11 Best AI Content Generators You Need in 2024

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The key to making your brand stand out in the vast digital world: Top-notch content! ✨

A pro tip you might have definitely heard from marketing experts across the globe. But it’s easy to say, trickier to execute, right?

Let's be honest: Creating engaging, informative content consistently while juggling everything else can be quite tricky.

But no more!

Here’s a magic wand that can help you come up with compelling content at the snap of your fingers: AI content generators!

From generating engaging blog posts and social media captions to captivating images and human-like audio, AI content generators can help you with all.

Ready to explore more about how an AI writer generator can help you automate the content creation process and save time while maintaining quality?

This blog post covers what an AI content generator is and the benefits of using them, what makes the best AI content generator, and the 10 best AI content generators for 2024.

So, let’s get started!

Table Of Contents

What is an AI content generator?

An AI content generator is a tool that uses the power of artificial intelligence to generate different forms of content based on text prompts. These advanced AI tools help to craft high-quality content, generate captivating visuals, turn text into human-like audio, and much more.

They're like a secret weapon for businesses hunting for top-notch content but are strapped for time or resources to create it traditionally. 💡 It’s like having an assistant that can churn out original, relevant content faster than you can say "create.”

Ready to level up? Let's jump into the benefits of using an AI content generator and see why they are shaking up the digital content space!

Benefits of using an AI content generator

Looking for reasons as to why you should invest in an AI content generator? Here’s why businesses love content generators (and you will too!):

1. No more creativity block

Looking to add some creative spice to your content but struggling for inspiration? AI content generators keep those fresh ideas rolling, ensuring your content game never slows down.

2. Saves time

Say goodbye to the manual content creation process - long hours spent brainstorming, drafting, and revising! With an AI text generator, you can produce high-quality content significantly quicker and invest time in other activities.

3. Maintain a consistent voice

Uniformity across all your content? AI's got your back. AI writing generator can ensure a consistent brand voice and writing style across all your content. No matter who adds prompts or hits the ‘generate’ button, your content maintains the tone and style, strengthening your brand identity.

4. Cost-effective

Outsourcing content creation or hiring a team of writers isn't light on the pocket. But AI content generators, with their one-time investment or subscription plans, prove to be a much more cost-effective strategy for businesses in the long run. It’s like getting high-quality content without burning a hole in your pocket.

5. Scalable

The ability to churn out content as and when required allows businesses to scale their content marketing efforts without the strain on human resources. Whether it's 10 blogs or 100 social media posts, the AI content generator has got it covered.

What makes the best AI content generator?

With so many AI content generators flooding the market, how do you pick the one that suits your business needs? Here's the secret to finding a top-notch AI content generator, your go-to digital assistant. Check out the following key features:

1. Content quality

The best AI content generators are the ones that balance high-speed content creation with impeccable output quality. The content they produce should be engaging, cohesive, and relevant.

2. Error-free output

Grammar, spelling, punctuation - an ideal AI text generator is meticulous about these crucial elements, making curating error-free content the norm.

3. User-friendly Interface

A complex tool with a steep learning curve? Well, advanced tech should not equate to complexity. Look for an AI content generator that is simple, intuitive, and easy to navigate so you can crush your content goals!

4. Responsive customer support

Even with the best tools, occasional hiccups are inevitable. Therefore, a responsive, prompt, and helpful support team is a must-have when choosing an AI content generator.

5. Customization options

The real gem of an AI content generator offers customization. It should have the capability to modify its output based on your specific goals and audience demands. AI writing generators that let you choose tone, style, and more are a big YES!

6. Diverse use cases

A top-notch AI tool should cater to myriad content use cases. From crafting blog posts to product descriptions, crafting social media updates to newsletters, its uses should be vast and varied.

7. Pricing

Last but not least, pricing is a key consideration. Look for an AI content generator that offers a range of pricing plans, providing fantastic value without breaking the bank.

Choosing the right AI content generator is crucial in your journey towards supercharged content creation. Zero in on an AI tool that ticks all these boxes, and you're set for a fruitful and efficient content strategy!

