8 Must-Try Character Voice Generators of 2024

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Finding a voice-over artist can eat up your time and money, especially if you're aiming for multiple languages.

In this blog post, we're going to introduce you to character voice generators. These tools are like a one-stop shop for all your voice-over needs.

With voice tech booming, experts predict it could be a $49 billion industry soon. So it's something you'll want to leverage for your business.

Get ready to simplify your projects, especially those that involve voice-overs. Here are the top 8 character voice generators for 2024 that you won't want to miss.

What is a character voice generator?

A character voice generator is an AI technology that you can use to change how your voice sounds and create other voices too. You record your voice, and this tool lets you tweak it to sound different. You might make it sound deeper or lighter, depending on what you're going for.

You can turn your voice into a high-pitched and fast one, almost like a cartoon character voice. That's called the chipmunk effect, and it's just one of the voice effects' many options.

The tech driving all of this is often Artificial Intelligence. That means the software doesn't just alter your voice, it also makes it sound natural.

If all this is overwhelming, then you also have character voice generators that have ready-to-use voices.

You can save these created and altered voices as audio files, like WAV. That way, you can use them later in videos or start podcasts.

Moreover, many cartoon voice generators offer multilingual support. So, if you need to create cartoon character voice generators with voices in French or Japanese, AI voice generators can help.

History of character voiceovers

Long ago, storytellers used voice talent and their voices to make characters come alive. Remember the famous animated comedy TV series Spongebob Squarepants? It has featured the cartoon character voices of Tom Kenny, Bill Fagerbakke, Rodger Bumpass, and more.

Spongebob Squarepants - character voice generators
Spongebob Squarepants

Another famous voice artist is Mel Blanc, who is the person behind the cartoon character voices of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety, Sylvester, Yosemite Sam and more cartoon characters.

Mel Blanc - character voice generators
Mel Blanc 

As time went on, the radio was invented, and voice actors started getting actual jobs. People listened to entire dramas through their radio speakers, captivated by the different voices of beloved characters they heard.

Voice artists on Radio - character voice generators
Voice artists on Radio

Then came movies and TV. Now, voice actors had faces, but the voices still had to be unique to each character. Think of your favorite animated movie — those popular cartoon characters (like Mickey Mouse) had their own special voices, making them memorable.

cartoon character voice artists - character voice generators
cartoon character voice artists

When computers started getting smarter, and suddenly we had software that could change how a voice sounds.

But the real game-changer was Artificial Intelligence or AI.

With AI, not only could you change a character's text voice, but you could also make a brand-new one from scratch without relying on humans to make unique voices.

AI voices - character voice generators
AI voices

The best part is the AI tech keeps improving.

Along with changing voices, AI is making them sound real. Now it opens up a ton of opportunities, from making funny videos to helping people with speech issues.

8 Best character voice generators of 2024

Forget hiring pricey voice actors or spending hours figuring out complex software. The future of voice generation is here, and it's more accessible than ever. Let's zoom in on the 8 best character voice generators that are turning heads in 2024.


Imagine being at the helm of your own audio project without needing an army of sound engineers or voice-over artists. Audiosonic, developed by Writesonic, offers you that kind of control and then some.

Audiosonic - character voice generators

It is jam-packed with features that cater to professionals from diverse industries, be it marketing, education, or entertainment. With Audiosonic, you're not just getting another character voice generator but investing in an all-in-one AI conversational platform.

Audiosonic - text to speech

Key features of Audiosonic

  • Realistic and Human-Like Audio: Audiosonic sounds like a real person. That means when people hear your brand, it feels relatable and not like it's coming from a robot. Your brand gets a voice that sounds just like you.
  • Multilingual support: Language shouldn't be a barrier. With Audiosonic, you can reach people all over the world because it supports multiple languages. And guess what, they're adding even more languages soon. So you can connect with people, no matter where they're from.
  • Get Your Audio Instantly: Who likes to wait? Audiosonic turns your text into high-quality audio super quickly. It's perfect for anyone who’s always on the go and wants results now.
  • Make Your Words Come Alive: Your words deserve more than just to be read; they should be heard and felt. Audiosonic takes your written content and turns it into something lively and engaging. It's not just another voice; it's a whole new way to interact with your audience.
  • All-in-One AI Platform: Audiosonic isn't just a stand-alone tool. It fits beautifully into your existing content creation ecosystem. With seamless integration capabilities with Writesonic and Chatsonic, you can start with text and end with high-quality audio — all in one place.


Speechify is an AI-based voice-over creator that makes lifelike voice recordings in real-time. With its character voice generator, it can help you create explainer videos, podcasts, and even audiobooks.

Speechify - character voice generators

Speechify is both versatile and comprehensive. You can choose from over 30 different voices that are available in more than 20 languages.

Key Features of Speechify

  • What sets Speechify apart is the use of cutting-edge AI to make voices sound super realistic. You can genuinely create captivating stories and content without losing that human touch.
  • You can use Speechify wherever you go, thanks to its compatibility with Android, iOS, and browser extensions like Chrome and Safari.
  • The extensive language options mean you’re not restricted to one audience.

Pricing of Speechify

Speechify offers a free trial. The paid plan starts at $139/year.

Resemble AI

Let's dive into Resemble AI, a tech-savvy platform that comes with an AI character voice generator.

