Rytr vs Copy ai: Which AI writing assistant is better for me?

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The sad truth is - none of these 2 softwares is exceptional enough to independently assist your content creation efforts.

Rytr? Average, repetitive content. Copy ai? I can’t even write a long-form article after paying $49 per month.

So, how do you know which of them you should pitch your net with? Which one should you choose that its defects won’t matter to your condition and its advantages will play well into your favor?

Keep reading to find an in-depth Rytr vs Copy ai review. After reading this article, you’ll be equipped with enough facts and figures to make your purchase decision.

Rytr vs Copy ai: An 'at a glance look'  

Rytr costs half of Copy ai, is integrated with Semrush for SEO, and allows you to create custom use cases. You can create a long-form article with this software even though it can get a bit stressful because you have to create it in sections.

Copy ai has many more templates, provides 10+ results per run, and allows you to translate between languages. Unfortunately, it has no SEO consideration, doesn’t allow you to create your own template, and has no templates for long-form content.

At $49/month, it’s also one of the most expensive AI writing assistants out there. To make your choice between both, consider why and what you are seeking in an AI writing assistant.  

Your search might lead you to Writesonic which bridges the gap between their shortfalls by being

  1. Able to produce a complete long-form article of 1500 words in 15 seconds.
  2. Integrated with semrush for SEO, with Zapier to let you connect 4000+ apps for easier workflows and one click Wordpress integration where you can directly draft your AI generated blogs to Wordpress..
  3. Able to generate content outlines(and optimized content) using top-ranking results on Google.
  4. Affordable at just $13/month.

How Rytr and Copy AI work

Want to start using Rytr to assist your content creation efforts? All you have to do is log into the Rytr website and click on ‘Start Ryting’.

Rytr vs Copy AI

You’ll be directed to sign up with an email and have immediate access to the Rytr free plan. This free plan allows you to create content of up to 5000 characters in a month. If you are looking for better options than Rytr, here’s a list of alternatives to Rytr you can have a look at.

Signing up to Copy ai is equally easy. All you have to do is log into their website and provide your email address.

Rytr vs Copy AI
Copy ai

On signing up, you get a 7-day trial of the Pro plan. Refusal to renew the plan after the trial gets your account downsized to the free plan where you are provided with 100 credits for the first month and 10 credits in the following months. There are other Copy AI alternatives that offer much more in much less, check them out.

No credit cards are required to sign up for either softwares.

Rytr vs Copy ai: The ultimate comparison

Now, let’s see how these two tools fare based on the must-have features of an AI writing assistant.

Content Output Quality

To test the output quality of these 2 AI writing assistants, I used both softwares to create a short youtube video description.

Copy ai produces 10 outputs for each run so after choosing a use case and inputting my video title and description, clicking on creating content got me 10 results.

Rytr vs Copy AI
Copy ai YouTube Description Intro 

Out of the 10 results, only 3 were satisfactorily okay. An example is this

Rytr vs Copy AI
Copy ai YouTube Description output 

As a content creator, these are words and phrases I can imagine myself using. It would have been awesome if each of the variants was this good but about 7 of them were completely off the point.  

For instance, take a look at this.

Copy ai YouTube description output 

The description I provided made no mention of a book, yet…Sign.  

And these too…

Rytr vs Copy AI
Copy ai YouTube Description output 

In short, Copy ai’s content quality is a hit/miss. The content is pretty okay when the AI seems to get it but when it brings up a mysterious book in a video not related to any book? Well, not so okay. If by any chance you are comparing Copy AI with Jarvis AI - deep dive into Copy AI vs Jarvis AI here.

Now, let’s see what Rytr has for us.

After choosing a use case and providing the video title, I clicked on ‘Start Ryting’. Rytr provides you a choice of 1-3 variants so I chose to be provided with 3.

Rytr vs Copy AI
Rytr Video Description output 

As you can see, the content quality is average at best, variants are very repetitive and the content is not compelling at all.

To cap it, Copy ai’s content quality is better. Even though more than half of its 10 outputs are not useful for this context, the few that hit the mark strike hard on the chord and are 10 times more intriguing than all 3 of Rytr’s results combined.

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Content Plagiarism Level

Both tools have a plagiarism checker. The only difference is that Rytr’s native plagiarism is powered by Copyscape, the industry-standard plagiarism tool while Copy ai’s is in-built.

When I checked the plagiarism level of the youtube descriptions I generated earlier, the result came out nil for both. This means the content output they both provide is 100% original and is not copied/pasted from the internet.

No matter which of the over 80 content generators you choose, Writesonic helps you produce unique and plagiarized-free content. Find out all the ways Writesonic can help you create.

