7 Best AI Content Detectors in 2023 (Free + Paid)

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Notice how, with the rise in AI writing tools, there's one challenge that seems to be growing, too?

Yup, you guessed it!

The explosion of AI-generated content has increased the emphasis on 'authenticity' and 'originality' of content in this vast digital space.

Moreover, with this comes the fear of questions like - Does the use of such sophisticated tools make a difference to your content rankings? Or can search engines recognize AI-generated content?

In short, it all boils up to - “How do you navigate and ensure uniqueness in this ocean of AI-generated content?”

The answer is simple - AI Content Detectors! ✨

But don’t get it twisted, they’re not your old-school plagiarism checker; they’re much more than that. 🙅

These tools are like guardians of content integrity, ready to ensure that creativity and individuality stand out in the digital age. Ready to learn more about them? Keep reading!

This blog post covers what AI content detectors are, what are the benefits of using an AI content detector, and most importantly top 10 AI content detectors that you can try out in 2023.

Let’s get started! 🚀

Table Of Contents

What are AI content detectors?

AI content detectors are cutting-edge tools powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities, designed to detect if the content piece is generated using AI tools like ChatGPT, Bard, and more.

These tools are essentially fine-tuned to analyze large volumes of content to detect duplicates or plagiarism, identify paraphrased content, and flag inappropriate content - all at lightning speed!

AI content detectors leverage machine learning to examine, filter, and analyze digital content. Be it online articles, blogs, social media posts, research papers, or any other forms of written text - these tools have got it covered. 👌

With AI content detection tools by your side, you can ensure credibility, originality, and relevance in your content piece. They are like a protective shield in the vast digital world. Read more about how an AI content detector works.

How does an AI content detector work?

You might be wondering, "What makes these tools work? How do they detect the AI-generated text from human-written content?” 🧐 Let's decode!

How AI content detector works is pretty much the same as how AI content generators work, as they are trained on a similar model. The advanced tools are trained on large datasets and use machine learning and natural language processing to analyze and detect the pattern of AI-generated text.

Through these technologies, AI content detectors grasp and identify specific patterns commonly found in AI-generated text.

One crucial component of this training is the assumption that AI-generated text usually has certain identifiable traits. These characteristics might include repetition, wording pattern, structure, frequency of certain words, sentence lengths, and many others.

All these factors help the AI detector differentiate whether the text is written by a human or is an AI-generated text. Once the model is trained (and this often requires countless iterations), it can detect similar patterns in new, unseen content.

However, it's important to note that while AI content detectors are wonderfully advanced, they aren't always foolproof - they still have room for improvement. But it’s better to use AI detectors and ensure authenticity in the content as much as possible.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of using an AI content detector.

Why businesses need an AI content detector

Let’s now just stop at 'what' they do - it's the 'why' and 'how' they can benefit your business; that’s where the real magic begins.

Here’s how these fantastic tools can help your business:

Builds trust: AI content detectors ensure content clarity by distinguishing between AI-generated and human-created content. This transparency strengthens audience trust and confirms content authenticity. ✅

Ensures originality: They help maintain the uniqueness of content. While AI can generate content, true innovation comes from the human mind. AI content detectors help preserve and highlight this originality in your materials. 💡

Protects reputation: AI content detection tools can safeguard against reputational risks associated with AI-generated content, misinformation, or plagiarism. This helps in maintaining high editorial standards, audience trust, and your brand's reputation. 🛡

Saves time and resources: By using AI content detectors, businesses can save the cost and time of manual checking. With speedy, highly efficient detection, they can prove to be a game-changer in streamlining your content process. ⏱️

With an array of benefits like these, it's clear that in 2023, AI content detectors aren't a fanciful choice but a must-have tool for forward-thinking businesses.

Interested in exploring further? Then, let’s dive in together to discover the top 7 AI content detectors of 2023! 🚀

1. Writesonic AI content detector

Writesonic offers an AI content detector that uses advanced technology to detect the text generated using various models like ChatGPT, Bard, GPT-4, and more - instantly and with exceptional accuracy. This helps to ensure authenticity and transparency in the content you publish.