11 best AI content generators for 2024

Ready to supercharge your content creation process? Here are the 10 best AI content generators that can help you achieve your goals and 10x your business growth. Compare and select the best one suited for your business needs.

  1. Writesonic
  2. Chatsonic
  3. Jasper AI
  4. Copy.ai
  5. Audiosonic
  6. Murf AI
  7. Rytr
  8. Simplified
  9. Synthesia
  10. Beautiful.ai
  11. Wordtune AI

1. Writesonic

When it comes to choosing the best AI content generator, there’s no better bet than Writesonic.

Writesonic is the #1 AI content generator that can help you level up your content creation game and 10x your business growth. The advanced AI tool, powered by GPT-4, leverages artificial intelligence and natural language processing to cater to all sorts of content requirements.

Writesonic - AI content generator

Be it generating high-quality content, creating captivating images, turning text into human-like audio, or more, Writesonic is the ultimate and comprehensive AI content generation tool that your business needs. The AI writing assistant can help you create blog posts, blog outlines, marketing copy, video scripts, sales emails, social posts, and more with a click.

Writesonic - AI content generator

Moreover, for businesses looking to enhance their customer experience, Writesonic launched Botsonic - a no-code custom AI ChatGPT chatbot builder. It helps you create a customized AI chatbot that can help you resolve customer queries quickly and efficiently, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Learn more about how to train ChatGPT on your own data.

Writesonic is one of the most powerful AI content generation tools, offering impressive features at an affordable price, making it a unique blend of quality and value. Have a look at some of the mind-blowing features offered by Writesonic.

Best For: Businesses looking for a comprehensive AI content generation tool.

Key features of Writesonic:

  • Offers 100+ AI templates to streamline the content creation process.
  • Supports 30+ languages to help you target a global audience and grow your business.
  • Multiple integrations like WordPress, Zapier, and more to speed up the process.
  • Gives API access to help you unlock new possibilities.
  • In-built plagiarism checker to ensure that the AI-generated content is plagiarism-free.
  • Allows you to choose between content quality, GPT-3.5, GPT-4, and GPT-4 32k.
  • Supports automatic blog image generation; generates a high-quality image relevant to your blog post.

And wait, there’s more:

  • Article writer: Generate a full-fledged SEO-optimized, factual and personalized article, as per your brand voice, using AI Article Writer Generator.
  • Brand voice: Create high-quality and engaging content aligning with your brand voice using the brand voice feature and maintain your brand identity.
  • Complete article rewriter: Rewrite an article completely and enhance the overall quality without changing the core context, using Article rewriter.
  • Bulk upload feature: Generate content in bulk with a click and save tons of hours using the Writesonic bulk upload feature - a perfect tool for businesses looking to improve efficiency.
  • Paraphrasing tool: Rewrite content in a better and faster way with a paraphrasing tool. Also, if you want more, check out the best paraphrasing tools you can try out.
  • Product description generator: Come up with high-quality and compelling product descriptions in seconds with a product description generator. Learn more about how to write product descriptions.
  • Landing page generator: Create engaging and conversion-worthy landing pages with a click using the landing page generator.
  • AI image generator: Photosonic by Writesonic is an AI art generator that helps to turn text into captivating images in seconds.
  • AI content detector: By using Writesonic AI content detector, you can ensure authenticity in every content piece you publish. Moreover, you can also check the 7 best AI detectors that you can try in 2024.

Whoa! Such amazing features, isn’t it? But how much does it actually cost? Let’s see.

Writesonic Pricing: Writesonic offers a free plan to get 25 generations a month. You can switch to a paid plan starting at just $16/month if you need unlimited generations. To know more, check out the pricing plans.

Looking for more options? Here are 7 best free AI writers that you can try out to write better and faster.

G2 Rating: 4.8/5 (1500+ star reviews)

Here’s a glimpse of what our customers say:

Writesonic reviews - AI content generator
Writesonic reviews

Ready to try out this amazing free AI content generator and 10x your business growth?

2. Chatsonic

Chatsonic by Writesonic is an AI chatbot powered by GPT-4. The advanced tool is the best ChatGPT alternative but with superpowers.

