16 Free SEO Tools To Try in 2024

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Backlinks, Keyword research, On-page optimization - Uh-oh!

Do you feel it’s difficult to manually stay on top of all these things? Well, you’re not alone!

The world of SEO is a mix of these terminologies and constantly changing Google algorithms that can make it slightly difficult to stay ahead in this digital world.

But don’t worry, there's a simpler way! ✨

With the right SEO tools, you can navigate the SEO landscape with ease, improve your visibility, and drive more traffic to your website.

So, whether you're an SEO newbie or a professional looking to upgrade your SEO toolkit, you’re at the right place. This blog can give you a comprehensive rundown of the best free SEO tools to take your SEO strategy to the next level.

Ready to find out the best SEO tools? Let’s get started! 🚀

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16 Best Free SEO tools to try in 2024

1. Writesonic’s Keyword Research Tool

Discover the relevant keywords, understand their search volume, and craft SEO-optimized content that can rank higher on search engines and drive traffic to your website.

Writesonic Keyword Research Tool - Free SEO Tools
Writesonic Keyword Research Tool

No SEO strategy can hit the bullseye without the right keywords; this is where Writesonic’s Keyword Research Tool makes its mark.

Writesonic is one of the best AI-powered content creation tools, offering a comprehensive set of SEO tools. It offers one of the best free keyword research tools to help you ace the keyword research game. You can quickly find both short-tail and long-tail keywords that increase your content's visibility and effectiveness with this amazing tool.

Moreover, you can find data regarding search volume, keyword difficulty, traffic potential, and more. This means creating content that perfectly aligns with what your audience is looking for and boosting your SEO metrics.

Here’s how to use the Keyword Research Tool:

Step 1: Log into your Writesonic account. Go to the dashboard and select ‘AI Document Editor.’

Writesonic Keyword Research Tool - Free SEO Tools
Writesonic Keyword Research Tool

Step 2: On the left-hand side, you can find the “Keywords” option; click on it.

Writesonic Keyword Research Tool - Free SEO Tools
Writesonic Keyword Research Tool

Step 3: Enter your topic/seed keyword in the input box and hit “Identify Keywords.”

Writesonic Keyword Research Tool - Free SEO Tools
Writesonic Keyword Research Tool

Step 4: And there you go! The tool will generate keyword suggestions, along with keyword difficulty, volume, and traffic.

Writesonic Keyword Research Tool - Free SEO Tools
Writesonic Keyword Research Tool

The free keyword research tool can help you level up your content game, making it the best free SEO tool in 2024 and beyond.

2. Writesonic’s SEO Checker and Optimizer Tool

Evaluate your content, optimize to improve the SEO performance, and supercharge your Google rankings effortlessly!

Writesonic SEO Checker and Optimizer Tool - Free SEO Tools
Writesonic SEO Checker and Optimizer Tool

Have you ever wished for a magic wand that effortlessly highlights SEO gaps in your content and offers easy-to-implement solutions? Meet Writesonic’s SEO Checker and Optimizer Tool, which is the best SEO tool.

Think of this tool as your personal SEO analyst. It scrutinizes your content, evaluates it against all known SEO best practices, and then offers insightful recommendations to level up your content game. From title to keyword density and readability, the tool leaves no stone unturned.

But the magic doesn't stop at just checking. There’s something more to it. The tool takes a step further to actively help optimize your content. Just feed in your raw content and watch it do wonders.

Whether you're tweaking an existing post or starting a new one from scratch, the SEO Checker and Optimizer Tool become your co-pilot, guiding you to produce content that's built to perform.

Here’s how to use the SEO checker and optimizer tool:

Step 1: Log into your Writesonic account. Go to the dashboard and select ‘SEO Checker.’

Writesonic SEO Checker and Optimizer Tool - Free SEO Tools
Writesonic SEO Checker and Optimizer Tool

Step 2: Copy and paste the content you want to optimize.