This is the go-to tool for content creators, game developers, and anyone dabbling in creative projects. It’s perfect for giving digital characters their very own unique cartoon voices that match their personalities.

Resemble AI - character voice generators
Resemble AI

Key Features of Resemble AI

  • You can mix and match your actual voice recordings with synthetic ones. This opens up a whole new level of creativity and dynamic storytelling.
  • If you're a developer, Resemble AI is a dream come true. You can use its API or work within Unity to integrate these AI-generated voices into your projects. Everything's designed to blend in seamlessly.
  • The platform offers over 50 languages, which is great for anyone aiming to connect with a global audience.
  • Beyond the character voice generator, Resemble AI also features a voice changer. With it, you can modify your voice in real time, changing pitch, tone, or any other vocal attributes. It’s a fun way to add special effects to your audio or video content.

Pricing of Resemble AI

Resemble AI offers a free trial. The Basic paid plan starts at $0.006 per second.


Narakeet offers a straightforward way to create voiceovers and narrated videos thanks to its advanced text-to-speech tech.

A standout feature is its AI character voice generator, perfect for those looking to add diverse and engaging voiceovers to their work, be it audio messages or final video versions.

Narakeet - character voice generators

Key features of Narakeet

  • Narakeet comes with 600 AI voices that cover 90 languages. This makes it incredibly useful for people from different parts of the world.
  • The AI voices from Narakeet are shaped by extensive training on vast sets of sample texts. The result is voiceovers that sound natural and top-quality.
  • The platform lets you tweak voice pitch, offering an extra layer of customization. This adds depth and a unique personality to your projects.
  • Narakeet has made it super easy to go from text to audio. You don’t even need to register to start using its text-to-speech features.

Pricing of Narakeet

Narakeet offers flexible plans that start from $0.2 per minute.


Veed.io is a web-based video editing platform loaded with a variety of features, one of which is the AI Voice Generator.

This tool transforms text into lifelike speech using an assortment of AI voice profiles, making it perfect for character voice generation.

Veed.io - character voice generators

Key features of Veed

  • Veed.io offers a collection of AI-generated voices in multiple languages, complete with male and female options.
  • The character voice generator is useful in animation, gaming, or any creative field that needs vocal variety for digital characters.
  • The platform is straightforward, allowing you to convert text to speech with just a couple of clicks without downloading any third-party software.
  • It also offers a full-fledged video editing suite featuring animated text, images, subtitles, and even emojis. This means you can produce top-notch videos, complete with voiceovers, all in one platform.

Pricing of Veed

Veed has a forever-free plan where you can generate 30 minutes of audio. The paid plans start from €10 per month.

Voice AI

Voice AI is a top-notch real-time AI voice changer that you can use across a range of apps and games like Zoom, Discord, Among Us, and many more.

It makes it easy to create short audio clips, which is a plus for soundboards or messaging platforms.

Voice AI - character voice generators
Voice AI 

Key features of Voice AI

  • You can either imitate a video game character or invite celebrity voices into your livestream. It's as realistic as voice-changing tech gets.
  • You can use Voice AI with all kinds of apps and games, whether it's Streamlabs OBS or TikTok Live Studio.
  • With a library filled with AI voices, you can make personalized audio clips featuring your favorite characters.
  • Not only can you change your voice as you speak, but you can also use the feature in recording mode. This is perfect for enhancing voice notes on WhatsApp, Telegram, or Facebook Messenger.

Pricing of Voice AI

It is absolutely free to get started.


Uberduck is a cutting-edge platform driven by AI, specializing in text-to-speech, voice automation, and crafting synthetic media.

One of its amazing features is the generation of high-quality, lifelike voices, which even includes celebrity and custom voice options. This helps users make content that stands out, thanks to AI and chatbot capabilities.

Uberduck - character voice generators

Key features of Uberduck

  • Uberduck offers the ability to produce lifelike voices, including options for celebrity and custom voices.
  • With the character voice generator, users can select from a wide range of voices, including those of famous personalities like Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, and Mickey Mouse.
  • Beyond celebrity voices, users can also do voice cloning of celebrities and fictional characters, giving them plenty of creative flexibility.
  • The AI can mimic different accents and offers features that can assist in learning new languages.

Pricing of Uberduck

Uberduck offers a free forever plan where you can render 300 credits every month. The paid plans start from $96 per month.


MagicVox by UnicTool is a voice-changing software that lets you switch up your voice to sound like various cartoon characters' voices used in movies and video games.

The character voice generator is especially handy for content makers, voiceover artists, and anyone interested in traditional voice acting.

Magicvox - character voice generators

Key features of Magicvox

  • MagicVox packs a whole range of character voices, so you can easily find the right vocal persona to fit your storyline or project.
  • The software comes with hotkeys for sound effects control, like replaying or cycling through options. It also has noise reduction capabilities that minimize background disruptions for clearer audio output.
  • The tool's interface is straightforward, allowing users to find what they're looking for without any hassle easily.

Pricing of Magicvox

Magicvox offers both free and paid versions - starting from $12.99 per month.

Bring your characters to life with AI voice generators

After taking a walk in the part about AI voice generators, if you want the cream of the crop, AudioSonic is your go-to. It is not just a voice generator but an all-in-one toolkit for both audio and text content creation. With high-quality, lifelike character voices and an intuitive platform, AudioSonic simplifies the complex world of content creation.

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