8 best Rytr alternatives you can't miss out on in 2023

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‌You’re probably here because you’re wondering if there’s a better alternative to Rytr when it comes to AI writing platforms that resolve your writer’s block.

To help you get the most out of your experience with Rytr alternatives, we have compiled a list of some popular AI writers that you may want to consider using instead of Rytr.

Why do you need an alternative to Rytr?

It is a great platform, but it’s designed for brands looking for short-form content rather than catering to every niche. For the price it offers, it’s best for teams that are just starting out with content and have minimal copy needs. Rytr lacks advanced features such as‌

  • Long-form content creation
  • Generating content in bulk
  • Landing page generator
  • Fewer integrations

Basically, Rytr lacks features that help small to midsize teams looking for complete content creation.

The best Rytr alternatives you need to check out in 2023

1. Writesonic- The ultimate alternative to Rytr‌

Writesonic is one of the most talked-about AI writing tools. TechRadar awarded Writesonic the Best AI writer of 2021 & 2022. It has received more than 5000+  five-star reviews on sites like Capterra, G2, and Trustpilot.

Rytr alternative - Writesonic

Here are some features that make Writesonic stand out from Rytr

Writesonic is the best AI writer for generating long-form content from scratch. It’s a powerful article generation tool that can help you with various aspects of article writing.
Long-form writer like no other
👉🏻Article AI Writer - this advanced ai writer helps you with a 1500-word blog post in a 4 step process. topic, outline, intro, and full 1500-word article. (You just have to add the topic and Writesonic will do the rest for you and it’s fully customizable)

👉🏻 Instant Article Writer - helps you generate a 1500-word blog post at the speed of light. Just add your topic and get an instant article for faster blog creation.

👉🏻 Sonic Editor (GPT -3) - writes for you based on your inputs. Train the AI by adding 20+ words and see the magic when AI writes the best quality long-form content of any length.

👉🏻 Article Rewriter - helps you generate an entirely new article with just one click. Add the link of the article you want a new version of - and voila you have a brand new plagiarism-free article in seconds!

AI Chat Assistant
Writesonic introduced Chatsonic a ChatGPT-like AI powered assistant but with more superpowers. You can write on factual and latest trends with real-time data, generate digital artwork and visuals with text input and generate content with a voice command - no need of typing anymore.

You can deep-dive to the endless possibilities using this dialogue-like content delivery assistant that will help you with anything you search instantly and in real-time.

Zapier, WordPress, Surfer and more integrations
Writesonic’s third-party integration with SEMrush, WordPress, and Zapier is a beneficial feature considering how much time could be saved by not having to switch between 2 platforms.
👉🏻  Install the Writesonic plugin and publish articles to your WordPress account with just 1 click.
👉🏻  With the new Zapier integration, you connect 4000+ apps with Writesonic to make your workflows easier.
👉🏻  SEO-optimize articles with keyword suggestions integrating Surfer with Writesonic.

Writesonic provides a suite of 80+ features which is way more of what Rytr offers

  1. Flexible plans and features for everybody from freelancers to startups to agencies to enterprises.
  2. API access to build on top of Writesonic.
  3. Landing page generator that helps you with an entire landing page copy.
  4. Automatic blog image generation.
  5. Real-estate listing descriptions
  6. Listicle idea generator
  7. An article summarizer
  8. Analogy maker

And much more! For a detailed comparison check how Writesonic proves to be a better Rytr alternative.

Jasper.ai and Rytr are two popular choices, but I believe that Writesonic is the best option for several reasons. Writesonic is more affordable than Jasper.ai or Rytr. Writesonic offers a wider variety of features than either Jasper.ai or Rytr. These features include grammar checking, plagiarism detection, document formatting assistance, and more. Writesonic has a user-friendly interface that is easy to learn and use even for people who are not tech-savvy. Finally, Writesonic customer service is excellent; if you have any questions or problems with the software, the team at Writesonic will help you resolve them quickly and efficiently.

2. ChatSonic

Take your content creation game up a notch with ChatSonic by Writesonic! It's the most powerful and incredible conversational AI chatbot out there, powered by artificial intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Rytr alternative - ChatSonic

But why should you choose it over ChatGPT? Here's a quick comparison - ChatGPT vs ChatSonic

ChatSonic is integrated with Google search so it can generate factual information, including the latest topics, while ChatGPT is only trained on data up to 2021.