Ease of Usage

Both softwares are very easy to use. Navigating through them is easy and the content generation process happens in seconds. They also both provide folders to organize your generated copy and a chrome extension to use them out of their primary website.

Aesthetically wise though, I believe the Copy ai Dashboard is more beautiful. Apart from that, features like the ability to search for use cases make the dashboard more user-friendly in comparison to the Rytr dashboard where you have to manually go through use cases to find one to use.

Long-Form Content

To generate long-form content with both Rytr and Copy AI, you have to go about it in sections - generating the subheadings and subsections of the content first before generating the content under each of the subheadings individually.

Even the blog post wizard template of Copy AI that claims to generate a full blog post first draft in 5 minutes requires this sectional approach.

Compare this to Writesonic which generates a full-fledged article in a minute with just inserting the title using the AI Article writer generator

Short-Form content

Both Rytr and Copy ai can produce short-form content as we experienced with the Youtube video description earlier. Other templates each tool has for short snappy content are meta descriptions, carousel posts, story plots, etc.

Onboarding process

Rytr prompts you to watch a use case video upon signing up. It also provides a Bootcamp with resources, guides, and  FAQs to provide you with adequate know-how of the tool. Rytr also has a youtube channel(which is mildly active). If Jarvis came across your search of AI tools to compare with Rytr, here you go - Rytr vs Jarvis - a detailed comparison.

Copy AI has a blog full of resourceful articles and guides. The Copy ai team also organizes weekly live demos to further enlighten Copy ai users on how to make better use of the software.  

So, when it comes to onboarding new users and making them grasp proper use of the tools as soon as they need to, both Copy ai and Rytr perform greatly. You can rest assured you won’t be left hanging after signing up for either of them.

Writesonic is so easy to use that you can start writing with AI right away. That's what users on G2 and Capterra say. And we have Writesonic academy sessions to help you write even better with our AI assistant


Both tools have an in-built doc-style editor. Typical edits like italics, bold, underline, strikethrough, bullet points, and numbering are present in these 2 editors.

In addition to these though, rytr enables you to rephrase and improve generated content.

Rytr vs Copy AI
Rytr Video Description Output 
Create amazing long-form content automatically with very little input, using Writesonic's doc-style Sonic Editor (GPT-3). Watch it work, now!


Both softwares have a free plan so you can use them without spending a dime. The free plans are limited though and to get the full features the tools have to offer, you have to get on the paid plans.

Copy ai’s free plan gives you 100 free credits in the first month and 10 credits in the following months while Rytr’s gives 5000 characters per month.

Copy ai has just one paid plan which costs $49/month.

Rytr vs Copy AI
Copy ai pricing 

This plan limits you to 40,000 words(calculated in characters) per month and if you need more words, you have to pay extra. For this pro plan, you get a free 7-day trial after signing up to Copy ai. After the trial, you are free to choose to upgrade your workspace to the pro plan or get downgraded to the free plan.

Rytr on the other hand has 2 paid plans - the saver and the unlimited plans.

Rytr vs Copy AI
Rytr pricing 

With the $9 saver plan, you are limited to 100k characters which in all honesty is a lot for a solo user. The unlimited plan takes the restriction away and allows you unlimited access to the tool, to create as much as you want to - for just $29/month.

The TLDR of this is that Copy ai is 2x more expensive than Rytr. If you are a person that plans to use an AI tool to generate lots of content, the unlimited plan of Rytr is literally a steal. But if you don’t fall into the ‘creating loads of content’ category and you find that other features of Copy ai allure to you, you might go with Copy ai.

Copy ai has credit-based pricing and Rytr has Character-based pricing and both give discounts on annual pricing.

Writesonic gives you more features for less money than any other AI tool. You can use any of its 80+ templates to produce content easily. The pricing is low, starting at $10 for 30k words. Plus, you can sign up for a free trial, no credit card required. Check it out now!

Team collaboration

Copy ai pro plan allows up to 5 users. So, you can use just a single plan for your team of up to 5 people. Collaborating among users can be tedious though as the software has no team collaboration features, unlike Jasper.  Copy ai also has a multiple-seat package if you need more than 20 individuals on board.

All of Rytr’s plans are for solo users and the tool is not meant for team use. If you have a team that is keen on using Rytr, each member of the team has to register for separate accounts.

Writesonic lets you work with up to 10 collaborators, or invite any number of users to your dashboard through its open API

Public sentiments

The public sentiment on Copy ai and Rytr seems good. Reviews on G2 for Rytr and Copy ai are excellent and follow closely at 4.7 and 4.9 respectively.