Chatsonic - AI content generator

Chatsonic is an all-in-one tool with a plethora of content creation abilities. From generating factual content to realistic images, the tool has various advantages over ChatGPT. It’s like a digital assistant who is there to help you 24/7.

Chatsonic - AI content generator

Best For: Businesses and individuals looking for an AI chatbot to speed up content creation tasks.

Key features of Chatsonic:

  • Generates factual content, including real-time topics.
  • Creates captivating images using two different models, Stable Diffusion and DALL-E.
  • Understands voice commands and helps you save time and improve efficiency.
  • Acts as your personal assistant and customizes your AI chat experience.
  • Read back responses like Google Assistant or Siri.
  • Gives access to Chatsonic API and streamlines your workflow.
  • Chatsonic Chrome Extension to help you generate content anywhere online.

Have a look at 215+ ChatGPT prompts that are ready to use and can help to generate better results. And here’s more about how to write ChatGPT prompts.

Chatsonic Pricing: Chatsonic is available on Writesonic. Writesonic offers a free forever plan, where you get upto 50 generations a day. If you need unlimited generations, you can switch to a paid plan starting at just $16.67/month. To know more, check out the pricing plans..

Here’s a glimpse of what our customers say:

Chatsonic reviews - AI content generator
Chatsonic reviews 

Get your hands on the most amazing AI chatbot.

3. Jasper AI

Jasper (formerly known as Jarvis) is another AI writing assistant powered by GPT-3.5 technology. It can help with various content creation tasks like generating blog posts, email copy, and more. The advanced tool offers 50+ templates that can help you come up with irresistible content and simplify your writing journey.

Jasper AI - AI content generator
Jasper AI 

Best for: Generating content and editing

Key features of Jasper AI:

  • Powered by GPT-3.5
  • Offers 50+ templates
  • Supports 30+ languages
  • Gives access to Jasper Art, Jasper Chat, and Jasper API
  • Has a free tool library and provides various training modules
  • Multiple integrations like Surfer SEO, Grammarly, and more
  • Ensures that AI-generated content is plagiarism-free

Limitations of Jasper AI:

  • Highly expensive as compared to other tools
  • Lacks various features and integrations
  • Generates random content sometimes; so fact-checking is required
  • Asks for credit card information - even for the free trial

Jasper AI Pricing:

Jasper AI offers a 7-day free trial (credit card required), and its Creator Plan starts at $49/month (billed monthly).

Jasper AI vs. Writesonic
Jasper AI is a great tool, but of course, it is not free from limitations. Firstly, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly tool, Jasper isn’t the one for you, as it is one of the most expensive AI writing tools on the market. Moreover, it generates random content and also lacks various features and integrations. So, if you are looking for the best tool, go for Writesonic - one of the best Jasper AI alternatives.

4. Copy.ai

Copy.ai is one of the most popular AI writing tools designed to help users generate blog posts, social media posts, email copy, and more. Powered by GPT-4 technology, Copy.ai can help you generate decent output when given the right prompts.

Copy.ai - AI content generator

Best for: Freestyle AI writing

Key features of Copy.ai:

  • Offers 90+ prompt templates
  • Supports 95+ languages
  • Allows you to save custom prompts
  • Gives API access to connect with various marketing tools
  • Has Chat by Copy.ai - An AI chat platform

Limitations of Copy.ai:

  • The free version only offers limited capabilities
  • Generates random and repetitive content that may require heavy editing
  • Offers very limited customization options
  • The customer support isn’t good (as per reviews)

Copy.ai Pricing:

Copy.ai offers a free plan where you get 2000 words for free. The Pro Plan starts at $49/month (billed monthly).

Copy.ai vs. Writesonic
Copy.ai is a decent tool, but not the best. It is because the advanced tool lacks originality and creativity in the content it generates. Moreover, it offers very limited features and customization options and is very highly priced. Looking for Copy.ai alternatives? Go for Writesonic!

5. Audiosonic

Audiosonic by Writesonic is an AI voice generator that helps to turn text into realistic and human-like audio in seconds.

