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Ever since ChatGPT was launched in November 2022, it has taken the internet by storm and everyone out there wants to benefit from AI.

While some struggled to write the perfect prompts to generate decent AI responses, others excelled at writing the right prompts by continuously experimenting and understanding tools like Chatsonic and ChatGPT in-depth.

How amazing would it be if these two types of people helped each other?

There comes AIPRM, a prompt marketplace where you can find the best AI prompts for every use case. It can be the torchlight for your road to success with generative AI tools 🔦

But where does AIPRM source these prompts from?

Of course! From the AI prompt engineers who can publish their perfect prompt templates on AIPRM and make money every time someone uses their template.

But the world of AI prompt marketplaces does not end with AIPRM. They are other alternatives to AIPRM that are more efficient, economical, and easy to use. In this blog, we will take you along for an amazing ride where you’ll discover AIPRM alternatives and their capabilities.

Buckle up now to get started!

Table Of Contents

What is AIPRM?

AIPRM (AI Prompt Manager) is a prompt marketplace and a one-stop solution for all your prompt generation needs. It is developed by the team of LinkResearchTools and URLinspector who are experts in SEO, SaaS development, and operations.

AIPRM - AIPRM Alternatives

With its curated list of prompts, content creators and AI users can optimize their websites, boost rankings on search engines, research new product strategies and excel in sales and support for SaaS businesses.

To start with AIPRM, you only need to download and install the AIPRM extension.

AIPRM for ChatGPT - AIPRM Alternatives

Once installed, log in to your ChatGPT account and see the AIPRM prompts list. You can pick any one of your choices and start using it to generate perfect AI responses.

AIPRM - AIPRM Alternatives

It can be quite confusing to navigate between 100s of prompts and find the right one you need. You can filter these prompts based on

  • Topic (SEO, development, science, etc)
  • Activity - contains a list of sub-topics of the topic selected
  • Sort by (top votes, top views, latest updates)

Additionally, you can also receive output in almost every language out there by altering the tone and writing style.

Moreover, you can also segregate these prompts as per your preferences, like grouping the most used prompts under the ‘Favorites’ tab and adding your prompt creations under the ‘Own’ tab.

There is also an AIPRM tab which has a verified list of prompts by the AIPRM team. But sadly, you need to upgrade to a paid subscription to access these prompts.

The pricing for the AIPRM paid plan starts at $9/ month, but you cannot access AIPRM-verified prompts with this plan. You’ll need to subscribe to AIPRM Pro, which costs $29/per month.

For more details about the AIPRM pricing, you can refer to the image below.

AIPRM Pricing - AIPRM Alternatives
AIPRM Pricing 

Why go for an AIPRM alternative?

By acquiring 1 million users in less than 4 months and having big brands like Disney, Microsoft, Adobe, and more, AIPRM might look like the most desirable AI prompt marketplace.

The reality is it is not the perfect AI prompt marketplace 😐.

And the good news is there are better AIPRM alternatives that can do the job better at a minimal cost to you 😃

Before exploring these AIPRM alternatives, let’s first understand the limitations of AIPRM and what you should focus on when you looking for an AI prompt marketplace.

  • AIPRM can get expensive if you want to upgrade to their paid plans. To explore all the features and have access to all prompts, the Pro plan costs you $29/ month, which is pricy compared to other AI prompt marketplaces 💰.
  • The user interface is distracting, with too much information stuffed on a single screen. To add to it, there are multiple prompts for the same purpose. For example, Keyword research has more than 100 prompts.
  • It only works on ChatGPT as an extension directly. You need to copy-paste the prompt for all the other AI tools like Chatsonic or JasperChat. This defeats the objective of saving time and being productive with an AI prompt marketplace.
  • AIPRM is not optimized for use on Firefox and may not be fully compatible with it. If you are a Firefox user, then it is high time you look for an AIPRM alternative.
  • Above all these limitations, AIPRM is an add-on tool to ChatGPT, which means it is going to add to your cost of AI tools. To generate the best responses from ChatGPT, the Plus subscription costs $20/ per month. Now adding $29 every month to the cost will only elevate the AI tools cost to almost $50 per month.

Why settle for AIPRM when you have access to better AIPRM alternatives like the Chatsonic prompts library for free 🤷‍♀️?

Without wasting another second, let’s dive into the 8 best AIPRM alternatives and see which one suits you the best 🏁

8 AIPRM alternatives

While AIPRM is primarily focused on SEO and SaaS development, these AIPRM alternatives have covered AI prompts for almost every use case.

A few of these AI prompt marketplaces can remarkably reduce your cost and save your budget.

After experimenting with various prompt marketplaces, we have curated a list of the 8 best AIPRM alternatives and included feature highlights, benefits, and pricing for each one of them.

