How to write the perfect ChatGPT prompt and become a Prompt writer

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ChatGPT has become the way of the world. It is a source of answers for a wide range of topics, from work and leisure to relationships and travel. But ChatGPT can only give you relevant answers when you write a prompt well.

A prompt is a command or an action sentence used to communicate with ChatGPT and other and other AI language models.

This blog post will reveal our little secrets to crafting perfect ChatGPT prompts and becoming a master of this art. These tips come from our internal AI experts, who have extensive experience training AI language models.

Table of Contents

What is ChatGPT?

OpenAI's ChatGPT is a cutting-edge AI language model released in November 2022. With the ability to answer any question posed to it, ChatGPT quickly made a name for itself by attracting 1 million users within just five days of its release. And since then, the number of ChatGPT users has continued to grow steadily.

But unfortunately, ChatGPT comes with a few limitations.

  • It does not know anything that happened after 2021 as it is trained on a huge database with updated data till 2021.
  • With great popularity comes another ChatGPT limitation. It is either down or at capacity most of the time due to huge traffic. To overcome this, OpenAI launched ChatGPT Plus - a premium subscription.
  • ChatGPT is strictly a text-only language model and does not generate any AI images.

Here is Chatsonic - the ChatGPT with superpowers to help you deal with the limitations of the popular language model. Additionally, Chatsonic offers multiple features to make your life easy with AI.

  • First and foremost, Chatsonic generates real-time factual information by your choice. It is directly integrated with Google and does not miss anything.
  • You can experiment to generate unique AI images to use with your content. Chatsonic uses a combination of Stable Diffusion and Dall-E to produce the best AI art.
  • How about you speak out your prompts to Chatsonic? Yes, you can do that, and it will also speak to the responses.
  • Chatsonic API lets you integrate with your favorite tools to speed up the work process. You can learn how to use it effectively with our API use cases.
  • Do you want to speed up your research process? Use Chatsonic Chrome Extension to avoid toggling between different tabs. Check out other use cases of the Chrome extension.
You can also compare Chatsonic with other ChatGPT chrome extensions to choose wisely.
  • Chatsonic recently launched a cool ChatGPT App for android for our users who are always in a rush.
  • Chatsonic offers 25 free credits on sign-up, and you can also switch to an unlimited plan at just $12/month.
With all the amazing features, Chatsonic can be used for finance, making money, being active on Twitter, and business.

Why create a perfect ChatGPT prompt?

If language models like ChatGPT and Chatsonic have been trained on databases created by humans, shouldn’t they understand the way we talk?

Even though they are trained on human-generated data, they are still machines. You always need to instruct it to get the work done and create quality AI-generated content.

Writing a perfect ChatGPT prompt can result in

  • Conversations that are meaningful and engaging, like learning more about a particular concept by asking follow-up questions and using these responses effectively.
  • Accurate predictions and relevant analogies from ChatGPT can be used in your work.
  • Faster responses boost your productivity and get things done on time.
  • Improving the perspectives and notions of ChatGPT by maintaining clarity in your prompt.

How to create a perfect ChatGPT prompt

To be honest, writing ChatGPT prompts is not tough. But writing the perfect ChatGPT prompts to get relevant results from the language model is not a cakewalk either.

After using multiple AI tools like ChatGPT and Chatsonic, our AI model training experts have come up with a few tips you can follow to use ChatGPT effectively.

Also do not miss to explore the different chatGPT use cases.

1. Start with an action word.

Do you want AI to take you seriously? Then always start your ChatGPT prompt with action words like Create, Write, Make, and Generate instead of starting with ‘Can you’

Here is a quick demonstration of ‘Can you’ and ‘Create’

ChatSonic ChatGPT Prompt without action words: Can you tell me how to become a content marketer?

ChatGPT prompt without action words - perfect ChatGPT prompt
ChatGPT prompt without action words

ChatSonic ChatGPT Prompt with action words: Create a career plan to become a content marketer in 2023.

