9 must-know Peppertype AI alternatives for 2023

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If you’re on this blog, chances are you are looking for Peppertype alternatives. While this AI writing assistant was created to generate better copies within seconds, users often run into roadblocks while using Peppertype.

Let’s see some of the more efficient alternatives to Peppertype.ai worth trying.

Why consider Peppertype alternatives?

  • Users frequently encounter difficulties producing long-form content.
  • The tool produces random and gibberish content most of the times.
  • With only 20 templates, there are limited use cases.
  • Content suggestions are poor.
  • For the price it charges, you’re better off using other AI content generators

In short, while this AI writing software is suitable for creating short form copies like ads, you need to explore other Peppertype AI competitors for complete content creation.

Top 8 Peppertype AI alternatives 2023

#1. Writesonic

The best Peppertype.ai alternative Writesonic combines AI with creativity and innovation to help customers scale high-quality content. Also, the most talked about AI writing tool, Writesonic was awarded the best AI writer of 2021 and 2022 by TechRadar. It supports the scaling of content production and output for independent authors, authors for SEO, agencies, marketing teams, and company owners.

Writesonic is definitely worth checking out if you are looking to create unique and high-quality content assets like blog posts, articles, eCommerce product descriptions, social media posts, and everything in between.

In an industry where AI writers are getting launched ever so often, Writesonic stands apart as the best article generation tool for long-form content from scratch.

The key Writesonic features that help you save your time and energy with content creation:

  1. AI article writer - Creating 3000-word long form blog posts takes only 4 steps. Add the topic and Writesonic does the rest, giving you the complete article in seconds.
  2. Sonic Editor (GPT-3) - You can train the AI by adding 20+ words and the AI can write the best quality long form article of any length.
  3. Article rewriter - Simply insert the link of the article you want to rewrite and within seconds you have a plagiarism-free article ready to be published.
  4. Instant article writer - Generates a 1500 word article for you instantly, like literally. Just add your topic and get a full-fledged article in seconds.
  5. Landing page generator - Generate copy for your landing pages with code converting more leads into purchases in no time.
  6. AI art generator - Users can create any image they want using Photosonic for their blogs or marketing campaigns.
  7. Friendly API access - You can use Writesonic’s API directly on top of your tools for easier workflows.
  8. Use Zapier to link Writesonic to over 4000 apps without writing any code.
  9. Writesonic allows you to publish articles directly to your WordPress account with a single click.
  10. Flexible pricing plans for freelancers, startups, agencies, and enterprise organizations.
  11. Chat your way out with the AI chat assistant - Chatsonic that is just like ChatGPT but with superpowers.
  12. Ranking on the SERPs becomes easier with the Writesonic + Surfer integration.

Comparison: Writesonic vs Peppertype




Long-form content creation 

Listicle idea generator 

Analogy maker 

Article summarizer 

Outline generation 

Pricing comparison




Forever free


Not applicable







#2. ChatSonic

Are you ready to take your content creation game to the next level?

Introducing ChatSonic by Writesonic – the powerful AI chatbot that is revolutionising the industry with its advanced artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) capabilities.

With four times the power of ChatGPT, ChatSonic is the ultimate conversational AI chatbot solution that you need. What makes ChatSonic different from ChatGPT?

ChatSonic vs ChatGPT - A quick run through

Integrated with Google search, ChatSonic helps to generate factual content in absolutely no time, unlike ChatGPT, which is trained till 2021 data. ChatSonic can help you to generate images from two models - DALL-E and Stable Diffusion, whereas ChatGPT does not support image generation. Moreover, ChatSonic can also understand voice commands with the help of NLP and reply back, which ChatGPT cannot do.

A few amazing features that make ChatSonic better than other ChatGPT alternatives:

  • Generate factual information based on current events and trends.
  • Ability to understand voice commands and talk back just like Siri or Google assistant.
  • Creates unique digital art in just a matter of seconds with the help of Stable Diffusion and DALL-E.
  • Allows you to interact with a personalised avatar as per your requirements and preferences.
  • Remember conversations, so it’s never boring and always interesting and engaging.
  • Provides an option to edit, share, and download conversations.
  • Lets you connect to existing software with the ChatSonic API.

Check out the video to know more.


So, what are you waiting for? Take your content creation game to the next level with ChatSonic today!

ChatSonic vs Peppertype

ChatSonic is a conversational AI bot that can help to generate factual content and unique images, understands voice commands and talks back, offers personalised avatars to interact with, allows to save conversations, and can be easily integrated with the existing system; unlike Peppertype, which not only has basic features but also generates mediocre output.

#3.  Rytr

Rytr makes it easier than ever to create compelling content be it for emails, blogs, or social media posts. This Peppertype AI competitor has powerful features to manage SEO, grammar, and writing in one place, saving you time and getting content with minimal fuss.