1. Chatsonic prompts library

If you are on a budget but still want to get your hands on the best AI prompt marketplace, then the Chatsonic prompts library can make it possible for you!

It is the best AIPRM alternative with an endless collection of AI prompts, contributed by users like YOU, to help each other out. So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to level up your content generation process with the best AI prompt marketplace out there.

In addition to a wide range of AI prompts to generate anything you want, the Chatsonic prompt library also gives you an opportunity to publish your own prompt templates and get a chance to earn 20,000 words which can be used on both Writesonic and ChatSonic 💝

Even AIPRM promotes and gives a backlink to you for publishing prompts on their marketplace. What is so special about the Chatsonic prompt library 🤔?

  • Endless Creativity with Diverse AI Prompts Chatsonic's collection of AI prompts allows you to create almost anything you can imagine. From blog posts to social media captions, it has got you covered with prompts designed for every need. Let your creativity flow and level up your content-generation process with the Chatsonic prompt library!
  • Create and Earn with Chatsonic Share your amazing prompt ideas with the Chatsonic community, and who knows, you could be the next one to earn a reward of 20,000 free words. Continue doing this, and maybe you’ll never have to pay for Chatsonic premium features 😮.
  • Cost-effective Alternative to AIPRM Why pay for AI prompt services when you can get one in-built into the best AI chatbot, Chatsonic? As a free alternative to AIPRM, Chatsonic offers a cost-effective solution for all your content generation needs - prompts + AI responses. Now you can bid adieu to additional subscription fees and start using Chatsonic's budget-friendly option!
  • User-friendly Experience with No Extension Required Simplicity is key with Chatsonic AI prompt library. Unlike other platforms that require browser extensions, Chatsonic's prompts are accessible without any hassle. The interface is neat and user-friendly without any clutter, making navigating the Chatsonic AI prompt library easier.

Can’t wait to start your content creation journey with the best AIPRM alternative - The chatsonic prompts library?

As we said earlier, there are two ways to use the Chatsonic Prompt Library.

  1. Use prompts for generating responses
  2. Submit prompts to the Prompt Library and get rewarded

Even though using the prompt library is as simple as child’s play, here is a quick step-by-step guide. (Just Incase!)

How to use prompts from the Chatsonic Prompt Library?

Step 1: Once you log in to Chatsonic, just go to the Prompts Library at the top of the page.

Chatsonic Prompt Library -
Chatsonic Prompt Library

Step 2: Now go to Public Prompts, and you can search for the prompt you need in the search bar. Additionally, you can also filter the prompts based on language and category.

Chatsonic Prompt Library -
Chatsonic Prompt Library

It is natural to feel lost with so many prompts on the page. Chatsonic has put the best-verified prompts under the ‘Editor’s choice’ tab to simplify this. Unlike AIPRM, using these verified prompts is free to all Chatsonic users.

Here is a quick example demonstrating an AI prompt from the Chatsonic prompt library. We selected the ‘Keyword finder’ prompt and gave the keyword ‘AI writer

Chatsonic Prompt Library -
Chatsonic Prompt Library

Once we hit send, Ta-da ✨

It generated a list of keywords related to ‘AI writer.’

Chatsonic Prompt Library -
Chatsonic Prompt Library

How to create a new prompt on the Chatsonic Prompt Library?

Now let’s look at how you can contribute to the Chatsonic community by publishing new prompt templates and earn rewards.

Step 1: Once you are in the Prompt Library, go to the ‘Personal Prompts’ tab and click on ‘Add a new prompt template

Chatsonic Prompt Library -
Chatsonic Prompt Library

Step 2: A pop-up will show up, asking you to provide the details for the type of prompt you want to create. Fill in the required information, including prompt title, description, template, language, and category, and hit the submit button.

Chatsonic Prompt Library -
Chatsonic Prompt Library

You are good to go now!

Once you publish the prompt on ChatSonic and get 500+ likes, you will get 20,000 premium words as a reward.

Ready to win exciting rewards for your prompts?

2. Cohesive AI

Tired of struggling with ChatGPT prompts? Here is another AIPRM alternative - Cohesive AI that helps you create magical content without interruption with its prompt templates.

Cohesive AI -
Cohesive AI 

Cohesive AI allows you to bring your vision to reality at lightning speed with hand-curated prompt templates that produce high-quality content 13x faster. Along with prompt templates, Cohesive AI is a holistic AI tool that can help you create, edit, and publish engaging content that is relevant and optimized for conversion.

Cohesive AI Features

  • It comes with more than 10+ categories and 100+ templates that cover most of the use cases of AI tools like ChatGPT and ChatSonic.
  • Each prompt template is comprehensive enough for anyone to understand and use effectively.
  • You can also improve or expand the response by giving additional prompts. The best part is Cohesive AI generates these additional prompts beforehand for you.
  • It can generate prompts and responses in 10+ languages.