Their reviews on Trustpilot are similar too.

Rytr vs Copy AI
Copy ai trustpilot review 
Rytr vs Copy AI
Rytr trustpilot review

In short, users seem to love both softwares and you most probably won’t be disappointed with either as long as you choose them with awareness of their quirks.

Grammar check

To ensure any content you generate with any of these 2 softwares is grammatically correct, you’ll need to call on your editing prowess. None of these softwares has an in-built grammar checker or is integrated with a third-party grammar checking tool.

SEO consideration

Rytr has a native SEO toolkit/analyzer to find keywords and create content briefs. This is made possible by its integration with Semrush. If you are writing an SEO piece, this will come in handy to optimize your content to rank on google’s first page.

Copy ai has no consideration for SEO content writing and if you intend to optimize your content, you’ll need to fill in your keywords manually.  

Templates + idea suggestions

Rytr has 30+ templates. If you struggle with writer’s block and want to get some words on the blank page fast, these templates will come in handy. The templates will also be useful if you aren’t sure of the best format to use for a type of content.

Have a type of content you will need to generate lots of times? Rytr enables you to create your own template and use it as many times as you desire.

Copy ai beats Rytr in the number of templates. It currently boasts 86 templates. One downside though is the fact that most of these templates are pretty much useless and won’t be used for any serious content creation process. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t see the shower thought and relatable experience templates being used for anything other than getting a good laugh.

In addition to the array of unusable templates, Copy ai doesn't allow you to create your own template. All content generated with Copy ai has to be by using one of the available templates. So if you are trying to generate a kind of content and you can’t find a Copy ai template for it, good luck on writing that yourself.

Compared to Rytr and Copy ai, Writesonic gives you more options to create content and beat writer’s block. With each of the 80+ templates for different content types, you get examples to guide you. Check out Writesonic for free today!


Rytr supports 30+ languages. You can create content in languages like Spanish, French, and German. You can’t translate between languages though and the language you generate your content in is the language it gets exported as.

Rytr vs Copy AI
Rytr language and tone options

Copy ai supports 25 languages but these languages are both input and export languages. This means you can translate between languages(create content in French and export it in German).

Rytr vs Copy AI
Copy ai language and tone options 

This will be incredibly useful if you are trying to create content in a language you don’t understand.

Besides English, Writesonic works with over 24 languages. See if your input language is supported, and if not – let us know and we'll add it!

Customer support

Rytr provides users access to their team via live chat, email support, SM platforms, and a private users-on community.

Copy ai gives you access to email support, SM platforms as well as a creator community. It has no live chat unlike Rytr and you get priority email support if you get on the pro plan. Not cool on the free plan kiddos.

With Writesonic, you get it all! Whether you need to contact our helpful customer support team by email or chat and receive a response in 2-4 hours, network with 4k+ content pros in our vibrant Writesonic facebook group, or stay updated with us on social media, we've got you covered

Rytr pros

  • It is one of the most affordable tools in the AI writing world.
  • It allows SEO optimization beyond just inserting keywords by integrating with Semrush.
  • You can be sure of the originality of the content because it’s integrated with Copyscape.

Rytr cons

  • Content variants are mostly repetitive.
  • Content quality is average at best.

Copy AI pros

  • Getting 10 outputs for each run is awesome.
  • Dashboard search feature to easily locate templates and available features.
  • Hashtag generator template to rank on social search.
  • The freestyle tool allows you to give Copy ai more personalized instructions - to get better results.
  • Bullet point to blog template that makes blog formatting and writing listicles easy peasy

Copy AI cons

  • No integration with any third-party tool.
  • Has no SEO consideration.
  • Not being able to create custom use cases sucks.
  • Not able to generate long-form content like articles in a single go.

Rytr vs Copy ai: Which AI software is best for me?

Now to the deciding session. Which of these tools should you choose? Which one will serve your needs best and give you maximum results for your money?

Well, the best answer is “It Depends”. It depends on your unique situation and needs.

Before making a purchase decision, ask yourself these questions.  

  • What's the main reason I am seeking an AI tool?
  • Am I using it alone or with a team? How many people are on my team?
  • What kind of content am you/the team planning to use it for?
  • What other options do I have? You never can tell if there’s a better option out there until you check!

Your answer to these questions will determine what you'll be shedding your coins on.

The main advantage of Rytr is being able to generate unlimited content at just $29/month. If you don’t need lots of content, I’ll advise Copy ai since Copy ai’s content is better than that of Rytr. Copy ai will be even more appropriate if you are a fan of templates, have a specific Copy ai content template you’ll like to recreate multiple times, or have a team. This way, you and your team of up to 5 members can get a Copy ai pro account and work with your template of choice.

