How to make money with ChatGPT in 2024 ( 20+ ways)

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ChatGPT! ChatGPT! ChatGPT!

The internet is blown away by ChatGPT and its ability to answer every question under the sun.

But what exactly is it?

ChatGPT (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer) by OpenAI is a conversational AI chatbot and advanced language model that generates text that is similar to human writing. It has been trained on a vast dataset, enabling it to comprehend and respond to various topics, from high school English to astrophysics.

Isn’t it amazing?

If it is so powerful, why not use it to earn more money? Before you say anything, all we have to say is, ‘It’s possible!

Whether you're a freelancer, small business owner, or just looking for a side hustle, this guide will give you the tools you need to earn money with ChatGPT.

Here are the best chatGPT use cases for you.

But there is a problem! ChatGPT comes with some limitations.

  • ChatGPT does not know anything about events or updates after 2021. The language model is trained on data till 2021, which makes it outdated. Some of the ideas it gives might not be relevant to earn money
  • The only way it can respond to your questions is via text. It cannot generate images and videos.
  • Finally, ChatGPT is down or at capacity when necessary.

How frustrating would it be to see ChatGPT not working when you wanted to make money using ChatGPT? Can ChatGPT Plus relieve users from this frustration?

20+ ways to earn money using ChatGPT

Who doesn’t like earning some extra money without putting in much work? With AI technologies like ChatGPT, there are now more ways than ever to monetize your skills and knowledge. From content creation to customer service, the possibilities are endless.

We have put together 20+ ways to earn money using ChatGPT. Let’s begin!

1. Content Writing Services

Marketing teams are always looking for writers who can deliver high-quality content fast. Content writing is for you if you have a flair for writing and earning good money. The best part is ChatGPT can help speed up the writing process so that you can take more work.

If you have to write a blog post on ‘10 ways to improve your SaaS sales’, here is how ChatGPT can help you.

content writing - make money using ChatGPT
content writing 

Now let's generate a response on ChatSonic for the same prompt.

content writing - make money using ChatGPT
content writing

Do you see the difference?

ChatGPT by OpenAI has given generic and outdated strategies which may not be enough to drive sales. This is because ChatGPT is only limited to information till 2021. But ChatSonic generates real-time and updated sales strategies that work in 2024.

Start charging between $0.05 to $0.5 per word for basic content, depending on your experience. You can also charge more by including SEO in your content writing package. Check out ChatGPT SEO prompts.

You can also check out our easy guide to writing long-form blogs in less than a minute.

2. Copywriting

If you do not enjoy writing long-form content like blog posts and ebooks but love to write captivating Instagram captions, ad copy, or viral tweets, then Copywriting is for you. Earn more money for fewer words with ChatGPT.

You can also use Chatsonic Chrome Extension to write viral tweets.

You have a strong knack for using emotions but are unsure how to play with words. ChatGPT got you covered.

Let’s ask ChatGPT to write an Instagram caption for a vacation picture in Turkey.

copywriting - make money using ChatGPT

With Chatsonic, you can generate an image and a sassy caption to go with it. You can also change the tone of the responses by using ChatSonic’s personal avatars.

Instagram caption Chatsonic - make money using ChatGPT
Instagram caption chatsonic
Digital art Chatsonic - make money using ChatGPT
Digital art Chatsonic

Ditch the boring responses and create social media copy for high-paying clients with Chatsonic.

The industry pricing for basic copywriting (ad copy, social media copy, sales page copy) ranges from $50 to $500, and around $1000 for website copywriting.

Learn how to create mind-boggling digital art with ChatGPT in no time.

3. Email marketing services

64.1% of small businesses use email marketing as it is the 3rd highest ROI of marketing media. But businesses struggle to convert these email visitors into sales. You can pitch in and help them by writing catchy subject lines and email content.

The most common type of email marketing includes email sequences, newsletters, retention, and promotional emails.

New to this? Don’t stress. Leverage ChatGPT technology to help you throughout the email marketing process and earn more money.

We have asked ChatGPT and ChatSonic to write an onboarding email for a project management tool.

Email marketing - make money using ChatGPT
Email marketing


Email marketing - make money using ChatGPT
Email marketing 

While Chatsonic responses are more conversational, ChatGPT has an academic tone. A conversational tone will help your brand resonate with the audience and open gates to new users.

The average pricing for email newsletters can start from $50/ month for small email lists and go up to $200/ month for larger email lists. You can charge more for promotional and transactional emails.