Cohesive AI Pricing

You can start using Cohesive AI for free. It comes with 10k free words and 100+ ready-to-use templates. To upgrade, you can signup for one of their paid plans based on your requirement.

Cohesive AI Pricing -
Cohesive AI Pricing
Is Cohesive AI a better AIPRM alternative than Chatsonic Prompt Library?
Chatsonic Prompt Library is the best AIPRM alternative as it has an in-built AI chatbot called ‘Chatsonic,’ making it easy to use the prompts from the Prompt Library. Whereas Cohesive AI prompt templates are mostly suitable for other AI tools and not conversational AI chatbots.

3. PromptPerfect

PromptPerfect is a cutting-edge prompt optimizer for large language models (LLMs). It can automatically optimize prompts for ChatGPT, GPT-3.5, DALL-E 2, StableDiffusion, and MidJourney, ensuring to get the best results every time.

PromptPerfect -

Whether you're a prompt engineer, content creator, or AI developer, you can consider PromptPerfect to be a potential AIPRM alternative. Its user-friendly interface and powerful features unlock the full potential of LLMs and LMs, delivering top-quality results.

PromptPerfect Features

  • Multi-goal optimization Unlike other AI prompt generators, PromptPerfect focuses on the customization of the user. You can optimize your prompt generation based on your preferences, like detailed prompts, shorter prompts, faster results, etc.
  • Result in 10 seconds You can generate and optimize a prompt for any use case within 10 seconds, saving you time and ensuring quick results.
  • Multi-language Prompt Your prompt doesn't have to be in English. You can optimize your prompt in any language, making it versatile for various language requirements.
  • API & Data Access
    You can access the PromptPerfect AI engine through API and easily export your data to common formats for seamless integration into your own applications.

PromptPerfect Pricing

It works on a credit system, utilizing one credit for every optimized prompt. Additional credits can be charged if advanced features are enabled.

You can get started instantly on PromptPerfect with 20 free credits. For more credits, you can upgrade to any of the below plans starting from $9.99/ per month.

PromptPerfect Pricing -
PromptPerfect Pricing
Is PromptPerfect a better alternative to AIPRM than Chatsonic Prompt Library?
The number of free credits is very low in PromptPerfect, whereas Chatsonic provides 10k words for free when someone signs up. Additionally, the Chatsonic Prompt Library is free to use for every Chatsonic user making it a better AIPRM alternative.

4. Prompt Storm

You can experience the power of AI with PromptStorm, an AIPRM alternative, and a simple-to-use Google Chrome extension that takes your ChatGPT sessions to the next level. No more struggling to come up with prompts when PromptStorm provides you with skillfully crafted engineered prompts that you can use with ChatGPT 3 & 4 in just a few clicks.

It has a vast collection of prompts at your fingertips, ready for seamless and efficient content generation. Simply add a bit of information and watch as PromptStorm unlocks the full potential of ChatGPT for you.

Prompt Storm -
Prompt Storm

It is a user-friendly and effective solution compared to AIPRM.

Prompt Storm Features

  • You can learn anything quickly without spending much time creating the right prompts. Prompt Storm does that for you.
  • Effortlessly bring your coding ideas to life and streamline testing for faster project development.
  • Convert ChatGPT into your job coach, therapist, marketing manager, fitness trainer, trivia master, and travel guide for invaluable advice and insights.

Prompt Storm Pricing

It is completely free to use.

Is Prompt Storm a better AIPRM alternative than Chatsonic Prompt Library?
Even though Prompt Storm is free to use, the prompts are not customizable. But with Chatsonic Prompt Library, every prompt template can again be edited as per the user's needs.


WNR AI, an AIPRM alternative, simplifies the prompt creation process by transforming a simple form into a sophisticated prompt. You can effortlessly generate high-quality results from AI models with WNR AI templates. They are easy to save, share, and reuse, giving you a seamless experience creating prompts for your AI-powered projects.


The prompts are mostly focused on businesses and include templates for Product Management, Marketing, Sales, Meetings, Investor tools, and more.

WNR AI Features

  • turns content into prompt templates inspired by various companies like Amazon press releases, Sequoia-style pitch decks, McKinsey-style PowerPoint slides, Asana-style status reports, and more.
  • Along with prompt generation, it also works as an AI productivity software that can be used to simplify complex product management tasks.
  • It uses GPT-4 prompt tools to bring the power of AI to every worker and every task.

If you run a business and handle a team, then WNR AI can be the perfect prompt generator for you and your team.

WNR AI Pricing

As of now, WNR AI is free to use for everyone.

Is WNR AI a better AIPRM alternative than Chatsonic Prompt Library?
WNR AI is good for team handling and other business related prompts, but ChatSonic Prompt Library has a wide range of prompts for different categories and sub-categories making it the best AIPRM alternative.