Writesonic AI content detector - Best AI detector
Writesonic AI content detector

The advanced AI content detection platform comes with a user-friendly and intuitive interface that helps to avoid complexity and speed up the process. Moreover, it provides proper scoring related to Human vs. AI-generated content. And the best part is that it is completely free to use.

You can also sign up on your Writesonic account to get more clarity regarding tone and tips regarding how you can engage readers.

Key features of Writesonic’s AI content detector:

  • Supports multiple languages.
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Allows you to scan up to 1000 words at once.
  • Gives proper detection scores regarding human and AI-generated content.

How to use Writesonic AI content detector?

Here’s how you can quickly scan your content in three simple steps and maintain authenticity using Writesonic’s AI content detector:

Step 1: Go to Writesonic AI content detector.

Writesonic AI content detector - Best AI detector
Writesonic AI content detector

Step 2: Copy and paste the text in the input section and hit ‘Analyse.’

Writesonic AI content detector - Best AI detector
Writesonic AI content detector

Step 3: And there you go! The AI detector analyzes the text and gives you an overall score.

Writesonic AI content detector - Best AI detector
Writesonic AI content detector

You can tweak the content or make changes according to the score. Moreover, you can also log into your Writesonic account to get more insights and leverage other AI tools to enhance your content.

Writesonic AI Content Detector Pricing:

Writesonic AI content detector is completely free to use. Moreover, if you want to improvise the content, you can sign up for Writesonic and get 10k premium words for free.

Detect what percentage of your text is AI-generated and human-written and maintain the authenticity of your content with a click. ✨

Get your hands on the best free AI detector today!

2. Winston AI

Winston AI is undoubtedly one of the most trusted AI content detectors that can help you detect AI-generated content with 99.6% accuracy. The advanced tool can detect content generated via Bard, ChatGPT, GPT-4, and many more Large Language Models (LLMs).

Winston AI - Best AI detector
Winston AI 

The AI detector comes with a user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes the navigation smooth. It lets you simply add text using the quick scan feature or upload documents in .docx, .png, and .jpg format. And it allows you to generate a report that can help you keep track.

The best part? Winston AI’s model is updated with every notable LLM update - so you don’t need to worry about the AI updates every now and then.

Best for: A go-to AI content detection tool for writers, educators, and web publishers.

Key features of Winston AI:

  • Detects with 99.6% accuracy.
  • Let you generate shareable PDF reports to maintain a record.
  • Comes with an advanced plagiarism checker to detect plagiarized text and original sources.
  • Allows you to upload documents or use OCR technology to extract text from scanned documents and pictures.
  • Offers a team plan for multiple users and lets you share workspace.

Limitations of Winston AI:

  • The free trial is limited to scanning up to 2000 words.
  • Cannot do a website-wide scan or detect using the URL.

Winston AI Pricing:

Winston AI offers a free trial where you can scan up to 2000 words for free. However, its paid plan starts at $18/month (billed monthly).

If you are looking for an affordable AI detector that can provide accurate results, you can try Writesonic AI content detector! It is user-friendly and completely free to use.

3. Originality.ai

Originality AI is another leading AI content detection tool that can detect content generated using ChatGPT, Bard, GPT-4, and paraphrasing with 99% accuracy. The feature-packed tool also comes with an easy-to-use plagiarism checker and a readability checker, which can help you enhance the content quality.

Originality.ai - Best AI detector

In addition to that, Originality.ai can help you integrate AI detection capabilities into your workflow using AI content detector API. It is designed to support AI detection in real-time, which helps to speed up the process.

Best for: The AI content detection tool is best suited for content marketers, SEOs, publishers, writers, and agencies. Not suited for students.

Key features of Originality.ai:

  • An industry-leading tool that detects with 99% accuracy.
  • Supports real-time AI content detection.
  • Provides an additional plagiarism checker and readability checker.
  • Supports Chrome extension to streamline workflow.