4. Editing and Paraphrasing services

The demand for editors is rising with the constant stream of content. It’s important to ensure that the content is accurate, clear, and easy to read. That's where editors come in.

Most of this content is also being repurposed. For example, a blog post can be repurposed into a tweet thread, a LinkedIn post, and an Instagram carousel. To repurpose content effectively, paraphrasing skills are essential.

Well, not really with ChatSonic - ChatGPT with superpowers.

editing and paraphrasing - make money using ChatGPT
editing and paraphrasing

The pricing for basic editing services can range from $0.01 to $0.03 per word, and paraphrasing can range from $0.01 to $0.10 per word.

5. Sell unique digital Illustrations

Who doesn’t like an expressive illustration in their living room? Illustrations do not end there. Businesses use them in their brand design. Individuals print them on their coffee cups, T-shirts, and many more.

The good news is that you can create these digital illustrations using Chatsonic.

Digital Illustrations - make money using ChatGPT
Digital illustrations Chatsonic

You can monetize your illustrations by

Selling them on print-on-demand sites like Printify and RedBubble

Sell them on marketplaces like Creative Market GraphicRiver and Envato Elements.

Sell them on Etsy as printables for wall hanging.

6. Write and sell comic books

Now that you know how to create illustrations, here is a package deal where you can make more money. Add a story to your illustrations and make comic books.

It would be difficult to write a comic book for your illustrations on ChatGPT as it does not recognize images. But with Chatsonic, it is just a matter of minutes.

Digital Illustration - make money using ChatGPT
Digital Illustration

Now we have the first illustration of the protagonist of the comic book. Let’s write a killer intro dialogue for the hero.

Story writing by Chatsonic - make money using ChatGPT
Story writing by Chatsonic

Likewise, you can spend some time on Chatsonic, and your comic book will be ready to sell on platforms like Amazon and Gumroad.

7. Create coloring /painting books

Coloring and painting books, mostly popular for children, have picked up a trend for adults in the last few years. They are used as stress relievers after a long work day. Among all of them, mandala coloring books are well received.

We have created a mandala coloring book using Chatsonic - ChatGPT on steroids.

Digital art by Chatsonic - make money using ChatGPT
Digital art by Chatsonic

Similarly, you can create multiple designs and download them to make a coloring book. Start selling these coloring and painting books on platforms like Amazon, Gumroad, Etsy, Sellfy, and more.

8. Become an assistant tutor

Professors and teachers have a lot to do other than teaching. They have to check assignments, grade papers, create teaching plans and materials for the curriculum. You can take this weight off their shoulders by assisting them in administrative tasks and making some money.

Even though you are not an expert in the subject or lesson planning, technologies like ChatGPT can help you master these tasks in no time.

Chatsonic - make money using ChatGPT

See how Chatsonic has created a lesson plan for a history lesson on Hitler. In the same way, you can accomplish every other admin task and become an assistant tutor.

9. Start a food recipe blog

This is one of the easiest ways to earn money with ChatGPT. You must set up a website and start writing about recipes.

Zero knowledge of cooking? Are no recipes worth sharing on the blog?

Just ask ChatGPT. That’s how simple it is! But ChatGPT being only updated with information until 2021 might give you old recipes.

Do not take a chance at your best opportunity to make money. Chatsonic is the best to get the latest recipes as it is directly connected to Google data.

Chatsonic - make money using ChatGPT

We have our trending recipes ready. We have picked one of them to generate a recipe for the food blog - Mango Pie.

Recipe by Chatsonic - make money using ChatGPT
Recipe by Chatsonic 
Recipe by Chatsonic - make money using ChatGPT
Recipe by Chatsonic

Now that the recipe is ready to go on your website, use AI-generated images of Mango Pie from ChatSonic on the blog to give a better reading experience.

Recipe by Chatsonic - make money using ChatGPT
Recipe by Chatsonic

10. Book reviews

Are you a bookworm? Do you eat, breathe and sleep books?

Even if you are a seasonal reader, book reviews are a great way to earn money with ChatGPT. You only need to pick a book, read it and write a brief review. Use ChatGPT to refine the review and publish it on your book blog.

If this sounds like a lot of work, then there is an easy option too.

Choose a book and ask Chatsonic to write a book review. Here is a book review of Harry potter and the philosopher’s stone from Chatsonic - the best ChatGPT alternative.