ChatGPT prompt with action words - perfect ChatGPT prompt
ChatGPT prompt with action words

See the difference! The first response is very generic and does not have any action steps. Whereas ChatSonic - the ChatGPT alternative, gave a step-by-step detailed, and actionable guide to becoming a content marketer.

Learn more about marketing from ChatSonic with our marketing prompts, and SEO prompts.

2. Provide context.

A doctor can better diagnose a patient's condition with a clear context of the symptoms. Similarly, ChatSonic can generate a relevant answer with enough context for your question.

Contextual ChatSonic ChatGPT Prompt: I have 3 years of experience as a software developer. Now I got bored with coding and want to transition to another career. My education qualifications are B. Tech in computer science, and I am well-versed in understanding the business side of software as well. Suggest a list of career options that are easy for me to transition.

perfect ChatGPT prompt
Contextual ChatGPT prompt

We have also changed the current personality to ‘Career Counselor’ to generate expert answers.

ChatSonic has 15+ personalized avatars to get expert opinions on fitness, career, astrology, etc. For an eye-to-eye comparison, refer to ChatSonic vs ChatGPT.

If you looking to explore new careers/ jobs, ChatSonic can help you in your job search.

3. Use role play.

If you cannot find your expert avatar in ChatSonic (we are adding more soon), you can ask ChatSonic to role-play. For example, you are seeking content marketing advice on improving brand awareness for your newly launched CRM software.

Role-play ChatSonic ChatGPT Prompt: You are a marketing veteran for software products with ten years of experience in the industry. You have built marketing strategies for successful software products like Vimeo, Freshworks, Hubspot, and Zoho. Using your marketing experience, advise me on how to build awareness for my newly launched CRM software product 'Zilio'

Roleplay ChatGPT prompt - perfect chatGPT prompt
Roleplay ChatGPT prompt

ChatSonic has considered itself an expert in marketing and included what works and what does not in the response.

4. Use references.

If you want to mimic the writing style of any celebrity, then ChatSonic can do that, too, if you mention it in the prompt.

Reference ChatSonic ChatGPT Prompt: Write a list of mistakes to avoid in the 20s in Shakespeare style

Using references in ChatGPT prompt - perfect ChatGPT prompt
Using references in ChatGPT prompt

Isn’t it amazing! Now, do you see the power of writing perfect ChatGPT prompts 🔥?

5. Use double quotes.

When speaking to someone or presenting, how do you emphasize the importance of a word?

You either say it loudly, stretch the word's pronunciation so no one misses it, or use air quotes.

Air quotes - perfect ChatGPT prompt
Air quotes
ChatGPT prompt without double quotes - perfect ChatGPT prompt
ChatGPT prompt without double quotes
ChatGPT prompt with double quotes - perfect ChatGPT prompt
ChatGPT prompt with double quotes

You can see the importance ChatSonic gives to double quotes in the first line itself. When not using quotes, it referred to the essay as ‘Content Marketing: An Introduction,’ but when used quotes, it said ‘Content Marketing: The Art of Reaching Your Target Audience.

6. Be specific.

No one likes being vague because it does not leave any actionable insights to work on. ChatSonic also cannot generate good responses with vague prompts.

It works best when given specific prompts like

Specific ChatSonic ChatGPT Prompt: Write marketing copy to make my email marketing more engaging. The product I am promoting is called X (e.g., company, service or organization). What subject lines would you suggest for a sequence of Y emails?

Specific ChatGPT prompt - perfect ChatGPT prompt
Specific ChatGPT prompt

By adding specific details like subject lines and the number of emails in the sequence, ChatSonic’s response was relevant and matched user expectations.

7. Give examples.

Want ChatSonic to get inspired from the existing content piece? Then using examples in prompts can help you get the desired responses.

For instance, you want to write a book review based on an example.