Limitations of Originality.ai:

  • Only supports one language, i.e., English, for AI content detection.
  • The tool is not always accurate.

Originality.ai Pricing:

Originality.ai offers a free trial where you get 50 credits after you install the free AI detection Chrome Extension (1 credit can scan 100 words). The paid plan starts at $14.95/month.

Looking for a tool that can help you detect AI content quickly and does not have so much signup complexity? Go for the Writesonic AI detector!

4. GPTZero

GPTZero is one of the most popular AI detectors, specifically built for educational institutions to detect AI-generated content by large language models like ChatGPT.

GPTZero - Best AI detector

The model contains 7 components that process the text to determine if it is written by AI. This multi-step approach helps to reach the maximum level of accuracy and reduce the false positives. It is trained to detect content generated by ChatGPT, GPT-3, GPT-4, LLaMa, and Bard models.

Best for: GPTZero is an ideal tool for educators and for academic work. It is mainly designed for educational institutions to manage the shift toward AI.

Key features of GPTZero:

  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Access to origin Chrome Extension
  • Supports batch file screening
  • Has an easy-to-use API for organizations
  • Specializes in detecting content from ChatGPT, GPT-3, GPT-4, LLaMa, and Bard models

Limitations of GPTZero:

  • Only supports English at the moment for AI content detection.
  • Built primarily for educators, so not a good fit for other use cases.

GPTZero Pricing:

GPTZero offers a free plan where you can scan up to 10,000 words/month. The paid plan starts at $15/month - billed monthly.

Want a tool that can be a perfect fit for all types of content and can serve various use cases? Go for the Writesonic AI content detector!

5. Writer.com AI content detector

Best known as the AI writing assistant, Writer also comes with a plagiarism checker and AI content detection capabilities. The versatile tool can help you with everything from content creation to content detection, ensuring the content is of high quality.

Writer.ai AI content detector - Best AI detector
Writer.ai AI content detector

Writer’s AI content detection tool is only available as a free tool or as an API. You cannot find it simply by logging into Writer.

To check the content, you can simply add the URL or copy and paste the content and hit Analyse text. There’s a limit to checks around 1500 characters or 300 words at a time. However, with the Team’s plan, you can check up to 500,000 words per month using API.

Best for: Writers who want to ensure that their content is not AI-generated or plagiarised.

Key features of Writer.com:

  • User-friendly interface
  • All-in-one tool for content generation and detection
  • Provides access to a free trial where you can check up to 1,500 characters at once
  • Allows you to either add a URL or simply copy and paste the text you want to check

Limitations of Writer.com:

  • Do not mark specific AI-generated sections.
  • Has a limit of checking 1200 characters at once.

Writer.com Pricing:

Writer offers a free plan where you can check up to 1200 characters (300 words) at once. The paid plan starts at $18/month.

Why limit yourself to just 1200 characters when you can check more for free? Try Writesonic’s AI detector! It is completely free to use and lets you check 1000 words at once.

6. Copyleaks

Copyleaks is another popular AI content detector that can help you detect AI-generated content with high accuracy - that too in just a few seconds!

Copyleaks - Best AI detector

Copyleaks helps to detect content generated via models like GPT-4 and Bard, with 99.1% accuracy. It supports 30+ languages and specifically highlights the elements written by humans and those generated by AI. Moreover, it can also detect content that is paraphrased or rewritten.

Best for: Enterprise customers, educational institutions, and content creators looking for a versatile tool.

Key features of Copyleaks:

  • Easy-to-use plagiarism and AI detection tool
  • Supports various LMS integrations like Canvas
  • Offers Chrome Extension for real-time AI content detection
  • Supports 30+ languages like English, German, etc.

Limitations of Copyleaks:

  • It is a bit slow compared to the other AI content detectors
  • Offers limited functionalities

Copyleaks Pricing:

Copyleaks offers a free plan where you can scan up to 5 pages (250 words each), and its paid plan starts at $10.99/month - billed monthly.