Book review by Chatsonic - make money using ChatGPT
Book review by Chatsonic

You can monetize your book reviews in different ways.

  • Start a book blog and grow your blog visitors to earn money from google ad sense.
  • Repurpose your book review into a 30-second Instagram reel and build an audience. You can monetize your reels with time and also earn from brand sponsorships.

Reach out to sites that pay for book reviews, like Kirkus, Reedsy, Online book club etc.

11. Write music lyrics

Did you ever listen to the lyrics of a song and realize the depth of emotions? If you can write similar lyrics and earn money from them, think no more!

Use ChatGPT and put your thoughts into words to make them music lyrics. Take a look at the song lyrics of ‘How AI is changing the job market’ by Chatsonic with the latest GPT 3.5 technology.

music lyrics by Chatsonic - make money using ChatGPT
music lyrics by Chatsonic

12. Video scripts

There are 51 million YouTube channels created, which means there are 51 million opportunities for video scripts. A lot of established YouTube channels choose to hire freelancers to do video scripting.

You can write video scripts for YouTube channels using ChatGPT. In most cases, the YouTubers provide a brief to help you develop a detailed script.

Video scripts by Chatsonic - make money using ChatGPT
Video scripts by Chatsonic

Using Chatsonic, we generated a video script for the video ‘10 habits that are keeping you poor.

You can start charging by video scripted per minute - $50/ minute.

13. Become a ChatSonic affiliate

Becoming a Chatsonic affiliate is a great way to earn extra money by promoting Chatsonic to your audience. We pay a commission of 30% of the sale for every paid customer you refer. You will even give a unique referral link to share with your audience. Track your earnings and customer referrals through an affiliate dashboard provided by Chatsonic.

All you need to do is sign up for a free ChatSonic account and fill out the affiliate form. Once the form is approved, you can start promoting and selling ChatSonic.

For more details, visit Chatsonic’s affiliate program page.

App Ideas using the ChatGPT API

Not only that, but Chatsonic also has something extra to offer, an API that can help you build your apps and earn extra money.

You can check out the best Chatsonic API use cases to build multiple apps.

14. Character count tool

A character count tool is an online tool that allows you to count the number of characters in a text. Characters include letters, numbers, spaces, and special characters.

You can also include a word count feature that counts the number of words in the text. It is very useful for writers and marketers to check the length of the post before publishing it.

Chatsonic pricing - Make money using ChatGPT
Chatsonic pricing

15. Paraphrasing tool

Rephrasing and rewording text are very common in the life of writers and marketers. A paraphrasing tool makes this easier. It helps users rephrase or reword text in a way that retains the same meaning but uses different words and phrases.

It can be used by writers, students, and researchers to rephrase text to avoid plagiarism, simplify complex language, or improve the readability of a text quickly and accurately.

16. Summarizing tool

Everyone loves summaries, don’t they? Book summaries, lesson summaries, movie summaries, and what not. Why not leverage this need for summaries by creating a summarizing tool that can quickly summarize text?

It uses different text types, such as news articles, research papers, and even books. A summarizing tool can be useful for researchers, students, busy professionals, and anyone who needs a quick and efficient way to process large amounts of text.

17. Text prompt generator

Text prompts are short statements or phrases that are designed to inspire writing. These prompts can be a question, a statement, or a scenario and can be used to generate ideas for stories, poetry, or other forms of writing.

With the advent of conversational AI tools like ChatGPT and Chatsonic, generating text prompts that the AI understands become a part of every job description.

A text prompt generator will help the user with better prompts to make the AI conversations effective.

You can learn the best tips from AI training experts to write perfect prompts and build an effective text prompt generator.

18. AI Art Generator

Are you tired of running out of creative ideas for your art projects? What if there was a way to generate endless inspiration with the help of AI?

You can now create an AI art generator for many like you that use artificial intelligence algorithms to create unique and diverse artworks, providing a never-ending source of inspiration for creators like you.

19. A customer service chatbot

Do you receive a lot of customer queries and complaints every day? A customer service chatbot is the best way to deal with this effectively.

It can be integrated into a website, an app, or a messaging platform, and it is designed to assist customers with their inquiries and resolve their issues. The chatbot can handle various customer service-related tasks, such as answering frequently asked questions, providing product or service information, and troubleshooting technical issues.