ChatSonic can generate images from two different models - Stable Diffusion and DALL-E - but ChatGPT doesn't support image generation.

Additionally, ChatSonic can understand voice commands and has 4x more superpowers than ChatGPT.


But that's not all! It has a few more amazing features that make it super powerful and better than other ChatGPT alternatives in the market.

ChatSonic also generates factual content based on current events and facts, has a personalised avatar you can interact with, remembers conversations, and even allows you to edit, share, and download conversations. Plus, the ChatSonic API links to existing software and software to help improve the overall experience.

So what are you waiting for? Give ChatSonic a try today and see the difference for yourself!

ChatSonic vs Rytr

Rytr does not offer any AI chatbot like ChatSonic by Writesonic. So, why go for Rytr, which just offers basic features and mediocre output, when you can go for ChatSonic with 10x features and high-quality output?

3. Copysmith

Just like Rytr, Copysmith too offers a pool of features that are inclined to benefit agencies with large marketing teams. For Individual writers, CopySmith might be a bit overkill.

Rytr alternative- Copysmith
  • Integration with third-party apps- Copysmith has partnered with several other platforms and software like Hootsuite, Shopify, Google Ads, Zapier, etc. This lets the user optimize their workflow without having to leave the platform.
  • SEO add-on- Copysmith has partnered with Frase SEO. The feature provides the user the ability to find SEO-optimized keywords for any form of AI content generated.
  • Plagiarism Checker- Copysmith’s in-built plagiarism checker resolves one of the primary headaches that marketers face. This is one of those features that most of the competitors lack.


The pricing structure is pretty standard. Copysmith offers three packages.

Rytr alternative - Copysmith
Copysmith pricing

Copysmith vs Rytr
Both Copysmith and Rytr are platforms targeted toward large marketing teams and agencies. Rytr is definitely a little light on your pocket, but Copysmith allows multiple 3rd party integrations that help users to be more efficient.

4. Anyword

Anyword is more like your AI buddy who assists in your writing. It’s more focused to deliver copies that can drive conversion or generate sales for the company.

rytr alternative - anyword

Listing the features that make this Rytr alternative stand out in the competition-

  • Keyword Library- Anyword allows you to input specific keywords that you wish to use in your content. It’s like you’re able to set a narrative for your copy, but want the AI to emphasize certain points.
  • Content Performance Score- This is one of those features that I genuinely find helpful because this performance metric lets you know how likely the content is going to succeed.
  • Content Template- Anyword has templates of almost all kinds- Google Ads, blog outlines, captions for social media, email subject lines, etc.


rytr alternative - anyword
Anyword pricing

Anyword vs Rytr
Considering that Anyword doesn’t offer features like app integration and plagiarism checker, it wouldn’t make sense to switch from Rytr unless you want a more data-driven approach to your copywriting.

5. Copy AI

Copy AI as a tool is specifically designed for AI-generated short-form content. Here’re some of its features.

rytr alternative - copy.ai

Pre-existing templates- Copy AI focuses on short-form content. And they’ve divided the use cases into 3 categories

  1. Social Media Manager: It contains templates for almost every kind of social media copy you could imagine for Facebook & LinkedIn posts, Tiktok scripts, Pinterest descriptions, etc.
  2. Email Marketers: From cold outreach emails to targeted lifecycle emails that drive conversion Copy AI got you covered.
  3. Blog writers: Copy AI promises to make your blog writing experience more efficient by delivering content that’s optimized to rank better. You can select from a list of blog types- Listicles, Thought Leadership, Feature stories, etc. Eplore Copy AI alternatives to compare Copy AI with the best of AI writers.


Copy AI offers a forever-free plan. It allows you generate content of up to 2000 words per month.

Copy AI vs Rytr
Copy AI is a really good alternative to Rytr if you’re looking for an upgrade. Copy AI offers more features and tools to its users. Stick with Rytr unless your team requires more use-cases to work with.

Or – you can try out Writesonic! Check out a full researched comparison of Writesonic vs Copy.ai here.