Using Rytr’s text editor, you can take an idea to a polished content piece in less than 15 minutes. You can then reword, shorten and tweak the content before hitting the submit button. But when we talk about long-form content, Rytr doesn’t come through. Here are 5+ Rytr alternatives you can check for managing a full-suite of content production.

Key features of Rytr:

  • The AI writing assistant uses scientific copywriting formulas like AIDA and PAS to give users the best quality output that requires minimal to no editing.
  • You can choose from 25 languages and access 20+ tones.
  • Seamless collaboration, team billing, and project management features.

Comparison: Rytr vs Peppertype





GPT-3 + Proprietary 




Supported languages 



Plagiarism checker 

Only with an enterprise plan 

Workflow management 

Rytr Pricing

Rytr vs Peppertype

Peppertype’s pricing starts from $35/month while Rytr starts from $29/month. Rytr offers many more features compared to Peppertye at a slightly lower price, which means it is worth giving a shot.

But there are some limitations to Rytr as well where Writesonic overpowers! Have a detailed look at how Writesonic compares to Rytr.

#4. Jasper

One of the most widely used AI writing tools to produce high-quality and engaging content, Jasper helps write blog posts, social media updates, promotional emails, and more. Peppertype alternative – Jasper’s material is derived from multiple sources rather than just one, making it plagiarism-free, and contextually correct.

The widely popular Boss Mode allows you to switch between Jasper’s 50+ copywriting skills including the blog introduction and storytelling to build the perfect content piece. But it’s a bit on the higher side of pricing. You can check out Jasper alternatives that are affordable and perform better.

Key features of Jasper:

  • Surfer SEO integration - Jasper + Surfer allows for writing quality SEO content so that it can rank high on search results.
  • Boss mode - Write long-form content such as stories, case studies, and blog posts 5X faster and plagiarism-free in the boss mode but in bits and pieces (not in one go)
  • Write and translate to 25 different languages to get great content output in other native languages.

If you are looking out for an AI writer that helps you with any type of content production and that helps you with a full-fledged article in one go without switching different tabs and templates, check out Writesonic vs Jasper.

Comparison: Jasper vs Peppertype




Long-form content generation 

SEO optimization 




Content export to CRM 

Plagiarism checker 

Jasper Pricing

Jasper vs Peppertype

Jasper offers many more templates and advanced features than Peppertype. Jasper allows you to create long-form content, whereas Peppertype is suitable for short-form content like social media copies, Google ads, subject lines, and more. Peppertype is a cheaper option compared to Jasper, but with limited functionalities.

Comparing Rytr and Jasper? We have got a detailed comparison of which AI assistant you should go with. Check Rytr vs Jasper out.

#5. Scalenut

Scalenut’s AI copywriter produces original content in multiple formats on the go. As an alternative to Peppertype AI, Scalenut allows you to create meaningful content by integrating content briefs with automated NLP key terms.

The comprehensive content marketing suite claims to automate the entire content workflow. It is ideal for content creators, strategists, founders, and agencies alike. Scalenut’s users rely on the tool for social media content, thought leadership, and website content.

Key features of Scalenut:

  • AI templates for product descriptions, social media posts, and ad copies enable quick content creation.
  • Long form editor has 40+ catalogs to help you get powerful copies within seconds.
  • You can experiment with different tones and structures to enhance your writing.

Comparison: Scalenut vs Peppertype




Long-form content editor 

Bulk export integration 

Content export to CRM 

Plagiarism checker 

SEO integration 

Scalenut Pricing

Scalenut vs Pepppertype

Both these AI content generators are at a nascent stage compared to more mature tools such as Writesonic. They’re good for generating short-form copies, but when it comes to long-form content the copies need much fact-checking and grammatical edits.

#6. Anyword

Anyword is a Peppertype alternative that uses powerful predictive analysis to tell you what works before the content piece gets published. Start by describing your target audience and the AI writing assistant generates copies customized to a specific persona. What better than getting the right copy for the right people, every single time?

Users can train Anyword to write content and copies in your brand voice or replicate your competitors.

Key features of Anyword:

  • Predictive performance score - The tool evaluates your copy’s potential to engage with your audience, helps you understand how different demographics will react to each variation, and chooses the best AI copy for your message.
  • Anyword can learn your specific tone and writing style.
  • Power Mode can customize the writing as per your brand’s preference. Add a few examples of copy that show your voice and the AI learns the writing style.

Comparison: Anyword vs Peppertype




Keyword library 

Content templates 

Content performance score 

Languages supported 




Anyword Pricing

Anyword vs Pepppertype

Anyword is free for 1,000 words per month. So if you’re looking for a Peppertype alternative, you can try this tool for free to see the results. Also, predictive scoring may be great for writing ad copies and email subject lines whereas Peppertype helps with a variety of short-form content copies.