If your answer to these questions doesn’t make either Copy ai or Rytr just right for you, you should explore other alternatives.

Is there a better fit for my needs out there?

There are many alternate AI writing tools that are better than Rytr and Copy ai but Writesonic is the best. Don’t take my word for it though. See for yourself how Writesonic surpasses Rytr and Writesonic beats Copy ai.


Copy ai costs $49/month and still limits you to 40k words per month. Writesonic on the other hand costs just $13/month and you can generate up to 47,000 words. To put this in hindsight, you can generate 7000 more words with Writesonic even though it costs just 30% of Copy ai.

Rytr might seem close in price to Writesonic because it costs $9 and $29 for 100k characters and unlimited characters respectively but if you consider how repetitive the content is, you’ll run out of characters in no time and have to purchase more.

Content quality

Writesonic AI is trained on high-performing copy from top brands and produces only quality content that matches top standards. I generated youtube video descriptions(using the same title as earlier) with Writesonic. Here are the results.

Rytr vs Copy AI
Writesonic content quality output

Compare it to the results we got from Rytr and Copy ai and you can easily make out the fact that Writesonic’s content is ‘publish ready’(considering grammar and context) and won’t require little to no edits before it is ready to use.

None of the content pieces are fluff or off the point like this one in Copy ai.

Rytr vs Copy AI
Copy ai content output 

And we sure didn’t get repetitive variants like with Rytr.

Rytr vs Copy AI
Rytr content output

Long-form content Writing

Writesonic has an instant article writer that helps you generate long-form articles(1500 words+) in 15 seconds besides it’s 4-step article generator that also generates 1500 words article with customization as you need.!

If you compare this to Rytr where you have to stumble around from section to section to produce a long-form piece or Copy ai where you can’t even long-form content(Copy ai has no template for long-form content), Writesonic provides you with an instant publishable piece in 15 seconds is astonishing.

SEO consideration

Writesonic AI article writer 3.0 operates based on top-performing content on Google. Your article outline is curated based on sections and subsections of pages that are ranking and snatching featured snippets so that your generated content is also set to rank and get featured in snippets.

In addition to these, Writesonic has other awesome features like…


Photosonic is Writesonic's AI image generator. Worry no more about sourcing high-quality images for your generated content. You can get AI-generated stock or custom images in a snap of a finger.

Landing pages writing

Writesonic can generate landing pages with code in 30 seconds.

Zapier integration

Writesonic is integrated with Zapier. This makes the no-code connection with 4000+ apps including Semrush and Coschedule easy for you.

Bulk upload feature

Find yourself in need of hundreds or thousands of content pieces? This feature saves you the time(and frustration) of having to generate each piece on its own. Simply select a use case(we have 60+ available) and have your 1000+ content pieces ready for download in seconds. Learn more here

WordPress Integration

Get your content exported to your WordPress website with a single click - without any change in formatting or unwanted edits.

In conclusion, Rytr and Copy ai might be okay AI writing assistant softwares - depending on your intended use of them.

But in an industry where an excellent tool like Writesonic exists, you are undoubtedly missing out on a whole lot - on a much better software to assist your content creation needs - by not choosing Writesonic.


ChatSonic by Writesonic is here to revolutionise the chatbot industry! With powerful Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP), ChatSonic is the best and most incredible conversational AI chatbot out there. Neither Rytr nor Copy AI offers any such AI chatbot.

But how is ChatSonic different from ChatGPT? Here’s the answer.

ChatSonic by Writesonic is integrated with Google search. This helps to generate content including factual information and current trends, which is not possible by ChatGPT by OpenAI since it is trained on data till 2021.

Next, ChatSonic also helps to generate unique images with the help of DALL-E and Stable diffusion, whereas ChatGPT does not support image generation.

Moreover, with the help of NLP, it can understand voice commands, which ChatGPT cannot. In short, ChatSonic is 10x more powerful than ChatGPT.

Although there are various other ChatGPT alternatives available in the market, ChatSonic is the most advanced and superior version. It offers an amazing personalised avatar, remembers the conversation, gives the option to save, edit, and download chat, and has ChatSonic API.

With its advanced features and capabilities, you’re sure to get the best results. So, what are you waiting for? Try ChatSonic today and experience the difference!

Manvi Agarwal

Manvi, content lead at Writesonic, is a true visionary when crafting content. Her product-led approach, infused with interactive user-oriented strategy and SEO tactics, delivers maximum ROI

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