of Notion AI helps you complete the sentence/ paragraph.
  • Generate from a page:  When a page is filled with information, Notion AI can summarize, identify action items, translate and also explain a complex concept.
  • Edit or review a page: Writing content is one thing, editing is another. Notion AI’s editorial skills help improve writing, fix grammatical errors, changes tone, simplifies language, shortens and extends text.
  • Draft with AI: You can brainstorm ideas, generate content outlines, social media posts, write complete blog posts, creative stories, and more.
  • Insert AI blocks: Adding AI blocks helps you easily summarize the whole doc, make action items, and also create custom AI blocks for your own use cases.

Notion AI Pricing:

Similar to ClickUp AI, Notion AI is also an add-on to all Notion plans, along with free plans. It costs $10/ month for every user. If you have a paid Notion subscription, you can get 20% on your Notion AI add-on.

Is Writesonic a better ClickUp AI alternative than Notion AI?
If you are looking for a all-in-one AI content creation tool, then Writesonic is the best ClickUp AI alternative for you. While Notion AI works very well on Notion and can help you work faster with its AI automations, it cannot create high-quality and factual content like Writesonic.

3. Peppertype AI

Peppertype AI, another ClickUp AI alternative, is a content creation tool powered by artificial intelligence, designed to generate high-quality content for a variety of formats like blog entries, social media posts, product details, and more.

Peppertype AI - ClickUp AI alternatives
Peppertype AI

It covers an extensive spectrum of content categories, allowing users to specify their needs and get content tailored to their requirements.

Peppertype AI features:

  • Multiple content templates: With Peppertype AI, you get more than 90 distinct templates and structures, useful for creating a variety of things including email drives, product details, and blog posts. It even assists with crafting various types of content like blogs, SEO-friendly articles, and catchy social media captions.
  • User-friendly Interface: The Peppertype AI platform is designed with simplicity in mind, making it accessible to users without any technical background. Plus, there's a quick-responding support team ready to tackle any queries.
  • Content Generation by Words: Unlike others that measure credits in characters, Peppertype AI does so in words, permitting users to produce more content.
  • Content Repurposing for future: Users can save and download the content created on Peppertype AI for future use, making it easy to repurpose the content as needed.

Peppertype AI Pricing:

Peppertype AI is on the expensive side. It does have a free trial but the paid subscription starts at $399/ month.

Peppertype AI pricing - ClickUp AI alternatives
Peppertype AI pricing 
Is Writesonic a better ClickUp AI alternative than Peppertype AI?
Peppertype AI costs a lot more than Writesonic - The starting price of Writesonic is just $16/ month and Peppertype starts at $399/ month. The number of templates and use cases supported by Peppertype AI are also very less. Considering the cost and features, Writesonic is a better ClickUp AI alternative than Peppertype AI.

4. Wrike

Wrike is a project management tool packed with features to boost team collaboration and streamline work management.

Its AI component, called Wrike Work Intelligence, the ClickUp AI alternative uses the power of machine learning to deliver insights, automate tasks, and make project management processes more efficient.

Wrike - ClickUp AI alternatives

Wrike features:

  • Workflow Automation: Wrike AI lets users set up and kickstart automated workflows. This reduces manual work and speeds up repetitive tasks.
  • Predicting Risks: By identifying past patterns and frequent issues, Wrike AI gives a complete overview of risk factors. This helps in avoiding delays and making the best use of resources.
  • Digital Assistant: Users can create their own digital helper. It lets users assign tasks and engage with Wrike through voice commands on mobile.
  • Processing Documents and Recognizing Text: Wrike AI is capable of handling documents and identifying text. It saves time by converting written notes into digital format and attaching them to tasks and projects.
  • Project Management and Collaboration: Wrike offers complete project planning and team collaboration features. It includes limitless projects, tasks, and subtasks, adjustable workflows, and team-based administration.

Wrike Pricing:

Work Intelligence™ is a add-on feature on every Wrike subscription including the free ones. The paid subscription plan starts at $9.80/ month.

Wrike pricing - ClickUp AI alternatives
Wrike pricing
Is Writesonic a better ClickUp AI alternative than Wrike’s work intelligence?
Wrike’s work intelligence is an add-on feature to the project management software. While it can help you manage work better, summarize meeting notes, etc, it cannot create content like blog posts, social media posts, emails, etc making Writesonic a better ClickUp AI alternative.

5. Ayanza

Ayanza is a teamwork-focused project management tool crafted to aid teams in accomplishing their goals effectively.

The purpose of this ClickUp AI alternative, Ayanza is to lead teams through their projects seamlessly and without hassle.

