Copy ai vs Jasper: Which AI writing assistant is worth investing in?

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Want to know which one of Copy AI and Jasper (Jarvis) is the better AI writing assistant for you? You are in luck. Today, we’ll be doing an in-depth Copy ai vs Jasper review. Keep reading to find out the quirks and pros of each tool as well as the one that best suits your unique needs. We will look at their features, pricing, quality, and user feedback to help you decide which one is worth investing in.

We would also explore Writesonic which is a better platform than both Jasper and Copy AI- price wise, quality wise, features wise, 5 star review wise and on many other considertions.

Copy ai vs Jasper: An 'at a glance look.'

Jasper has better content quality and can generate long-form content. Jarvis' boss plan is a beast at creating long-form, SEO-optimized, grammatically correct content. The only caveat is that Jasper is more expensive than Copy ai.

Copy ai, on the other hand, has templates only for short-form content and idea generation and is more affordable. Its pro plan, which offers unlimited words at just $49/month, is practically a steal compared to jasper’s boss mode plan of $59/month, where you still get a limitation of 30,000 words.

If you are confident the content types you’ll be creating will be covered by the templates Copy ai provides, Copy ai might be the tool for you. You get unlimited words at $49/month, and the content quality is not terrible.

If you are more a fan of high-quality content, though and would like to create custom use cases and SEO-optimized content or collaborate and communicate effectively with your team, Jasper ai the option that suits your needs - as long as you don’t mind shedding those extra coins.

But if you seek SEO-optimized content but find Jasper a bit expensive, do know that there’s a better option out there. Writesonic generates articles of up to 1500 words in 30 seconds, enables you to optimize your content and do keyword research(using Semrush), and is 4x cheaper than Jasper.

Why should users go for Jasper's alternatives and competitors:

At present, Jasper is the costliest AI-based content creator you can buy, and even for the free version, you need to provide your credit card details. Apart from some social media content production functions, it does not have several other features like automated image incorporation, mass content production, and an application programming interface (API). Additionally, it does not connect to popular services like WordPress, Wix, Medium, and Zapier, which would make it possible for people to publish their material instantly. Detailed comparison feature-wise can find in the blog "10 best Jasper AI alternatives you didn’t know about in 2023".

Writesonic AI writer Vs Jasper AI writer

We need to take a closer look at Writesonic vs Jarvis AI concerning the cost of Jasper and other things :

  1. Pricing: In Monthly Plan, Writesonic is 2X cheaper, while in Annual plan, Writesonic is 4X cheaper.
  2. Five star ratings: Writesonic has 10,000+ ratings on G2, Caperra, Trustpilot etc while Jasper has only 3000+ ratings.
  3. Features: Writesonic has 90+ features while Jasper hs 50+ features.
  4. Integration: Writesonic integrates with WordPress, Wix, Mediaum, and Zapier, which enables users to publish their content instantly while Jasper lacks these integrations.
  5. Credit card for Free Trial: Must for Jasper while not required for Writesonic.

Reasons to explore Copy AI's alternatives and competitors:

There are various reasons to explore Copy AI alternatives is to find an affordable option for most users. Its main competitor, Writesonic, provides more worth for the money compared to Copy AI. We have explored the additional features that make Writesonic better than Copy AI in particular:

The Most Expensive: Copy AI is one of the priciest platforms overall, lets see how Copy AI compares with Writesonic for various features and pricing.

Copy AI vs Writesonic AI

(i) Monthly Subscription plans: Copy AI's most affordable long-term plan starts at $49 and contains only 40k words; however, Writesonic's paid plan begins at $19 and comprises 100k words, and its $49 plan holds up to 300k words. A lot of people cannot afford to Copy AI.

(ii) Yearly Subscription plans: Copy AI has a 25% discount on its annual plan (3 months are free). On the other hand, Writesonic offers a 33% discount on its yearly package (4 months are free). This makes Copy AI much more expensive.

(iii) Fewer features: Writesonic offers greater capability than Copy AI with features like automated image insertion, the ability to generate multiple copies simultaneously, access to an API, and writing tools like Instant Article Writer and Article Rewriter.

(iv) Connectivity with various platforms: In addition, Writesonic is able to connect with WordPress and Zapier, making it easy to post content to WordPress, Wix, Medium, and other popular CMS platforms at the click of a button, which is a capability not present in Copy AI.

(v) Five-Star Reviews on most trusted platforms like G2, Capterra, and Trustpilot: Furthermore, Writesonic has been given more than 50 five-star reviews on various peer-to-peer review websites such as G2, Capterra, and TrustPilot.

(vi) SEO-optimized content having keywords in enough numbers: There is no option that Copy AI suggests keywords that are relevant to the given topic as input and which can be included in the generated content to increase more visibilityof the content on the internet and to attract more traffic and more revenue.

