7 foremost AI content writing tools you can't live without in 2023

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We've condensed our list of the top AI content writing tools into a manageable list of six tools to enable you to produce content quickly and help reduce production time and costs by 50%.

These AI writing tools will assist you in getting the most out of your content creation process, whether it be producing compelling headlines or long-form, high-quality content.

The future of content writing is here! AI has become an integral part of many industries in 2021, and content writing is no exception. AI-enabled content writing tools are now available to help writers create engaging and accurate content quickly and efficiently. With the help of these tools, writers can save time and effort while ensuring different types of content writing is of the highest quality, free from errors and optimized for SEO.

From automated grammar checkers to natural language processing, these content writing tools can revolutionize your content writing process and help you create content that stands out in 2023

7 best AI content writing tools for you to look out in 2023

Think of these AI writing software as automated programs that are designed to make your life (and the lives of your marketers) easier. They aid in the creation of engaging and relevant content — without requiring human input at every stage.

Whether you’re looking for a new AI tool or want to know if your existing platform has AI functionality, this post will give you all the information you need.

Writesonic - The best AI tool among the lot!

Writesonic - AI content writing tool

Writesonic is the most budget-friendly AI content writing tool with a combination of SEO-optimized content. It's the only tool that combines the power of AI and the human touch to ace the content creation process. You can create error-free and human-like content.

Writesonic is an AI-powered writing companion that makes it easier to create, modify, and publish:

  1. Blog content,
  2. Adverts,
  3. Landing pages,
  4. Write product descriptions for eCommerce sites,
  5. Social media posts and many other types of content.

Writesonic is a robust tool that creates high-quality, actionable, and convertible content in multiple formats.

Writesonic features - AI content writing tool
Writesonic features

Writesonic features

Writesonic is the only tool that offers 60+ extensive features. Some of the features are:

AI Article and blog writer

  1. Article AI Writer – Keywords, topic suggestions, an outline, and a finished article with a 2000-word post is what Article Writer 4.0 generates in under 5 minutes. Every step is customizable because all you have to do is - enter the topic idea, and Writesonic will take care of the rest.
  2. Instant article writer - You can quickly compose a 1500-word blog post. Input your topic to instantly receive an article to expedite the production of your blog.
  3. Sonic Editor, a GPT-3 program, creates original content from your inputs. Test the AI's ability to create long-form, high-quality material of any length by feeding it 20 or more words.
  4. With only one click, Article Rewriter enables you to create a whole new article. You can quickly create a brand-new, original article free of plagiarism by adding the link to the blog you wish to update.


Despite the plan you choose, Writesonic offers multiple integrations. For instance:

  1. WordPress integration: Export with a single click to a WordPress site. In other words, you can publish articles to your WordPress with just 1 click.
  2. Zapier integration: Without writing any code, link Writesonic to over 4000+ apps with Zapier to make your workflow smoother.
  3. Semrush integration to assist you with insights geared toward SEO.

Landing Page Generator

Writesonic creates incredible landing pages with code that is ready to launch in seconds. This content writing tool assists businesses in generating and converting leads and sales in seconds.

Quality Assurance

Writesonic helps deliver ace content as it has a prescribed and set procedure for training the AI, which is based on 1000s of data sets from leading brands.


Writesonic users can employ the Writesonic API without leveraging the Writesonic web application.

Along with this, Writesonic also offers -

It offers the most reasonably priced AI writer, with a free trial and monthly prices starting at $19.

  1. It has world-class 24*7 customer care support that includes live chat that is available constantly, email help, a Facebook group, and a YouTube channel.
  2. No hidden fees; Writesonic lets you personalize the rates based on the precise number of words you use.
  3. 60+ content creation templates to select from for your content writing needs.
  4. Automatic creation of blog feature images.
  5. Listing descriptions for properties/real estates.
  6. Listicle idea generator
  7. An article summarizer
  8. Analogy maker
  9. AI image generator - Photosonic.ai

When you combine all these aspects, you are well on your approach to selecting an AI content generator that gives you high-quality content quickly and the best value for your money.

Writesonic Pricing

  • For free plans,  10000 words of premium content are included.
  • The monthly cost of the Pro plan is $19 ($13/mo if you pay yearly) and offers 100000 words.
Writesonic pricing
Anitha P.
Writesonic is an extraordinary tool for any individual who needs to further develop their composing abilities. The program gives compact, significant criticism on your composing with the goal that you can make enhancements rapidly and without any problem. I energetically prescribe Writesonic to any individual who needs to improve as an essayist.

As per the review, Writesonic has nailed it with an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 and a positive review of 98%.

Chatsonic - Like Chat GPT with superpowers

Chatsonic - AI content writing tool

Built on GPT-3 technology, Chatsonic offers real-time answers to any question and human-like conversations on various topics, like ChatGPT.

You might be wondering if Chatsonic is really worth it!

Check the performance of Chatsonic to ChatGPT in generating high-quality content, with a focus on the various features.

Take a sneak peek at the transformative power Chatsonic can have on your content.