Writesonic SEO Checker and Optimizer Tool - Free SEO Tools
Writesonic SEO Checker and Optimizer Tool

Step 3: Add relevant keywords for which you want to optimize your content, and hit ‘Start Analysis.’

Writesonic SEO Checker and Optimizer Tool - Free SEO Tools
Writesonic SEO Checker and Optimizer Tool

Step 4: Add the suggested keywords manually, or here are 2 amazing ways to do so:

1. Select the paragraph you want to optimize, click on ‘Ask AI’ and select ‘Improve SEO.’ Then, you can either go with recommended keywords or enter your own keywords.

Writesonic SEO Checker and Optimizer Tool - Free SEO Tools
Writesonic SEO Checker and Optimizer Tool

2. Or, if you want to optimize your content quickly, simply hit ‘Improve SEO.’ The tool will automatically update your content and make it SEO-optimized.

Writesonic SEO Checker and Optimizer Tool - Free SEO Tools
Writesonic SEO Checker and Optimizer Tool

And there you have it - a well-written and SEO-optimized piece of content.

Ready to gain an edge in the SEO race of 2024? Get your hands on this amazing SEO checker and optimizer tool, and watch your website climb to the top!

3. Answer The Public

Get access to consumer insights with real-time search data and create content that answers the burning questions on everyone’s minds!

Answer The Public - Free SEO Tools
Answer The Public

What if you could read the minds of your target audience and find what questions, queries, and concerns people have around your industry or specific keywords?

That’s what Answer The Public does for you - a direct line into your audience’s thoughts!

Answer The Public is an advanced search listening tool that can help you find what people are asking or searching for on search engines. It uses autosuggest or autocomplete data from search engines like Google or Bing to uncover information and provide you insight into trending queries, common concerns, and more to create useful content.

This incredible tool is straightforward yet powerful, especially for content creators, marketers, and SEO professionals. It digs into the who, what, where, when, and how of search queries so you can create content that genuinely connects and converts.

Here’s a glimpse of how it works:

  • Go to the Answer The Public website.
  • Enter a keyword or phrase related to your industry or the topic you want to create content for.
  • Choose location and language. Hit ‘Search,’ and give it a moment to work its magic.
  • Voila! The tool presents a treasure trove of questions, prepositions, comparisons, and more that you can use to craft well-informed and searched-for content.
Pro Tip: Don't just attract clicks - be the answer they find. Take audience-centric and insightful questions from Answer The Public and use Writesonic’s SEO Checker and Optimizer Tool to ensure those questions are naturally incorporated into your content. The powerful duo can help you become the most helpful voice in your niche.

4. AlsoAsked

Understand user curiosity and intent by understanding the common questions in your niche and answer their questions and be the go-to resource with AlsoAsked.

AlsoAsked - Free SEO Tools

Have you ever wanted to read your audience's minds? With the 'AlsoAsked' feature, you can almost do that!

When visitors look up a topic, their curiosity doesn't stop at the first search. They have follow-up questions, and 'AlsoAsked' tells exactly what they are. By using this, you can answer those important secondary queries, building authority and trust.

Here's how you can use 'AlsoAsked' in 4 simple steps:

  1. Visit an 'AlsoAsked' tool website.
  2. Type in a primary keyword that you’re focusing on and the primary keyword.
  3. The tool will instantly generate a list of related questions people also ask.
  4. You can use these queries in your content or create new topics around them.

And there you go! The tool can help you cover a wider scope of what your audience is looking for, and your content becomes not just a single answer but a comprehensive guide. This simple yet effective tactic can make your site the go-to destination within your niche.

Pro Tip: Use Writesonic's full suite as a comprehensive content creation tool alongside 'Also Asked' insights. Incorporating the related queries provided by ‘Also Asked’ into your content planning process can make your articles, blog posts, and other content pieces more valuable and SEO-optimized.