Wriesonic generates keywords relevant to the given topic and gives the option to users to select keywords from this list, and then content generated incorporates these keywords a large number of times so that Google will now able to locate your content and index it more perfectly and will show better in search results.  This is a wonderful feature of writesonic and is not available with any of its competitors.

How do I start using Copy ai?

Since founded in 2021 by Paul Yacoubian and Chris Lu, Copy ai has helped over 380k marketers generate marketing copy. If you'd like to become a Copy ai user as well, do login into Copy ai website and sign up with your email address.

Copy ai vs Jasper
Copy ai

Signing up in this manner will grant you a 7-day trial of Copy ai pro. After the 7-day trial, your workspace gets downgraded to the Copy ai free plan if you fail to upgrade your pro trial to an actual pro plan.

The free plan offers you 100 credits in the first month and 10 credits afterward so this might be more than enough if you just want to explore the tool before spending your money on it. If by any chance you are comparing Rytr, have a look at a detailed comparison on Copy AI vs Rytr.

How do I start using Jasper?

Copy ai vs Jasper

Jarvis was founded by Dave Rogenmoser and Jahangir Mohammed in 2021. Since its launch, Jasper has helped over 70,000 people create content.

To join the pool of Jasper users, log in to the Jasper website and sign up for one of Jasper’s plans.

Copy ai vs Jasper
Jasper Pricing

Unlike Copy ai, Jasper has no free plan and you do need to input your credit card details to get the 5-day free trial offered on all of its plans. If Rytr is on your mind too - dive deep into a detailed comparison between Jasper vs Rytr.

Copy ai vs Jasper: The Ultimate Comparison

To determine which of these 2 software applications is the best, we’ll compare them based on some best AI writing assistant software features.

Content Output Quality

The content quality of these 2 software applications are surprisingly good enough. For instance, look at these pieces of SEO meta description made with both tools. The content generated with both is contextual, sounds natural, and is compelling enough to serve its purpose as a meta description.

After feeding the AI with the appropriate information, here are the results Jasper gave.

Copy ai vs Jasper
Copy ai SEO Blog Post

See that? If you are a chef or food fan, don't those content pieces feel like words and phrases you can say yourself? I sure think they must! The same kind of scenario played out with Copy ai.

Because Copy ai generated 10 results per each run, we got 10 meta descriptions, and about 8 of them were pretty good.

Copy ai vs Jasper
Copy ai Meta Descriptions 

And even the two that weren't so okay were still related to the topic somehow.

In conclusion, both Copy ai and Jasper generate decent content. The generated content is a hit or miss but since you get multiple outputs for a run in both, you are bound to find one good one to make use of.

Writesonic’s AI is trained by content experts and english majors with more than 1000s of data sets of multiple niches to help you with the best content quality output. Try for free now!

Plagiarism Checker

Jasper is integrated with Copyscape to detect any trace of plagiarism. Copy ai, on the other hand, has an in-built plagiarism checker. I checked for the plagiarism level of all the SEO meta descriptions we generated earlier, and the result came out nil for both. This is great since it assures you that the content you are generating is unique to you.

Writesonic assures a plagiarism-free generation for over 80+ templates it offers. Explore all the Writesonic templates.

Ease of Usage

Both software have easy-to-navigate templates that a beginner won't have any issue with but in my opinion, the Copy ai dashboard is simpler and more beginner friendly. Features like the search button to easily locate templates make the dashboard more UX friendly.

Also, both softwares allow you to organize your generated pieces into folders. This keeps your writing projects organized and easy to locate.

Beating Jarvis again, Copy ai has a chrome extension that Jasper lacks. This extension enables you to use Copy ai anywhere - away from the Copy ai website.

Long-form Content

You can generate long-form content(e.g long-form article) with Jasper. If you intend to create a long-form blog post, Jasper helps you create a blog post outline first. Then, you proceed to generate content to fill the sections and subsections of the blog post.

With Copy ai, you can't generate long-form content. All content generated with Copy ai has to be through the  90+ templates Copy ai but Copy ai has no template for long-form content.

Short-form Content

Both tools can generate short-form content(like the meta description we generated earlier) pretty well. The majority of Copy ai’s 90+ templates are for short-form content. Jasper also has many short-form content templates(carousel posts, youtube video descriptions, tweets) e.t.c and you can also create custom use cases of your preferred content format.

This is where a tool like Writesonic comes into the picture. Writesonic offers more tha 80 content generation templates with short form and long form in the most affordable prices with premium quality generations.

Onboarding process

Copy ai has a training portal, articles on the help center and blog, and some video use cases to help new users use the software better. The Copy ai team also organizes weekly live demos to enlighten. Further, Copy ai users on how to better use the software.  