  • Chatsonic delivers factual information that is always timely and relevant, thanks to its strong connection to Google search. This allows for the creation of original content and AI-generated visuals.
  • Using the power of stable diffusion and DALL-E models, ChatSonic generates AI images that are specific to your content, rather than relying on stock images.
  • With the persona mode in Chatsonic, you can generate content that is tailored to your audience's preferences. By selecting a persona, Chatsonic adapts and produces content that aligns with that persona.
Chatsonic persona mode - AI content writing tool
Chatsonic persona mode
  • Chatsonic can retain information from past conversations, ensuring that the conversation flow is smooth and natural, even if a significant amount of time has passed since the last chat.
  • The most impressive aspect of Chatsonic is that it supports voice commands, like Siri and Google Assistant. You can operate it with just your voice, making it more convenient to use.
  • Say goodbye to keeping separate documents for your conversations, Chatsonic enables you to share, edit or download them.
  • ChatSonic API access streamlines the content creation process, making it easier to incorporate ChatSonic into your current software.

ChatGPT by OpenAI has generated a lot of interest, but it's important to consider other better alternatives to ChatGPT like Chatsonic, which may be superior before deciding.


Jasper AI content writing tool

Jasper AI offers superb and complete control over machine learning with its "Boss-Mode" feature.

Your ability to produce high-quality content for:

  1. Long-form articles
  2. Product descriptions
  3. Social media posts
  4. Descriptions for YouTube

This AI content tool is a browser-based tool that generates unique material while you write, sparing you countless work hours. It has similar features to CopyAI and you can check our Jasper vs CopyAI blog for a detailed comparision.

Though, Jasper produces monotonous content occasionally. You run the danger of publishing duplicate content.

Writesonic proves to be the ultimate alternative to Jasper that helps you eliminate all the challenges you face with Jasper. Check it out


Jasper has a five-day trial version (no free plan), and you have to provide your credit card information to start the trial.

  • Starter - From 20k words- 320k starts from $24/mo and goes up to $332/mo.
  • Boss mode- From 50k till 700k starts from $49/mo and goes up to $500/mo and beyond.
  • Business- It is only meant for teams and companies, and the cost is based on the customs plan and price.

Now that you have a fair idea about Jasper let's discuss its pros and cons.


Using its simple interface, you can quickly create content for your blog, website, or social media.

  1. It includes simple menus for navigation and labeling with helpful popups.
Stephen A - Blogger. Online Media, Self-employed.
Jasper has mind blowing writing abilities. It saved me so much time and has allowed me to increase my content production dramatically.


The content that Jasper generates isn't always helpful and relevant. There is a good amount of redundant or unnecessary information.

  1. Jasper doesn’t have plagiarism integration. You’ll have to buy a separate subscription for a plagiarism tool.
Annette W - CEO.

Awful. Once you cancel, you cannot unsubscribe from their barrage of emails. The unsubscribe link doesn't work, so you contact support who say they'll unsubscribe you, and don't you, you keep getting the spammy junk.
Compare Jasper with 10 other AI writing assistants. Check out best Jasper alternatives here. 


Rytr AI content writing tool

Rytr is one of the writing tools that helps with free content and post-creation that creates rich and human-quality content.

To streamline the writing, it has deep learning and language models. Drawing on databases from the web, it can enable logic and text forecasting.

Rytr's algorithms can generate unique and appealing content with appropriate grammar, tone, and style.


Rytr, AI content writing tool offers a free subscription that allows you to produce 5K words per month.

  • The Saver plan, which costs $9 per month or $90 annually, can produce up to 50K words monthly for you.
  • The $29/month Unlimited package provides you with unlimited content generation.
Compared to Rytr, Writesonic proves to be a worthy investment for your content writing needs, given it has a spread of 70+ content creation templates.


  1. Rytr's UI is highly contemporary and well-structured. On both the web and mobile devices.
  2. It can create poems, letters, questions, and responses.
Renee - CEO Marketing and Business Coach.
It is really easy to use. The outline to get the thinking going is great. It is quick to respond and the various really create a professional outcome.


  1. Rytr doesn’t allow users to include keywords or goals when creating SEO content, unlike Jasper. Check a detailed comparison of Rytr vs Jasper to find out.
  2. Altering the tone throughout the draft causes the information to change and lose its relevance.
Mohammad Amaan.

It's showing the error after every 1 minute that: you're generating too fast AI might be confused this time or unfortunately, your question makes any sense... these types of errors I faced for month... please solve these issues ASAP. ..and if you're not able to solve these issues we'll get rid of this website by using another one.. HONEST REVIEW
Compare Rytr with 7 other AI writing assistants. Check out Rytr alternatives here.


Surfer AI content writing tool
Surfer AI

Surfer SEO is a package of on-page content tools similar to GrowthBar. It is designed for content producers and bloggers.

Surfer can:

  • Conduct a keyword search and group keywords by subject.
  • Create a content roadmap based on competition and desire signals.
  • Make content summaries.
  • Create long-form content and assign grades.
  • Also, do a content quality audit.
  • You can also research keywords quickly using a helpful SEO Chrome Extension.


Surfer has divided the plan into three segments apart from offering a free version.