Looking for a tool that can detect accurately at a faster speed and also offers more functionalities? Try Writesonic AI content detector! It can help you with everything from creating content to detecting and ensuring your content is of high quality and authentic.

7. Content at Scale AI text detector

When talking about AI content detectors, you cannot miss out on Content at Scale AI text detectors. The advanced tool can help you detect AI-generated content via models like ChatGPT, Bard, GPT-4, Claude, and more - with 98% accuracy.

Content at Scale AI text detector - Best AI detector
Content at Scale AI text detector

It uses NLP and AI-trained models to detect patterns, probable word choices, sentence structure, and more that lead to higher AI probability.

Content at Scale AI text detector lets you scan 2500 characters at once and provide a sentence-by-sentence breakdown that can help with proper content analysis.

Best for: Businesses and content creators looking for an in-depth analysis.

Key features of Content at Scale:

  • Detects AI-generated content with 98% accuracy
  • Checks for content generated using ChatGPT, Bard, GPT-4, Claude, etc.
  • Offers a pro version that can turn text into undetectable AI content
  • Provides simplified scoring regarding AI-generated content
  • Gives an in-depth sentence-level analysis to help you with revisions

Limitations of Content at Scale:

  • No proper reporting mechanism
  • Allows you to scan up to 2500 characters at once

Content at Scale Pricing:

Content at scale is free to use. The Pro version (which can help you turn text into undetectable AI content) starts at $49/month.

Looking for a better option? Go for the Writesonic AI content detector! It lets you scan 1000 words at once. Moreover, if you want additional features, you can sign up for the Writesonic account and get 10k free premium words that you can use to improve your content further.

Level up your content game with Writesonic's AI Content Detector

With great content comes great responsibility: the responsibility to safeguard your content’s originality and authenticity and uphold the trust of your readers. And this is why you need an AI content detector.

Writesonic's AI Content Detector is more than just a tool; it's your partner in maintaining content credibility, ensuring uniqueness, and safeguarding your content's integrity.

Whether you're a business or a content creator, step boldly into the future of unique, authentic content with AI Content Detector. In a nutshell, it's the secret sauce for your success in the digital space.

Get ready to create high-quality, original, and impactful content with a click!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is an AI detector?

An AI detector, in the context of content creation and analysis, is a tool or software that leverages AI and ML to identify whether a piece of content has been written by a human or generated by an AI writer.

The AI detectors are able to analyze patterns, structures, repetition, and other characteristics consistent with AI-generated text to ascertain its origin. The primary aim of an AI checker is to uphold the authenticity, credibility, and originality of digital content by distinguishing human-written text from AI-generated text.

2. Are AI content detectors the same as AI plagiarism checkers?

No, while both tools may seem similar, they differ in their focus. Plagiarism checkers mainly scan text for similar or identical phrases available anywhere else on the internet, whereas AI content detectors are specifically designed to distinguish between content written by humans and those generated by AI tools like ChatGPT, Bard, and more.

3. Are AI detectors 100% accurate?

No AI detectors are 100% accurate or reliable. However, they are being trained and improved constantly, which is making them quite better. Writesonic AI content detector is the most accurate AI detector available in the market. You can try it out - it’s completely free!

4. Can search engines recognize AI-generated content?

Search engines like Google are continuously improving and evolving their algorithm. It's difficult to say with absolute surety, but Google can detect AI-generated content. Therefore, by using AI detectors, you can ensure authenticity in your content and also avoid potential penalties.

5. Which is the best AI content detector?

Though there are various AI content detectors like Originality.ai, Winston AI, GPTZero, Writer.com, and more, Writesonic AI checker is the best one. It’s a feature-packed tool that can help you ensure authenticity, originality, and credibility in your content.

6. Is Writesonic AI checker worth it?

Yes, the Writesonic AI detection tool is the best tool to identify AI-generated text. Moreover, the capabilities of the platform aren't just limited to identifying AI-written content but also provide a full suite of content creation tools. From generating blog posts to creating captivating images, the free AI writer can help you with all. So, of course, it's worth investing!

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