5. Google Search Console

Power up your website's SEO game with essential and data-driven insights!

Google Search Console - Free SEO Tools
Google Search Console

No SEO tools list is complete without mentioning about Google Search Console (GSC). The tool does a health checkup for your website's SEO - from the site's search performance, revealing key insights and opportunities for improvement, it covers it all.

Here are the top features:

Search Analytics: Get insights regarding which keywords bring traffic and how your pages rank for them.

Index Status: Check which pages are indexed by Google and fix any issues preventing your website’s visibility.

Mobile Usability: Helps to ensure your site is mobile-responsive to cater to smartphone users.

Pro Tip: Leverage Writesonic's SEO Checker and Optimizer to refine your content after identifying opportunities in GSC. If GSC points out a specific page isn't performing well, feed the content through Writesonic for optimization suggestions that you can implement to boost your rankings.

Identify trending topics and stay ahead of the curve with Google Trends!

Google Trends - Free SEO Tools
Google Trends

Trends come and go, but the trick lies in utilizing their power at the right time!

In the crowded digital space, if you are looking to stand out from the crowd, you need to know what's catching the world's attention. And this is where Google Trends comes in!

This powerful, free tool gives you real-time insight into what’s trending and what’s not in the search world, allowing you to capitalize on rising trends and weave them into your content strategy.

Here’s how to use Google Trends:

  1. Go to the Google Trends.
  2. Enter a topic or keyword to see its search interest over time.
  3. Explore related queries to find associated topics that are gaining traction.
  4. Utilize "Interest by region" to search by location or compare with another keyword to see the potential.
Pro Tip: Combine the insights from Google Trends with Writesonic’s AI creativity to generate content that can help you boost traffic. Found a trending topic? Use Writesonic to quickly create articles, blog posts, or social media content that aligns with what's current and trending.

7. Semrush

Level up your SEO game with the comprehensive SEO tool!

Semrush - Free SEO Tools

When it comes to mastering SEO, having a robust suite of tools in your marketing toolkit is important. That’s where SEMrush steps in. Known for its extensive suite of tools and features, SEMrush offers many data-driven insights to help you dominate search results like a pro. 🚀

Here are some of its amazing features:

Keyword Research: Discover relevant keywords and get insights into your competitors' strategies.

On-page SEO: Uncover technical issues hampering your site’s performance and get detailed recommendations to fix them.

Backlink Analysis: Analyze your backlink profile and identify opportunities for new, high-quality links.

Rank Tracking: Monitor changes in your rankings and see how SEO efforts affect your position.

And much more…

However, with a free plan, you get access to limited tools. Your requests are limited to 10 per day.

Pro Tip: Integrate SEMrush's deep-diving data analysis with Writesonic's AI-powered content creation capabilities. Let’s say you can generate SEO-optimized content from Writesonic and then use SEMrush’s backlink feature to maximize your online visibility and engagement.

8. Ahrefs

Elevate your content strategy with a robust SEO tool.

Ahref - Free SEO Tools

Ahrefs is one of the most popular SEO tools in the market, offering various features that help businesses grow their online presence.

Whether you're hunting down competitors' backlinks, keeping tabs on your rankings, or fishing out the most profitable keywords, Ahrefs is the one tool that SEO professionals swear by.

Here are a few amazing features:

Site Audit: Dissect your competitors’ SEO strategy with Ahrefs' Site Explorer. This feature lets you peek into the backlink profile and organic search traffic of any website. Site Explorer is your detective kit.

Keyword Explorer: The feature can help you find thousands of keyword ideas and also serves up essential metrics such as search volume, keyword difficulty, and click metrics to ensure you're targeting the ideal audience.

Backlink Analysis: Backlinks are the most important element in SEO. Ahref can help you create a solid link-building strategy and rank better on SERPs. Moreover, you can also cash in on your competitors' backlink strategies and carve your path to the top.