Audiosonic - AI content generator

The text-to-speech generator acts as a perfect tool for marketing, sales, e-learning, podcasts, and more. Audiosonic can seamlessly turn text into AI voice, aligning with your branding needs and amplifying the message.

Audiosonic - AI content generator

Best for: Turning text into AI voices

Key features of Audiosonic:

  • Generates human-like audio in seconds
  • Supports multiple languages that can help you reach global audiences
  • Helps with instant audio generation
  • One-stop solution for text and audio

Audiosonic Pricing:

When you sign up for Writesonic, you get 10 minutes for free. Once you exhaust free minutes, you can purchase more audio generation minutes, starting at $10 for 40 minutes.

6. Murf AI

Murf AI is another AI voice generation platform that helps to come up with human-like voiceovers with a click. From explainer voices to e-learning videos, it can help you with all.

Murf.ai - AI content generator

And guess what, it’s pretty simple! All you need to do is enter the script, choose the voice, and ta-da, there you go. Moreover, it lets you add pause, adjust pitches, and more to make the AI voices more human-like. Have a look at these 8 must-try character voice generators.

Best for: Individuals or businesses looking to generate AI voices.

Key features of Murf AI:

  • Gives you access to 120+ AI voices
  • Supports 20+ languages and accents
  • Allows voice cloning that mimics human emotions

Limitations of Murf AI:

  • The tool has a slight learning curve
  • Comes with limited customization options

Pricing: Murf AI offers a free plan where you get 10 minutes of voice generation for free. The paid plan starts at $29/month (billed monthly).

Looking for more affordable options? Check out these free AI voice generators that you can try out.

7. Rytr

Rytr is another versatile AI writing software that leverages NLP and ML algorithms to generate high-quality content in a fraction of second. It can help you create content for social media posts, ad copy, email, and more effectively and efficiently.

Rytr - AI content generator

The tool comes with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for even people with non-technical backgrounds.

Rytr - AI content generator

Best for: Creating high-quality short-form content instantly.

Key features of Rytr:

  • Powered by GPT-3.5
  • Supports 30+ languages
  • Comes with a built-in plagiarism checker
  • Gives access to 40+ use cases and 20+ tones
  • Helps to generate social media posts, long form content, and more

Limitations of Rytr:

  • Gives limited image generation options even with the unlimited plan
  • Navigation can be problematic as it is not so user-friendly
  • It is a bit expensive compared to the other tools in the market

Rytr Pricing:

Rytr offers a free trial where you can get access to 10k free characters/month. The Saver plan starts at $9/month.

G2 Rating: 4.7/5

Rytr vs. Writesonic
Rytr is one of the decent content generator tools, but when it comes to content quality, it is not very accurate and generates random content sometimes. Plus, it offers limited features and customization options. Looking for a better Rytr alternative? Try Writesonic! Still confused? Here’s a quick comparison - Rytr vs. Jasper and Rytr vs. Copy.ai - to help you make a better choice!

8. Simplified AI

When looking for an AI content generation tool, you cannot miss out on counting Simplified. It is a versatile tool that can help with graphic designing, video editing, social media management, and more. The advanced tool can actually prove to be the ultimate solution for all your content creation requirements.

Simplified - AI content generator

Best for: Businesses looking for an all-in-one content generation tool.

Key features of Simplified AI:

  • All-in-one content creation tool for text generation, video editing, designing, and more.
  • User-friendly interface that ensures a hassle-free and smooth experience.
  • Free plan access to explore the capabilities without any financial commitment.
  • The AI writer gives access to Chat by Simplified AI, 90+ AI templates, and supports 20+ languages.

Limitations of Simplified AI:

  • A higher learning curve is involved
  • Offers limited integrations and customization options
  • Highly expensive AI content generator as compared to other tools

Simplified AI Pricing:

Though Simplified is an all-in-one content creation tool, you need to purchase separate plans for each content requirement, like writing, video editing, and more. AI Writer Free allows you to generate 2,000 words. The AI Writer Pro Plan costs $18/month.