6. Peppertype

Peppertype is best used for creating short-form content. This Rytr alternative has its pros and cons which every tool has. Here are some features you'd like to look into to understand better

Rytr alternative - Peppertype.ai
  • Content type- Peppertype has 20+ templates for you to choose from, and each template falls under one of the following categories- social media, SEO, and copywriting.
  • Content Rephrasing- Peppertype has a feature that lets you rephrase your content by adding more words or removing redundant ones in an attempt to improve the overall score.


rytr alternative - peppertype pricing
Peppertype pricing

Peppertype vs Rytr
Peppertype lacks some advanced features that other platforms offer. File export is only available in CSV format. Both Rytr and Peppertype don’t support long-form content, but Rytr allows 3rd party integrations. And as of now, no integrations are available on Peppertype. Explore other Peppertype alternatives to compare this AI writer deeply.

7. Jasper AI

Jasper AI has to be one of the most advanced AI content-generating tools. Jasper’s boss model lets you use voice commands to make the AI generate long-form content.

rytr alternative - Jasper
  • AI templates- Jasper has 50+ templates to choose from for your desired content type. It’s a really helpful platform for content marketers and big agencies.
  • Long-form content- Jasper can help users write the long-form content blog posts, stories but with some constraints of course. Unlike Writesonic, Jasper doesn't come up with a ~1500 blog post in one go. Here's a list of Jasper alternatives you'd want to look at.
  • Google docs editor- Users subscribed to Boss Mode have access to a Google docs-style editor. This makes it easy for writers who’re well acquainted with writing on Google docs.

Jasper has two price tiers. The Starter Pack and Boss Mode.

Rytr alternative - Jasper pricing
Jasper pricing

Jasper vs Rytr
Jasper is suited for advanced users. The learning curve is steep and complicated. Rytr on the other hand is very minimalistic and easy to use. Users who are acquainted with other platforms will find Jasper overwhelming and pricey. Also, Jasper doesn't offer a free trial – but, Writesonic does!

Check out a full comparison of Writesonic vs Jasper AI here.

8. ClosersCopy

ClosersCopy is most suitable for marketing and sales. It’s more of a content management platform than just an AI content generating tool.

Rytr alternative - ClosersCopy

Let's look at some of this Rytr alternative's key traits.

  • Long-form content- For folks who prefer lengthier articles to short-form copies, CloserCopy is useful.
  • Templates for building your structure- Using Closerscopy, users can create their content framework if none of the pre-existing templates work. Additionally, you can choose from more recent templates that community members of Closerscopy have created.


The plans offered by ClosersCopy are named Power, Superpower, and Superpower Squad.

rytr alternative - closerscopy pricing
ClosersCopy pricing

ClosersCopy vs Rytr
ClosersCopy is a great option if your requirement is more than just an AI copywriting tool. SEO Audits, and support for long-form content are just some of the features that Closerscopy offer that you won’t see on Rytr. Closerscopy is marketed as a tool to increase sales while Rytr is more of a writer’s assistant.

Found a better alternative to Rytr?

Rytr and Writesonic are both great options!

While they both have strengths, Writesonic has several upcoming changes that make it a more attractive option. The developers are actively working on adding new features to the software, training the AI with thousands of data sets.

Writesonic is a more affordable AI writer with wider range of functionalities compared to any other AI writing tool out there. With minimal learning curve Writesonic becomes the best tool to pick for both beginners and experienced marketers. The best – it offers a free trial. Sign-up for a free trial now!


Q1. What are the best Rytr alternatives to opt for in 2023?
The best alternatives to go for in 2023 are -
1. Writesonic (voted the best)
2. Copysmith
3. Anyword
4. Copy AI
5. Peppertype
6. Jasper AI
7. ClosersCopy

Q2. Which is best AI writer - Writesonic or Rytr?
So Rytr is for brands and agencies looking to create only short-form content. While Writesonic comes out to be a better all-rounder with the only AI writer that generates ~1500 words blog post in one go. It has a suite of features that not only suffice long-form content needs but also short-form copywriting needs. Thus Writesonic proves out to be the best Rytr alternative i.e affordable, easy-to-use and fits all requirements.

Q3. Can I try out Writesonic for free?
Yes very much! Writesonic offers a free trial (no credit card required) where you can generate upto 6250 words with access to all it's premium features.

Manvi Agarwal

Manvi, content lead at Writesonic, is a true visionary when crafting content. Her product-led approach, infused with interactive user-oriented strategy and SEO tactics, delivers maximum ROI

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