Pro Tip: Get insights from Ahref and create content using Writesonic and see your content strategy soar to new heights.

9. Exploding Topics

Uncover the next big thing in your industry, keep the content fresh, and capture your target audience!

Exploding Topics - Free SEO Tools
Exploding Topics

Want to find keywords before they become competitive and hard to rank on?

Exploding Topics is designed to help you do exactly that! It’s like a golden ticket to maintain relevance.

The incredible tool can help you discover rapidly growing topics before they take off, giving you a head start to align your content strategy with what's about to explode in popularity.

And the best part about this tool is that you can enter the category. Let’s say you are an AI writing tool; simply choose AI as the category, and the tool will come up with topics trending in the AI space. Amazing, right?

Pro Tip: Combine Exploding Topics' early trend detection with Writesonic's AI-powered content creation capabilities. Use the trending topics as keywords within Writesonic, allowing the tool to generate rich, SEO-optimized content that resonates with what your audience will be searching for. With Exploding Topics and Writesonic, you're not just following the trend; you're setting the trend!

10. Google Keyword Planner

The free ticket to keyword mastery, designed for relevant keywords for Google Ads!

Google Keyword Planner - Free SEO Tools
Google Keyword Planner

Next, the best free SEO tool is a classic favorite that has been around for a while, but its utility is timeless - Google Keyword Planner, your ticket to keyword discovery and analysis. This free tool packs a punch for finding new keyword opportunities and understanding how they could perform.

Simply enter the keyword, and it will give you data related to monthly search volume, competition, related searches, and more that you can use to your advantage. However, one of the limitations of Google Keyword Planner is that it does not show the absolute search volume.

Pro Tip: Together, Google Keyword Planner and Writesonic create a powerful synergy for your SEO strategy. With Writesonic, you can craft compelling, SEO-friendly content that captivates your audience and search engines alike. 💫

11. Sonic Editor - Like Notion AI but with superpowers

An AI-powered editor just like Notion AI but with advanced capabilities!

Sonic Editor by Writesonic is an advanced editor just like Notion AI but with additional capabilities like search engine optimization, AI image generation, and more.

Sonic Editor by Writesonic - Free SEO Tools
Sonic Editor by Writesonic

And the best part? It offers 100+ AI templates that can help you generate SEO-optimized content at a 10x speed. In addition to that, it can help you create meta descriptions and SEO meta tags, generate content using relevant keywords, and many more things that can help you boost organic traffic.

Here's how you can access Sonic Editor:

  • Log into your Writesonic account.
  • Go to the dashboard and select ‘Create a new document.’
  • And there you have it - Sonic Editor, where you can start writing. On the left-hand side, you can find various features that you can use to leverage the content creation process.

How about giving this amazing free SEO tool a try and see how it can help you?

12. HARO (Help a Reporter Out)

Leverage the power of HARO to gain high-quality backlinks and skyrocket your authority in your niche!

HARO - Free SEO Tools

HARO, or Help a Reporter Out, is your backstage pass to earning authoritative backlinks. It connects journalists looking for insights with sources and industry experts ready to share knowledge.

HARO is one of the best free seo tools, distributing more than 50,000 journalist queries from highly respected sources. Moreover, it reaches more than 1 million sources and 75,000 bloggers and journalists, making it a great tool for reporters as well as brands.

Remember, HARO's success lies in crafting a compelling and in-depth response. You are helping a reporter out, but in doing so, you’re also positioning yourself as an expert and earning a backlink that can skyrocket your domain authority!

Pro Tip: Boost your HARO response rate by using Writesonic. Craft compelling and informative responses on Writesonic's Sonic editor in minutes. Make every word count and stand a better chance of getting picked by reporters.

13. CanIRank

Unlock the secrets of the SERPs and level up your content with data-driven insights and actionable advice tailored to your website’s unique strengths!