Example-based ChatSonic ChatGPT Prompt:

Here is a book review of <example book>

“<example book review>”

Now write a similar book review for ‘<book name>'

Examples in ChatGPT prompt - perfect ChatGPT prompt
Examples in ChatGPT prompt

Now ChatSonic uses a writing style similar to the example provided. What are you waiting for? Input your best examples/ templates and get the desired responses 💃

8. Include the length of the response.

ChatSonic does not know if you want a crisp two lines response or a comprehensive paragraph for your prompt. It would come up with its response length if not mentioned in the prompt. To avoid confusion and regenerations, it is good to specify the response length in the prompt.

Another best use case is asking ChatSonic to elaborate or shorten the text.

ChatSonic ChatGPT Prompt including response length: Elaborate about ‘content marketing’ in 300 words.

Using length of response in ChatGPT prompt - perfect ChatGPT prompt
Using length of response in ChatGPT prompt

Along with defining marketing concepts, ChatSonic can also help you with content creation strategies.

9. Handhold the AI.

Like we said before, AI is a machine and needs to be instructed clearly on the task, and when we say handholding, we are not exaggerating. In particular situations, it is crucial to tell the AI what to do, what to avoid, and what to prioritize.

Here is an example of a custom diet plan with conditions.

Conditional ChatSonic ChatGPT Prompt: I am a 26-year-old female looking to lose 6 kg in 3 months. Create a 1700 calories Indian diet plan for two weeks. Do not give me non-vegetarian options on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. It should be a lean protein diet with carbs (30%), protein (40%), fiber (20%), and fat (10%).

Handholding ChatGPT prompt - perfect ChatGPT prompt
Handholding ChatGPT prompt

ChatSonic has considered my conditions of omitting the non-vegetarian option and responded accordingly.

10. Don’t hesitate to refine.

Like the famous proverb, “Practice makes a man perfect,” refining the prompts as required generates perfect responses.

In the above example, a custom diet plan is generated. Now I want to know how many calories each meal has along with macronutrient data.

The first thing to do is toggle the ‘enable memory’ button to ask follow-up questions.

Refined ChatSonic ChatGPT Prompt: Give me calories for each meal and macronutrient data (carbs, protein, fiber, fat)

Refined ChatGPT prompt - perfect ChatGPT prompt
Refined ChatGPT prompt

11. Specify the tone.

If you are using ChatSonic to write an email or a funny meme, specifying the tone can make a huge difference.

For example, you have a young audience to target and want to share something exciting with your community.

Tone-specific ChatSonic ChatGPT Prompt: Write a post about the new launch of our 'Tnagers' T-shirts. Also, include that these T-shirts will be given away to the winner of the giveaway contest. The contest is they have to share about Tnagers on their social media. The contest winners will be the top 3 people who will get the maximum number of followers.

Tone-specific ChatGPT prompt - perfect ChatGPT prompt
Tone-specific ChatGPT prompt

12. Get summaries after a long chat.

Do you spend hours in AI conversations? Even though that’s sweet, you might get lost in the long chat. So to avoid this and have an idea of what you were talking about with AI, you can summarize the long chat.

But with ChatSonic, you can edit, copy, download, and share these conversations with friends, family, colleagues and followers.

For more examples of ChatGPT prompts, you can check out our amazing resources of 110 ChatGPT examples and 150 ChatGPT prompts.


The recently-released ChatGPT has generated a lot of excitement and has become a popular topic on social media. To make the most of ChatGPT, it is crucial to craft effective prompts. Writing ChatGPT prompts is a skill that is gaining recognition and is expected to become more in demand. With practice, this skill can be honed to perfection.

However, despite giving world-class prompts, ChatGPT sometimes tends to give outdated and irrelevant responses as it is updated with information until 2021 only. But ChatSonic is directly connected with Google data to generate real-time responses making it an enhanced version of ChatGPT.

Aishwarya Gindham

A content writer at WriteSonic who loves to write long-form content with details and examples. The agenda is to help the reader find a solution to their problem.

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