20. Language Translator

Language translators can translate written text, spoken words, or even images with text. They can also be configured to understand multiple languages and dialects. This makes language translators a great tool for people who frequently travel, businesses that operate in multiple countries, or anyone who needs to communicate with people from different cultures or backgrounds.

21. A math problem solver

Math is never easy! It would be great if a helping hand could assist with the math problem solutions. A math problem solver can be built using ChatGPT API to solve any problem. These solvers are beneficial when they provide step-by-step instructions to solve a particular problem.

The best part would be integrating it into the web browser, like a chrome extension, for easy accessibility.

22. Astrology app

Do you believe in astrology? 1 in 4 Americans says they believe in astrology. What better reason do you need to build an astrology app from ChatGPT API?

You can include features like daily horoscopes, personalized astrological charts, and other astrological information. t can also include features such as compatibility matching, personalized recommendations, and a journal for tracking personal astrological events.

23. Personalized news aggregator

In today’s fast pace life, no one has the time to read a newspaper. But people still want to stay updated with the news. A personalized news aggregator can fill this gap. The user preferences are collected when they sign up on the platform so that the news aggregator only shows news pieces that are of interest to the user.

24. Caption and Hashtag generator

Social media is the buzz of the decade.

While more and more people are consuming content, more are creating it. But not everyone is a pro at writing catchy captions and trending hashtags. A caption and hashtag generator can prompt relevant captions and hashtags based on uploaded images. This will be invaluable for content creators on Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Tiktok.

Start building your favorite app by accessing the Chatsonic API key.

You can start any app by offering a free trial and later monetize it by charging a monthly subscription.

Not just making money, you can also land a high-paying job using ChatGPT in no time.

Try ChatSonic - the ChatGPT alternative to help you earn money

Chatsonic, the ChatGPT alternative, has superpowers compared to ChatGPT. It is a revolutionary conversational AI chatbot designed to improve upon the limitations of ChatGPT by OpenAI.

Chatsonic - make money using ChatGPT

ChatSonic by Writesonic - an enhanced version of the AI chatbot, ChatGPT. Its powerful capabilities include:

  • ChatSonic can generate real-time factual and relevant content using NLP, machine learning, and powerful integration with Google Search. It provides accurate summaries and insights about current news, trends, and conversations.
  • You can give voice commands and receive voice responses just like Siri/ Google Assistant. This will make your conversations with Chatsonic quicker and more efficient.
  • Chatsonic is an incredibly efficient and unique way to generate digital artwork. It also helps you in writing text prompts to generate unique AI artwork.
  • Do you need an expert opinion? Then talk to our personalized avatar. You can choose from 16 avatars like a math teacher, personal trainer, career coach, etc.
  • With ChatSonic, all your conversations feel human because it can remember your previous conversations and respond accordingly. You need not tell Chatsonic the whole story every time you type in a message.
  • Chatsonic allows you to download and share your AI conversations to keep them for later, reminisce on funny conversations, share meaningful moments, and store important conversations.
  • ChatSonic's API allows easy integration with existing applications for a seamless user experience. Be it any software you use at work or a simple mobile app like WhatsApp, Chatsonic can be integrated with any tool easily with the help of Chatsonic API.
  • Engage with your Twitter community in seconds with ChatSonic Twitter Bot. Tag @ChatSonicAI on Twitter for instant answers in under 5 seconds. Make interacting with your community more fun with ChatSonic.
  • The new Chatsonic chrome extension, helps you get answers fast by displaying ChatSonic responses beside Google search results for instant access. Check out the best chatGPT chrome extensions and their use cases.
  • Pick up your phone and type whatever you want on our free Chatsonic mobile app. You can get stuff done on the go without opening your laptop.

Start exploring Chatsonic with 110 ChatGPT examples.

Explore more with ChatSonic vs ChatGPT and How to use ChatGPT.

Start earning with ChatGPT.

With ChatGPT’s vast potential, the possibilities for earning money are endless. All you need to do is put in a little effort. You can do anything from writing content to building apps with ChatGPT to earn money. Experiment using ChatGPT in different business use cases to explore the possibilities.

As discussed in the blog post above, ChatGPT has limitations that can cause hiccups on your journey to earning money. If you have decided to give your best, do it with our best tool ChatSonic - ChatGPT with superpowers.

ChatSonic will always be an accelerator in your money-making journey and never a speed breaker!

Aishwarya Gindham

A content writer at WriteSonic who loves to write long-form content with details and examples. The agenda is to help the reader find a solution to their problem.

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