CanIRank - Free SEO Tools

Ever feel like climbing Google’s rankings is a game where the rules are constantly changing? That’s because it is. But what if you had a knowledgeable guide to help you navigate the SEO maze and give you concrete steps to improve your rankings? That’s where CanIRank comes into the picture.

CanIRank is a sophisticated SEO software that uses AI to doesn’t just stop at data analysis. It goes a step further by providing specific, actionable advice tailored to your website's unique profile. It assesses your site’s content quality, backlink strength, and more, to give you a personalized road map to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Pro Tip: Remember that SEO isn’t just about the technical tweaks. CanIRank also focuses on strategic content creation and optimization. Combine the insights from CanIRank with Writesonic’s content creation capabilities to not only rank better but to also provide immense value to your readers, setting you apart as an authority in your niche.

14. Google Lighthouse

Improve your website’s performance, speed, and overall experience with the Google’s own audit tool.

Google Lighthouse - Free SEO Tools
Google Lighthouse

Who doesn’t want that perfect website, right? With Google Lighthouse you can get a step closer to creating that dream website that makes visitor go ‘wow.’

This free, open-source tool by Google shines a spotlight on how to boost your site’s performance, accessibility, and search engine optimization.

It generates detailed reports that helps to enhance the quality of your web pages. Moreover, it also helps to find the element that harms the perforce of the website and gives actionable tips on how to improve.

Pro Tip: After fine-tuning your site with Google Lighthouse’s insights, take your content to the next level with Writesonic. Utilize Writesonic’s advanced AI to craft compelling, SEO-friendly content that not only aligns with Lighthouse’s recommendations but also captivates your audience.

15. Robots.txt Generator

Simplify your site’s path for search engines with Robots.txt Generator!

Robots.txt Generator - Free SEO Tools
Robots.txt Generator

A robots.txt is a file that tells search engine crawlers which URLs the crawler can access on your site.

The tool is basically used to avoid overloading on your website with the requests. Also, it tells them which pages to crawl and which to ignore, optimizing your site’s crawl budget and ensuring the right content is indexed.

In case you disallow robot.txt in a page, it will instruct the robots to skip over those web pages completely.

Robots.txt Generator is an easy and effective tool to help webmasters, marketers, and SEO experts to create robot.txt files quickly.

Pro Tip: After setting up your robots.txt, leverage Writesonic’s AI capabilities to regularly produce and update engaging, SEO-optimized content. This ensures that the pages you want search engine to crawl are not just visible to search engines but are also rich in quality content, driving your SEO strategy and enhancing user engagement.

16. Website Authority Checker

Instantly gauge a website's credibility and strength in the eyes of search engines!

Website Authority Checker - Free SEO Tools
Website Authority Checker

Website Authority Checker is another most amazing free SEO tool that every marketer or SEO expert should use. It evaluates your domain’s authority by considering factors like backlink profiles, site age, popularity, and other SEO metrics.

This helps to assess the website's potential to rank well and identify areas for improvement. Simply, go to the Website Authority Checker, enter the URL, and see the Domain Ranking (DR) of the website. Generally, higher the DR, more authoritative the website.

Pro Tip: After assessing your website’s authority, utilize Writesonic to work on areas that need improvement. Whether it’s crafting authoritative content that attracts quality backlinks or optimizing existing pages to enhance user engagement, Writesonic can help elevate your site’s profile.

Skyrocket your SEO strategy with Writesonic

And there you have it! A comprehensive guide to the best SEO tools that can help you ace your SEO game in 2024.

Each of these tools, from Ahrefs to Google Trends, brings unique capabilities to the table. But remember, it's not all about the tools themselves but how effectively you leverage them.

And that's where Writesonic comes in! With Writesonic, you can capitalize on all the insights and data these SEO tools provide to create engaging, well-researched, and SEO-optimized content.

Whether you're an SEO newbie or a professional, Writesonic can streamline your content creation process, saving you time and boosting your efforts to rank higher on search results. 🚀

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