6. ChatGPT Prompt Genius

Introducing ChatGPT Prompt Genius, a free, open-source browser extension designed to enhance your experience with ChatGPT! This AIPRM alternative is here to help you make the most out of your conversations with ChatGPT.

It is developed by a collaborative team of open-source contributors, this extension is perfect for users who want to save their chat history, customize their ChatGPT experience, and access a wide variety of prompts for different use cases.

ChatGPT Prompt Genius Features

  • Local Chat History Sync ChatGPT Prompt Genius allows you to sync your conversation history locally for easy access and searching. You can save your chats as markdown, HTML, PDF, or PNG files, making reviewing past conversations and referencing important information convenient.
  • Customizable Themes With ChatGPT Prompt Genius, you can personalize your ChatGPT interface with themes like SMS, cozy fireplace, and hacker. Choose a theme matching your style and preferences to make your ChatGPT experience unique and enjoyable.
  • Extensive Prompt Template Library ChatGPT Prompt Genius provides a vast collection of prompt templates for you to discover, share, import, and use in your conversations with ChatGPT. Categorize and select prompts easily within the extension, making finding the right prompts for your specific needs convenient.

ChatGPT Prompt Genius Pricing

ChatGPT Prompt Genius is a free, open-source browser extension available for download and uses without any charge. The project is hosted on GitHub, and the source code is available for review and contributions from the community.

Is ChatGPT Prompt Genius a better AIPRM alternative than Chatsonic Prompt Library?
Like AIPRM, ChatGPT Prompt Genius is a Chrome extension requiring switching different tabs. But the best AIPRM alternative, ChatSonic Prompt Library- can be used directly in the AI chatbot (Chatsonic).

7. ChatX

ChatX is another free AI prompt marketplace that has unlimited prompts to generate text and AI art from cutting-edge AI models like ChatGPT, DALL·E, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney. With this AIPRM alternative, you can say goodbye to the limitations of traditional prompts and hello to a free prompt marketplace that's open to everyone.

ChatX -

Whether you're working on a creative project, exploring new ideas, or just curious about the possibilities of AI, ChatX is your go-to AI prompt marketplace for finding the perfect Generative AI Prompts in a snap.

ChatX Features

  • ChatGPT can slow down or completely go AWOL when challenged with an excessive number of prompts. You can avoid this by using ChatX to find an optimized AI prompt for your use case, which can lower the cost of tokens.
  • Utilize a successful prompt to start using GPT and AI image generator models quickly.
  • As ChatX is quite new, the number of prompts is quite limited.

ChatX Pricing

It is completely free to use.

Is ChatX a better AIPRM alternative than Chatsonic Prompt Library?
As of now, ChatX has very limited AI prompts which might increase in the future. But Chatsonic Prompt Library has an AI prompt for any use case you can think of making it the best AIPRM alternative.

8. Prompt Vibes

Do you want to learn the art and science behind AI prompts and become a ChatGPT expert? Then Prompt Vibes is the perfect AIRPM alternative for you. Instead of finding the right prompt template and using it on ChatGPT, Prompt Vibes will help you understand the prompt in-depth and replicate it for other scenarios.

Prompt Vibes -
Prompt Vibes

Every new prompt is tagged with a category to improve searchability on the platform. For example, all the prompts in the category ‘Learn from ChatGPT’ are supposed to be experimented with on ChatGPT and reiterated for better responses.

Prompt Vibes is not a quick fix but a long journey to master AI prompt engineering. It is accessible to everyone for free.

Is Prompt Vibes a better AIPRM alternative than Chatsonic Prompt Library?
Prompt Vibes is a collection of ChatGPT prompts and works successfully for ChatGPT only. But the best AIPRM alternative - Chatsonic Prompt Library can be used to generate text, code and AI art.

Which is the best AIPRM alternative?

Writing perfect AI prompts is the key to using AI tools like ChatGPT and Chatsonic effectively. But doing it manually can be time-consuming, but AI prompt marketplaces have made it easy.

You can now select the prompt template and include basic information to get a relevant response from AI tools.

If you are looking for a versatile AIPRM alternative that is intuitive, and can be used to create content at scale, then Chatsonic Prompt Library is the AIPRM alternative for you.

It offers many other features like Chatsonic (conversational AI chatbot), AI image generation, Chatsonic Chrome extension, Chatsonic mobile app, API, and Botsonic at affordable pricing.

So, when you choose Chatsonic Prompt Library, you are choosing all these amazing features that can boost your content creation to the next level 🚀

Aishwarya Gindham

A content writer at WriteSonic who loves to write long-form content with details and examples. The agenda is to help the reader find a solution to their problem.

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