G2 Rating: 4.6/5

Simplified AI vs. Writesonic
Simplified is a great tool, but it comes with great cost as well. But don’t worry, there are various Simplified alternatives that are quite affordable and offer more features, like Writesonic!

9. Synthesia

Synthesia is an AI-powered video generation tool that lets you turn text into engaging videos in minutes. The advanced video creation tool can be used for sales enablement, learning and development, and more.

Synthesia - AI content generator

Best for: AI video generation

Key features of Synthesia:

  • Helps to come up with voiceovers in 120+ languages
  • Offers 140+ AI avatars to make the video look more natural and engaging
  • Giver access to 60+ pre-designed templates
  • Allows you to create your own AI avatar
  • Supports voice cloning
  • Lets you add micro gestures to the AI avatar

Limitations of Synthesia:

  • Editing video can be difficult
  • Involves a higher learning curve

Synthesia Pricing:

Synthesia allows you to create a free demo video. The Personal Plan starts at $30/month.

G2 Rating: 4.7/5

10. Beautiful.ai

Beautiful.ai is one of the best AI presentation software for businesses and individuals. From brainstorming ideas to formatting the slides, the advanced AI presentation maker can help you with all.

Beautiful.ai - AI content generator

The tool can help you create amazing presentations in minutes. Simply add the text-based documents, and watch the DesignerBot transform them into stunning slides.

Best for: AI-generated presentations

Key features of Beautiful.ai:

  • Gives access to 60+ customizable Smart Slides
  • Provides presentation templates to give you a jumpstart
  • User-friendly interface that makes slide designing easy and quick
  • Helps with AI content generation and AI image generation

Limitations of Beautiful.ai:

  • Quite expensive
  • Limitations on editing and customizing the templates

Beautiful.ai Pricing:

Beautiful.ai offers a 14-day free trial where you get access to all Pro features. However, you need to add the credit card details for the same. The Pro Plan starts at $12/month.

G2 Rating: 4.7/5

11. Wordtune AI

Wordtune AI is an AI content generator best known for its paraphrasing or rewriting capabilities. The advanced AI rewording tool helps to paraphrase the content and improve the overall quality of text without changing the core context. It is an ideal tool for students and researchers looking to write effectively and ensure that the content is plagiarism-free.

Wordtune AI - AI content generator
Wordtune AI 

Best for: Paraphrasing or rewriting content

Key features of Wordtune AI:

  • Leverages advanced AI algorithms to provide rewriting suggestions
  • Offers text summarization capabilities
  • Seamlessly integrates into existing workflow
  • Provides unlimited text corrections

Limitations of Wordtune AI:

  • A slightly higher learning curve is involved
  • The suggestions provided are not always accurate

Wordtune AI Pricing:

Wordtune AI offers a free trial where you get access to 10 rewrites and spices per day. The Plus Plan starts at $24.99/month (billed monthly).

G2 Rating: 4.6/5

Wordtune AI vs. Writesonic
Wordtune AI is pretty good, but it comes with limited customization options and is quite expensive. Also, as per reviews, the suggestions provided by Wordtune AI are not always accurate. So, if you are looking for a Wordtune alternative, you can try Writesonic, which offers a full suite of content creation tools at a very reasonable price.

Automate content creation process with Writesonic: The #1 AI content generator

And there you go - a detailed guide to the best AI content generators highlighting their astounding features and benefits.

For most businesses today, the question is no longer "Should I use an AI content generator?" but rather "Which AI content generator should I use?"

The powerful combination of efficiency, scalability, and quality that these tools provide is simply invaluable in modern-day content creation. From Writesonic to Wordtune AI, each one brings something unique to the content table.

However, if you are a business owner looking to generate high-quality content quickly, maintain brand consistency, and offer a user-friendly interface coupled with responsive customer support, go for Writesonic! The ultimate AI content generator stands strong in its promise to transform your content marketing strategy comprehensively.

Ready to get your hands on this mind-blowing tool and 10x your business growth?

Pragati Gupta

Pragati Gupta is a Content Marketer @Writesonic, specializing in AI, SEO, and strategic B2B writing. Leveraging the power of Generative AI, she produces high-impact content that drives superior ROI.

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