Jasper has a Bootcamp course and many other resources on the Jasper Academy. Jasper also offers a certificate for completing the Bootcamp course(for users on the boss plan) and organizes weekly live training for customers.

If you sign up for any of these 2 software, you will surely be provided with enough resources to learn how the software functions as fast as you need to.

Writesonic is rated the as the easiest AI assistant one has used with little no learning curve while onboarding by users on G2 and Capterra. With Writesonic academy training sessions you can become a pro at writing with AI using Writesonic.


When it comes to making changes to your generated content, both Copy ai and Jasper has a Google Docs like Soni editor. Here, you’ll find typical google docs edit features like italics, bold, underline, strikethrough, bullet points, etc.

Copy ai and Jasper’s editors are very similar too. The only difference is that Jasper has a few more features like the align left or right feature.

Writesonic’s doc-style Sonic Editor (GPT-3) with minimum input requirements, writes the best quality long form-content for you automatically. See the sonic editor in action, now!


Copy ai has a free plan where you get 100 credits in the first month and 10 credits per month in the following months. The Copy ai Pro plan costs $49/month, and you get to test it out on a 7-day trial as a new user.  The Copy ai pro plan limits you to 40,000 words per month, and you have to pay extra if you need more words.

Copy ai vs Jasper
Copy ai pricing

Copy ai also has a team plan if you need more than 20 members onboard. You’ll need to request a custom price quote and demo for this plan.

Jasper has no free plan but offers a 7-day free trial on all its paid plans - credit card details required and with limits of 10,000 words per month.

The Jasper starter plan costs $49/ month for 35,000 words. The Boss mode plan is $49/month for 100,000 words and access to all jasper has to offer. Jasper provides a 5-day money-back policy and you can buy extra credit if you need more at the rate of  $10/5000 words for the starter plan|& $30/30000 words for the boss plan mode.

Copy ai vs Jasper
Jasper ai pricing

The Jasper for enterprise plan is for bigger teams of more than 10 members and you’ll have to get in touch with the Jasper team to get a direct quote for this.

Jasper’s prices are based on word count while Copy ai has credit-based pricing. Both tools off discounts if you choose to pay annually.

No AI tool can compete with Writesonic’s pricing with the set of features it offers. Writesonic offers 80+ templates for you to generate content with a minimum pricing structure beginning with $19 for 100k words. Besides this, Writesonic offers a free trial, with no credit card required. Test it out now!

Team collaboration

Jasper allows up to 5 team members on all plans and has awesome team collaboration tools(e.g team video calls) on the boss mode plan. The Jasper for enterprise plan that allows more than 10 members is also awesome if you have a large team.

Copy ai free plan allows only 1 user. The pro plan allows 5 and you can get on a custom team plan if you have more than 20 team members.

In short, both Copy ai and Jasper makes provisions for you if you own a team. With the Jasper for enterprise and Copy ai team plans, every member of your team can stay connected on their writing projects and you save money by not having to pay for each member of the team.  

With Writesonic, you can add upto 10 users to collaborate with for an extensive team collaboration. Or invite n number of users to your Writesonic dashboard using the Writesonic’s open API.

Social Proof

On G2, Copy ai bags a 4.9/5 review while Jasper follows closely at 4.8/5. The reviews on Trustpilot are similar too.

Copy ai vs Jasper
Trustpilot Copy ai Review
Copy ai vs Jasper
Trustpilot Jasper Review

So, users of both Copy ai and Jasper seem to enjoy using them.

Grammar Check

Jarvis integrates with Grammarly, the industry-standard grammar-checking software. Copy ai has no grammar checking consideration, and any grammar error it makes -if that were to happen - needs to be corrected manually.

SEO Consideration

Jasper is integrated with surfer SEO and this enables you to optimize your generated content for ranking on Google. Copy ai has neither an SEO tool associated with it nor an in-built content optimization feature. If you generate SEO content with Copy ai, you’ll need to manually insert your keywords.

Templates + Idea Suggestions

Copy ai, as well as Jasper, has 50+ templates, but Jarvis has more advanced templates(hence the better content), and you can create custom templates. Copy ai also has recipes that allow you to save a series of instructions and reuse them over and over.

With Copy ai, neither of these is the case. Most of the templates are non-marketing related and laughable(shower thoughts, baby items, xx, etc) and you must use one of the Copy ai provided templates to write your content. You can’t create a custom template and if you can’t find a template for the kind of content you are trying to generate, you can’t produce that content with Copy ai.

Comparatively, Writesonic offers more than what Jasper and Copy ai offer to scrape off the writer’s block. With 80+ templates to generate different types of content, you also have examples of each to help you with better ideas. Explore Writesonic for free, now!


Copy ai supports 25 input and 25 output languages. Having input and output languages means Copy ai can translate content between languages. You can generate your content in French and export it in Arabic. This means you can write in a language you don’t even understand.