Ayanza - ClickUp AI alternatives

Ayanza features:

  • User-friendly Interface: Ayanza comes with a simple interface packed with plenty of project management templates. It even has a newsfeed board, similar to social media, to keep users up-to-date.
  • AI-powered: Ayanza employs AI technology to offer users helpful suggestions. This assists in brainstorming and makes tasks within the program effortless.
  • Customization: Users can modify their preferences, like selecting the personality type, enabling memory, and more, to achieve the results they want.
  • Efficient Task Management: Ayanza transforms repetitive procedures into easy-to-manage tasks, thus enhancing work efficiency

Ayanza Pricing:

Ayanza comes with a free version where you can make upto 200 notes/ tasks and include up to 5 team members. The paid subscription starts at $6/ month.

Ayanza pricing - ClickUp AI alternatives
Ayanza pricing
Is Writesonic a better ClickUp AI alternative than Ayanza?Even though Ayanza is an AI-powered project management tool, it cannot be your go to AI tool for every need. It can help in brainstroming ideas and add customization to projects, but Writesonic can do anything and everything for you from brainstorming ideas and creating content to optimizing content, making it the best ClickUp AI alternative.

6. Trello

Trello is a popular project management tool, known for its simplicity and user-friendly interface.

It's a flexible tool that makes collaboration and task management easier, using boards, cards, and lists to manage projects.

Trello - ClickUp AI alternatives

Trello features:

Here are a few AI-powered Trello features that can help teams to work more efficiently.

Butler: This is an AI chatbot that makes workflow automation easy for basic projects and tasks that happen again and again, saving teams time and effort during task assignment.

Strategy-AI Power-Up: This gives a comprehensive, integrated experience that allows you to prioritize strategic elements visually, right next to your lists and boards.

Strategy AI power-up - ClickUp AI alternatives
Strategy AI power-up

AI Smart Suggestion: Trello's AI smart suggestions provide tailored advice based on past patterns, aiding task assignments and issue detection, thus boosting productivity and team collaboration.

ChatGPT AI Assistant: This is an AI-based helper designed to assist teams with their content creation processes.

Trello's AI capabilities might not be as extensive as other ClickUp AI alternatives out there, but it does include AI features to boost productivity and make task management easier.

Trello Pricing:

Trello has a free plan with essential features, and paid plans start from $5 for each user monthly.

Trello pricing - ClickUp AI alternatives
Trello pricing
Is Writesonic a better ClickUp AI alternative than Trello?Trello’s AI features are phenemonal to take your project management efforts to the next level. It’s Smart suggestion feature can also assign tasks and identify if anything goes wrong. Even though Trello’s ChatGPT AI Assistant helps with content creation, it cannot be a match to the comprehensive features of the best ClickUp AI alternative, Writesonic.

7. Asana

Asana is a tool for managing tasks and projects that comes with many useful features.

Its AI component, Asana Intelligence, a ClickUp AI alternative helps teams make smarter choices and achieve goals quickly by suggesting ways to eliminate obstacles, redistribute resources, and reach goals faster.

Asana - ClickUp AI alternatives

Asana features:

  • Team Capacity Monitoring: Asana Intelligence keeps track of team resources and evolving business needs, offering suggestions for efficient resource allocation to meet targets.
  • Streamlined Workflows: It spots unseen issues and hindrances, automating tasks and offering solutions for a smoother workflow, thereby helping teams reach their goals quicker.
  • Writing Aid: Asana Intelligence also includes a writing assistant for refining the clarity and tone of written communication, although it doesn't create new content.
  • Smart Suggestions: Using machine learning, Asana offers smart suggestions that aid users in making decisions related to assigning tasks, setting deadlines, and managing task dependencies

Asana Pricing:

Asana has a completely free plan to use forever and paid plans start at $10.99/ month. Asana intelligence is available on every plan including the free ones.

Asana pricing - ClickUp AI alternatives
Asana pricing
Is Writesonic a better ClickUp AI alternative than Asana Intelligence?
Asana Intelligence does a very good job in allocating resources efficiently, making smart suggestions and streamlining workflows. While it can refine the writing, it cannot create new content. On the other side, Writesonic creates, refines and optimizes content at scale making it a better ClickUp AI alternative than Asana Intelligence.

Which is the best Clickup AI alternative?

Every ClickUp AI alternative discussed in this blog brings its own unique set of features to the table - Notion AI's interactive writing guidance, Trello's neat task visualization, Asana's smart decision-making boost, Ayanza's tailor-made AI help, and Peppertype's speedy content making.

Among all these AI-powered project management sofrware, Writesonic stands out.

Along with assist you in project management with Writesonic comes as a complete AI package for your business - Writesonic for crafting content, Chatsonic for interactive AI help, and Botsonic for building your ChatGPT-trained AI chatbot.

The best part is you can access all of this with a single subscription.

And navigating through Writesonic is as easy as pie. With its flexible, user-friendly design, and multiple AI features, Writesonic becomes the ultimate ClickUp AI alternative.

If you value versatility, user-friendliness, and a good bargain, Writesonic is your best bet.

Aishwarya Gindham

A content writer at WriteSonic who loves to write long-form content with details and examples. The agenda is to help the reader find a solution to their problem.

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