#7. TextWizard

If you’re undergoing writer’s block, TextWizard can help you create Facebook posts, Tweets, hashtags, article headlines, article outlines, long and short form articles, and article summaries.

TextWizard users can write and test more copy variations, resulting in increased sales and improved ROAS. What’s more, with this Peppertype AI competitor, you can scale your content marketing faster since it allows you to repurpose existing content quickly. The blogs generated by this AI writer are keyword-rich and plagiarism-free.

Key features of TextWizard:

  • Create unique and human-like copies in seconds. Pick a use case, enter some context and the tool automatically generates fresh and creative content for social media, blogs, and SEO.
  • AI-powered technology can create a unique and original copy on almost every topic.
  • 15+ highly tuned AI tools increase your team’s productivity and give you an edge over competitors.

Comparison: TextWizard vs Peppertype




Long-form content 


Tone check 

Article outlines 

Facebook posts 

TextWizard Pricing

TextWizard vs Peppertype

TextWizard and Peppertype have nearly the same features. If you’re already familiar with or using Peppertype, it makes no sense to move to TextWizard.

However, if you’re looking for advanced features like an AI-content editor, better output, and more integrations, do check out AI writer Writesonic.

#8. Smart Copy by Unbounce

AI writing assistant Smart Copy allows you to bring your copy to life in three simple steps. The first step involves building a campaign (like creating landing pages, Google ads, or taglines). Next, Smart Copy’s AI creates the landing page. Lastly, the AI platform creates human and scalable content in minutes.

This Peppertype AI alternative is widely used by startups, agencies, marketing teams, and larger organizations whose teams understand the value of creating content.

Key features of Smart Copy:

  • Several templates for Google ads, taglines, landing pages, and product descriptions.
  • What makes the content human-like is the use of GPT-3 and proprietary ML algorithms.
  • Use cases include tagline generator, investor emails generator, TikTok video ideas generator, Facebook primary text creator, and sales emails generator.

Comparison: Smart Copy vs Peppertype


Smart Copy 


Product reviews and descriptions 

TikTok video ideas generator 

Engaging tweet ideas 

New product ideas generator 

Free trial 

Smart Copy Pricing

Smart Copy vs Peppertype

AI writing assistants Smart Copy and Peppertype are suitable for creating short-form content. However, both lack advanced features like writing long form content or SEO analysis, which is where you could use more mature tools like Writesonic.

#9. Outranking

Over 12,000+ writers and SEO experts use Peppertype alternative Outranking to research and write with the right balance of human guidance and AI automation. Some of the notable highlights of this AI writing tool are SEO content brief automation, factual AI first draft, AI-assisted writing, and FAQ and research.

Key features of Outranking:

  • Prebuilt AI templates help create engaging content. Anyone can write like a pro using AI templates and writing content blocks.
  • Automate brief creation for writers including generating titles, descriptions, and outlines. Outranking AI briefs include all the data your writers need to create high-ranking content.
  • Outranking’s proprietary technology automates 80% of draft creation for an SEO-optimized first draft of any blog post within 15 minutes. You can then focus on adding your personal touch to the AI-generated copy.

Comparison: Outranking vs Peppertype




Long-form content editor 

AI tech

Proprietary + GPT-3


FAQ and research 

Outline generator 

SEO content brief 

Outranking Pricing

Outranking vs Peppertype

Peppertype AI competitor Outranking is a comprehensive suite of content marketing tools. If you’re looking for a solution that handles your AI writing, content strategy, content optimization, and content marketing, Outranking supersedes Peppertype. But for standalone short copy content, Peppertype serves as a better option.

The best Peppertype AI alternative…

If you’re wondering which Peppertype AI competitor would be a great fit for your requirements, we’d recommend you to first outline your content requirements. Do you want to implement an AI content generator for long or short form copy? Do you need only AI content creation or a suite of content marketing tools? Your search for an advanced AI content writing assistant ends at Writesonic, which is one of the best Peppertype AI alternatives. Try out Writesonic for free now!


#1. Does Writesonic offer a free trial?

The first 2500 premium words of Writesonic can be tried for free.

#2. Peppertype vs Writesonic: Which is the best option?

Writesonic is widely used as compared to Peppertype AI because of advanced features like more advanced AI writer, flexible plans, 80+ content production templates and a wider range of integrations. At a lower cost, Writesonic gives you more features than Peppertype.

#3 What are the best Peppertype alternatives of 2023?

  1. Writesonic (User’s choice)
  2. Rytr
  3. Jasper
  4. Scalenut
  5. Anyword
  6. TextWizard
  7. SmartCopy
  8. Outranking


Saurabh Wani is a content marketer at Writesonic, an AI writing tool. He loves traveling and can be seen binge-watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S when he is not working

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