Copy ai vs Jasper
Copy ai language support

Jasper also has this input and output language feature. It provides 24 input languages and 26 output languages for every user.

Copy ai vs Jasper
Jasper language support
Writesonic supports 24+ languages other than English. Check if it supports your input language, and if not – just request one!

Customer support

Jasper has a help center and provides email contact for users. Also, being on the boss mode plan gets your email query placed in priority. Jasper also has an active Facebook community with 70k+ members. The Jasper team can also be contacted via SM platforms.

Copy ai’s customer support is mostly via an email contact form. Copy ai also has a community though it’s not available for those on the free plan and not as active as Jasper's. You can also contact the team via Copy ai’s SM platforms.

While Writesonic has it all! An enthusiastic customer support team with a turn around time of 2-4 hours, email & chat.
An active Writesonic facebook community with 4k+ professionals chit-chatting content and Writesonic. And, social media platforms, ofcourse!

Copy ai pros

  • Bullet point to blog template that makes blog formatting and writing listicles easy peasy.
  • Getting 10 outputs for each run is awesome.
  • Dashboard search feature to easily locate templates and available features.
  • Hashtag generator template to rank on social search.
  • The freestyle tool allows you to give Copy ai more personalized instructions - to get better results.

Copy ai cons

  • No integration with any third-party tool.
  • Has no SEO consideration.
  • Not being able to create custom use cases sucks.
  • Not able to generate long-form content like articles in a single go.

Jasper pros

  • Jasper command that enables you to generate content with your voice.
  • Integration with Surfer SEO makes it possible to optimize your content beyond just inserting keywords.

Jasper cons

  • You need to get on the boss mode plan to experience the real deal of Jasper.
  • Can’t generate long-form content in a single go.
  • Expensive compared to other AI writing assistants.

Copy ai vs Jasper: Which AI writing assistant is better for me?

Whichever of Copy ai and Jasper you choose to add to your battalion of content creation tools depends on your unique needs. If you establish the main reason you are considering an AI writing assistant, the tool that best serves your needs becomes obvious.

For instance, Copy ai is best for individuals or teams that don’t mind creating content with templates and have lots of content to generate - especially content that is not so related to SEO.  In this situation, it’ll make sense to get the Copy ai pro plan and work with your template of choice.

On the other hand, if your major concern is generating long-form SEO content, Jasper is your AI writer - even though it’s a bit expensive. The boss plan gives you Surfer SEO integration to ensure your content is optimized enough to rank, you get numerous long-form content templates and you can also create custom templates.

Now, if you would like to go a step further and still create SEO-optimized long-form content but in a faster, easier, and more affordable manner, you should check out Writesonic.

Why Writesonic is the ideal alternative to Copy ai and Jasper

Unlike Jasper, where you have to go by the sectional approach to generate long-form content, Writesonic has an instant article feature that enables you to create articles of up to 3000 words in a minute with just the title using the ultimate AI writer for articles.

No more stumbling around from section to subsection. With Writesonic’s instant article writer, all you have to do is input your title and click on “Generate article”.

In addition, you can integrate Writesonic with Semrush or Surfer for SEO requirements. Make easier automation workflows integrate Zapier with Writesonic where you can use 4000+ apps for an even faster content production. With Surfer, you can do keyword research and analyze your competitor’s content. This way, you can optimize your content to have an edge over those out there and snatch a seat faster on the first page of Google.

ChatSonic by Writesonic

If you're looking for the most advanced AI chatbot, ChatSonic by Writesonic is the one for you. In comparison to other chatbot solutions like Jasper Chat, ChatSonic has a more user-friendly interface and can generate factual information and images, and understand voice commands. Check out the full ChatSonic vs ChatGPT comparison.

Additionally, in comparison with other ChatGPT alternatives, ChatSonic offers the option to save conversations, edit them, and easily integrate them with existing systems using ChatSonic API. ChatSonic outshines other AI chatbots, so why not give it a try for free?

Writesonic also has many other awesome features like…

  • High-quality content: owned by the fact that the AI is being trained with information from the top brands over a data set of 10,000+ content pieces.
  • Ability to generate landing pages with code in just 30 seconds.
  • Integration with WordPress for one-click publication of generated content
  • Photosonic: AI image generator to find high-quality images to promote your content with.
  • The Bulk Upload feature enables you to create hundreds and thousands of content pieces in minutes.

If you combine all of these amazing features with the fact that Writesonic’s pricing starts at just $19/month, the fact that Writesonic beats Copy ai and Jasper hands down becomes crystal clear.

Manvi Agarwal

Manvi, content lead at Writesonic, is a true visionary when crafting content. Her product-led approach, infused with interactive user-oriented strategy and SEO tactics, delivers maximum ROI

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