  • Basic: $59 per month (monthly); $49per month (yearly)
  • Pro: $119 per month (monthly); $99 per month (yearly)
  • Business: $239 per month (monthly); $199 per month (yearly)


  1. Surfer can conduct the research, plan, and audit the content.
  2. Compared to other tools, the keyword search volumes and the LSI terms it finds are accurate.

Well, people are happy using Surfer because of multiple reasons, but one prominent and most favorite feature is scoring:

Ryan - Freelance writer.
My experience has been great! I use it mainly for clients and they like the information that it gives them. They trust it. I like how easy it is to use and how it gives you a score to know when you are optimizing your content.


  1. You cannot measure keyword rank monitoring - a significant component of SEO is keyword position tracking.
  2. You cannot track backlinks and any other competitor analysis metrics.
  3. Unnecessary keyword punching.

Firstly, there's no description of keyword difficulty, which reduces the clarity around which keywords are most impactful for the score. In addition, keywords aren't logged when they're included in a hyperlink. Sometimes Surfer can steer your content in a direction that is more SEO than reader-friendly- like recommending 32 headers in a 1300-word blog!

Copy AI

CopyAI content writing tool

CopyAI assists users in creating marketing and sales content. It supports more than 25 languages with reasonable pricing and an easy-to-use UI. Additionally, it provides limitless credits, allowing you to make copies without concern for credit restrictions.

CopyAI is an AI content writing tool that creates marketing, advertising, and sales copy using GPT3 technology.


  • Free: copy AI offers a free plan with 10 pieces of copy, but this won't get you very far.
  • Pro: For $35 per month, you get unlimited copy credits.
  • Enterprise: No pricing details.
Copy AI turn out to be a little pricey compared to Writesonic. Check out this clear comparison of how Writesonic beats Copy AI as an AI writing tool.


  1. The editor has the same interface as Microsoft Word and a slightly modified version of Google Docs.
  2. You can compose in a tone of voice that matches your purpose in addition to directing the text toward particular use cases.
Anders S - Creative Writer
Copyai is your virtual writing assistant. Overall still a good experience, and if they lower the price, I might consider adding subscription.


  1. It takes too long to come up with content. Not ideal if you have a big project and want to produce content in bulk.
  2. Even when given specific instructions, it will generate inaccurate results and will require a lot of fact-checking.

It is hard to rely on Copy.ai as it lacks accuracy and consists of many errors. instead there are many CopyAI alternatives that one can explore

Cherie - Freelance contributor
Copyai is good and less expensive, but tends to be slow and lacks accuracy. It is a fairly good and more affordable AI writing tool. Output production is slow compared to other AI tools, and I was often frustrated by content that was either completely irrelevant or had many errors.


AI-writer AI content writing tool

It uses cutting-edge AI writing models and will give you top-notch, pertinent content that is appropriate to your need. The themes and niche markets that AI-Writer can tackle are numerous.


  • Basic plan: $29
  • Standard plan: $59
  • Power plan: $375


  1. You save a lot of hours because AI Writer does the entire research for you. AI Writer also provides a reference list, so you can fact-check any information.
  2. It completes an entire piece in just two minutes is arguably its most extraordinary feature.
It is a simple tool for getting your book ideas down. I like the simplicity of being able to open up the program and just start writing. Sometimes you have ideas that need to be typed out quickly and this is a good little program for that purpose. It's like a text editor for mac.


  1. It produces a significant number of plagiarism alerts for the content it created and is one of its most annoying features, among others.
  2. Longer posts sound robotic because of the inconsistencies in the content generated.

AI-Writer doesn’t have online reviews, which seems to be a little alarming.

Kevin - Director

Not nearly ready for market. AI writer with very little input can spin content The content is not good but it spins fast and relatively cogent content. This software is a mess for my application. It scrapes content from similar 

To wrap it up

As we just went through this article, there are plethora of AI content tools and software programs that are available to help you write articles, create engaging, relevant, and high-quality content for your business and brand in minutes!

But which AI content writer is the best?

Writesonic - any day :)  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is an AI content writing tool?
AI content writing tools assist content creators with the process of creating new content. AI supports the following content marketing initiatives:

  • Blog posts
  • Landing pages
  • Product descriptions
  • YouTube video titles
  • Marketing copy
  • Google advertisements

Q2: Will AI take over content creation?
Even though it is nearly hard to distinguish between human and machine-generated content.

AI content writing is not here to take over human content writing. AI content writing tools play as an aid to the content creation process and helps content creators and marketers with quick and hassle-free content creation.

Q3: Which is the best AI tool for content writing?
The overall best AI content generator is Writesonic. It speedily delivers human-like content at affordable rates. Writesonic offers a free trial with 2500 premium words to try it out.  Writesonic has established itself as a prominent AI writing assistant in content creation. It is simple to use, supports 25 languages, and generates original, SEO-optimized writing.

Using Writesonic to create content is quicker and more convenient, and it's significantly affordable for content creation.


Saurabh Wani is a content marketer at Writesonic, an AI writing tool. He loves traveling and can be seen binge-watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S when he is not working

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